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Title: "Diabolic lover"

Summary: "How can you be alive?" I asked her, my face panic-stricken. "Why wouldn't I be?" she asked me indifferently. "Because your heart isn't… beating." I said, remembering feeling no hint of a pulse when I had checked just before. Instead of looking at me in surprise, the blonde girl just smirked, baring her shiny white teeth at me and that was when I saw fangs behind her red lips.

Author's 1st note: Happy Halloween! Man, I've wanted to do some Halloween-themed fanfiction for a while, and I technically have this other idea too that's kinda old, but I didn't really feel all that inspired for it so I almost gave up on doing something this year, especially because I didn't think of this idea until the 27th October. Then I remembered an anime that is basically my guilty pleasure… It's called "Diabolik lovers" (don't ask why they misspelled diabolic xD) and is basically this vampire fan service anime, let's be honest, ladies xD

I definitely have a thing for vampires – as long as they don't sparkle – there's just something undeniably sexy about them. Now, I don't want to spoil Diabolik Lovers to you if it sounds like your thing, but I will say this: I considered following the real story a bit more and have Helga being the human because in Diabolik Lovers, it's a girl who is the human. Her personality is just really… vague, dense and plain though and even though I don't think Arnold fits that description either, with Helga it was just way too far-fetched. Also, there's supposed to be several vampires and let's be honest, the girls in Hey Arnold! fit vampire personalities more than the boys do – that's what I think at least xD

Ok, I won't babble anymore! Happy reading and happy Halloween!

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Diabolic lover

"There you are, boy." The driver told me, but I didn't hear him at first. I was looking out the window, gazing at the beautiful scenery. Everything around these parts seemed so green and untouched by people. It was very isolated and there hadn't been a shadow of a human the last half hour or so, but that wasn't what my thoughts had in its grip. It was the reason why I was even here, I was thinking about.

My name is Arnold Phillip Shortman, I was 16-year-old at the time my grandparents, my guardians, died. My parents had left me with them in order to pursue their dream of making a better world for those in need. I had never blamed them nor had I ever felt angry or left behind. Until my grandparents died that was. I was suddenly all alone in the world and I was left in the hand of the system. I had stayed in Sunset Arms, the boarding house I had grown up in, for about a week before a strange man, who introduced himself as Mr. Smith, had come and said that he had found a place for me to live. I had been hesitant at first because I didn't want to leave my home and I hadn't received any letters or anything confirming that I was going to get picked up on this particular day. I knew the mail often got lost in the boarding house though so I had said my goodbyes to the other boarders, promised to stay in touch and then left with the man with a few of my belongings.

That was all about three hours ago and I had been in this car ever since, switching between sleeping and staring at the places we passed. Mr. Smith didn't say a word even once through the ride until we reached the destination. I had to shake my head in order to force myself out of my thoughts. I looked to the other side of the car and saw a huge mansion next to it. I made a small gasp, got out of the car and stared at it in awe. The boarding house could fit on the grounds ten times and there would still be room. The mansion was surrounded by a tall, black, aluminum fence, there were blooming trees, a large pavement following up to the door and around the fountain. Before I could take in my surroundings properly though, Mr. Smith had already given me my luggage and was driving off.

"Wait!" I begged, but he was already too far away to hear me. I made a small sigh and looked towards the mansion again. "He just goes off without an explanation. This can't be right."

I hated the word, but to society I was an orphan so I had a hard time believing this would be where they would put me. It didn't look like a foster home and there was no one to greet me. I figured just standing around wouldn't give me any answers though so I walked towards the gate. I thought it would be locked, but I could push it open with a bit of force. After closing it, I jogged up to the door, which took me about a minute because there was so much yard between the gate and the mansion. I looked at the doorknocker, which was made of brass and shaped like a small gargoyle's mouth and head.

It looks gothic, I thought and eyed it for a bit. I wonder if the mansion is that old?

