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Title: "Diabolic lover"

In the last chapter: After my grandparents died, I was put in the system as an orphan ad despite already being 16-years-old, I was taken away from my childhood home by a man who called himself Mr. Smith. I ended up in a mansion with five strange girls that I didn't want to accept were anything but human until one of them declared the truth to me as if it was nothing. I'm alone and scared for my life. What do these girls want with me?

Author's 1st note: I am SO happy that this story got so much love and how many people wanted to see me continue it! Frankly, it was hard not to continue it instantly a year ago because I was totally inspired for it and even got a little obsessed with the idea because I kept imagining so many scenarios for it xD But I had another story going that I didn't want to leave high and dry. But now, enjoy the new chapter of "Diabolic lover!" :D I'm still not going to continue this on a regular basis, because I'm still focused on an actual long-term story and I can't say when the next chapter will be up… maybe next Halloween? X'D I am so sorry.

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Chapter 2: "The first prick of her fangs"

The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes, was the blue fabric decorating the canopy bed I was sleeping in. My eyes traveled around for a moment, my mind trying to remind me where I was. When I remembered, I sat up with a gasp and looked around again, not sure what to expect of my surroundings. My bedroom was empty though and I sighed in relief. I then put my hands to my neck though, feeling around the skin to find anything unusual. I sighed in relief once again when I didn't find any bumps, sores or… holes. I put my hands back on the duvet and looked down at myself. I was wearing my usual blue pajamas, but I couldn't remember changing. I tried to remember anything from last night, but my memories stopped at a pair of chillingly blue eyes closing in on me.

A cooing voice caught my ears. "Don't look so sad…" it said and I looked towards its owner, the red-haired girl I had met the day before.

The girl was sitting on my bed on all fours, flashing her eyelashes at me. I'm sure it would have looked cute if she wasn't so undeniably creepy. I automatically pulled the covers closer to me, as if they could protect me from her. I also suddenly felt cold in her company. She made an obvious pout at my action.

"Don't be like that, that's not fair… after what I did for you last night."

"Did for…? W-What are you talking about? How did you even get in here?" I stuttered and leaned away when she started crawling towards me. "Stay away!"

"How rude! I won't hurt you… much." she cooed and lifted her hand towards me.

It was stopped by yet another hand though and both I and the red-haired girl looked towards its owner. "Don't fill his head with nonsense, Lila." The blonde girl said and pushed Lila's hand away from my face. "Don't pretend you were the least bit helpful after he fainted last night."

Lila huffed childishly. "I wouldn't know how to dress a boy, I only know how to undress one." She insisted before winking at me. "Keep that in mind, sugar."

"You didn't help carrying him to bed either, what's your explanation for that?" Helga asked, clearly annoyed with Lila.

"I am ever too fragile to help anyone." Lila sighed dramatically. "I'm a vulnerable, little creature. I need someone to take care of me—"

"That someone isn't Arnold." Helga said before she grabbed the red braid on Lila's head and pulled her off the bed as if she was a mere doll. "How can he help you if he can't help himself? Get outta here!"

"It's not fair!" Lila declared before wiggling out of Helga's grip. She stood firmly near the door she had been dragged to. "Why did Rhonda tell you to get him down for breakfast?"

"Because I can behave myself. Get out already." Helga dismissed, pushed the girl until she was in the hallway and then closed the door. The blonde girl sighed in annoyance and then turned to look at me. I flinched under her gaze. "You'll get used to her."

I didn't know what to say to that. "How do you girls… appear out of nowhere like that?"

"Hm? Oh, we can just move faster than humans do. It's not like we can transport or anything." Helga explained halfheartedly before she went towards the closet. "Humans' vision isn't fast enough to keep up with our movement."

I felt my hands letting the cover fall back on my lap. "What happened last night?"

"You fainted, I asked the others what to do about you and was told to get you to bed. Nothing else."

"Nothing else…?" I repeated and looked down at my pajamas.

When I looked up again, Helga was smirking knowingly at me. "Don't you worry, Football Head. Vampires have no interest in you humans' feeble bodies." She declared before throwing one of my plaid shirts at me. "Except for the liquid inside them of course."

