Just want to go on the record saying this: Pegasus is evil, and it's bad form to hold people hostage and kill the one who isn't really a threat. But, he's got reasons for being an evil ass.

Chibizoo, you wanted Pegasus? Here's the final part of this story that I'm still not satisfied with. This was planned to be the third part in the trilogy… Well, it still is, since the last part was 2 ½ and not 3. ^_^

Part 3


Pegasus. What kind of parents name their kid Pegasus? A winged horse, a mythological creature – not a unicorn, though, so don't confuse the two. Unicorns are more offensive, with that horn. It'd hurt to get impaled on that thing. A Pegasus, on the other hand, is defensive; the wings are for flying away.

Maybe they should have named me Unicorn.

Stupid druggie parents. Oh, we were rich, but that doesn't stop my parents from being high most of the time. Actually I think that's why we were rich in the first place; drug dealing is profitable.

Cynthia knew about it. She knew that we broke the law all the time, but tried to look away. "So long as you're not hurting anybody," She said, "I can accept it."


I don't care. I don't care. I used to wonder how many people I'd be willing to kill to get her back, and the answer is that I don't care how many, just so long as I can be with her again!

It wasn't bad when it was just their souls. I never set out to kill anybody, and I would have returned the souls afterward. She'd have wanted me to return them. I really didn't want to kill anybody…

But I will if I have to, and Bandit Keith was in my way.

I'm sorry. Not sure whether I'm saying that to her or him, and they're both dead so neither of them can hear me, but I'm sorry. I went too far; I messed up. I lost and now it was all for nothing; I killed him and for nothing.

I get the feeling I'm about to pay for it in blood, though. My eye is throbbing in its socket – the gold one, not the real one.

If the other Bakura shows up to kill me, I have to try to get his Item. To make Keith's death mean something, rather than being a mere result of my rage and stress. I have to ignore this feeling that I'll deserve it if he comes for the Eye, because then we'll all be dead and it'll all be because of me.

And then I can say I'm sorry, and they'll hear me.

(La fin.)