I moved my hand towards the door knocker, used it and the sound gave a hallow echo. I could feel my spine going tense at the sound and I looked behind me for no real reason. There was no one behind me, I knew that already and yet I had looked. I turned my head back and saw that the door had opened and I took a step back in surprise. A sudden flash of lightning spurred me into running into the mansion though and I took a couple of deep breaths to calm myself down. When I turned around to close the door, I saw rain pouring down from the sky even though it had been such nice weather the entire day. I closed the door behind me and turned around again to take in my new surroundings.

I felt like I had stepped into a different time period. I was in an entrance hall with white marble floor and a long red carpet that led to a staircase and up the stairs. On the fence of the stairs, a pair of gargoyles were places as decoration, each with a lit candle in their head. The only other source of light was the big chandelier hanging above my head. The ceiling had intricate traceries and pillars made of stone were placed to both my right and left beside to the red carpet were holding it up. Besides that, the entrance hall was empty. There wasn't a sound or even a hint that someone lived here, not even when I had reached the staircase.

"M-Maybe I should call Mr. Smith…" I mumbled to myself, placed my suitcase against a wall and pulled out my phone. Only then did I remember that I had never received his number and my shoulders slumped. I was about to call out, hoping someone would hear me, when something caught my eyes. I looked to my right, down a hallway that lead to nowhere in particular. There was a Victorian-styled chaise lounge by the end of the hallway, made of red fabric and mahogany wood. It was curved beautifully and seemed like a piece of art, but that wasn't what had truly caught my eye.

On the chaise lounge was a girl. A girl who was sleeping it seemed. Her blonde hair was cascading over the couch, reaching all the way down to the floor. She was lying on her back, one arm over her stomach and one leg resting against the back of the couch. She was wearing a black, gothic dress that went to halfway on her thighs and up over her chest. The upper part was a corset and the hot pink bindings went all the way up to her neck and around it into a bow. Her left arm had a fishnet glove on it with her fingers loose and the pattern on it change into a flower from time to time.

"Excuse me?" I said quietly and made a small cough to clear my throat. "Excuse me?"

I had asked a little louder the second time, but the girl still didn't hear me. I looked at my suitcase for a moment, deciding no one would try to steal it here and went towards the girl. Once I was closer to her, I could see that she was indeed sleeping very peacefully. You couldn't even hear her breathing and if her stomach was moving with her in- and exhalation, it was very little. Her features were very defined and her skin was in a beautiful, almost porcelain-like color. She looked like someone who had never been in the sun. She was downright enticing to look at.

I shook my head to get rid of the odd thoughts and leaned forward to touch the girl. "Excuse me." I said gently, hoping not to startle her as I woke her up.

When my fingers touched her bare arm though, I flinched and snapped my hand back. Her skin had been colder than snow on Christmas eve and I could feel the familiar stinging at the tip of my fingers that you felt when you touched snow directly. I crouched next to her, touched the skin again and confirmed that my mind wasn't just playing tricks on me. Then I turned my cheek to her mouth to listen to her breathing. When I couldn't feel anything, I put my head on her chest.

"There's no heartbeat!" I gasped to myself and sat up straight. "I need to call someone!"

I had barely grabbed my phone before a stingingly cold hand clutched my wrist and stopped me from dialing 911. "Criminy, you're loud…" a female voice said and I looked towards the owner of the hand. "This isn't your house so keep your voice down."

I flinched when she snatched my phone, but watched calmly as she sat up on the couch, moving fluidly like water and using only her back instead of her hands to support her. She turned her head to me and when she opened her eyes, I froze to the spot. They were a brilliant shade of blue, almost glowing like the moon. She looked at me as coldly as she did curiously. Forgetting my phone, she let it fall to the floor. The sound echoed in the room, but I stayed perfectly still as she swung her legs out of the couch and faced me.

"How did you get in here?" the girl asked and leaned so close to me that I should have been able to feel her breath on my skin. When I didn't, I remembered what I had been about to do before.

"How… H-How can you be alive?" I asked her, my face panic-stricken.

The girl lifted a curious eyebrow and leaned back just a little bit. "Why wouldn't I be?" she asked me indifferently.

