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Chapter 14: Resolution

Rhythmic beating echoed back and forth in her head, worsening her migraine. Slowly, Marinette's conscious started to catch up with her as she opened her eyes, only for them to shut as the fluorescent lights above blinded her. She had enough strength in her arm for her to use it as a shield against the lights, opening them again. The ceiling was unfamiliar, white and bland, unlike her warm, pink room and the smell of antiseptic, bleach and various medicines penetrated the air.

On her left, Marinette could make out a blonde and black lump sleeping on a chair next to her bed. She squinted, trying to get more details, but all it did was irritate her eyesight. The blonde lump started to move, yawning from what she could hear and turned to her. It shot up out of the seat and ran towards her. "Marinette!" he cried, the figure now identified as male, "You're awake! I'm so glad, you gave us all a heart att-cat."

"Chat?" Marinette said groggily, "Ugh, that has to be your worst pun."

"W-what?" the voice stuttered, very un-Chat like. After a few second, her vision focused and, to her horror and embarrassment, it wasn't Chat Noir but rather Adrien.

"A-Adrien, oh god I'm so sorry," stammered Marinette, her voice cracking a bit, "I thought you were...I mean you sounded like...that awful pun...not that you're awful! It was just the pun and it sounds like something Chat would say and er..."

Adrien started laughing and waved off Marinette's concern. "It's fine. the pun from Chat Noir. He was here all night before he left. We chatted, no pun intended, for a bit and we traded jokes or rather puns."

"Oh...okay," smiled Marinette, mentally smacking herself for her mistake. 'Honestly, how could I confused Adrien for Chat Noir?'

"Yeah," sighed Adrien, looking a bit relieved, "Um, I'll go find your parents and the doctor. I'll be right back! Try not to move too much, you might end up hurting yourself with the tubes." Then he walked out the room, leaving Marinette alone and a bit confused.

'Tubes?' Marinette thought, looking down. It was then that she notice the tubes and bandages on her arms, liquid from an IV flowing into her veins. Turning her head to the side, Marinette saw that there were also guard rails installed on her bed. Confused, she peered over the rails to see white walls, heart monitors and a bunch of other machines she didn't know what they were called or what they did, a rolling table at the foot of her bed with tiny bottles and vials of colorless liquids and a TV overhead. There was also a chair and nightstand on the opposite side of her bed, her robe was folded neatly onto the seat that Adrien was perviously sleeping in.

'I'm in the hospital,' thought Marinette, recognition washing over her face as she leaned back onto her pillow. 'I must have been in worst shape then I thought after I de-transformed. I wonder if the doctors noticed that I had been a victim of the Incubus?'

On cue, Dr. Lapointe walked in, shocked when she saw that Marinette was awake, but smiled. "Well, well, well, our last Sleeping Beauty has awakened."

"What?!" croaked Marinette, wincing when she sat up too fast for her sore body to process.

"Whoa there! Not too fast," warned the doctor, helping Marinette back into the laying position, "You can't move that fast after sleeping for three days."

"Three days!" squeaked Marinette, her eyes widen.

Dr. Lapointe nodded. "Yeah, when your friends brought you in, a lot of personnels were worried that you were another of the Parisian Incubus's victims and Ladybug's power didn't save you. Thankfully, I was on staff and I was able to quickly check you over and see that you were suffering from exhaustion and that you were just sleeping. Chat Noir and your friend Alya nearly dropped to the floor in relief when they heard that."

Marinette sighed at that bit of news, worried since her powers couldn't heal her while she was still Ladybug. Dr. Lapointe fluffed her pillow and fixed her covers, still talking. "Same with all the other Sleeping Beauties. When they woke up, they were exhausted, groggy, some extremely cranky, and wanted to sleep. All your friends and family came by to visit. Heck, I had to push your parents and that Alya girl out after they stayed for two days in a row. See! They left all those get-well gifts."

The bluenette turned to the counter that was decorated with multiple gift bags, balloons, cards and a plastic container with a few treats from her parent's shop. 'How did I miss that?' thought Marinette. "Thank you for everything," said Marinette, smiling weakly.

"Oh, honey, it's my job," smiled Dr. Lapointe, leaning in, "And too be honest, I rather be taking care of you then some of my other patients..."

Suddenly a shrieking voice echoed in the hall. "Where is my nurse?! Tell her to take back this food! It's disgusting! I asked for foie gras and they serve me pasta?! DADDY! Get me my personal chef!"