I gulped at the reminder and caught a pair of pants thrown at me. So it really was true; these girls were actual, living vampires. Well, as living as vampire could be that was. I felt dizzy at the thought and I figured I had been feeling like that last night as well and that was why I had fainted. I felt like fainting again to be honest, but Helga was suddenly sitting in front of me, looking me over. She put a hand next to my hip and I gawked at her while she moved closer.

Helga hummed. "You're weird, you know."

"Excuse me?" I said, not insulted, but not confused.

"Most humans would be leaning away from a vampire. You, you just stay still. Do you have no survival instinct at all?" Helga asked me mockingly. I frowned deeply before I pushed at her shoulder to get her away from me. She looked at me in surprise before she laughed heartily. "You really have no brain inside that big head of yours, do you?! Do you have any idea how dangerous it is to provoke a vampire?"

"I didn't even know they existed until last night so no!"

"Let me teach you then."

Before I even knew what was happening, Helga had grabbed my wrists and was pinning me to the bed like she had yesterday. This time though, she wasn't straddling me as well. "Let me go!" I shouted, trying to struggle against her, but it was no use; her strength was bigger than anyone I had ever met. The years of karate practice from my grandma were useless against this girl.

"Remember this feeling, little human…" Helga said sinisterly while her eyes seemed to be piercing my very soul. "This feeling of being trapped, the feeling of being pushed down… You might as well get used to it when you have to live in a house full of vampires."

I gulped at the words. This was going to be routine from now on? Feeling weak and targeted? Fearing for my life each and every day? I wondered if I would die from the psychological torment before blood loss if this was going to be my life from now on.

Helga inhaled deeply. "I can smell your fear… It really is a shame Rhonda told us to wait a couple of days before taking any of your blood…" she said in clear disappointment, but the smirk never left her face.

"Why do you listen to her?" I asked. I needed to know why Rhonda seemed to be the one to call the shots. I thought if I could get on her good side, maybe I could convince her to let me leave. A naïve though, I would realize later.

"Are you disappointed?" Helga asked teasingly.

"No! I—I just don't understand why you're listening to her!" I insisted.

Helga seemed to consider her answer for a moment. "I guess it's because she saved me." she answered solemnly before she let go of me. I sat up, looking at her while she headed towards the door. "Get dressed and hurry up."

After her order, Helga left my room. The coldness I had been feeling disappeared with her and I sighed as the warmth filled my body again. While I got dressed, I wondered what her answer meant. How had Rhonda saved Helga? And to what degree? Had she saved her life? If she had, then how? I caught myself feeling curious about the story behind this and was caught in a web of thoughts when I left my room.

"Sure took your sweet time." A voice said. I jumped at the sound and looked towards its owner. "What?"

"Nothing… I just didn't think you were waiting for me." I answered.

Helga snorted. "Do you know the way to the dining room?"


"Then come on." Helga ordered sourly and walked past me.

I followed the blonde girl in silence. It took a while, but we finally reached what was supposed to be the dining room. One would have thought I was done staring at everything in awe, but apparently not. One room was grander than the other and this so-called dining room was no exception. The walls were dusky pink, the wooden panels crystal white and an unlit marble chimney was the only thing in the room besides the long dining table, its complimentary chairs, a huge purple rug underneath and the obligatory chandelier. There were also silver candlesticks on the dusky purple tablecloth along with plates, cutlery and food on the table.

Helga kept walking until she reached a chair and sat down, putting her knee between herself and the table. Without thinking, I kept following her and sat down next to her even though we were the first ones in the dining room and I could have chosen the seat that was 10 feet away from her. I blamed it on the fact that sitting next to the other girls didn't seem attractive either.

You could cut through the silence with a knife. At that thought, I took a look at the cutlery and frowned at the sight of gold. I grabbed the fork and turned it curiously in my hand. It was shining against the light from the candles and something told me the gold wasn't plated.

"Don't tell me humans have stopped using cutlery?"

I looked at Helga in slight surprise at her question. "N-No, I've just never seen golden cutlery before… Most cutlery is, well, made of silver."

"You won't find much silver around here, Football Head." Helga replied and leaned her head as far back as it could go, exposing her neck and chest to me.

"How come?" I asked for no particular reason. The one blue eye I could see turned to look at me and it sent chills down my spine. I put down the fork. "Never mind."