"Because your heart isn't… beating." I said, remembering feeling no hint of a pulse when I had checked just before.

Instead of looking at me in surprise, the blonde girl just smirked, baring her shiny white teeth at me and that was when I saw fangs behind her red lips. My eyes widened in shock. I didn't know what to think, but my first instinct was to stand up and start running. I never got to the second part though because an arm slithered around my hips and I was thrown back on the chaise lounge. I looked up at the girl who was pinning me down. That beautiful angel-like face suddenly looked sinister and evil-intentioned as she gazed down at me.

"W-What are you doing?" I stuttered and wiggled my hands. I could hear my ligaments complain as I did though and realized to my horror that the girl above me was inhumanely strong.

"It's been a long time since we've seen your kind around here." The girl said, ignoring my question. Removing one hand from my wrists, she used it to grab my jaw and force me to look at her. She leaned close again until all I could see was her face. She made a low hum as she looked me over, resembling a carnivore contemplating when to kill its prey. "Nice, rosy color on your cheeks… You're really healthy, aren't you?"

I opened my mouth to speak, but her grip on my jaw was bone-chillingly tight and I couldn't move. I just tried wiggling my hips a bit, but that only served to remind me that she was straddling me to the couch. Despite my fear, I felt something warm grow in my stomach, but it was too veiled behind my fear for me to notice it.

"What's wrong? This is the time for you to scream, most humans do at this point…" the girl muttered curiously to herself. She looked like a confused child until she gasped in realization. "Oh! My apologies… my hand is holding you a little too tightly, right?"

The girl let go of my jaw and I swear, I could feel it pop back in place. I coughed for a second before I mustered all my courage and scowled at her. "Let me go!" I shouted at her, hoping my voice sounded as determined as I wanted it to.

The girl's face went slack with shock for a moment before her laughter started echoing in the hallway. I frowned at her, feeling ridiculed, but she stopped laughing soon. "Feisty, aren't you?" she asked rhetorically and leaned closer to me again. "Seems like a shame to end it here… You seem like you could be fun to have around."

"What…?" I whispered, my glare faltering and fading into a confused expression.

"What are you doing here?' the girl asked, her voice without a hint of emotion in there.

"I… I-I'm supposed to l-live here…" I stuttered, hoping my obedience would make her let me go.

"Live here?" the girl repeated suspiciously. Then she hummed and looked to her left. "Do you know anything about this, Phoebe?"

"Huh?" I whispered, turned my head and saw that another girl had appeared. This one was wearing a more Victorian-styled gown with a huge, frilly skirt and a light blue corset with black lace around it. Her black hair was tied up into a high bun and she was also wearing a pair of dark blue glasses, which she readjusted before she spoke.

"I haven't heard of such a thing." The girl said, crossed her arms and looked at me. "Are you sure you're at the right place?"

"I… I was driven here by… Mr. Smith." I stuttered.

The two girls instantly looked at each other. The blonde then looked back at me suspiciously. "You better not be lying."

"I'm not!" I insisted angrily and wiggled my wrists once more. "Please let me go now!"

The girl above me growled angrily and tightened her grip around my wrists. "I swear…" she sneered. "If you hadn't said Mr. Smith's name, I would kill you right now!"

I gasped at the words, but the girl jumped off me right then. The anger was completely gone on her face as she reached a hand out for me. I stared at it in disbelief. I did that for too long it seemed because she suddenly seized my wrist again and pulled me out of the chaise lounge. I bumped into her and looked up at her, just realizing she was a couple of centimeters taller than me. It was no surprise since I wasn't a very tall guy though. I pulled my hand out of her grasp and glared at her, but all she did was smirk at me.

"I will call the others to the lounge." Phoebe declared before she walked away silently.

"You coming, Football Head?" the blonde girl asked me and followed the other girl.

"F-Football Head?!" I repeated and self-consciously touched my wide head. With a grunt, I rant up next to her and she looked at me. "My name is Arnold!"

