A/N: So this is actually an idea that my sister had, and the majority of this first chapter is written by her. She's SassySizzleMonster here on FF, just to let you guys know. This has been in her pile of ideas for a year now, so I had to take matters into my own hands. This story will not be a main focus of mine (I'm much too busy with my other ones), but should have regular updates considering each chapter will only be 1k-2k. Depending on the reaction though, I am willing to lengthen it into something more, and put more focus on it, so review, follow, or favorite to let me know!


The Voice Inside Your Head

You respond in kind to a greeting with a small smile or grand one, depending on who the person inquiring you is. So to a mother or a father, you would smile largely and jump with excitement. With someone unknown to you, you either give them a curt nod or a small upturn of the lips, not so big that they think you're friendly but just enough that they think you're timid.

I'd like to think you could make strides of your own to becoming someone more confident with your steps, but from what I've seen you're the impressionable flighty type. I know you're the person who needs someone wiser or stronger to give you the courage to change. I also know that this will take time; that you'll grow from this sad, self-pitying girl into a strong woman with fists that can take down cities.

But I really shouldn't have to deal with you all by myself, I mean if you have self-worth issues try imagining how mine is! I mean, I am the one in your head after all. I don't have corporeal form, and I certainly don't have a real say in how you grow up or how you treat yourself.

But I will still try my best because, after all, I have nothing better to do.

Chapter 1

Sakura reads the chalkboard with only mild curiousness. She hasn't had much interest in lessons lately once they had taken on a dead sort of quality. However, the young pinkette would still hope everyday would mean for something new and surprising to pop up and give her something to quench this thirst for knowledge. Too bad though, it's just another chakra exercise and light stretching. She resists the urge to stick her tongue out in distaste when regarding the teacher.

Being as it was the fourth week into her second school year she wasn't expecting anything huge to work on, but she still would have liked a challenge. Chakra exercises were too easy for her, after all, and there came a point where she just wanted to ask to skip ahead in lessons.

The young eight year old sighed into her palm, sitting all by herself in the classroom as she felt her eyes trail over to look at a distinctive pale blonde color for hair.


Sakura had thought it bitterly, recalling the fight they had gotten into about a week ago. They were not talking anymore.

Stubbornly, she ground her teeth and forced herself to look at the only person she ever felt happy around.

He still has a sour expression, but she can understand why. The boy who she holds feelings akin to a crush towards had been going through a tough time recently. Of course she couldn't say much about the experience Sasuke had but she had heard quite a bit about the Uchiha clan—it was sort of hard to miss the lack of police force these days—and could very well see the struggle the boy was enduring.

Sasuke, she thinks, aching for him to look her way. She thinks that if he does, she can only imagine, that she could help him. Sakura wishes to be the one that he leans on, and she only thinks dreamily of a day where he can smile just as boldly as he used to.

The young pinkette still couldn't comprehend why she cared about Sasuke the way she did. After all, so did many of the other girls in class, but she knew for a solid fact that it was in entirely a different way than she herself was used to. Sakura liked many things after all, things like her favorite foods or reading a nice book in front of a stoked fire. Yet none of those things made her stomach turn over on itself or make her head feel so light, or hot, than the way Sasuke made her feel.

Sighing out dreamily, she continued to watch his shoulders rise and fall in an even and steady manner and Sakura even went as far as to match it with her own.

It was then, much to her surprise, he looked up, his eyes shooting up to glance at her. He looked just a touch confused before his expression hardened. Sasuke looked away from her then, and she felt her lips pull out into a pout.

If he feels bad about something, it's only right that she feels the same thing. Because she knows there's a darkness that hides the true brightness to his eyes—keeping him from smiling like he used to. She wonders throughout class how someone so beautiful to her eyes can exist.

It's sad to be honest, for her I mean. She's in love with that boy even if she doesn't quite know what that is yet. It's a crush right now, a tiny one. But I already know how strong it'll grow. She'll be wanting him and no one else for the rest of her life, as terrible as that was.

Maybe I can help her with that though, maybe I can change even just that so she isn't such a pitiful girl as a academy student. After all, her formative years were more cringe worthy than most, with the way she continuously embarrassed herself without realizing. Even worse, however, had been her time spent as a genin.

Anyone with a fair amount of sense would tell you Sakura as a genin was pitiful. Her younger self was understandable, but her genin years were just a damn shame. I used to joke with my sister that when Sakura matured, she had more cringe attacks over the things that she did than the both of us combined. And that's saying something.

Even now, Sakura sighed outwardly as she gazed at Sasuke's back, liking the way his hair juts outwards, even though an entire fandom laughs about it and calls it a duck butt. In real life it's pretty much a duck's butt, but I'm certain Sakura probably doesn't even know what that looks like yet. As sad as that is.

I feel bad for her.

I feel even worse for myself.