Dr. Lapointe groaned in annoyance. "Looks like Miss Lombardi is awake," groaned the doctor, heading towards the door, "I better go pacify her before that poor nurse gets harassed by her and her father."

Once the good doctor was gone, Marinette sat up a bit and started searching the room. With her memory coming back, she recalled that last few moments before she blacked out and nearly panic when she saw the robe on the chair. "Tikki?" she whispered, "Tikki are you here?"

Small shuffling emerged from the plastic container housing the baked goods before it popped open. A tiny red dot shot out of the pile of cookies and millie-feuilles and landed on Marinette's lap. Tikki shining face and joyous expression was contagious as a similar smile spread across Marinette's face as she cupped the tiny kwami in her hand and kissed her on her head. "Enjoying my parents' pastries?"

"You know I do," chirped Tikki, "They own the best bakery in all of Paris!"

The two female giggled for a few minutes, taking in the calm air around him. "I'm sorry," blurted Marinette, "For making you go through that."

Tikki shook her head. "You were reckless, you nearly damaged your body," Tikki reiterated, "I could feel you heart rapidly beating in your chest while we were transformed. Your muscles tighten, body heat rose, it was pure luck the Miraculous ran out when it did. A couple more seconds would have caused your body to overhead or suffer a heart attack."

"Sorry," apologized Marinette a second time, "I didn't realize how much of a risk it is just to borrow energy from you."

"It's because my energy is different than human energy," Tikki explained, "Kwamis contain a very pure, thermal and spiritual form of energy, energy that most humans can't really harness without suffering the negative side effects. Basically, it's like taking a large dose of concentrated adrenaline and shooting it into your veins. You're extremely lucky that you're both my Miraculous holder and a human that can borrow my energy. But please...don't ever do that again."

"I'll try," said Marinette, "At least we saved those girls and Hector..."

"Henry," corrected Tikki, "Plagg, Chat Noir's kwami, told me the infected boy is called Henry."

"Umm...about the eye," muttered Marinette, pointing to you own eye. She couldn't really remember much after they defeated, Henry as her body was getting hot and become lightheaded.

"Don't worry, the Miraculous Healing Light healed his eye," stated Tikki, "He may have some phantom pain but that will pass over a while. You really need to tell Chat Noir to NEVER do that again."

"Yeah, I will," agreed Marinette. At the time, she was too tired to properly scold Chat, plus they were in the middle of a battle. But she swore, the next time they meet, kitty cat was getting a time out!

"Oh! Did anyone see me release my transformation?" Marinette asked, looking around the room, "Did Adrien or Alya..."

"Calm down, Mari," smiled Tikki, "I'm over 5,000 years old! You don't think I know a trick or two about hiding from other humans. No one saw the transformation run out and I stayed inside your robe pocket until the others fell asleep. Ladybug's secret is safe."

"Thank goodness," signed Marinette in relief.

Voices started filling the hall outside her room, along with the sounds of rushing footsteps, making Marinette and Tikki freeze. Someone started knocking on the door and Marinette quickly motioned Tikki to hid, taking cover underneath Marinette's bed. "Excuse me," said a familiar voice, "Dr. Lapointe, do you mind if we come in?"

"You can come in, Alya," said Marinette, clearing a throat a bit.

Immediately, the door slammed open and a crying Alya ran up and hugged Marinette. "Marinette!" cried Alya, happy tears pouring down her face, "You're awake!"

Before Marinette could get a word in, she and Alya were tackled by two other bodies. Tom and Sabine Dupain-Cheng were crying even harder as they hugged their baby girl. She could here her mother muttering things in both French and Mandarin, though she couldn't understand half of it but Marinette could make out some phrases as Sabine was thank God for everything. Once she was released for air, she spotted her entire class behind her folks.

Rose bounced up to her with a bouquet of bright pink, yellow and white flowers with the other students in tow. "Hi Marinette!" chirped Rose, presented her the flowers, "I hope you feeling better. These are for you!"

"We heard what happen," stated Jukela, "How Hector was the Incubus and he went after you."

"Yeah..." muttered Marinette, squirming a bit. She really didn't want to talk about that now. "How'd you find out?"

"Alya," they all chanted, turning to the blogger. Marinette raised an eyebrow at her friend before she replied. "Uh, I kinda recorded a bit of the flight between him and the Lucky Duo. Just as proof since some people didn't believe me when I said that Hector was the akuma-villain! Namely Chloe."