I kept my gaze as far away from Helga's as possible, but I could feel her looking at me. It was the same feeling you get when you had done something bad and you knew your parents had found out and were waiting for you to confess. Not that that was a scenario I had ever experienced myself. The silence was interrupted by the other girls entering the dining hall and I would have sighed in relief if the red-haired one of them hadn't squealed the moment she saw me.

'There you are! Time for breakfast!" she declared and was about to approach me, but one of the other girls sat down next to me before she could. "Patty! You know that's my seat!"

"Not tonight it isn't. Rhonda told me to sit here."

"How come?!"

"Because I'm not all over the human like a cat in heat. Sit somewhere else." Patty argued. Lila huffed like an insulted child and went to sit across me instead.

The other girls got seated as well and I looked around them for a moment before the big grandfather clock chimed and they all started eating. "Um, excuse me…" I said quietly, but they all seemed to hear me anyhow. "How come you're all eating?"

The girls looked at each other for a moment. "How come you're not?" Patty asked crudely before biting some chicken off the bone. "You need it more than we do."

"It's understandable that he would be confused, Patty." Phoebe insisted and looked at me. "Even our kind needs a varied diet."

Helga huffed. "We don't usually eat this stuff when there's a human in the house though." She said while she looked at the food with disinterest. She felt me gaze at her and turned to look at me. "How come you were more than ready to pounce yesterday, Rhonda, if you're just going to leave us hanging after all?"

"It's not my fault you didn't take advantage of having caught him first yesterday." Rhonda replied before drinking a red liquid from her glass. I prayed it was wine.

Helga kept looking at me as she started smirking. "What fun is it to play with an unconscious prey?" she asked sarcastically. I could feel beads of sweat on my neck and I gulped audibly.

"Stop it, Helga." Phoebe said a bit distantly, but then gave a very small, almost innocent smile. "You're going to make his blood run cold."

While Phoebe herself was trying to contain her laughter as if she had just made a dirty joke, the other girls laughed heartily. I wished it had been an inside joke and I didn't understand it as much as I did. I felt myself losing control of my body, it was shaking uncontrollably. I put my hands on my lap, holding them strongly together, hoping they would force each other to stay still. My head was throbbing and I could feel my heart beating in my throat.

Something poking at my arm caught my attention and I looked down at it. A small juice box had somehow gotten close enough to me to tilt over and touch me. I grabbed it and read the label. Cranberry juice? I thought and looked at the girls, not sure if I really was expecting anyone to explain to me how it had gotten so close to me. When my eyes reached Helga, she was looking at me as well.

"Cranberry juice is good against anemia." The blue-eyed girl stated with a clear lack of real interest in her voice.

"I… I don't have… anemia." I said. I was about to thank her though before she answered.

"You will have."

My grip on the juice box tightened in surprise and a bit of its contents squirted out of the straw. I loosened my grip instantly and went to grab a napkin, but my hands came in contact with something cold instead. I flinched and pulled my hand away from Helga's. She threw the napkin at me and I wiped the juice away quickly. When I was done, I looked back up at the blonde, but she had just started eating and wasn't looking at me. I placed the napkin next to me and sighed. I felt like a nervous wreck. I took a couple of deep breaths, trying to focus on something else and finally started drinking from the juice in the lack of something better to do. It was surprisingly good. At least it wasn't raspberry.

"I'm done." Patty declared as she stood up, her chair clattering loudly, and walked out of the room.

"Me too." Phoebe stated more calmly and left the room as well.

"I'm still hungry!" Lila declared with a pout in my direction. "But if I can't have a real meal, I'm going to watch The enchanted bunnies of Happy Forest."

Rhonda sighed. "I wasn't very hungry to begin with." She stated, stood up and followed Lila out of the room. It was only Helga and myself left in the room and somehow, I felt a little less tense. Albeit very little. Lila's words repeated in my mind and I looked at Helga.

"The enchanted bunnies of Happy Forest?"

Helga snorted. "Don't ask me how many times she's watched that. It's her absolute favorite."

"Isn't it very… I mean, isn't it for, uh—"


"I was going to say kids…"

"No need to be polite, you know. Disney movies are for kids, The enchanted bunnies of Happy Forest are for babies. Literally."

I couldn't help but start chuckling. "That's kinda surprising."

