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" Talking "

' Thinking '

" Demon talking "

' Demon thinking '

It was a very peaceful night, everyone was returning to there homes to end their day. Families where sitting together laughing while eating their dinners enjoying the rest of the night before they went to bed.

No one heard the yelling crowd outside, or rather they just didn't pay attention to it because they knew they were just dealing with a problem the village had.

Outside was a little naruto about the age of four running for his life from a crowd of villagers. Naruto knew why they would run after him, why they would call him a demon, or a monster because they thought he was the nine tailed fox. He first met the fox when the villagers beat him nearly to death. But the fox pulled him into his mind and healed him before that could happen. He also knew that he wasn't what they said he was. No matter how many times naruto tried to tell them that he wasn't the beast that destroyed the village no one would listen to him.

So here he is running from another crowd of people who believe that he was the nine tails. " come back here demon!" yelled a civilian " you don't deserve to live." yelled another.

Naruto ran into the alleys to try and lose them. The voice in his head telling him which way to turn, and go after awhile he lost the crowd. Making sure he finally lost them naruto leaned against the wall trying to calm down trying to get his breath back to normal. When he felt a chill going down his back when he looked up he saw people with masks.

Naruto freaked out at first but then he realized that it was the three masked people who always watch over him. It was dog, snake, and wolf. " Oh it's you guys, can you take me to jiji? I want to go see him before I go home."

"Sure but we have to do something first okay?" snake said with a little mischief in her words. Naruto didn't say anything he just nodded. Before he could even blink naruto was punched hard in the stomach making him fall to the floor.

Naruto was confused ' why did they do that? aren't they the ones who are suppose to protect me?' looking up to his attackers he couldn't say anything he was to confused. He saw wolf coming down to punch him again making him cough up blood. " We've been waiting to do this for a very long time." snake said with glee in her voice.

Finally getting some air in his system naruto let out a barley audible 'why'. Dog laughed "because your the demon you need to die"

" We're doing the village a big favor, with you gone you'll never attack the village like you did four years ago." said wolf

Before naruto could sat something else he saw dog take a kunai out. " This is were we end you." With horror in his eyes he saw dog bring down the kunai to his chest.

Sitting up and opening his eyes quickly naruto looked around and realized that he was in his bedroom. " It's okay kit it was just a dream." Relaxing a little naruto let out a sigh " Man I haven't dreamt of that in along time." Rubbing his eyes naruto looked at his clock which read 8:50 am. With a groan he got out of bed to go take a shower. Naruto turned on the water to warm taking off his clothes he looked at himself in the mirror.

His eyes went directly to the center of his chest which had a rigid scar. That was about a inch and a half wide it went from the top of his sternum to the end of it. " I'm sorry that I couldn't heal that one wound for you kit ." Kurama said with a saddening voice

' Don't worry about it kurama, it wasn't your fault it's the stupid villagers fault for believing that I'm something I'm not.' Looking at it reminded him of how much we has hated throughout the village. He wanted to change the way the village saw him but he gave up on that along time ago. Naruto didn't care how the village saw him now, he knew that he could kill them all if he wanted to.

Thinking of all the torture he could do to them. Starting with cutting off one finger and toe, then skinning them alive, burning places on their bodies till theirs nothing but bone left. Killing them very slowly hearing them scream, and begging for their lives would be music to his ears if he ever heard it. Watching them bleed out from multiple wounds watching their lives fade from their eyes but before they could die he would heal them and start the process all over again. Till there are no more fingers and toes to cut then he would just get a kunai slashing their throats watching them choke on the blood bleeding out of them covering them in red.

Imagining the scene happening in his head brought a smile to naruto's face. A clearing of the throat brought naruto out of his thoughts. " How much I wouldn't want to disturb your 'peaceful' thoughts but we have to meet your new team today." Kurama said with a amused smirk on his face.

' Oh yes how could I forget!' With that being said naruto jumped in the shower. Finishing up he got out and wrapped a towel around his waist walking to his closet. Pulling out a new set of ANBU clothes getting dressed naruto moved to the kitchen to eat a well balanced breakfast. Checking the time now it was around 10:00am. ' Hmm might as well go early to the training grounds.'