Speaking of the spoiled blonde, Marinette notice that Chloe wasn't here. Neither was Sabrina. That didn't really surprise her, Chloe rarely cared for anyone one or anything besides herself. Though she would have at least thought Sabrina would be here, then again if Chloe didn't want it, Sabrina wouldn't do it. Plus with amount of flirty and seducing she did to Hector, it not impossible that she would flat out refuse to believe some handsome boy was using her. "NOBODY uses Chloe Bourgeois!" Chloe screamed one time after she was tricked by the daughter of her father's political rival.

While everyone was showering her with gifts and homemade card, Marinette was currently praising a blushing Nathaneal on his beautiful card, she suddenly heard Alya scoff behind her. "Are you kidding me?" she said as pressed the volume up on the remote.

On the tiny, somewhat old TV screen was the front entrance of the Hotel Dieu hospital. On camera was Nadja Chamack, dressed in her signature multiple purple hue pantsuit, with a microphone held up to the face of a 'crying' Chloe Bourgeois. "It was awful!" cried Chloe, grabbing out a gold-threaded handkerchief Sabrina, off camera, gave to her, "The Parisian Incubus was relentless when he was after me! Had it not been for my father hiring those bodyguards, I could have ended up here!"

"So you didn't go out with him?" Nadja asked.

"Never! He tried, mind you but I was too smart for him," replied Chloe haughtily, her sobbing stopped for a moment before she want back to dabbing her eyes.

"The latest victim, Marinette Dupain-Cheng, she was a classmates of yours," reported Chamack, pushing the microphone closer, "Did you know her? Was she your friend?"

"We weren't friends," sneered Chloe then switched back to her pitiful act, "But I tried to keep her away from Hector, but she just wouldn't listen."

"Ugh! I can't believe her," hissed Alya, "You end up in the hospital and she tried to make it all about here while trying to slander you."

"Hey Alya," said Marinette, "Why don't you go and 'help' Chloe with her story. Don't still have video of her trying to 'push Hector away?.'"

"Yes," Alya smiled deviously, "As a matter a fact, I do. Excuse while I go 'help' Chloe."

"Oh, this outta be good," smiled Alix, following Alya out the door, "Anyone else wanna watch?"

Max, Kim, and Ivan followed the pink-haired girl out to view the spectacle while the others stayed behind to shower Marinette with gifts, cards and condolences, as well as snack on some of the many tasty treats the Dupain-Chengs brought over. They even enjoyed Alya showing up on screen and verbally tearing into Chloe's story, embarrassing the blonde on TV. The best part, in Marinette's opinion, was Adrien taking a seat next to her in bed. She could barely contain her joy and had to look down every once in a while when she felt her cheeks get too hot.

'Eek! He's so close!' Marinette squealed in her head, gripping her mug of chocolat chaud. Occasionally, Adrien's hand would brush up against her and Marinette had to lie about the room being warm to explain away her hot face.

The group spent a few more hours in the room, filling Marinette in on what had happen while she was out: all the Sleeping Beauties had woken up, reporters charging into the hospital to interview them, some victims left the hospital as soon as they were checked over by their doctors, and the fight between the Lucky Duo and the Incubus went viral on the Ladyblog. "Oh, and the police are still debating on whether or not to arrest the Incubus," relayed Juleka.

"But wait, the Incubus was possessed," argued Marinette, "It wasn't like he did this intentionally. Beside, the police never went after akuma victims before, knowing the situation."

"We know and the police don't want to do it, but some of the more wealthy families are pressuring the police," replied Alya, "Though I doubt they going to go through with it seeing as it was an akuma victim and the public isn't exactly happy."

"So it's publicity they are looking for," replied Marinette, finishing up her plate of sweets.

"Pretty much," stated Adrien. Suddenly, he's phone started ringing and he groaned when he looked at the screen. "I gotta go. Nathalie wants me home for dinner and in bed for an early morning shoot." He jumped off the bed and turned to Marinette, smiling before hugging her. "I'll come and visit you tomorrow."

"O-okay," stuttered Marinette, blushing a bit and waving as Adrien left.

A few minutes after Adrien left, the others started following suit until only her parents and Alya were there. They had stayed with her until it was way pass visiting hours and the Dr. Lapointe and a few nurses had to shoo them out so Marinette could get a good night's rest. The coma ward was quiet, the families of the victims long gone and most of the girls were either sleeping or watching late night television. Tikki flew out from her hiding spot to watch some shows on the television while eating the leftover sweets.

"You know, you going to get fat from all those sweets," giggled Marinette, poking the tiny kwami in the stomach.

"No I won't," said Tikki in a sing-sung voice, "Everything I eat is transferred into energy. I'll always stay tiny and cute!"

