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As all twenty rider kicks slammed into the mutated Kaguya, the Juubi shrieked in agony as she suffered from the energy overload and pain. As the attacks were tearing through the flesh made of chakra, all twenty riders came out of the Juubi in all different directions and came down landing.

Then the Juubi glowed and exploded into a million pieces, leaving a huge amount of chakra. As this happened, the barrier immediately lifted. Everyone immediately rushed towards the nineteen Naruto and Hongo Takeshi.

As they were bombarded with care and stuff like that, the eighteen alternate Naruto stepped away and faced them. They all smiled and nodded, the hidden message to take care sent, before they vanished in a flash. Well, except for Ghost.

The spiritual rider smiled as he faced his Faiz counterpart, "Faiz, its been great fighting with you, all that shit. But I have several people I want you to meet." From his cloak, several Eyecons flew out and glowed, revealing Naruto's music teachers.

Naruto's eyes widened in surprised, "What? How?" He glanced at Ghost who merely motioned his counterpart to go to them. Naruto nodded and stared at his former teachers. Musashi spoke, "Naruto, its time we told you, I guess." Edison continued, "We were never from this world, not entirely. We were taking a break from our world after our battle with our enemies and we ended up here."

"WE found our way back just after we parted ways, but we knew we would be needed here again so we went between worlds," said Benkei. Newton then said, "It was fun to teach you music, my boy." Makoto finished, "ANd even though we were of different worlds, our souls were connected. I hope you'll never forget that."

Naruto nodded. Ghost then said, "Well, its time. Faiz, remember, tamashi wa eien fumetsu da." Naruto nodded as they all vanished, leaving the original people of this world standing there.

Naruto then turned to his family and friends as everyone smiled. Takeshi approached his fellow rider and said, "Well, Naruto, I'll be returning to Oni no Kuni, say hi to my daughter for me." Naruto nodded as one his fathers in law left the area.

As they were about to leave, Kasumi suddenly felt a huge amount of chakra saturated in the air, and said, "This chakra? Naruto-kun, Hikari-chan, Haruna-chan, Fuu, I need all of you to concentrate on this chakra saturated in the air. Focus on it and gather it in one point."

The four were surprised by the weird request but did so anyway. Soon, swirls of chakra begin to gather at one single point, the chakra forming a figure once again. This put everyone on edge as they had experienced something like this not too long ago. Soon, the being formed completely and revealed one Otsutsuki... Hagoromo.

As the Rikudo Sennin landed onto the ground, with a surprised expression, he said, "Wow, I never thought I'd be called here for so many times, but it seems the battle is over, Naruto, Kasumi-chan, and everyone else." The shinobi were all awed by the divine presence of the true Shinobi no Kami. Hagoromo chuckled at their faces and continued, "Hmm, since I'm here, and I can't stay here forever, I guess I'll visit your siblings, Kasumi. But first."

He turned to the Konoha shinobi, more specifically, Jiraiya, Tsunade, Minato and Kushina. He then proceeded to yell, the Rikudo Sennin, yelling with Chakra charged into his vocal cords, "Are you four fucking idiots?!" This shout startled everyone, the humans that the God of Shinobi shouting, whom they thought was divine and powerful all that shit, and the two Bijuu, since this was a side they never knew their father had, regardless the fact that they lived several decades and centuries.

They were snapped out of shock as Hagoromo continued, "Because you four were selfish and played favourites the world came close to ending at a really simple choice! Had it not been for the fact that Naruto was a born sis-con, and the intervention of Ghost's Eyecons with all those girls with Naruto, this world would be destroyed not by the Akatsuki, Juubi or my godforsaken mother, but Naruto!"

This made Naruto blush slightly as everyone not involved being screwed by the Sage turned slowly to look at him. Hagoromo then took a breath and continued, "And you! Gamma Sennin! I thought you were better! What have the toads been teaching you?! They should know how important caring for a child is! And you! Slug Sannin, I thought you were a medic, a doctor! How could you leave that boy alone, even if his sisters kept him company! And you two! WHat kind of parents would ignore a child?! I was watching in the afterlife the whole time and thankfully the world I shaped didn't get destroyed because of a stupid decision!"

He breathed out before he continued ranting just as Minato wanted to say something, "Don't ask how I know all that shit Kiroi Senkou! I am always watching the world, be it the moon, the sun and all that shit." He sighed and said, "Now I've got that out, four of you better reflect on your actions, I'm really tempted to permanently take away all of your chakra, summon contracts and everything ninja related, but I'm giving you a chance, because you are my relatives now, seeing as your son bagged my eldest daughter."

He then turned in another direction, "Well, I'm off, still got a few months before these chakra run out, so I'll visit the other Bijuu and we may meet again. Ciao." He then took off like he didn't scold the four S-ranked shinobi like kids.