I glared at the girl, but she didn't seem to mind. "Helga." She said calmly and looked ahead.

"What?" I muttered in surprise.

"Helga. That's my name." the girl clarified.

I gazed at the girl curiously for a moment before I turned my head forward. Helga and Phoebe… I noted and remembered Phoebe saying she would call the others to the lounge. That meant there were more people here. I wasn't sure whether my sigh was in relief or nervousness. Nevertheless, I followed the girls to a big lounge that didn't seem any friendlier than the entrance hall had.

The lounge was big, much bigger than any normal living room, but that was to be expected from the size of the mansion. The walls had light brown tapestry and tall wooden panels that almost reached my hips, the floor was made of a lighter shade of brown wood and another chandelier was hanging above our heads. Near one of the walls was a staircase that led up halfway to the room's ceiling. I couldn't see what was up there, but I assumed it was a sort of balcony. In the middle of the room was a blue chaise lounge along with two armchairs across each other made of the same fabric and pattern. Underneath the seating area was a big, blue carpet and around the walls were either paintings, book cases or sideboards.

"Take a seat." Phoebe ordered just as Helga plumbed down on one of the armchairs, putting one of her laced boots on the seat as well. I wasn't sure why, but I sat down on the chaise lounge next to her instead of the armchair further away. This girl gave me goosebumps and yet she was the only thing close to something recognizable in this place. I blamed my very human need for familiarity in a scary situation. "Now," the black-haired girl said. "now that we're all here, let's discuss what we ought to do with this one."

"All here?" I repeated in surprise just before I felt something wet and warm lick my cheek. I gasped in surprise and jumped to my right, closer to Helga. I stared at the owner of the tongue, another girl around our age. She had red hair tied into braids, freckles on her white cheeks and deep green eyes. She was wearing a green corset, tied so tight that her cleavage was on full display. Around her hips was a frilly, black skirt that barely covered what was necessary, on her legs fishnet stockings and then black, high-heeled boots. "When did you - - "

"He tastes sweet." The girl stated and smiled seductively at me.

"Hands off, Lila. I saw him first." Helga said in a sneer behind me. I looked at her in curiosity. Despite the possessive words, she seemed more angry than protective. Like if this Lila girl was about to steal her dinner.

Lula huffed and sat back with a pout, crossing her legs. "You can't keep him all to yourself, Helga." She said, spitting the blonde girl's name.

"The hell I can't." Helga hissed before a small chuckle echoed in the lounge.

"Now, now, girls. Don't act appalling in front of our gust. It's not very polite." A feminine voice said.

I looked up towards the balcony and saw a girl standing up there. She was wearing a classic, sleeveless, ruffled dress in red fabric and like the others, it had a corset around the stomach. It had black ruffles around the chest and hip area and at the end of the big skirt. It looked more expensive and formal than the others' dresses did. She was also wearing black, silk gloves and her black hair was tied into a bun like Phoebe's was, but this girl's bun was tighter. Whereas Phoebe's bun was more off-the-cuff and had two locks in front of her ears, this girl's bun was so tight you couldn't see a hint of a stray hair.

I stared up at the girl for a moment before I felt a hand on my shoulder. I gasped and looked to my left at the hand that was touching me. "I seem to have forgotten my manners. My name is Rhonda." The feminine voice said and when I looked up, I could see it was the girl who had just been standing on the balcony.

"How did - - When did you get down here?" I asked quietly, looking between the balcony and the girl questioningly.

"You're scaring him." A new voice said and I looked towards the far end of the lounge, at a girl who was lying on a chaise lounge, much like Helga had earlier. She was wearing what looked like a black coat with wide sleeves and a high collar. The coat went into a corset on her stomach and then into a long skirt, but unlike the others, it was straight. Her boots were oversized, made of rubber and had buckles on them. She seemed bigger than the other girls. Her brown hair was tied into a ponytail with a blue bow around it. "Not that I care, of course."

"You don't care about anything, Patty." Helga stated matter-of-factly.

"Rhonda," Phoebe said, still standing up instead of taking a seat. "have you heard that this young man was supposed to come here?"

