Hey all. This is my first Girls Und Panzer fanfic that I'll be doing, and hope you will all enjoy it. Opinions are welcome (constructive criticism included) so feel free to tell me what you think!

Thanks to OverwatchTrooper12 for indirectly inspiring me to write this with his great series, Trouble on the Homefront. Also, thanks to kartracer24 and VentXekart for their assistance so far.

As a side note, these first few chapters will be a bit short, as is a habit of my writing style. Anyway, on with the story!


"Danger has a bracing effect."-Sun Tzu

29 December 2016

Abashiri, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan

Unconfirmed Location

Practice Battle between Kuromorimine and Pravda

1921 hours

"Unusually cold weather this year, don't you think?"

The crew of Pravda's hidden IS-2 looked to their commander, who was looking around the viewports provided in the cupola. They all hummed an affirmative answer before returning to their previous activities. The winter this year on Hokkaido was setting records for temperature and snowfall, not to mention making it hard for Sensha-do battles to take place. The cold had a bad habit of freezing the oil in the engines.

"I hope it will be a warm summer next year though." the young driver commented, eliciting a soft chuckle from the other three in the tank. "What about you Nonna?"

The tall young woman let a trace of a smile cross her face as she thought of an answer. "I suppose a warm summer would be appropriate, Shizuka. Though you know I don't mind the cold."

The cabin of the sleek heavy tank quieted back down as the four high school students awaited the enemy or new orders, whichever would come first.

Unconfirmed Location

1928 hours

"Damn!" Erika Itsumi cursed, failing to conceal her irritation under her breath. The main Kuromorimine force had been plagued multiple times as the engines on their larger tanks seized up in the subzero temperatures. They had stopped again in what appeared to be a relatively safe area, awaiting the completion of the repairs.

The crew of the Ferdinand Elefant watched as the team's sub-commander and a couple of mechanics worked to turn the engine over. All around them, the tanks of Black Forest Peak sputtered and coughed, with the occasional revving of an engine in order to keep them running.

A spew of cursing came from under the heavy tank destroyer along with the sound of a liquid spraying out as pressure was discharged. The lead mechanic, one of the crew members of a Panzer III, pushed herself out from underneath and stood, covered in oil. She nodded up at the Elefant's commander. Moments later, the engine roared to life, resulting in a large sigh of relief from everyone.

"Alright. Everyone load up." Erika said impatiently. She headed back to her Tiger II and climbed in, drawing her coat around her tighter. She waved her arm around in a large circle, motioning for the formation to start moving again. "Konomi, tell Maho we're moving again. We'll meet her at Point B1678."

'Mmhmm." The radio operator replied. As the tanks started moving again, Erika shut the hatch to the cold outside and turned on the small space heater the crew had with them. She shook off the snow and picked up her headset, putting it on and looking at the map.

'Just a little more time. We'll show you our might!'

Pravda Girls High School Ship Kiev

Abashiri School Ship Harbor

1947 hours


The bridge crew cheered as Pravda's KV-2 fired another shot into the Black Forest High formation, knocking out a Panzer III and sending it spinning into a snowbank. The television on the bridge wasn't very large, but it was enough for the seven or so girls that normally guided the ship when at sea.

"I can't imagine the amount of strength needed to load one of those shells." Maki Honami, the ship's navigator said, watching in awe as the massive turret of the assault tank turned back to the front, the threat to its flank dealt with.

"Can't be any worse than turning that wheel." Azusa Mutsumi, the helmsman, said. "My arms are still sore after two days of being in port."

The others nodded in agreement at her statement, not at all envious of their colleague's job. As they continued watching the slow match, the evidence of their prolonged stay stacked up: empty food containers, candy bar wrappers, and crushed drink cans. They became so engrossed in the match that they almost missed the flashing red light and accompanying alarm.

"Hmm?" Maki said, noticing the light. She quickly got up from her seat, not wanting to miss the match, despite how slow it seemed to be going. Looking over the radar and weather screen, she noticed something unusual. "Captain? You'll want to see this."

The group of Naval Science students all looked over at Maki, confused by the unusual request. The Kiev's captain stood and joined Maki in looking at the radar screen, a puzzled expression crossing her face. "What is…?"

"It's a contact, but there isn't anything that big, even school ships." Maki commented, observing the large spread of contact. "Besides, it's over land."

"Could be from the match." the captain stated. "I don't know what can cause it, but the anomaly is directly over the match area. It might be radar signals bouncing off of smoke." Though she sounded unsure of herself, the theory was enough for the group to return to watching the match on the television. Unbeknownst to them, the radar contact grew exponentially before vanishing.