Author's Note: I was not happy with the pilot of the Supergirl tv show. So I decided to write a version of the kind of Supergirl show I would like to see. It is largely an adaptation of the Peter David Supergirl comic from the 90s. CS means Change Scene

Supergirl Episode 1 Body and Soul

A crowd has gathered around an office building. They are held back by the police.

One man behind the police line yells "Jump!"

A policeman with a megaphone tells the man to "shut up."

A middle aged man stands on the ledge of the building, breathing heavily

The cop picks up his megaphone and speaks into it. "Mr. Loeb," he says, "think about what you're doing! No matter how bad things are, you don't have to do this!"

The cop turns to another cop and demands "Where's that air cushion?"

"It's almost here." the other cop responds. "That warehouse business still has the department tied up."

A bystander shouts, and the cops look up at the building.

Mr. Loeb has jumped. The people below are screaming.

Suddenly there is a strong gust of wind that nearly knocks the cops over. As they stand up they see that Mr. Loeb is standing on the sidewalk, safe and sound, though not steady on his feet.

The cops go to support Mr. Loeb as another bystander asks "What happened?"

"It-it was an angel." Mr. Loeb responds.

The camera moves up to the sky. A red blur flashes across the screen for a second, and the logo appears. An abridged version of the main theme plays.


A squad of policemen and firefighters are shifting through the remains of a destroyed warehouse.

One cop comes across a charred body and almost gags. He puts his hand over his mouth. The camera angle only shows the hand of the corpse to prevent the image from being too disturbing.

Another cop comes up behind him and remarks "Whoa. Must've been some barbecue." at the sight of the corpse.

The first cop glares at him and he apologizes. "I'm sorry, Fred. I didn't mean-"

Fred brushes the other cop off and moves on.

Two other cops call out "We found something!"

Fred runs after them. He stares in horror at what they hold.

In the cops' hands is an empty costume. It is blue, with a red cape and mini-skirt. The camera focuses on the S-symbol on the chest.

"My god." Fred whispers.

"Looks like Supergirl was here too." one of the cops says.

"You don't think she's one of these poor souls?" the other cop asks, gesturing at another burnt corpse. Again, very little of the corpse is shown.

Fred has to sit down. He puts his head in his hands.

One of the cops puts his hand on Fred's shoulder. "I'm sorry." he says. "But we still have a job to do."

Fred nods and stands up. He follows that cop further through the wreckage to the center of the warehouse, still looking sullen.

They come across a large red pentagram painted into the floor.

"Definitely that cult that's been carrying out those grisly murders." the other cop says. "Hopefully Supergirl took them all out."

Fred has been looking down the whole time. His eyes widen as he spots a large blood stain on the floor. A trail of blood leads away from the large stain. He follows it.

"What is it?" the other cop asks.

Fred follows the blood trail until he comes across another body. This body is only partially burned, though it is also badly cut and bruised. Her clothes are also torn and singed.

"No." Fred says. He falls to his knees and turns the body over, revealing it to be a teenage girl with brown hair. "Linda."

The other cops start to gather around. Fred moves some of Linda's hair out of her face and realizes that she is breathing. He turns his head and shouts "She's alive!"


Doctors rush Linda into the emergency room. The camera angle is from her point of view even though she is still unconscious.

As the gurney is taken out of sight a middle aged woman comes up to Fred.

Fred hugs her and she asks him "Is it true?"

Fred smiles. "It is."

She leans on Fred and looks at the emergency room door. "Our's a miracle."

Fred agrees. "It sure is."

They take a seat, and she asks. "What's wrong?"

Fred sighs. "I've been a cop more than twenty years, and I've never seen anything so horrible. The bodies. And Linda was in the middle of it all."


A young man, who is bald and has a goatee, is finishing up an interview with a doctor about a new medical treatment the doctor invented when he notices the increased police presence at the hospital.

He rubs his goatee and goes "hmmm." He follows them until he sees Fred and his wife.

"Hi." he says. "Are you Fred and Sylvia Danvers?"

Fred and Sylvia look up. Fred groans.

"My name's Cutter Sharp." the bald man continues. "I work for Newstime."

"We are not speaking to the press." Fred says firmly.

"But the fact that you're both here," Cutter presses, "does that mean that your daughter has been found?"

Fred gets up and looks Cutter in the eye. "Go away."

Cutter nods nervously and turns to leave.

Suddenly, the doors to the ER open and Linda's gurney is wheeled out. Fred and Sylvia rush forward in shock.

"Hey!" Fred calls.

A young black doctor leaves the group wheeling the gurney and comes over to them.

"What the hell's going on?" Fred demands. "She can't be out of surgery already."

The doctor takes a deep breath. "Look, I don't know how to explain this."

Sylvia covers her mouth. "Oh god, no."

"I don't mean that!" the doctor clarifies. "There was no need for surgery."

"That's not possible." Fred declares. "I've seen enough serious injuries to know a life-threatening case when I see one."

"I know what the reports say." the doctor goes on, "but when we looked at her in the ER her injuries weren't so severe. Surgery would do more harm than good."