"Oh, yes. Have I not informed you?" Rhonda asked. "Did I faux pas?"

Helga rolled her eyes. "Just tell us why he's here." She ordered.

Rhonda huffed, ignoring the blonde's crude words. "Mr. Smith called me earlier today, telling me about this young man who has unfortunately lost his guardians. His parents are nowhere to be found and he hasn't a friend in the world. I thought he would be ideal to make a live-in… companion." She said with a sort of smile that sent a shiver down my spine. She had kept her hand on my shoulder as she spoke and I wished she would remove it.

I heard Helga make a sound of understanding and I looked at her. "So that is why he's here…" she said with a smirk. "You shouldn't have stopped me earlier, Phoebe."

"My apologies." Phoebe said and readjusted her glasses. "Are you certain that is the case though?"

"Yes." Rhonda answered and looked at me. "You don't have any family left, do you?"

"N-No." I admitted and tried leaning away from her.

"Hands off, Rhonda. You're making him uncomfortable." Helga ordered.

"Since when do you care about others' wellbeing?" Rhonda asked sarcastically, but she did remove her hand from my shoulder. I almost sighed in relief; her grip had been tighter than necessary.

"What about friends?" Lila asked with her big brown eyes twinkling at me.

"I… I have my classmates, but… there's no one I'm really close to." I answered and frowned. "Why are you asking me this?"

Helga hummed, stretched one leg and used it as leverage as she stood up in that inhumanely elegant manner again. "Seems like you're right, Rhonda, he is ideal." She said, gazing at me with an intense, half-hooded stare.

Lila clapped excitedly. "I can't believe it! It's ever so sad that a human like him actually exists, but I am thrilled, just ever so thrilled! Let's get along, Arnold." she said, got up on her knees and crawled towards me.

I automatically started crawling backwards until an almost familiar arm wrapped itself around my stomach. Helga lifted me off the chaise lounge with ease, but just when I felt safe, she turned me around so I was facing her and gave me a bone-chilling stare. "Let's continue where we left off, shall we?"

"No fair, Helga!" Lila pouted before I felt her putting her hands on my shoulders and leaning so close to me that I could feel her cold aura hitting me square in the face. "You can't just hog him all to yourself. I'm thirsty too, you know…"

I looked to my left and saw fangs in Lila's mouth, fangs I had seen in Helga's mouth earlier. I gasped loudly, dropped to the floor and started running once I was out of their grip. I bolted towards the door, but just when I grabbed it, it slammed closed. I looked up at the hand that had closed it and twirled around to face Helga. She was still smirking at me despite my former escape attempt.

"Don't frighten him away, Helga!" Rhonda warned.

"Oh, please, princess." Helga sneered without tearing her eyes off mine. "As soon as he realizes why he's here he'll try to run away anyway."

"Who are you?" I asked shakily and leaned against the door.

Helga grunted. "How boring! It's always the same old questions with humans." She stated and removed her hand from the door, clearly losing interest in forcing me to stay.

"Why do you… Why are calling me a human like that…?" I asked, my voice betraying me.

"You tried running away just before." Helga said and bared her teeth again. "You obviously already know."

As I watched the fangs in Helga's mouth, I could my body start to act on the fear I as feeling. "There's no way… Y-You can't be… You couldn't b-be…" I stuttered, not daring to finish my sentence after all. There was no way that the girls I was standing in front of, in this mansion placed God knows where, could those mythical creatures.

"Helga," Rhonda's voice said sternly and the blonde girl turned to look at her. "I would like you to show Arnold to one of the empty rooms upstairs. He'll be staying here for a while after all."

Helga smirked at me. "Yes, ma'am." She said sinisterly.

"And don't frighten him." Rhonda ordered. Helga hissed and turned to look at her again. I watched as the girls seemed to have an internal fight. The blonde seemed to lose interest in it soon enough though and huffed.

"Whatever floats your boat, Rhonda." She stated and looked me over. "How long do you intend to keep us waiting though?"