Picking up his hair naruto tied a black bandana around his blonde hair. Making sure no blonde was showing naruto grabbed his red scarf and kitsune mask. Walking to one of his walls in the living room, naruto pushed some chakra into a seal which opened up a section of the wall revealing his two katana's. Grabbing them naruto strapped them to his back and shunshin out of the living room to the middle of training ground 15.

Looking around naruto noticed that their was a lot of trees giving off a lot shade around the training grounds. ' I think i'll test them on how good they can detect other chakra signatures first.' Concealing his chakra naruto walked across the training grounds to a really shady part of the grounds and waited.

He didn't have to wait that long till the other ANBU showed up. It's been around 30 minutes since dog, snake, and wolf showed up.

" I wonder where kitsune is."

" Come on wolf, it's barley going to be 11 he'll be here soon so stop complaining." said Anko. Kakashi just nodded and pulled out a little orange book waiting for kitsune to show up.

Looking at them naruto saw how relaxed they were they haven't even sensed him yet. 'If they were ambushed right now they would be dead already.' " How much longer are you going to make them wait? I want the fun to start already." Naruto could see kurama pouting from the inside of his cage. Laughing in his mind naruto smiled and said ' soon you just have to wait fur ball.' Kurama just growled laying his head back down.

Looking back at the three waiting for him naruto continued to wait.

An hour and a half already passed since dog, snake, and wolf had showed up. They were now sitting in the middle of the training grounds the three of them still haven't even picked up a little trace that naruto had been there with them. Naruto was a bit furious about this. ' These three were part of squad 5 one of the best squads that we have and they can't even sense me? Pathetic looks like it's time to start this meeting.'

Standing up naruto made two kage bunshin giving them their orders they went to give the three ANBU a long waited welcome.

" Where the hell is this bastard! We've been waiting forever." yelled a angry snake

" What if he changed his mind about being our captain?" said Wolf in a very bored tone.

" Now come on guys, why would he change his mind? Who wouldn't want to be the captain of our team we are one of the best after all." Kakashi said with amusement in his voice.

" Yeah you're right." said snake with a smile on her face even though no one could see it.

" See you guys we have nothing to wor—" dog never got to finish his sentence. In a spilt second dog was laying face down on the ground with a katana placed on the back of his neck. 'where the hell did he come from I didn't even sense him.' Moving his eyes to the side dog saw that his teammates weren't looking any better Snake was standing up with an arm around her neck with a kunai on her throat ready to slash it open. And wolf had his back to the floor with a foot on his throat and had a katana above his heart.

The three ANBU were in to much of a shock to even move more or less protect themselves.

" You're all dead." Hearing the cold and emotionless voice sent chills down the three ANBU's backs. Finally releasing them from his hold naruto stepped back allowing them to get up and get out of their shock.

Now standing and more focused naruto talked. " okay now then I hope you all liked that little welcome I gave you three."

Fully out of her shock Snake lashed out " what the hell was that for! First you're late then you think you can just attack us!"

" Late..? what are you talking about I've been here the whole time actually." Naruto could practically see the confused looks they had on their faces even with their masks on. Letting out a sigh he said " I wanted to see how good your sensing capabilities were since you three are suppose to be the 'best squad we have'. Just by judging from what I've seen so far I think that's all a lie. But since I don't know all your real skills yet I may be wrong but I doubt it."

Letting that sink in naruto spoke again " Well since we will be working together we might as well get to know each other real quick." Hearing that the three ANBU took off their masks showing their faces they all look at kitsune waiting to take off his but instead " That is something I would have said if I actually cared but since I don't we don't need to do that. But it's nice to see the faces behind the masks Kakashi Hatake, Anko Mitarashi, and Genma Shiranui." The three mask-less ANBU just looked at naruto with a surprised looks.

See their faces naruto clenched his fists behind his back he had to restrain himself from grabbing his katana's and shoving it through their chests. Their was nothing more he wanted to do but make them suffer, but he told the hokage that he would be their captain and try to make this work.

Closing his eyes and letting a breath out he looked at them again.

" Since you saw our faces are you going to show yours so we know who you are?"

" No.. I have no intention of showing you my face or letting you know who I am." With that the three other ANBU looked at him with confusion but they put back on their masks. " okay pay attention." the three stood up straighter waking for what their captain was going to say.