"What is?"

"I mean… Lila's supposed to be a, you know, and yet she watches movies like that."

Helga looked at me while chewing on the blood sausage on her fork. "We don't just suck blood, you know." She said and I flinched as she bit the piece of sausage, she had been chewing on, off the fork. "Even vampires have hobbies."

"And Lila's hobbies are—"

"Baby movies." Helga answered. "And ballet… singing… boys, and being annoying."

"Boys?" I repeated in slight surprise, but Helga smirked at me.

"You a virgin?"

I felt my blood rise to my face and I almost choked on the carrot I had been chewing on. "What—"

"You won't be for long if you're not careful around her." Helga stated before she stood up from the table. "She's one of the few vampires who cares about you humans' feeble bodies."

I chuckled nervously. "You don't think she'd actually…? I—I mean…"

Helga threw out her arms sarcastically. "Hey, we kill humans without a second thought. You really think she'd be above molesting you?" she asked, kicked the chair back under the table and went towards the door.

I could feel my blood run cold, just like Phoebe had joked about earlier. I could think of several boys I had gotten to know over the years that would be ecstatic about a girl like Lila giving them the time of day, but I wanted nothing to do with her. And I had a feeling it wasn't just because she was a vampire. I left my plate, ran after Helga and caught up with her in the hallway. She was giving me a funny look.

"What? Scared that Lila will catch a whiff of you?"

"No, I… Wait, can she actually do that?" I asked, my eyes getting bigger at the thought.

"Of course." Helga answered as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "Vampires' senses are stronger than humans' are."

"Do humans smell of something in particular?"

"Blood most of all so iron." Helga answered before she looked at me. "And whatever you've been eating last, your bathing products and of course, your natural smell depending on how much cologne and deodorant you put on you."

"Natural smell?" I repeated and Helga stopped walking. I didn't notice until I had already taken a couple of steps so I had to turn around to see her again. She was smirking at me.

"If you want to try to figure out how to escape this is not the way to go about it."

I stared at her. "What? No! I was just… honestly curious." I said in shock. Escaping hadn't even crossed my mind this time around. It was true that the questions I had asked yesterday had been in order to find out about their weaknesses, but this time I had just been curious. "How could me knowing about other humans' smell help me escape anyway?"

"It can't. That's why I told you it wouldn't do you any good."

I looked away. I felt so small under this girl's gaze, I wasn't sure what it was about her that made me feel so weak. One would think it was the fact that she was a vampire, but somehow that didn't feel quite right. Maybe it was just the way she was; intimidating, sarcastic and cocky. I've never known how to deal with people like that.

"Aren't you going to ask what it's like?" Helga asked. I looked up at her again, gazing at her curiously. "You're not the first Curious George we've had here and most humans ask what blood tastes like and what it's like to crave it… so, are you going to ask?"

I wanted to say that I had a feeling she was going to tell me no matter what my answer was to that, but I just nodded instead. I didn't want to disobey her in any way, something told me it'd be the last thing I'd ever do. I instantly regretted my submissive response though when she started walking towards me slowly. I started backing away, but she kept getting closer anyhow.

"Do you have a guilty pleasure?" Helga asked in a low, almost sultry voice.

"G-Guilty pleasure?"

"Something you know you shouldn't eat, drink or do… but you do it anyway?"

"Uh… I—I, um… rasp—raspberries." I answered, still taking slow steps backwards.

"Raspberries?" the blonde girl repeated curiously with one elegant eyebrow raised.

"Y—Yeah… I—I love them, but they don't love me. I always feel horrible after eating them. I keep eating them any chance I get though…" I confessed. It was a habit I had inherited from my grandpa. He had the same issues with raspberries his whole life, but still ate them well into his 80s.

"Craving blood is similar." Helga said before I felt something solid hit my back and I stood captured between her and the wall. "We know how wrong it is and how we're supposed to fight it, especially those of us who weren't born vampires… but we simply can't help it. It's a craving that's so consuming that it'd kill us if death wasn't nearly impossible for us."

My heart was beating unbearably fast inside my chest, it felt as if it was trying to escape the cage it was in. It hurt, more than I ever thought possible. Breathing became a difficult task and despite all those things, my eyes were still glued to the blue diamonds in front of them. A hand touched my chest and, even through my clothes, I shivered at its coldness. Helga was clawing at my chest while giggling.

