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Chapter 4.

"You have to be kidding me," April O'Neil said as she looked around the large mall. Cordelia was dragging April by her right arm toward a very expensive looking clothing store.

"No. Shopping is like the best thing in situations like this. Besides, you need fashion help." April growled in the back of her throat but Cordy didn't notice. Cordy pulled April into the store and began handing her clothes to try on. Meanwhile April was imagining she was straggling Cordy with the seven hundred dollar blouse she put in Aprils' arms.

"Cordy. The world could end tonight. And you want to go shopping?!" Cordelia Chase looked at April with a 'duh' expression before holding up cash.

"Can you think of anything better than spending Angels' money on...? Well ANYTHING?" Cordelia asked and April for the first time in her life stayed quiet. She really couldn't think of anything better to do at the moment.

"Fine, but I'm not buying anything slutty." Cordelia smiled as she looked at April.

"Fine, we'll get you clothes like these." April raised her eyebrows for a second, then sighed shaking her head.

"Whatever," April said as she walked toward the brunette. Cordy laughed and grabbed Aprils' arm. She knew she had won.


"So Angel, what do you think of the April lass?" Doyle asked as the two warriors walked through the dark and dank sewers of L.A. Angel shrugged but didn't answer.

"Don't give me that Angel! I saw the way you were looking at her, same way I look at Cordy." Angel turned stood straight and looked at Doyle.

"I do not look at her like I'm a love sick puppy," Angel said with a serious expression. Doyle looked confused for a second.

"Hey! I don't look at Cordy like a puppy. I look at her like a man that could fulfill all her expectations." Angel raised his eyebrows and almost laughed at the half-demon in front of him, then shrugged.

"Okay. Maybe I did look at April like that. It doesn't matter." Doyle frowned at Angels' demeanor. Sure, he was a vampire with a soul that couldn't get a happy. He could still be SEMI happy. Right?

"Look Angel. She's looking at you in the same way. I know you can't be HAPPY but you can be happy. You know what I mean?" Doyle looked at his boss for confirmation only to see Angel looking confused.

"I can see you don't. I'll shut up now."

Angel smiled at this. "Good idea."


April felt like she was in hell. And not the infernal hell fires burn you skin to a black crisp kind of hell. No, this was worse: department store hell. The hell in which you have to see a beautiful 'friend' try on EVERYTHING in the store for four hours only to have her pass and go to another store.

"Are you done yet Cordelia?" April asked with a semi-whining voice. Cordelia snorted with laughter.

"Of course not. I still have twelve hundred dollars left. Plus we need to go to Victoria Secrets. And don't even think of buying anything to seduce Angel with," Cordelia said in one breath. April's mouth dropped open and was about to spew objections, but then, it closed.

"I knew it! I still got it!" Cordelia yelled with a smile causing all of the shoppers to look at the two women in confusion. April looked around, a little embarrassed.

"Keep it down," she hissed through clenched teeth. April gripped Cordy's arm and pulled her out of the store and toward an uncrowded corner.

"What?!" Cordy asked, exasperated at loosing valuable shopping time.

"You were embarrassing me," April said, half in anger half in a carefully spoken dialogue specifically used when talking to young children. Cordy only rolled her eyes. She would have replied. That is if everything wouldn't have went black


Xander Harris sat in the backseat of the 'Turtle Van'; he didn't look happy. He knew why, but he didn't know what to do about it. Xander had always been self-depreciating. He never thought he was as good as anyone else. And now he thought he was going to be compared to an ex-boyfriend of the girl he loves. It almost tore his heart out.

"You okay dude?" Michelangelo asked in a hushed whisper that Buffy heard perfectly. Xander turned back to him with a low sigh.

"Yeah Mickey, I'm cool." Michelangelo rolled his eyes.

"Right bro, and I painted the sixteenth chapel. What's up?" Xander looked at his 'brother' in shock.

"You know about mine and Deadboy's relationship. It's a hate/hate kind of thing. I hate vampires and he hates me," Xander said with a voice that just oozed cover-up.

"Don't try and lie to me bro, I know you. It's about the chick huh?" Xander sighed before finally nodding. Buffy turned her head from the conversation and looked in shock. *Xander still loves Cordy.* she thought to herself.

End four.