There was a tense silence filling the room, the hokage was the first one to get out of his shock. " what do you mean you want to give panther your team?" Sarutobi couldn't believe what he was hearing, it was crazy enough that one of his best ANBU rejected a team but to give his team to another ANBU member has never been heard of.

Smiling was the only thing Kitsune could do. He loved seeing the reaction of the hokage, kitsune always had a way of surprising people.

" Kitsune answer me." Hearing how serious the hokage's voice was getting kitsune knew he had to tell the hokage something.

" Hokage-sama if you please I would like to talk to you in private." Sarutobi wasn't at all surprised at kitsunes request with a sign the hokage nodded.

" All ANBU except kitsune leave." Kitsune feeling all other chakra signatures fade he let out a breath he was glad that the tenseness had left with the other ANBU he didn't like it. Now the hokage put up a privacy barrier which made kitsune seem to relax a little more.

" Kitsune take off your mask." Sarutobi said in a soft but serious voice, pulling the string that held the mask in place kitsune took off his mask revealing the whisker marks coving both of his cheeks. Also taking off his bandana letting his blonde hair flow down reaching the middle of his back.

" Now tell me what the hell were you thinking about naruto? Why are you giving away this team and to a member thats already on a team?"

Naruto now just staring at the man who has taking care of him since he was little the man he sees as a grandfather. He couldn't help but get mad when the hokage asked him that. " What do you mean what the hell am I thinking about! How could you put them three on a team with me you know what they did!" Naruto was fuming he needed to go somewhere anywhere.

" I know what they have done to you, and I know you will never forget, but I need you to be the captain of this squad you're the best one for it only you can do it. This team will help you with the uchiha mission a gave you two years ago. Your class will be taking the genin exam soon and one of those ANBU will be your sensei and help you watch the uchiha. I will give you six months to train and somehow get to know each other enough for y'all to be able to work together as a team before they start the mission with you." Sarutobi knew it was a huge risk putting those three ANBU with naruto but he couldn't pick anyone else. He just hoped that naruto could put aside what happened and find a way to work together.

" jiji…" naruto said in barley a whisper but Sarutobi heard the sadness and pain in his voice. Naruto looked down at his feet like it was the most interesting thing in the room. He subconsciously rubbed the middle of his chest. Sarutobi couldn't stop the pain he felt in his chest or the feeling of disgust in his stomach, he remembered that day like it was yesterday and he will never forget it as long as he lives.

Looking up from his feet naruto looked at his surrogate grandfather showing a look of determination in his eyes releasing a sigh. He said " fine i'll take this team and i'll find a way to work with them…" Sarutobi let out a sigh of relief he was happy to hear that from his surrogate grandson. " But, they will never know who I am. And if we can't work together I'm dropping this team and i'll never work with them again."

" That's acceptable thank you naruto." Sarutobi said with relief written all over his face, and the tiniest bit of a smile.

" I hope you know what you're doing jiji and if I may can I be excused?"

" Yes you can, report to me tomorrow after you meet your team. Oh and by the way naruto i want you to at least show make a appearance in the ANBU headquarters. I hear that no one knows that you're real." The hokage said with a smirk.

" You got it old man." Putting back on his mask and releasing the barrier naruto sent a wave to the hokage before he shunshin out of the room to the center of his living room of his apartment.

Checking if there were any chakra signatures around, feeling none naruto took off his mask. Looking around the apartment anyone would think that no one lives here with all the holes in the walls and floor, broken glass from the windows all over the floor, and trash everywhere around the place. But that's how naruto wanted the place to look like. No one would bother him if they thought that no one lived here. Walking to one of the walls naruto did a couple of hand signs pressing his hand to the wall and releasing chakra into it the wall glowed a seal started to draw itself on the wall. Not long after the seal stopped glowing looking around the apartment looked nothing like it did before.

There where no holes, broken glass, or trash around the apartment. Now to the left of the room there was a brown couch along the wall facing the big windows along the other wall giving him a great view of the village. In the middle of the room was a coffee table with a statue of a fox in the middle of it. Along the walls were pictures of the other hidden villages and other places he has visited on his missions. And in the middle wall was a shelf will books and scrolls that the hokage was given him for birthdays, or just so he could have something to read.

Rubbing his temples naruto sat down on the couch " You okay kit? I heard everything"

' Yeah i'm fine kurama I just don't know what gramps was thinking when he decided to put this team together and with me especially' Naruto had found out about the fox when he was four after most of the village decided to attack him on his birthday. Barley hanging onto life by a thread since then, naruto had always talked to kurama over time he and kurama had become really close they had a father and son relationship.