Fred and Sylvia look at each other. "Were the first responders wrong?" Sylvia asks.

The doctor throws up his hands. "Like I said, I don't know how to explain it."


A teenage black girl is sitting through an AP history class, dutifully taking notes. Her phone vibrates in her pocket, and she sneakily takes it out to look at the sms.

Suddenly she leaps her her feet and yells out "Yes!"

The teacher looks shocked for a second, then regains her composure. "Miss Harcourt, what could be so thrilling that you had to interrupt my description of the Thirty Years War?"

"It's my brother at the hospital." Mattie says, grinning from ear to ear. "They found Linda. She's all right!"


Linda awakens with a start.

"Easy there!" the black doctor says, trying to calm her down. "You're safe. You're in the hospital."

"Hospital." Linda breathes. "I was hurt."

"Yes, but not as badly as we feared." the doctor assures her. "It's good to have you back, Linda."

Linda stared at him blankly.

"Linda?" the doctor asks.

Linda looks around the room as if she's never seen a hospital before.

"Linda, it's me. PJ. Mattie's older brother." the doctor says in a worried tone. "You remember Mattie, don't you? Your best friend?"

Linda shakes her head.

PJ gets really worried. "Is there anything you do remember?"

Linda looks down. "I-I was really hurt...and I was...empty...I needed to learn..."

PJ's mouth hangs open as he tries to process the nonsense Linda said.

Linda shakes her head. "I have no idea what I'm saying."

PJ smiles grimly. "That's a relief."

He takes out a small mirror. "Here. Do you recognize yourself?"

Linda stares intently into the blue eyes of her reflection. "My eyes...they were brown."

PJ nods. "Good. You remember that, at least. Your eye color isn't anything to worry about. The change can be attributed to stress."

Linda asks "What happened to me? Who am I?"

PJ sits down next to her. "Your name is Linda Danvers. You're a high school student and an art prodigy. Your father is a cop. Your mother works as at your church. Your best friend is Mattie Harcourt, my little sister. Does any of this ring a bell? Do you remember your parents, at least?"

Linda's eyes widen. The scene shifts to a living room bathed in a light blue to signify that it is a memory. Linda remembers her father's face contorted in rage, yelling at her.

Linda shakes herself out of the memory and looks like she is about to cry. "What happened to me?" she asks again.

"Look," PJ says seriously, "you were kidnapped by this cult that's committed some grisly murders recently. We were terrified that you would be the latest victim."

As PJ talks Linda slips into another memory, again bathed in blue. A man with messy light hair, a long black trench coat, and a creepy smile is walking towards her. His trench coat billows in the wind. The camera slowly focuses in on his face, and Linda hears a creepy laugh.

"Hey," PJ asks, "you ok?"

Linda looks horrified. "How am I still alive?"

"Your parents went on tv and asked Supergirl to pitch in on the search."

"Supergirl?" Linda asks.

"Yeah. You're a big Supergirl fan. After their public request Supergirl took part in the investigation of the cult."

Yet again Linda slips into a blue-tinted memory, this time of a small sculpture of Supergirl. She put her hand on the statue.

"Supergirl?" Sylvia's voice asks. The camera moves away from the first person point of view and we see that this memory is Supergirl's, not Linda's.

"I'm sorry." Supergirl says. "I was admiring the statue Linda made. "It's very lovely."

"Linda thought-thinks you're wonderful." Sylvia explains. "She looks up to you."

Sylvia walks up to Supergirl. "Look, I'm a spiritual woman. God put you on this earth to give hope to people-"

"Stop, Sylvia." Fred says irritably. He has been standing by the window the whole time. "You're talking spirituality to someone to isn't even human."

He turns to Supergirl. "What are you? An alien? A mutant?"

"Mr. Danvers," Supergirl says, "you know nothing about me. I'm here to help you, so I'd appreciate it if you stopped trying to hurt me."

Fred's angry facade fades. "I'm sorry." he moans, starting to break down and cry. "Please don't let them kill her."

"I won't." Supergirl declares. "I promise."

In the present, Linda closes her eyes as PJ continues his explanation.

"This morning there was a big fire at a local warehouse. The police found some fried cultists, Supergirl's costume, and you."

Linda starts pulling on her hair, unable to process the information she is receiving and the memories she is seeing.

"Can I be left alone, please?" she asks. "I need...I need..."

"You need some time and privacy?" PJ asks. "Ok." He goes to the door, then asks "Your parents are here. Do you want to see them?"

Linda doesn't answer. She is still frightened after PJ leaves.


PJ goes over to the Danvers. "Linda's awake." he tells them.

Fred and Sylvia practically leap to their feet.

PJ puts his hands up. "She doesn't want to see anyone right now."

Sylvia protests. "But we're her parents!"

"I know." PJ says. "Look, Linda may be fine physically, but mentally there's been a toll. She's suffering from extreme amnesia. She's feeling scared and overwhelmed, and she probably wouldn't recognize you."

Sylvia leans on Fred and starts to cry. "Oh, god." Fred holds her, trying to be brave.

"Is it permanent?" Fred asks.