"Your little heart is beating so loudly… I don't even remember what that feels like anymore." Helga said, not to me, but to herself. She didn't seem to be looking at me anymore or even recognizing my existence. All she was thinking about was my powerful heartbeat. She almost seemed hypnotized by it. "Hey, can I listen to it?"

"What—" I barely managed to squeak out before Helga was already leaning down, pressing her ear against my chest.

I flinched, a gasp escaping my lips from her coldness as much as from her closeness. I tried to comprehend my surreal situation; 16 years old, never been kissed and was now somehow acting as a pillow for a vampire girl. No, my brain couldn't accept it, so I just shut my eyes tightly. The feeling of fingers opening my shirt forced my eyes to open up though.

"What are you—"

"I can't feel it properly." Helga stated in an uncharacteristic voice.

She almost sounded exhausted, intoxicated even. So rather than trying to stop her, I found myself staying perfectly still while she opened my shirt. She then got down on her knees, pulling me down with her and then she sat down in that W position so that her head was perfectly positioned against my heart. I couldn't bring myself to force her out of whatever bubble she was inside of. Her hands, which were on my hips, tightened their hold as she snuggled closer to me and I had to hold down a whimper.

"It's still so calming…" she whispered and her breath tickled my skin.

Calming?! I wanted to scream, but held my tongue.

"I used to do this every night… just lying on my mother's stomach and listening to her heartbeat…" Helga admitted in that still intoxicated voice of hers. "I never thought mine would stop beating before hers."

That got me curious and I couldn't keep quiet about it. "Your mother's… heartbeat?" I questioned.

Helga nodded, her hair tickling me in the process. "I used to be human… I'm the only one in this house who knows what it means to be alive…" she explained in an almost sad voice, but it was well hidden.

"You were… human?" I asked in shock. "But how…? How did you become a—"

"I died."

Helga had spoken those words so indifferently that I swear I felt my heart snap for a moment. "H… How?" I asked her.

"I don't remember." Helga said at first, but then I could feel her smile against my bare chest. "That's a lie. You never forget the way you died."

Helga sat up and looked me straight in the eye.

"Why do you want to know? No one's ever asked that before."

I shrugged, trying to seem casual. Truth be told, I didn't know why I had asked and I was questioning my upbringing. It didn't seem like a very polite thing to ask about, but it wasn't like my grandparents had ever told me not to ask people how they died.

Helga went to sit next to me, resting her back against the wall. "I was 17 years old." She started and the way she continued her story made it easy to imagine everything she told me.

Helga had been on her way home from one of her dad's banquet the night she died. She didn't say so, but I had a feeling her relationship with her family was strained. Why else would she leave on her own in the middle of the night? She told me she had been attacked by a vampire that night, a reborn vampire. He had attacked, but was stopped by another vampire; Rhonda. She had tried to save Helga's life, but it was too late and Helga was turning. She was reborn as a vampire like so many others.

Helga told me there's two kinds of vampires in this world; Reborns and Purebloods. Reborns, like herself, were humans turned vampires. Reborns were humans who were killed by vampires and somehow survived. They would stop living that moment and would stop getting older. Reborns were the most dangerous vampires because there was usually no other vampires to teach them how to contain themselves. It was a Reborn who had killed Helga that night as well. Purebloods though were vampires born the same way humans were; they didn't live forever, but for more than 1,000 years usually. They would start out as children and grow into adults just like humans. Reborns lived forever though and that was another reason they were more dangerous.

Helga had, like other Reborns, gone on a murderous rampage at the beginning of her reborn life. She craved blood with every fiber of her being, but she had another vampire to look after her; Rhonda. Rhonda was the one who had found Helga that night and eventually took her into this mansion. It took some time before Helga trusted her though and finally grew tired of her own one-track mind. She had agreed to come live with Rhonda and other Purebloods around the same age. That was how Helga's life had begun anew.

"Or rather, that's how I died and started the life of a living dead." Helga joked as she finished her tale of sudden death.

I wasn't sure how to react to all the information I had just been provided so I asked the first thing that came to my mind. "How long have you been 17?"

