Chapter 1

It had been a rather nice day all things considered. I mean sure, I woke up three hours earlier than I have ever found necessary to get to a date… But she was hot, like put your dick in a wheelchair hot. Those boobs, just, wow…. And it was a first date, can't blame a guy for being anxious right?

And it went well, or at least I think it did. She was happy, looked happy. I did everything that expensive magazine said I should do on a date at least, and I think I did it well. She said she had a lot of fun right? Lies, all lies. How many you wonder, have fallen for her only to die. Only to end up like you?

And it was even set up for a romantic finish! I mean, come on, taking me to a secluded spot complete with a fountain and a great view to watch the sun set? Score one Cutie for Issei! Hah, you wish.

At least, that how I thought it was going to go down… it never goes the way I want it to… Instead, she transformed into an older hotter version of herself, with wings, and I took a spear in the gut.

A spear which if I am not wrong, appeared from thin air and was formed from motes of light. Which she proceeded to thrust into my stomach, repeatedly. And now my day was not-so-nice.

Why Yuuma? It hurts… why? Why damn you, why? Answer me!

"I'm so sorry Issei," no you're not. "But you're a threat to us… and you have something I want. Your Sacred Gear… not that it matters now Issei. " She drawled, dragging out my name like nails scraping vigorously across a chalkboard. Her face once fair and beautiful now twisted with a sneer of disgust and sadistic pleasure.

What the hell is a Sacred Gear? And yes, I could hear the damn Capitalisation.

"Now, as fun as it is to kick a boy when he is down, business calls." She said, as she proceeded give my charred, hole-filled belly a kick as she walked off to… is that a glowing purple circle with weird symbols levitating off her hand?

... She did conjure a spear from nothing but motes of light. Magical circles that look like they belong in an anime would fit right in with this carnival of crazy… I'm honestly surprised at how well I'm taking all of this, have I just lost too much blood to give a damn? Even with the near mind-numbing pain?

"Hey, get your ass here, we need to grab him and bring him back to base-" Her back is turned, too busy speaking into the circle thingy. They're going to take me somewhere, and this is my only chance to leave… if I can even move.

What can I move? Legs, unresponsive. Stomach and core muscles are totalled. It occurred to me that the only reason I was still alive, conscious and suffering from immense pain was because the holes in my body had been cauterised by the spear. The smell of burnt human flesh was horrendous. An attempt at sitting up brought a sharp spike of pain that I suppressed with a grit of my teeth.

Okay, arms... barely working…. Fat load of good that will do me, what the hell am I supposed to do? Drag myself out of here?

Damn it. No way out. You don't deserve one.

Damn it. No hope for you. You don't deserve hope.

Damn it. No life, only death awaits.

Damn you. I wish. I wish- a wish? Wish…. Wish upon a flyer… the Flyer… Your wishes never come true, why would this flyer work? Because I refuse to give up, even if it is foolish, even if it is stupid, unsightly, useless… I will not go quietly.

I have not yet experienced enough Oppai in my life to even consider dying.

One herculean effort later, and the flyer was in my hand, stained with my blood. I wished… I wish… What do you really want?

"Please, I don't want to die…. Please… someone… anyone…. Help me…"

The words left my mouth, whispers fading into the breeze…. And the flyer surged with power. Arcane symbols coming to life in glorious red glow. The sheer power sent a surge of cold clarity through my mind.

"You! What have you done?!" Yuuma screeched, panic and even fear dancing across her twisted features. Her hands twitching, motes of light gathering. Ready to strike.

What have I done indeed?

The waves of power came to a crescendo as from a surge of power and arcane symbols dancing in the evening light, came forth the most beautiful girl I had ever laid eyes upon.

Rias Gremory. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, in my school… and in all the porn I've watched with Matsuda and Motohama. Not that my own limited perspective could take away from her looks.

I let out a short raspy laugh, coughing out specks of blood. If I had known I could summon Gremory-sempai of all people, I would have gotten hold of a flyer ages ago.

"Tch, Gremory bitch!" Yuuma was already moving, taking to flight and flinging a spear at Gremory-sempai.

Despite my condition, I could still roughly shout a warning, unnecessary as a white blur rushed from a nearby treeline and knocked the spear off course right in front of Gremory-sempai.

"Bad birdy." Koneko-chan?

Yes, Koneko Toujou, yet another rather distinctive girl from my High School. She was cute (she preened, slightly), short (she stiffened), flat-chested (She twitched.), small (she clenched a fist), little- She threw am ice cream stick at me. Yes, an ice cream stick, and it somehow had enough force to knock my head backwards.


"No insulting your saviours, pervert." She delivered, nearly monotone yet I could feel the threat.

Well sorry then.

"But I suppose I could forgive you, you thought I was cute after all." She said, once again in complete monotone. With only the slightest impression of amusement.

Gremory-sempai only shook her head with what I felt was an almost motherly amusement. "Koneko, you can tease Hyoudou-kun later." She lightly admonished the smaller girl, but there was no real heat to her words.

"Because right now we have a crow to chase off." Oh damn she looks terrifying.

Upon black wings they glide, two dropping from the sky to flank Yuuma. Black wings unfurled, spears of light in hand, Murder in their eyes. The two, whom I will deem Fedora Douche (he wore a stupid fedora) and Dominatrix Tits (she somehow managed to shove her 100+ Cm bust into a tight leather outfit) were probably who Yuuma was talking to in that weird circle thingy.

"I see you brought friends, crow. What are you doing in my territory and what are you trying to do to the inhabitants of this town?"

My vision began to fade, sound began to blur, all faded to black.







"Koneko hold him steady!" RIAS MAKE IT STOP MAKE IT STOP MAKE IT STOP.

I felt strong arms push my body down and hold me in place.

