Title: Still
Rating: R
Pairings: Buffy/Angel, Tara/Willow, Anya/Xander,
Summary: AU fic, everyone is human. Most of it is
flashbacks, it is pretty clear which is which. All will
be explained eventually…
Spoilers: Nope.
Disclaimer: You know the drill. I own everything.
Umm, I mean Joss and his zombies do…
Dedication: To Nina and Ky for being the best!

Her fingers shook as she pried open the rigid metal
box. Finally it opened, she let go off the lid and it fell
with a clatter to the floor.
"Are you there?" a voice called from the portable
phone lying by the box where she knelt.
"I'm here." she said, picking it up with a bloody
"What's in there then?" he asked.
"It, it looks like the insides of a computer. Memory,
hard drive, clock." She explained.
"Anything else in…wait, a clock? Computer's don't
have clocks in them…" he questioned.
"Yeah, it's on five minutes…Oh god Gunn! It's
started moving. I…It's counting backwards" she
The phone dropped as her hands shook. She spun
around to look at her husband standing looking in
the window with a tiny girl in his arms. He had a
devastated look on his face. She wiped a tear away
with the back of her hand.
"I'm sorry." she mouthed through the barred
windows, before scooping up the phone and running
out the room. She took the stairs two at a time. She
yanked the handle to the bedroom and went in. She
kicked the broken lamp out of the way and opened
the door to the walk in closet. Her legs gave way
and she landed in a heap with the piles of clothes
and boxes.
"Hello?" she heard.
She put the phone up to her ear.
"I'm going to die Gunn." She whispered.
She heard a harsh intake of breath from the other
end, "Where are you?"
"In the closet, it's in the extension of the house, the
furthest away from the living room as possible." It
was her time to sob. "Gunn?"
"Yeah." he murmured.
"Tell Angel I love him. And my baby, when she's old
enough to understand."
"You're not going to die." He said with as much
conviction as he could muster.
Gunn looked around the whole of his office.
Everyone was in complete silence. He couldn't
remember the last time it was so quiet, there was
always a radio on or someone arguing.

The girl sat huddled gently rocking. She was going
to die. She could feel it.
A small box caught her eye. Her photo box. In a
second a pile of pictures were in her hand.
A colourful picture of her . She closed her eyes and
let the memories wash over her.

"Buffy?" Dawn said, slipping around her older sisters
bedroom door.
Buffy looked up from her magazine she was reading
sprawled on her bed, "What?"
"You know you're my favourite sister…" Dawn
"No! Last time you spilt some unidentified red stuff
down the front of it, and it took me an hour of
scrubbing to get it out. There is no way you are
borrowing my top."
Her door slammed again.
"Buffy?" Joyce called up from downstairs.
"We are going to the store, do you want to come?"
she asked.
"No. I'm…" Buffy glanced around her bedroom, she
caught sight of a biology book almost hidden under
a pile of clothes, "Doing my homework."
"We'll be back later honey." Hank called.
"Bye!" Buffy answered, flipping the page.
Buffy yawned and sat up. She must have fallen
asleep, the magazine was lying discarded on the
There was a loud knock at the door. She glanced at
the time, it was twelve thirty. Where was everyone?
The knock sounded again and she jumped out of bed
and ran down the stairs.
She opened the door. Two police officers stood
"Miss Summers?" the oldest looking asked.
Buffy glanced around the drive. Her parents car was
She nodded.
"There has been an accident." He informed her. Her
heart stopped.
"Are they ok?" she asked anxiously.
"I'm very sorry. A lorry lost control on the ice, it hit
your parents car head on."
Time stopped.
"But, they are alive? Right, just in hospital and…"
"There were no survivors." The younger said.
I didn't give Dawn the top. All that she wanted was
the stupid top. It looked good on her.
I lied to my parents. Then they died. I hadn't told
them I loved them when they left. They didn't know.
None of them did.

The next picture. Tara's flat. It was a mess. Tara and
I sat on the sofa, big smiles on our faces.

"And then she said, that's not my car." Xander
finished with an expectant beam on his face.
Tara and Buffy looked at each other, before bursting
into laughter. Xander looked pleased with himself.
His object in life was to make people laugh.
The two best friends giggled for a few minutes,
before Buffy suddenly burst into tears.
"My joke wasn't that bad was it?" Xander asked
Tara pulled her into as hug, "Oh Buffy. What's the
"I…I have to sell the house." She stammered, "I
can't afford to keep it. I have nowhere to live Tara."
Tara took her hand, "I have plenty of space. Stay
with me."
She smiled through her tears, "Are you sure? Won't
Anya mind?"
Tara giggled, "As long as we let her carry on
screwing Xander nightly, I don't think she cares."
"Hey!" Xander protested, "I take offence to…ok I

Buffy dropped the photo. It seemed like a lifetime
The next picture was of the café. Her and Tara's
café. Where Tara had met Willow.

"Oh my god!" Tara squealed, "We own it! It's ours
Buffy laughed, "I know!"
They had saved up for a year to buy it. They had
worked all hours at different jobs until they had
They twirled around in happiness.
"Ok, now all's we have to do is hire some people,
and we're set." Buffy said finally. They had been
holding interviews all day.
"I liked Willow." Tara said.
"I bet you did." Buffy laughed, waggling her
eyebrows suggestively. "You need a girlfriend! You
haven't had one since...well we won't mention that."
Tara sighed, "I know. Well, she's hired."

The next photo was of a sleeping contented baby.
Isabelle was Xander and Anya's daughter. But she
wasn't always content…

"Mama please stop crying, I can't stand the sound.
You're pain is painful and it's tearing me down…"
Buffy sang softly, to the wailing baby in her arms.
"That song is kinda depressing, it's teary song, not a
smiley one!" Tara pointed out, holding out a warm
"I ran out of songs!" Buffy told her, "So I went for
depressing. I thought it would be a change to If
you're happy and you know it…"
"Do you want me to call Anya?" Tara suggested.
"No…" Buffy said, "She said her and Xander, and I
quote, 'Are gonna have night of hot monkey sex,
and are not to be disturbed.' So…"
Tara smiled at there friends bluntness, "You wanna
try walking her round the block again?"

The next photo, the four girls together at the café
where they worked for four years together. Xander's
fiancé Anya, Willow, Tara and Buffy. Tara and Willow
had been dating for a year when it happened.

Willow scrubbed at the table. "This stain is not
coming off." she told Buffy.
"Try this." Buffy suggested, going over to the table
with a bottle of cleaner.
"Are you still serving?" A warm voice asked her.
Buffy spun around.
Oh my god.
A tall man stood there, with a small smile playing on
his lips. He had chocolate brown eyes that made her
heart melt. He was wearing a black silk shirt, and
smart jeans.
"Yes." She answered.
"Can I have a coffee then please?" he said.
"Yes." Buffy said again, continuing to stare.
"Do I have something on my face?"
"Yes. You have a very nice face." Oops.
He smiled, "So do you." Score one.
The mysterious man had come into the shop every
day for two weeks, until she finally asked.
"What's you're name?"
"Angel. What's yours?"
"Doyouwanttogooutwithme?" he suddenly blurted
"Ithoughtyouwouldneverask." She blurted back.