"We can't be sure at this stage. I think it's a result of emotional trauma and not brain damage, but we'll have to conduct an MRI and bring in a psychiatrist to be sure of that."

Fred nods, looking grim. "Thank you for letting us know."


In a dark alley, the man in the trench coat from the memory earlier leans against the wall and lights a cigarette.

"You failed, Buzz." a dark voice says.

"Just some unexpected superhero interference." Buzz responds with a cockney accent. "Nothing that can't be dealt with in the future."

"I have been trapped too long."

"Don't worry." Buzz assures the voice.

"The girl can no longer be sacrificed."

"So we just have to find someone else." Buzz explains.

"Don't fail me again." the voice stops.

Buzz shakes his head. "So impatient." He takes the cigarette out of his mouth, blows some smoke, and starts to walk away.

"It's not like the sacrifice needs to be a virgin, anyway."


Linda is still sitting alone in her hospital room when she hears Buzz's laugh again. She covers her ears, but the laugh grows louder.


Mattie arrives at the hospital with her school knapsack, passing Cutter as he is on his way out. She finds the Danvers and PJ, who are happy to see her.

"Mattie!" Sylvia exclaims as she hugs her.

"How's Linda?" Mattie asks. Fred and Sylvia exchange a worried look.

PJ decides to answer. "Could be better. Could be worse."

Mattie gives her brother an annoyed look. "That doesn't tell me anything."

"There is patient confidentiality to consider." PJ tells her.

"Forget it." Mattie says. "Just tell me where she is."

PJ puts his hand on Mattie's shoulder. "She's being looked at right now."

"Doctor Harcourt?"

PJ turns to the balding doctor who called him. "Yes, Doctor Schwartz?"

"The patient you told me to look at is gone."


PJ, the Danvers, and Mattie rush into Linda's room. It is empty. The window hangs open.


Linda is running down the street. The camera first gives a third person view and then shifts to a first person view. The image in front Linda blurs as she accelerates.

Several bystanders notice a strong wind as Linda moves faster than the eye can see.

Linda tries to stop, but she trips when decelerating and rolls into a garbage can.

Linda looks shocked as she sits up. "What-what am I?" she asks herself.

She hears a voice from around the corner. "Did you hear something?"

Two people come to where Linda fell, to find only the fallen garbage can.

The camera rises to show Linda sitting on the roof above them. She closes her eyes and concentrates.

From the first person, we see yet another blue tinted memory. Linda sees Supergirl fighting a bunch of thugs. Behind Supergirl is a portal with a blurry image of a monster.

The image of the monster unleashes a fire blast that hits Supergirl in the back of the head, knocking her over.

In the present, Linda winces from the memory of the pain and rubs the back of her head.

Back in the memory, this time from Supergirl's perspective, we see that Linda has been beaten up and is being held in the center of a large pentagram. A fire has broken out because of the monster's blasts.

Buzz stands behind Linda and raises a knife. We see him bring the knife down, but the camera does not show the actual stabbing.

In the present, Linda grabs her stomach and looks like she is about to gag.

Back in the memory, Supergirl screams and unleashes a telekinetic blast that sends all of the thugs flying away from her. She then uses her tk to shatter the knife that Buzz stabbed Linda with. This causes the portal behind her to fade.

Supergirl advances on Buzz, who fades into the shadows with a smile. She goes over to Linda, who is bleeding out.

"Please..." Linda says weakly. "I don't want to die."

"No." Supergirl says in horror. She takes Linda's hand.

Suddenly their hands start to melt together. Both girls scream in pain. There is a flash of light. When it clears, Linda's maimed body is lying next to Supergirl's empty costume.


In the present, Two cops are sitting in the precinct, wondering about Supergirl's costume.

"You think she's dead?" one cop asks the other.

"I don't know."

"I mean, if she isn't, why'd she leave her costume behind?"

There is a burst of a strong wind from an open window, knocking the cops over and sending papers flying everywhere.

When the cops get up, they see that Supergirl's costume is gone.


The camera moves through the town at a very high speed, turning corners until it comes across a crowd gathered around a tall building. The camera looks up and sees a man on the top of the building.

The camera backs up and accelerates again as the man jumps. It rises into the air and we see the rescue of Mr. Loeb from the beginning of the episode in the first person.


Afterwards, the paramedics are examining Mr. Loeb. He insists "I'm telling you it was an angel! A real angel!"

Buzz stands nearby, smoking another cigarette. "Indeed." he says, before blowing smoke straight up. The camera also moves to the sky


A soft choir sings as the camera cirlces Linda floating high in the sky. She is wearing Supergirl's costume, and it is way too big on her. She looks at her hands in surprise for about ten seconds before closing her eyes and throws her head back. The choir gets louder as Linda's features begin to changes. Her body grows into the costume, her face changes shape, and her hair grows longer and turns blonde.

Supergirl opens her eyes, and the music changes to a fast-paced theme as she shoots forward. The camera follows her flight for about fifteen seconds before she accelerates faster than it can keep up.

After Supergirl is out of sight the camera continues to move through the clouds as the end theme plays and the credits roll.

The end.