This chapter is rated T for content. Brace yourself things are going to get heated

The next day they leave back home Melissa is ignoring all of Nicks text. Then Faye shows up at the Armstrong resident ready to surprise Jake. She is horny, she's missed him and wants to have sex with him. Without saying a word she sneakily tip-toes up his staircase, as she slowly opens the door she hears the water running in the bathroom. She smirks starting to unbutton her shirt as she quietly walks into the bathroom.

Cassie is sound asleep covered in blankets still in bed while Jake is about to get the fright of his life. Faye starts to strip before getting in the shower with Jake. Jake is scrubbing his hair and has soapy eyes so he can't see that Faye has jumped into the shower. She starts to hug him from behind, he smiles at first then realizing Cassie is not that tall as the person pressing their entire naked body on him, he turns around and shouts in shock.

J: Faye what the fuck are you doing?

Faye jumps put of the shower all embrassed, she starts wiping herself with a towel then starts to put her clothes back on while Jake rinses and wraps a towel around his waist.

J: What the fuck Faye? You can't just startle me like that

F: Why the hell are you so jumpy? You use to love me surprising you

J: We need to talk Faye

F: What? You love when I am aggressive all ready to use your body

Cassie wakes up with all the noise. She is groggy still in bed but she hears Jake talking to someone. She wakes up starting to walk towards the bathroom in his t-shirt as he continues to argue with Faye.

C: Jake?

F: Did you hear that noise?

J: Faye I really need to tell you something

Faye puts a finger on her lips imolying 'shhush be quiet' to Jake as she turns the bathroom door knob and sees Cassie rubbing her eyes in front of her wearing nothing but Jake's long tshirt that fits like a dress on her. Faye realizes what she has walked into then in an angry tone she looks at Jake

F: What the hell Jake? You are sleeping with Cassie the home wrecking evil bitch?

Cassie is startled by Faye's presence in addition to her tone then Jake moves towards Cassie placing his freshly showered body between the girls. He stands protectively shielding Cassie's body from Faye's darting eyes

J: Faye stop! You will never speak that way to Cassie again. (deep breath) Now let me explain

F: No need to explain asshole. Just tell me one thing were you sleeping with her while you were sleeping with me

C: (shocked) What? When was he sleeping with you Faye?

F: Oh princess don't you know? When you got close to Adam, Jake needed someone so he called me...(taunting) to make it all better for him. Ofcourse I made it all much better time and time again

J: Faye that was a while ago we haven't seen each other a lot since then

F: Yeah I guess now that you got your dark princess in your bed you don't need me anymore

C: (glassy eyes) You are such a bitch Faye

F: Look who is talking? You home wrecking whore. Can you seriously keep your legs to yourself? You ruin everything

J: (angry) Faye get the fuck out of my house. Don't you ever speak that way about my girlfriend again

F: Girlfriend? I though you don't do girlfriends? Just friends with benefits

J: (cold tone) That was before Cassie (cruel tone) but now I have someone who is worthy of my time and my complete attention. I am proud to call her my girlfriend

Faye has tears streaming down her eyes as she realizes Cassie has everything she ever wanted, stronger magic, dark magic and most importantly Jake's completely smitten undivided attention. Before she runs out of the room she yells at them

F: I hope you both are happy. You have ruined everything for everyone else. I hope you have tons of blonde selfish kids like yourselves. I hate you both

As Faye is running out of the house she runs right into Nick, he sees her shaking, sobbing, completely breaking down and he puts his arm around to comforts her.

F: Nick please get me out of here NOW!

N: What happened?

F: Just drive I'll tell you. Did you know Cassie has been hooking up with Jake?

N: (hand around his neck) Eh yeah kind of?

F: What? Why didn't you tell me

N: It was not my place to tell you Faye

F: How long has this been going on?

N: Do you really want to know?

F: (wiping away her tears) YES!

N: Since after John died

F: What? Aaargggh! So that's why Jake wasn't replying to my texts. That bitch she gets everything

Nick starts up the car then they both go for a drive to the lake that formed the crystal skull. Nick is comforting Faye when she kisses him

N: Faye what are you doing?

F: Oh please Nick as if you haven't fantasized about fucking me a million times

N: Millions might be a bit much Faye

F: Whatever! Life sucks, love sucks...I hate everything, can we just do it already? I know you want to.

N: Faye! I am with Melissa I couldn't do that to her

F: (drunken slurring) Funny she does not feel the same way about you

N: Yes she does

F: Eer...(rolling eyes) NO she does not

N: What are you saying?

F: She fucked Adam in Santacruz

N: (angry) What did you say?

F: You heard me

N: You are really sick you know that Faye?

F: Don't believe me? Go ask her yourself

Nick drops Faye off at her place, she invites him in stating her mom won't be back for hours but Nick ignore her. With a determined look to get to the bottom on Faye's serious accusation he then goes to Melissa's house. Lester opened the door

N: Hi Ms. Glazer could I speak with Melissa?

L: Okay she's in her room, make it quick

He walks in to see Melissa propped on her bed looking nervous, she is completely shocked to see Nick in her house. He doesn't want to beat a round the bush so he point blank asks her

N: Why have you been avoiding me?

M: (nervously fidgeting) Eer...I am not..

N: Drop the act Melissa you are not fooling anyone

M: Err...what are you talking about? I am not trying to fool anyone

N: Melissa tell me it isn't true

M: What are you talking about? Nick?

N: Did you fuck Adam?

M: (guilty) Who told you? Was it Faye?

N: So it is true? You did!

Melissa starts crying...begging Nick to stay. He is raging inside while his face is stone cold, then with a callous expression he tells her

N: Don't ever call me again

M: Nick please, I love you

N: I don't want to see your face anymore Melissa. You are dead to me

M: Stop being so cruel

N: Oh baby I have been peachy nice this haven't seen cruel yet... oh but you will

Melissa falls to the floor as his threat sinks in, she shutters at his words fearful while

the hard slam of the front door is the only sound that breaks her shaking.

What do you think will happen next? Was Faye a super bitch or what? How are you feeling about what Nick is going through? What about Melissa?