"A couple of days at least."

"A couple of days?!" all the other girls repeated in shock and glared at the girl.

"Have you lost your mind?!" Helga asked, her blue eyes sparkling wildly.

"That's cruel, just ever so cruel!" Lila bellowed, putting her hands to her head in despair.

"I don't think even I could hold back for that long." Phoebe muttered to herself.

"You shouldn't have to." Patty stated from the couch, still lying down as if she didn't care about the situation at all. "Tell us why, Rhonda."

"Just until he gets settled." Rhonda said reassuringly and smiled in my direction. "Also… the anticipation will make it that much sweeter."

The stares I was getting from the girls felt piercing. In panic, I reached for the doorknob, turned it and ran out of the lounge. I could hear one of the girls talking behind me, but I couldn't hear which one. The words she said sent a cold shiver down my spine though.

"We could also agree that the first one to catch him will be the first one to taste him."

I ran with all my might, but in my panic I forgot to look where I was going. I already felt lost in the big mansion and had no idea where the entrance hall was anymore. Every hallway looked the same and I was already feeling tired by the time I ran into the first one of the girls. It was the one called Lila, she was around the corner I had just turned.

"Found you!" she said giddily and reached for me, but I turned the other way and picked up my speed.

I decided to try one of the doors, but the one I chose was locked. I was about to reach for the next, but a pair of arms slammed on the door next to me and I heard a creepy whisper in my ear.

"I'm so thirsty…" the least familiar of the voices whispered.

I shook my head, willing the ticklish feeling to go away and pushed at Patty's arm until she moved it and I continued running. I soon started to feel the acid in my legs and had to stop to catch my breath. I hunched over, letting my lungs take as much air is it needed.

"Taking a little break?" Phoebe's voice asked behind me.

I gasped and continued running, not looking back for even a second to see whether she was following me or not. I rounded another corner, saw a couch and dove under it. I knew I couldn't hide there forever, but I just wanted to get my breathing under control. I didn't get the chance though before I was forced to scream at the sight of Rhonda's head hanging upside-down from the couch.

"Booh!" Rhonda said sarcastically, but it scared me nevertheless.

I crawled away from the couch, got up from the carpet and continued my fleeing. I was sure I had been running in circles at this point and my body was starting to give in. I was struggling to run straight when a hand grabbed my arm and pulled me into a room. I was about to scream, but another hand covered my sounds. I stayed still, half-expecting to be killed within the next minute, but instead I heard the girls running down the hallway, talking about how they had lost me.

There was only one voice missing from the hoard of girls and that was the one that I heard behind me. "Got you…" she said, but not as nastily as I had imagined. It sounded relived and she let go of me. I turned around, gazing at Helga who was leaning her head against the wall, seeming a bit tired. I couldn't help but wonder if she had waited till the right moment to get me away.

"Th-Thank you." I said before I could stop myself. I sighed in relief, finally letting myself catch my breath.

"Thank you?" Helga repeated in disbelief. I looked up at her in surprise and she observed me for a bit. I felt like an alien because of the way she was looking at me, but then her eyes caught something else in the room. "Oh, this is your room."

"Mine?" I repeated in surprise. I leaned back when she got closer to me though. She gave me a curious look before she flipped a switch and turned on the lights. I felt completely ashamed that I had expected her to try something like earlier, but I looked towards the room instead of apologizing.

I gawked at the size of the bedroom. There was a big, blue canopy bed, white walls and yet another chandelier in the middle of the room. There was an embroidered rug under the bed, a vanity mirror and a big closet. Besides that, the room was mostly empty.

"Is… Is everything in this mansion from the Victorian era?"

"Victorian?" Helga repeated with a snort. "This building was made in the 12th century, not the 18th, but some of the furniture's had to be replaced over the years, of course."

"You… talk as if you were there to choose that." I said with a nervous chuckle.

"God, no." Helga said and walked into the room. "I've only lived her for a couple hundred years. Old furniture lasts longer than the new crap you humans make today."

