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Ranma spent his breakfast with Dillan and Tatewake. Messing with 'Kuno' was even more fun than he remembered, and Dillan's Laidback attitude was refreshing given everything else he'd been through. Ranma couldn't help but think back to his 'friends' from Nerima, and wonder if they'd have been more like this in the real world.

"Nihao Airen!" An energetic Xian Pu said from directly behind Ranma, causing him to choke "Ready to fight too-too violent man?"

"Y-yeah." Ranma managed to cough out, much to Dillan and Tatewake's snickering. "He can't be that much tougher than anyone from Nerima, right?"

Xian Pu switched out of her bimbo persona, the suddenness of the change freaking Ranma out a little. "Ranma, before I answer that, I want to be sure you're aware of your actual limits."

"Ranma Saotome doesn't lose." Ranma said, almost morosely "That said, I've done nothing but train since I woke up, well, train and do tests I guess. I know what I am and am not capable of."

Xian Pu nodded. "Good, a warrior who doesn't know his limits is sure to overstep them. Anyway, since I assume you didn't read the report," She said, giving Ranma a look that made it clear she knew he didn't "I'll just fill you in. Seventy-six is incredibly strong and fast, and can call swords from the air in something similar to the hidden weapon technique. Fight like you would against a monster, not against a fellow martial artist. And don't worry about killing him; he respawns in that damn box every time."

"Got it…" Ranma said, sweat dropping.

"You know," Dillan said, clearly nervous, "It's kinda creepy how fast you switch personalities."

Xian Pu gave a sweet smile, back in her persona. "Is amazon custom, Enemies think we too too stupid, and underestimate." She held up a finger as if lecturing. "Enemies are for killing, and is too-too-easy to kill one who is off their guard." So saying, she walked off, still smiling.

"That woman scares me." Tatewake said, mirroring the thoughts of all those present at the table.

A few hours later, and a group consisting of Ranma, Xian Pu, and a squad of security personnel were all crammed together with some engineers in a large elevator going down who-knows-how-far into the ocean depths. Ranma was looking forward to his first big fight in a while, even knowing how dangerous this person…creature…thing was supposed to be. Speaking of, he had something he needed to say.

"Hey, Shampoo?" He began tentatively.

"Yes Airen?" she replied with a smirk, staying in her normal persona due to the seriousness of the situation, but still not about to pass up the opportunity to tease Ranma.

"Look, I know he's dangerous, but if this guy gets out, can I at least try to fight him solo? I want to see if I'm back up to par."

Xian Pu looked at Ranma appraisingly, all trace of humor gone. "I know how much you must want this, and I know as well as any the desire to prove yourself, so I'll stand aside to let you take him at first, but know that if he gets past us, they're supposed to flood the place. 076-2 is dangerous, He's the one who killed my predecessor to this position, so if I see a clean kill shot on him, as hard as that may be all considered, I WILL take it."

Ranma nodded, knowing that was as good as he was likely to get. "Thanks Shampoo, I know it's a lot to ask."

Xian Pu nodded, the sound of the elevator doors opening preventing further conversation. The security personnel quickly spilled into the hall, guns all trained on the door that was 150 meters away from them, clearly tense at the thought of the…thing that lay behind it. Ranma and Xian Pu moved forward with the engineers, and Ranma couldn't help but think of how the long barren hallway was reminiscent of some parts of the Kuno mansion. Apparently his mind wasn't the only thing that would come up with such seemingly pointless designs. After a long and annoyingly slow walk, their group of 2 martial artists and 4 engineers stood In front of a large stone cube, surrounded by Cables and cameras of various sizes and apparent uses. The cube itself was huge, easily over 3 times Ranma's height, and had what seemed to be a door in the side of it, covered in locks and chains. Ranma and Xian Pu took up their spots in front of that door as the various engineers got to work.

Ranma was bored. After all the hype, he'd been expecting a fight, but he'd been standing around for a good hour by now, just waiting for this guy to wake up! He knew it was a good thing that whoever-it-was didn't wake up, but that didn't help him stop fidgeting. He was about to try striking up a conversation with Xian pu, possible repercussions be damned, when he heard the clicks of several locks opening coming from the door in front of him, whipping his head around and getting into a stance as the door thing started scraping open. What emerged was a Lean 20-something man covered in demonic-seeming tattoos with Black hair and a decent tan. It, or rather he, opened his grey eyes, only to blink rapidly as they adjusted to the light. Ranma was aware of the scientists fleeing, but he couldn't help but wonder why, briefing or no, until the man saw him. A nigh feral grin spread across its face, and it charged at him, simultaneously revealing what appeared to be fangs and claw-like nails as it raised a hand to slash at him.

Ranma's eyes widened at the sudden attack, being used to a declaration of hatred before an attack, ranging from "Ranma Saotome prepare to die" to the almost as common "Ranma you Idiot!" However, he quickly adapted, dodging to the side and releasing two quick jabs into his opponent's flank, though it seemed not to do much damage as 076 swung around with a knife-handed slash, which Ranma narrowly ducked out of the way of, responding with an uppercut that did little more than knock his opponent's head back slightly. Realizing that a close-up brawl would be about as helpful here as with Ryouga, Ranma quickly decided to gain some distance by jumping back with a taunt.

"Man, with how much everyone was talking about you, I was expecting more than this!" He shouted. He was unsure if his opponent could understand him, but its head snapped back down, its eyes narrowing at him before it summoned a pair of long curved swords from seemingly nowhere and leapt at Ranma with a pair of downward slashes

Ranma darted backwards, not wanting to be on the receiving end of those, but 076 followed up with a low horizontal slash that Ranma had to jump over. Spotting that it was about to use its other blade for a stab towards his gut, Ranma cupped his hands in front of the thing's face and yelled "MOKO TAKIBISHA!" releasing a blast of golden confidence ki directly into his opponent's face. Ranma used the force from it to push him back into a flip which he landed flawlessly, regaining distance.