"Rias, I can't save him. He is too far gone, his wounds are too large and he is not responding well to the magic." A new voice, refined, serious. Your tears flow freely as pain wracks your body.

"Keep trying Akeno! Just…. Damn it keep trying!"

A long pause, you spend it alternating between whimpering and screaming as a green light washes over you.

"Hyou- Issei. Look I can save you but there is a catch."

I answered her with a groan. Make the pain stop.

"Issei, if I save you will no longer be human. You will become a devil…. And you will have to serve me for the rest of your life…" I let out a scream of pain, not as loud as the last. I was weakening. Keep fighting damn you. "Issei I understand that this isn't the best state you could be in to make a decision, but… I won't mince words, you're dying. We've been trying to heal you for hours and you aren't getting any better…. Becoming a devil, becoming one of us is the only way for you to live."

I let out a sob of pain. Devil?

Despite all the pain, her gentle smile brought me relief, no matter how small.

"Yes Issei, we are devils. All of us…" Here, her smile grew more fragile. I will never break that smile, I swear. "I know what humans think about us…. And I understand if- if you don't want to become one of us… just…"

Her eyes glistened with tears. Her smile grew ever more brittle.

"Just… let us make it quick… I don't- I don't want to see you in anymore pain."

Despite myself, I still found the strength to answer.

If all Devils are as beautiful as you, then maybe joining you guys won't be so bad right?

I'm going to die anyway, might as well go out flirting.

She gave a small giggle, despite herself. "Let me go get the piecies okay? Akeno-"

AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! The pain reached a new high, and I screamed. Screamed and screamed and screamed.

"One Pawn isn't enough?! Damn it Akeno, stabilise him!"

Have to hold on. Damn it. Have to hold on. Damn it. Have to hold on. Have… to… hold…

Issei died.

And Issei dreamed. Visions of red glass panes and the words upon them drifting by…

Life End

Devilisation: 0%





Devilisation complete.

Resources Allocated: 8 x Pawn

Physical Reconstruction: 10%





Physical Reconstruction Complete

Spiritual Reconstruction: 14%




Spiritual Reconstruction Complete

Welcome former non-devil sentient being, you have shed the trappings of your former race and have now been reincarnated as a devil.

But first, a brief history of the evil piece system used to reincarnate non-devils into devils.

After the Great War, the race of Devilkind had lost many of their forces and since natural reproduction was incapable of replenishing their numbers, the evil piece system was created to allow for other races to be reincarnated as devils for the purpose of bolstering our numbers.

Unlike other devils however, you have the pleasure of being the first /guinea pig/ user of the evil piece's Game Based Statistical Distribution, Personal Growth, Dimensional Hammerspace and Vitality Regulation interface.

Your body has been restructured to enable usage of the GBSDPGDHVR (henceforth dubbed the Gamer) interface. Your previous body has been scanned and the statistical data has been imported into your new body. (Assume 5 to be the Average Baseline Human with little to no training) Your imported stats are:

Strength: 5

Dexterity: 5

Constitution: 8

Intelligence: 15

Wisdom: 2

Luck: 20

As a reincarnated devil you are stronger than most humans. You were revived with 8 Pawn pieces, as such you gain a bonus to your stats for each pawn piece used. However, only 1 pawn piece has been set to active. As such you gain:

Strength: 5

Dexterity: 5

Constitution: 5

Intelligence: 2

Attempting Automatic override of Default Evil Piece settings.

Override: 3%






Complete override failed, only 2 additional pawn pieces have been unlocked

Stat Bonus:

Strength: 15

Dexterity: 15

Constitution: 15

Intelligence: 6

Current stats:

Strength: 20

Dexterity: 20

Constitution: 23

Intelligence: 21

Wisdom: 2

Luck: 20

Onto an explanation of what the stats govern.

Strength: Physical strength (How hard you hit, how much you can lift etc etc)

Dexterity: Agility and Speed(How fast you can run, how well you dodge etc etc)

Constitution: Stamina and Toughness(Pain tolerance, HP, Physical endurance etc)

Intelligence: Logic and Memory( The power of your mind and spirit. Mp and magic are governed here)

Wisdom: Social intelligence and spiritual attunement(Magical control, Persuasion)

Luck: Luck affects every little thing!

You have been given 5 free points to be allocate amongst your Stats once you awaken. 5 Points are given every time you level up. You can level up by gaining EXP, which is gained by defeating enemies and completing quests.

Commencing scan for sacred gears.




Sacred Gear detected

Name: Boosted Gear

Location: Left Arm

Type: Longinus, Dragon

Current Form: Boosted Gear (Initial form: Twice Critical)

Warning: Sentient being detected within Sacred Gear. Establishing Comm-Link.

Establishing Comm-Link: 6%




Comm-Link Established.

Alright, nearly done. Lastly there are several basic voice commands that are necessary for you to learn in order to use the Gamer interface.

'Help' : Brings out the help menu in case you need to review the commands.

'Inventory': Calls out your very own personal hammerspace providing you with access to infinite storage space that breaks the laws of physics.

'Status': Calls out a window showing your current stats and all your information.

'Skills': Calls out a window displaying all your learned skills.

And we are done, here is your final status sheet:

Name: Hyoudou Issei

Level: 1

Exp: 0.00%


HP: 330/330

Mp: 150/150

Strength: 20

Dexterity: 20

Constitution: 23

Intelligence: 21

Wisdom: 6

Luck: 20

Points: 5

Sacred Gear: Boosted Gear (Initial form: Twice Critical)

Now, isn't time you woke up?

"O-ii ch-n wa-e up!"

Game Start

AN: AND I AM BACK PEOPLE! Damn it's been two years. And I hope that you find this rewrite to be far better than my original, ham-handed attempts at writing.