" If I wasn't in the stupid seal, I would have killed of those three a long time ago and I would have done it slow and painful so they would now how much pain that they had put you through." ' You know I can't let you out' naruto said with a smile playing on his lips. Kurama always wanted to get out of the seal to hurt the people who have hurt naruto but no matter how much he had ask naruto to let him out he never did. Naruto alway told him that it was pointless and that in time people wouldn't see him as the demon and finally see him as a person. But kurama thought that he would never see the day that it would happen.

"So what are you going to do about tomorrow kit?" Kurama was curious as to know what his kit was going to do when he had to meet up with his new team. He hoped that it would be something that he could enjoy something he could laugh at.

'Don't worry about it kurama. Just know when I'm done with them, they will know just who is in charge of this team and they won't ever forget it' a sinister smile was on naruto's face kurama couldn't help but smile at his kit.

' Well then I can't wait for tomorrow to come.' kurama thought before cutting off the connection that lets him talk to naruto.

With that naruto went off to his bathroom to take a shower and go to sleep he was going to need it for the fun that he was going to have tomorrow.

ANBU Headquarters

Sitting at a table in the cafeteria away from all the other ANBU members sat Kakashi, Anko, and Genma.

" So what do you think is going to happen?" asked a confused anko.

" I have no idea but for a member to just give away a team to someone else I've never heard of that happening. I just hope that the hokage doesn't let him do that like who wouldn't want us on there team? We had the best record out of all the other squads here." Kakashi didn't know what to think anymore, but he wanted to know who is kitsune and why doesn't want them as his team. ' He can't be that good can he? Well he must be good if he was put as a captain of a ANBU squad especially our squad'

" Yeah I know! I don't know what the hell was going through that bastards mind when he said that. He also called us pathetic like really who is this guy. Anko's head was starting to hurt thinking about this ANBU she just wanted to give him a good beating maybe take him to the T&I department to break him a little.

" Hey Genma you okay you haven't said anything since we left?" Coming back to reality genma looked up at Anko and just nodded.

" Yeah I'm fine I was just thinking about what kitsune had said." Now the two other ANBU looking at him with a question look he just sighed " Don't you remember kitsune said 'And I can tell that we wont work good together not all of us like each other.' why would he say that we all work well together and we're perfectly fine with one another. So i'm wondering why he said that have one of us meet kitsunue in person and done something to him? And if none of us have meet him then what did he mean."

With all three of them thinking about it now they didn't have a answer to that question just ' who is kitsune'.

A warming sensation on their arms brought them out of their thoughts. " Looks like we're going to find out what happened lets go." said kakashi as he started to put on his mask. the other two followed what kakashi did and shunshin out of headquarters to the hokage's office once again.


Seeing these three again wasn't what he wanted to do again but he had too talk to them and tell them what's going to happen.

Kneeling in front of him hokage told them to stand he just wanted to get this over with. " I'm pretty sure you want to know whats going to happen, well I can tell you that kitsune had agreed to take you three as his team." Sarutobi could see there eyes widen a little through the holes of there mask and couldn't stop the little twitch his lips did. " But i'm going to tell you this." Sarutobi paused for a moment before starting again. " If this team doesn't work well together the team will be disbanded and you will be put into separate squads and none of you will work together again. So I hope that this team works together just fine I would hate to see you three disband." They all heard the mockery in his voice but they knew that he would separate them if he wanted too.

Silence was the only thing that followed after that. " We'll show you hokage-sama that we can be a team and the best one that there is." said a very confident kakashi.

" You shouldn't tell me that I'm pretty sure that you all can work together as a team. The one who doesn't believe you can is kitsune make him believe you can be a team." The hokage saw the determination in their eyes he just hoped that it was enough for naruto. "Well then you're dismissed." With nods the three flashed out of the rooms leaving leaves behind them as they left.

The only thing that the three of them could think about was how they were going to prove to kitsune that they could work together as a team. They know at it would all start with tomorrows meeting. Excitement was going through their bodies they couldn't wait until tomorrow but none of them knew what they were going to be put through tomorrow but they would remember it for the rest of there lives.

Well I finished another chapter i hope you like it. I want to make Naruto to where he likes doing what he does where he likes to kill and torture people it will probably show in the next chapter or maybe the one after that.