Ranma didn't have time to catch his breath, as one of his opponent's swords came flying towards him, followed closely by his opponent, with its remaining blade raised.

Ranma tilted his body out of the way of the hurled sword, grabbing it as it passed and using it to block the incoming helm splitter before kicking his 076 hard in the gut and discarding the unfamiliar blade in the instant the force of his opponent's strike let up and getting in close for a combo, however his opponent was still hardly affected, and brought an elbow down into Ranma's back, driving him hard into the floor and flipping his sword around, stabbing downward at Ranma, who was forced to roll out of the way. Ranma then spun into a handstand, continuing to spin as he extended his legs into a spinning kick that connected with 076's face, the momentum making it the first attack to really move his opponent, and Ranma then sprung off his hands back to his feet, panting as he winced. That elbow strike had hurt more than he'd expected, and he knew he wouldn't be able to take many more of them. Not wanting to waste his chance, Ranma attempted to regain the momentum, but his 076 had recovered.

As Ranma jumped towards his opponent with a flip leading into an axe-kick, said opponent sidestepped the blow, calling two new swords as he did so which he swung at Ranma's head. Ranma leaned back to avoid the blades, turning it into a backwards roll and popping up while releasing a vacuum blade from the Yama-sen-ken style towards his opponent, getting desperate for ANYTHING to do visible damage, as he hadn't been able to get a good opening for the "jackhammer" variant of the katchu tenshin amaguriken he usually used on Ryouga. The attack grazed his opponent's shoulder, drawing blood from his opponent and hope from himself.

Ranma's opponent looked at its bleeding shoulder, almost in fascination, then turned towards Ranma himself with what almost seemed like glee on his face, charging at him with a series of ferocious and unfocused slashes.

Ranma, while hard-pressed to dodge, did so with minimal grazes, but a very torn shirt. While he'd been placed firmly on the defensive, Ranma was seeing flashes of openings in 076's rapid strikes, and taking one of the larger ones, Ranma managed to reposition himself back at his opponent's side, concentrating countless strikes at blurring speeds into a single spot just below the ribs of 076, causing his opponent to stumble back for the first time in the fight. Ranma did not waste the chance, releasing four vacuum blades in rapid succession at his opponent, who had managed to bring his blades around to block the strikes, though it threw him further off balance, giving Ranma the chance to dart in for another set of blows, however, SCP 076 cut him off with a hard Roundhouse kick directly to the face, knocking Ranma back, even as he fell.

Ranma got up, his head spinning. He had the speed advantage, but he knew that had that strike landed without his opponent being so off balance, his neck would've easily snapped. Shaking his head as if to clear it, Ranma looked over to see 076 spring back up to its feet, a manic grin on its face.

076 ran directly at Ranma, swords crossed over its chest, then swung them outwards in an X-slash as it approached him.

Ranma jumped over the strike, and his opponent, firing 2 more vacuum blades downwards into 076's shoulders as he did so and landing behind 076, relaxing. He assumed that at this point his opponent was out of the fight, only to hear the whistle of a blade cutting through air. Leaping forward into a roll, Ranma managed to escape death, but not unscathed as two long, shallow gashes were cut into his back, running from his shoulders to halfway down his ribs, coming disturbingly close to his spine. The roll didn't help, putting the cuts in direct contact with the ground, but Ranma grit his teeth and faced his opponent, after all, he'd worked through worse.

Ranma knew he had to end this NOW, and his opponent still had those swords to worry about, and knew far more about how to use them than mousse ever did. Knowing it would be his last shot to take down 076 before Xian Pu stepped in, Ranma used his remaining ki reserves to reinforce his body and increase his speed further, then leapt off the ground towards the ceiling, then pushed off the ceiling to charge downwards at 076, who was struggling to follow this new burst in speed. Ranma landed directly behind him, sliding seamlessly into a sweep, then upper cutting his falling opponent in the small of his back, the force of the ki-infused fist launching him up. Ranma then began to pummel 076, never letting him touch the ground, but between the bloodloss and the sudden increase in ki-output, Ranma was tiring quickly. Of all the things to atrophy, Ranma was regretting not focusing on his stamina more, something he'd barely thought of till now. Ranma continued pummeling his opponent, stopping only when he was sure he's won, then letting 076 fall unceremoniously and hunching over, panting, sweating, and bleeding.

"You fought well, Ranma." Xian Pu said, coming off the wall where she'd been watching. "I honestly expected to have to step in, you just keep impressing me." She smirked, walking towards him. "That said, while you certainly did enough to put him down if he was human," Ranma noticed she was actually walking towards 076, who, to his shock was standing up yet again, grin never leaving his face. "You forgot that your opponent will not stop until dead. We have lost far too many to him to take any chances with that."

076 Took a fierce swing at Xian pu with his claws, having lost its swords, however, between its prior beating and Xian pu having been watching it's fighting style, she simply grabbed its hand and brought her bonbouri down hard on its head, entirely destroying said part of its body. Ranma watched in morbid fascination as its body deteriorated and the door to the cube slammed shut, the locks turning.

Xian pu sighed, turning towards Ranma. "You fought well, but you need to learn to kill. The things we guard here are not like your old enemies, and many will take pleasure in ripping you apart. Keep that in-"Anything further was cut off by Ranma's consciousness leaving him, all that remained in his head was the echoes of Xian pu's words and the cheers of the nearby soldiers.

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