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He looked at her straight in the eye, staring deep into her soul. The storm raged around them, and the wind howled throughout the night, but that seems to be the last thing on their mind right now.

"I could care less about your feelings.", his words were like daggers that soars through the distance between them, and pierced right through her heart, ripping it open mercilessly. She welcomed the pain.

"I know."

She smiled at him, just like she always did. Smiled at him as if she wasn't hurting the least bit, as if he didn't just crushed another part of her heart. But he could see, that the sparkle that used to be in her eyes each time she smiled was long gone, and it was replaced by a shade of darkness that he thought doesn't suit her at all. You made them appear, his conscience nagged.

He knew that she's hurt, broken inside. She just refused to show it, just like she always did whenever she's hurt. He knew that after this, nothing would change. She would still support him, smiled at him, and train with him like she always did in the last 10 years. It will all continue as if he never said those words.

If he was to recall, that's probably one of the reason why she's the only female that has ever been close to him. It might also be the reason why he loved her.

But it's also the same reason why he couldn't afford to have her in his life as something more than just a partner.

He realised that he's way too possessive, that once he got his hands on something that he wanted, he'd keep them close to him forever. He would never let anyone even took one glance at it. But, Tenten….she's a free soul. She would not stay in one place for too long. She would try to break free and she will succeed, because he loved her too much, he knew he'd let her go. Love is nothing without sacrifices, right?

He also realised that when that happened, he'd be left alone. He's afraid if she ever left him, since he knew that he'd never move on. He would be consumed by despair and longing for as long as he lived. That's why he decided that he couldn't have her.

Because in the end, how could a lone bird, soaring in the big blue sky, could claim the very sky he's flying in as his very own?