Helga didn't look at me in surprise, she just hummed thoughtfully. "Um… I died a couple of years after George Washington became president."

I thought about it for a moment. "That was in 1789…" I mumbled. The truth hit me like an anvil and I looked at her in shock. "You've been alive for almost 300 years!"

"No, I've been dead for almost 300 years." Helga corrected me matter-of-factly.

I looked away from the blonde girl, staring at the floor beneath me. I couldn't believe it. I was sitting next to someone who was actually there when George Washington was elected president. My history teacher would be so jealous of me right now. Except, you know, for the being a livestock to vampires thing. No, he might actually be fine with that if it meant they'd tell him all he ever wanted to know about American history.

The feeling of something cold getting near me sent a shiver down my spine and I jumped away. Helga was smiling at me, significantly closer to me now than before. "Jumpy." She said almost playfully and started crawling towards me. I crawled backwards out of instinct; there wasn't a coherent thought in my brain as the blonde girl was stalking towards me. I had never felt like a prey before and I didn't like it. "You really are weird."

"W—Why am I w—w—weird?" I stuttered.

"You just are." Helga answered with a lazy smile on her porcelain face. "You ask me about my past without a hint of ulterior motive in your eyes. Most humans who have asked me about that were trying to get on my good side. I have a strong feeling that you were just curious about me. How is that not strange?"

I felt a wall hit my back and a sense of deja-vu overcame me as I was forced to stop my escape attempt. "Why is that so strange?"

"You asking that just makes it stranger." Helga said.

I expected her to stop crawling towards me, but she moved to sit on my lap as if it was the most natural thing in the world. She looked down at me through those long black eyelashes and I looked back, unable to look away. She had her shoulders lifted just a little bit which gave a misleadingly innocent look about her. Her hands were resting between our hips and her fingers tickled my stomach even though they were remaining perfectly still. When she started moving closer to me, I automatically closed my eyes.

"What exactly do you think I'm going to do?" Helga asked me. When I opened my eyes she continued her journey, but towards my neck.

"I—I thought you girls agreed to give me a couple of days!" I said in absolute panic. Nothing could prepare me for this, I knew that, but that didn't mean I couldn't try to procrastinate for as long as possible.

"I've changed my mind." Helga said and I noticed her breathing had gone deeper. Her eyes seemed to be shimmering as well as if sparks of lights were floating around in them. "I caught you first yesterday, fair and square."

Helga dove straight for my neck and I froze to the spot. I expected horrifying pain, but instead I felt a wet, oddly cold tongue on my neck. I stuttered a word, but I never got to say it before Helga slid her tongue slowly across my neck. A ticklish feeling warmed my stomach and the air hitting the wet spot sent a shiver through my entire body. I tried to prepare myself for the pain, but when I felt the first prick of her fangs, I subconsciously grabbed her shoulders, the same way you'd reach for someone's hand.

After the fangs had pierced through my skin, as if I were made of paper, I had expected the real pain to start. All I felt was a dull sensation though, something akin to someone poking at my neck with their nails. Rather than the pain in my neck, the feeling that overcame me was intoxicating. I felt drunk and faint, and blamed it on the loss of blood. I couldn't help but remember the first, and only, time I was drunk at a party with my classmates. That was how this felt; my cheeks were completely flushed and I felt warm all over. Helga felt oddly warm too, and there was something angst-provoking about her skin not being bone chillingly cold anymore.

My body made a natural jolt when Helga's fangs left my body. My hands loosened their grip on her arms, but they stayed in place. I looked at her, but my vision was hazy. She still had a bit of blood trickling down the corners of her lips. I suppose it was hard to get all the blood like that; she didn't exactly have a straw.

"Why… didn't that hurt?" I asked dimly, waiting for my eyes to be able to focus again.

"It didn't hurt?" Helga asked with a smile while her hand lifted my hair away from my face. She didn't seem surprised at all.

"Not even a little bit…" I whispered tiredly, noticing how nice her cool hand felt on my forehead and scalp.

"I might have done you a disfavor…" Helga whispered matter-of-factly. While a snide smirk cracked her porcelain-like face, I wished I wasn't about to faint so I could have asked her what she meant by that.

Author's 2nd note: I... have nothing to say. Happy Halloween! Sorry to pull this kind of stunt on you guys... again x'D