" I'm going to test you three, I will give you one minutes to hide yourselves. Do whatever you can to make sure you are not found. If you are found we will go head to head in a spar. Fight like your life is on the line try and hid your presence for the next 20 minutes. Ready, begin." In a flash the three ANBU scattered.

When the minute was finally up naruto let a deadly smile spread across his face " let the hunting begin." Closing his eyes naruto sensed the area around him and felt genma's chakra first. " Looks like I get to hunt the big bad wolf first." Jumping to into the trees naruto went to search for his first victim.

It did't take long to find genma. Sneaking up behind him naruto leaned in and whispered " I found you." Genma stiffen before he could even turn around genma got a kick to the back sending him to the ground. Getting up genma looked around trying to find naruto only to be punched in the stomach sending him into a tree. ' What's up with this speed I cant even see him.'

Coughing genma got up and in battle ready position." Come on wolf is that the best you got? You need to do a lot better if you want to even land a scratch on me." Rushing forward genma went in to try and land a punch on naruto only for it to be dodged. Genma started doing a series of punches and kicks to try and land a hit but they were either evaded or blocked.

Going in for another kick genma put chakra into this kick to make it go faster for it only to be caught by naruto. " This has been fun wolf, but time is running out and I got two more kiddies to catch." Faster than a genma could blink naruto was behind him, before he even knew what was happening genma fell into a world of black.

Watching not that far away Kakashi was speechless that was the biggest one-sided fight he was ever seen. Yeah he knew that kitsune was suppose to be good if he wasn't then he wouldn't get the rank of captain. But to have such a advantage over genma was crazy. Genma was one of the best in taijutsu well he was nothing compared to gui but he was still one of the best in ANBU.

Thinking to much on the fight kakashi flared his chakra letting kitsune know ever he was. Distracted he didn't see naruto coming his way. " Getting distracted will only hurt you in the future." Coming out of his thoughts kakashi barley looked in time to see the wind blades coming his way. Barley moving out of the way kakashi landed across the training grounds in front of naruto.

" I hope you put up a better fight than wolf did dog I would use that eye of yours it could help out." Naruto said snickering

Opening his eye kakashi started doing a series of hand signs " Ikiumeru no jutsu" The ground below naruto started to sink in taking naruto down with it. Kakashi realized that naruto wasn't even trying to get out of the jutsu. Looking at him kakashi saw naruto disappeared up in smoke. ' a shadow clone' Searching the area around him kakashi barley saw the kick that was coming towards his face. Jumping back a few feet kakashi stared back at naruto waiting for his next move.

" Not bad dog, you seemed to have dodged my kick you are making this a better fight." Naruto started doing a couple of hand signs and whispered " Kiri shikaku no jutsu." Mist started forming around them kakashi saw naruto pull out one of his katana's. Pulling out a kunai kakashi got ready for naruto to attack.

Naruto left in blinding speeds towards kakashi. With the sharingan barley helping kakashi keep track of naruto through the mist evading or blocking naruto's blade was tricky. ' I need to get rid of this mist and fast.'

Before kakashi could even think he was being pulled down into the earth " what! " With only his head sticking out of the ground kakashi struggled to get out which made naruto grin behind his mask.

Looking back to naruto is when kakashi saw it there was now two naruto's standing in front of him. " But.. when? when did you make another clone."

The naruto with the katana disappearing in a cloud of smoke. The real naruto walked towards kakashi. " you don't need to know that but this is where we end this match I still have one more kiddie to catch." With that being said naruto kicked kakashi in the face knocking him out.

Anko was moving through the trees as fast as she could. ' times almost up 8 more minutes I wonder how kakashi and genma are doing.'

Lost in thought anko didn't see naruto coming out from hiding behind the tree until she felt a massive force hitting her in the stomach sending her back into a tree breaking through it into another one.

" Oops maybe I used a little to much force."

"hopefully you didn't kill her you need her for your team"

" I know but it wouldn't be a big loss if she did die."

Cutting off his connection with kurama naruto jumped down from the tree branch he was on. He walked over to anko who was still breathing but out cold. Picking her up he went to go get the other two ANBU.

' What should I do with them? Hmm jiji did say he wanted me to show myself to the other ANBU maybe that's what i'll do.' As another deadly smile reached his, naruto shunshin out of the training grounds with the other three with him to ANBU headquarters.