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Chapter 14


Akame was training with Rin as they are both clashing as of course, she would be levels upon him when it came to her expertise of swords play. Rin was obviously struggling to to keep up with her speed as he has been dodging quite a lot. His scars seem to be slowly healing away, he has been training hard and doing his best to not let his flames overcome him, nor rely so much on Incursio. Sheele was watching him as she was reading her book. The young woman was amazed to see how much of an impact Night Raid has made on Rin.

"Rin, you need to stop feeling so frustrated, that's what will be your downfall during battle." Akame says as she swings practice sword at his rib cage in less than a mere second as he is knocked over.

"OW! Damn it! That hurt…" Rin shouts as he looks and notices a small bruise forming up but the pain is starting to slowly go away. "Akame, I am doing my best, it's just what will I do when I have to fight the three commanders? I mean you know who they are right?" he finishes saying as he looks at Akame as she stares back at him.

"Yeah, the commanders are people beyond possibly the level of most Teigu users, especially Akainu. He has one of the most powerful Teigus we know of as of now. That's why we have to train harder and be ready for when the commanders arrive. The only person who knows the knowledge of their power is Najenda." Akame says as Rin and Sheele are both quite shocked.

"Well how do we know if they are capable of even wiping most of us out? I mean there is nobody who even knows of our base besides Diablo. I'm sure we can call upon them to our side." Sheele says as Akame looks at her.

"No, this is our battle against the Empire. They should worry about taking out the Imperial Army, after all they're the ones who formed the Revolutionary Army. Even if they assist us, the Jaegers are always on pursuit." Akame responds as Sheele puts a finger on her chin in a thinking style.

"Well, there is no reason on trying to forge a plan to go for the Emperor on our own. We don't quite have enough man power." Sheele counters back as before Akame responds Rin cuts her off.

"Than we will have to try to put our faith upon each other, and hope we can all succeed in our plans to abolish the Empire's corrupted system. I want to forge an alliance with Diablo, even if it means risking my life. We have to build up a trust with them, we need more allies. I am sure Najenda could agree with me on that." Rin says as Akame just looks at him and sighs a bit, while Sheele smiles a bit.

"We will just have to see about that." Akame says as she looks up at the sky thinking about stuff on her mind.


Everyone are organizing and discussing the next pursuit as in the middle of the table of the conversation is second in command, Seryu. Seryu has become a lot stronger due to being trained under the leader of the first in command Yomo. He has trained her to focus more on her own skill and not her Teigu itself. Her hair has gotten quite longer too but keeps it in the same style.

"Commander Seryu!" One soldier comes up to her as she turns looking at him.

"What is it? Has he asked for me?" Seryu says as the soldier nods as she nods and gets up from her spot to go to a certain room to see her superior.

"Seryu, how are those sequences coming? Have you already forged another ambush?" Yomo asks as she nods and lays the plans on the table, as she stands there as he looks up. "What? Need something?" He asks as she scowls at him as he raises an eye brow, "What's that face for?" He asks.

"Have you seen him yet? I am sure he is awaiting to see you again. I know I wanna see him again…" Seryu asks as she smiles holding her hands together as she blushes a bit as Yomo just looks at her blankly.

"Nope, I don't plan to either, I know he is in good hands. Besides why would he need to see his older brother again who abandoned him? Yeah I talked to them but, he was mad to see me more than anything." Yomo replies as Seryu scowls at him again and sighs as she facepalms too.

"Well waiting isn't going to fix your situation either. There must be something you're hiding from me huh? Hmm…" Seryu says as she smirks a bit, "Besides, women always find out the truth eventually." She finishes.

"Yeah, whatever. While you're at it, how about you tell me something I don't know?" Yomo says to her sarcastically.

"Hmph, well I will, I actually quite have the feelings for him." Seryu says with a small blush smiling a bit as Yomo just blankly stares at her.

"I kinda noticed." Yomo says as she twitches a bit as she glares at him with a small blush, as he laughs, "hahaha, anyways, I will be taking my leave now, I have to go visit Phoenix and Master Jishin." He sinishes saying as he picks up her sword as Seryu nods.

"Well be safe Yomo, I will keep tabs on the base." Seryu puts a hand in a solute position as Yomo waves nods waving her off as he passes her, as she smiles and gets back to work.


"Well you know I don't give a damn about what she thinks, I am just concerned on how she will feel about the fact that I am practically her enemy." Kenshin says as he looks down with anger.

"I am sure Kurome will find her own path before our battle of the end comes." Paradox says as he looks at Kenshin with his serious stare.

"ahaha well I am hoping at least she can leave under that damn Esdeath's command!" Kikushiyo says as he takes a long sip out of his bottle of Sake.

"Where the hell as that asshole at, he is always late." Phoenix asks as they all look at him.

"Who you calling asshole flame head?" Yomo appears in the middle of the room as he emerges from the darkness portal of shadows, "I can put you down in seconds, hahaha!", Yomo says as he jumps to Phoenix.

"I'd like to see you try, Jackass." Phoenix glares as Yomo stares at him blankly.

"Well if you say so…" Yomo says as he slowly starts to unsheathe jester, but is quickly stopped as Kenshin intervenes.