Kasumi and Natsume (Still in the seal btw) shook their heads as their father flew away, while the shinobi merely stood there awed, surprised and so on. Kasumi then said, "Well, lets go home. I heard there is this new sushi ramen at Ichiraku's." This made Naruto's eyes gleamed and everyone suddenly found themselves in front of Ichiraku's from a grouped Hiraishin by Naruto, who surprisingly was not feeling the effects of the usage of chakra.

As the rider raced into the stand, he didn't get any sushi ramen, but he sure did put a dent in the Namikaze bank account with the help of Minato and Kushina. This made everyone shake their heads at the three's antics.

A week passed since the battle with Kaguya and the Akatsuki, and Konoha had received many questions regarding the massive chakra flare that was felt all over the Elemental Nations. Now, Minato and his family, excluding Naruto's girls, were preparing to head towards Tetsu no Kuni where a meeting for all hidden villages were held, though frankly it was held because of Kaguya's chakra flaring all over the globe.

The journey was uneventful, no one got hurt, friend or foe, since there were six S-ranked shinobi and one beyond SS-rank shinobi. As they reached the Iron country, they were greeted by Mifune, lord of the country, who was surprised by Naruto, Hikari and Haruna's presences. The samurai looked at Minato, "Seriously, two of the Kyubi Jinchurikii and Kamen Rider Faiz? I know they're your children, Hokage-dono, but bringing not just your wife and the two Sannin, you have to bring them as well?"

Minato shrugged, "Hey, they're just here to watch, and since this meeting concerns them." Mifune raised an eyebrow but nodded and gave them three guest rooms for their stay in a hotel near the meeting area. The sisters immediately took a key and dragged their brother with them leaving Minato and Kushina with one key and Tsunade with one key. As for Jiraiya, Naruto, Hikari, Haruna, Minato and Kushina didn't want Jiraiya in their rooms and Tsunade sure as hell wanted no part in sharing a room with the perverted Sannin.

After a series of begging, Tsunade finally let Jiraiya in, with several conditions, he was not allowed to do perverted things and had to sleep on the floor, seeing as all the beds were king sized beds in all three rooms.

Soon, the meeting were to begin and the group marched towards the meeting room. As they entered the room, they noticed everyone had been seated, guards and Kage alike. (Naruto, his sisters, Kushina, Jiraiya and Tsunade are classified as guards to accompany Minato)

Mifune nodded and said, "Now, let the first meeting of all Kage begin."

Several years later, Naruto was standing on a new face on the Hokage Monument, more specifically, his face. Eight years ago, after the meeting with the Kage, Onoki had threatened for war, even if he was going against all other villages, since Kumo's Jinchurikii had a grudging friendship with Konoha's, Suna was allies with Konoha, and Kiri had friends in Konoha as well.

This notion was stopped by a suggestion from Naruto, aka a duel with the Tsuchikage that determined the fate of Konoha and Tsuchi. Needless to say this made the adults mad, more specifically Minato, Jiraiya, Kushina and Tsunade. Though part of it was revenge on Naruto's part, he won easily since he was much stronger that he actually resisted Onoki's jutsu.

This had stopped war and soon, Minato decided to make Naruto Hokage, who accepted with a 'little' persuasion from his girls. Thus the Godaime Hokage came into reign, though while he was Hokage, he had to wait till he was of age, which meant two years ago. That year was also the year he proposed officially to all of his girls and needless to say they all accepted happily.

Speaking of the girls, before they accepted Naruto's proposals, they were constantly flocked with boys and fanboys for a 'relationship' and it was either that they decline them, they keep coming back and they beat them up, or they decline, they come back, and Naruto beats them up. Plus with how Naruto arranged the weddings specially for his girls, he was a really happy husband, if you catch my drift.

Back to the villages, after the duel, the four villages decided to ally themselves and even invited the Tsuchikage to join the alliance, which he accepted while grumbling, though secretly he was relieved they invited his village, since it would be signing a death contract by not joining since they could invade his village anytime, and with all the power they had, it would happen in mere moments. Onoki still had nightmares when Naruto demolished a third of his village with one slash.

So the five major shinobi villages were allies and peace was obtained and all that shit. Naruto also had a child from every one of his girls coming, and their mood swings were driving him crazy. Though it was the three pair of sisters more than others.

The former rookies were all important figures in Konoha now, Sasuke was the second in command of the Police Department with Itachi as the head, and the others were on the council, inheriting their parents' places.

Speaking of parents, the parents of this generation had all retired, but they were in no way slacking off. After passing the title to Naruto, Minato and Kushina had more free time and spent them training, going out or help training with Jounin and Chunnin. This of course made Konoha's military strength skyrocket.

Now, Naruto was staring at the village at night. Beneath him, the Kyubi festival going on, the streets were crowded and full of life. "Naruto-kun!" He then heard multiple female voices, that of his wives. Smiling he turned and nodded, before going to join them back home, since they weren't celebrating the Kyubi Festival, they were celebrating the day everything began, and they will be ready to face anything that threatens their happiness.


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