I had been about to take my second step into the room, but froze in my tracks when Helga told me that. "Coup… C-Couple of hundred years…? So… you really are… you're… you're a-a - - "

"V-V-Vampire." Helga said over her shoulder, stuttering mockingly at me. "Booh!"

I flinched when Helga put her hands up, shaping her fingers as if they were claws. She laughed heartily at my reaction and I huffed in embarrassment. "You don't expect me to really… believe that, do you? This must be some kind of prank or… something. It has to be."

"Why? Because humans only believe in what you want to believe?" Helga asked. "You're willing to believe in a God you've never seen, an old book written by some old geezer and ghosts because your lamp fall down on its own. But a creature you've heard about from books and movies you find hard to believe? To be fair though, some of those human theories on us are pretty far-fetched."

I opened my mouth to argue against her, but I didn't know what to say. "Which theories are… far-fetched?" I asked instead. I needed to learn about these girls, one way or the other. If one of them was willing to teach me about them, I'd gladly take the opportunity.

"Most of them, honestly." Helga replied and jumped onto the canopy bed. "Garlic, lack of reflection, holy water - - "

"What about a stake through the heart?" I asked before I could think ahead.

Helga cringed. "And that wouldn't kill you?" she asked sarcastically.

I blinked a couple of times, letting her words sink in. "I guess… that makes sense…" I admitted sheepishly as I scratched my neck. "What about sunlight?"

A very deep scowl appeared on Helga's face. "It won't kill us… but it makes us very weak."

"Do you… actually burn from it?"

Helga looked down at her left arm and removed the glove. The porcelain-like skin was tainted by a clear burn scar and I jolted at the sight. "Question asked and answered." She declared and put the glove back on. "We all have burn scars from some point in our life. When you live as long as we do, it's inevitable."

"I… I'm sorry." I said, trying to will the image of the burn scar out of my head.

"You're sorry?" the blonde girl repeated in shock and stood up from the bed. I looked up at her, watching as she drew near me. I took a couple of steps back until I hit the wall behind me. "You're a curious one… You're being held here without your consent, five girls are planning to use you as their livestock and you take pity on us? I can't figure out whether you're too kind for your own good or just stupid as hell."

"Livestock?" I repeated in bafflement. "What… What do you mean livestock?"

"Hmm, I guess it's stupid then." Helga declared and I frowned at her. "There's only one thing you need to fully understand, Football Head. You're not leaving this house unless it's in a coffin."

I stared at Helga with bated breath. "W… What?" I whispered, the words barely audible.

"Whenever that will be, that's entirely up to you really." Helga said casually. "It depends on how long your blood lasts. Of course we're gonna do our best not to kill you too soon, we want you to last for a while."

"Wha… W-What am I to you?! A meal?!"

"Yes." Helga said so casually that I couldn't help the sob in my voice. "What do you think of when you're looking at a deer?"

Not food! I wanted to scream, but Helga leaned closer to me until all I could see was her face.

"You humans are to us, what animals are to you. It's no different."

I wanted to tell her that it was different, that humans were different from animals, but heard myself say something else. "W-What about people who are vegetarian?"

Helga's blue eyes widened for a moment before she broke into a loud laugh. "Of all the things to say to that!" she said and sighed to stop her laughing. She grabbed my chin and lifted it upwards. "I'm going to enjoy you as our companion, Football Head. You give a good laugh."

I wanted to push her hand away. I wanted her to stop touching me whenever she pleased. I wanted to tell her to go to hell with her friends, sisters, accomplices or whatever to call them. I wanted to say so many things, but no words came out of my mouth. I just stood there, frozen to the spot as the girl, I was slowly beginning to accept was a vampire, was looking me over. I had never felt more like a piece of meat. And I had feeling this wouldn't be the last time.

Author's 2nd note: And that's the end of this Halloween special! It was A LOT of fun to write this, I've always wanted to do a vampire fanfic xD I could honestly imagine continuing this. So if there's a lot of people who really like this and would like to see how this would continue, I might continue this once I'm finished with Strangers like me.