"look you two, we have to go visit Master right now, so if you don't mind being calm, you two can stay out of our plans." Kenshin says as they both sigh and look away, "Alright guys lets go." He finishes saying as they all go to the middle of their castle sized base as they notice their master sitting on his thrown chair drinking some Sake out of his Western leather style Flask as he slams it on the arm of the thrown chair (If you wanna see what kind of design Jishin has go to my profile and look for the link with the title "Jishin's Design").

"My sons, you finally came. It's about damn time you have shown yourselves. I was afraid I would have to discipline you all again. So what you're all grown men now, I don't tolerate brats under my control." Master Jishin says as he stands up, keep in mind he is seven foot five inches. He is a complete tower compared to most of the characters in this story. They all kneel before him.

"It is nice to see you again, Master." Phoenix says as he stands up and stares at Jishin, "Now what have you called us here for?" He asks as they all look up at their Master.

"The time has almost come, the three commanders have formed an alliance against us, and those Night Raid brats." Jishin says shocking them all, except Yomo who has intel on the update as of now. Kenshin has been thinking to himself on how and why he can't be able to save Kurome before that time comes. Phoenix is now worried more for his wife and soon to be born child, while both Paradox and Kikushiyo have no words to express or even think of for that matter.

"Master, you can't be serious? Why must the commanders be among the empire now?!" Phoenix shouts for an answer as Jishin looks at him with a strong glare.

"Because, they are on the move to kill the one who wields the blade of Satan himself." Jishin says as all of their eyes widen, especially Yomos and Kenshins.

"What?! Master, what does he have to do with the commanders?" Yomo asks

"As far as I know, they want him to be executed for his existence and power he has hidden potentially within him." Jishin responds as Yomo looks down gritting his teeth, and so Kenshin does too.

"I won't let that happen. I have to go and worn them!" Yomo says as he is about to take off until he feels a giant hand on his shoulder.

"Son, you cannot be naïve enough to pursuit them on your own. I know you won't go worn that boy, because you plan on taking on the commanders on your own." Jishin says as Yomos eyes widen as he takes off anyways.

"I have to do this master, I'm sorry!" Yomo says as he runs off from the base.

"Wait! Yomo! Tch, that dumbass!" Phoenix says as he runs after him, but by the time he gets back upstairs he is already gone.


"Ok, so this is where both of them will arrive, I believe?" Esdeath says as she looks at Budo.

"Correct, but we have to pursue Diablo. I am sure they are behind the whole Revolution. With Akainu and Kizaru here, they will be able to help us in a lead against those scum." Budo says as he looks at Esdeath.

"I honestly don't wanna see that Magma head again, he is the definition of an asshole. Atleast Kizaru knows what I mean." Esdeath rolls her eyes thinking about the magma head.

"Oh why of course I would defend you, Ms. Esdeath~" a figure says as he emerges from light right in front of Budo and Esdeath. "Well it's quite nice to see you again young beautiful Esdeath, look how much you've grown since we last met!" The man who wields the Teigu made of Light, Kizaru himself, makes an appearance.

"It has indeed been a while, Kizaru." Esdeath says as she glares a bit at the other commander before her.

"What's with the face? No need to say hello to me like that you know~" KIzaru says as he just smiles as he has a tooth pick in his mouth. Suddenly the doors open as the man, no the monster himself, Akainu steps in with guards behind him.

"Well well well, if it isn't Kizaru and the Ice brat." Akainu says as he has a cigar in his mouth as him and Kizaru stand at a height of six foot four.

"Hey there magma freak." Esdeath says as she shuts her eyes of disgust from looking at Akainu.

"Ahh~ It has been a while old friend." Kizaru says as Akainu sighs as General Budo finally decides to come into this conversation.

"The reason why you are called down here, is because we believe we found the one who possesses even enough power to crush the Empire." Budo says shocking all three of them.

"What?! You located Jishin? Has he finally been found after all this time?" Akainu demands for an answer.

"No, we haven't, but there is someone interesting that we think is affiliated with Night Raid themselves…" Budo says as he shows them a picture of Rin as Esdeath is shocked to the core that if it is possible or not. "We believe this young man has the power of the Teigu forged boy Satan himself." Budo finishes as Esdeath is doing her best to find this in disbelief but, is she positive this can be possible.

"Oh my, Night Raid sure is full of youngsters with mad energy levels~" Kizaru jokes as Akainu slams his hand on the table.

"You mean to tell me this brat has the possession of one of the most powerful forged Teigus in the Empire?!" Akainu shouts as slowly hot aura is coming from him as both Esdeath and Budo can feel the major killing intent.

"As of now, yes, how about we discuss the plans we will use to lead to our advantage?" Budo says as they all nod except Esdeath.

Esdeath listens as they discuss as she thinks about the small memories her and Rin had made together as she thinks to herself, 'Rin, I hope everything we hear right now isn't true, I don't want to make you my enemy, I just wished you and I could have the same morals. I promise no matter what, even so I wanna protect you with my life, possibly living one with you. I hope whatever path you take, we will come to an agreement and finally be together.'


Yomo stops in front of the base as he has in his hand Wicked Jester, "Jester, are you ready?" Yomo asks his Teigu a question, "Yeah." It responds as Yomo unsheathes his sword, "Shadow Cast…" A void emerges around the area of the front of the base, "Let's begin."

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