Marinette was left giggling until she heard faint tapping at her door. Tikki flew into hiding before Marinette could breathe a word and the door open, revealing a familiar black leather-clad figure. "Chat Noir?" Marinette said, "What are you doing here?"

"I heard you woke up. Thankfully the nurses extended visiting hours to superheroes," smiled Chat, his hands behind his back, "I got something for you!"

Marinette raised an eyebrow. "What is it?"

"Uh, uh, close your eyes," sang Chat."

Marinette huffed but obliged. She could hear Chat Noir's footsteps walking closer to you, the something rustling behind his back and the smell of some fancy cologne wafted into her nose. Before she could ask, the smell of flowers replaced the musty cologne. "Okay! Open them!" Chat said.

Yellow roses and pink tulips covered her vision as Chat held out a tastefully done bouquet. Marinette was shock but also touched by the gesture as she held them in her hands. "Chat...they're beautiful," she said, looking over the fully bloomed flowers, "You didn't have to..."

"But I wanted to," replied Chat, looking dejected, "You told me about Hector...told me how uncomfortable he made you feel and I ignored you."

"You never met Hector," stated the bluenette, "You couldn't have know."

'Lies. I did know him and I still was blind to it,' Chat thought, "I wanted to bring you this as sort of an apology for want happened. I wanted to use pink roses since you like pink but the flower shop was out. Yellow roses are good too, the lady said they represent friendship."

"They're fine, Chat. I love them," Marinette took a deep whiff of the plant's aromas. Taking a peek at Chat, she noticed what he was wearing. "You're wearing the coat I design."

"Huh?" Chat looked down and blushed, "Oh...yeah! After I dropped you off at the hospital, I went back to your home to check on your house. I heard that Hector trashed it so I went to see if Ladybug's Healing Light managed to fix it. And then I saw the box with my name on it..."

"So you went into my room and took the present," smirked the bluenette.

"I'm sorry! I know that sounds so wrong and really bad and you probably hate me for going into your room without permission and taking the gift while you were in the hospital..." Chat was cut off by Marientte laughter.

"No, no, it's fine, Chat," laughed Marinette, wiping the tears from her eyes, "I made it for you anyway. Plus it's better you have the jacket now since the weather is getting colder."

"Yeah..." replied Chat, rubbing the back of his head, "Will you be okay?"

"I'll survive," Marinette answered, "They doctor says that I'll probably be released tomorrow."

"That's great!" Chat cheered.

There was a silence between them for a few seconds before Marinette opened her mouth and said, "Thank you. For saving me."

"Oh it wasn't just me," waved off Chat, "It was mostly Ladybug..."

"No," Marinette cut him off, "You saved my life. If you hadn't come when you did, I would have become another victim lying in the coma ward. My parents would have been the ones to find my body. I never want them to see me like that. So...thank you, for everything."

"No problem," smiled Chat Noir, "It's kinda part of the whole 'superhero' business."

"Doesn't that mean you wouldn't have come if you weren't a superhero?" Marinette questioned.

Without thinking, Chat blurted out, "NO! I would have come regardless if I was a superhero or not."

"Then don't say 'it's just part of a superhero's duty,'" said Marinette, "You care, not because you're a superhero but because it's who you are. You care about people. You came because you care."

"Oh course I care! I couldn't imagine anyone hurting you," replied Chat Noir, "I would never forgive myself if anything bad happens to you."

Marinette blushed at that and hid her face behind the bouquet. "Thanks. I guess I'll see you later."

"What? Does my princess want me to leave? So soon?" asked Chat with a fake look of distress on him, "How cruel! I don't even get a kiss for my hard work?"

Before Chat said another word, Marinette gave him a quick kiss. Nothing serious, just a peck on the cheek but after a few seconds, both teens were left blushing. Marinette tried to bury her face into the tulips and roses, not bearing to look at Chat in the eyes. Said Chat had a look of shock, embarrassment and bliss all mixed together. 'Did I/she really just do that?!' they both thought.

Thankfully, the awkward silence was broken when a nurse came in and said that visiting hours for superheroes were now over. "G-guess I'll have to go," stuttered Chat Noir, "Have a good night princess."

"Y-you too," blushed Marinette as she watch Chat Noir leave, leaving her with her thoughts. 'I just kissed Chat Noir. I just kissed that flirty, cocky cat. Willingly...'

"What was that about?" asked the nurse.

"Excuse me," said Marinette, "But could you lower the medication I'm taking. I think they're making me loopy and do irrational things."

"Really?" the nurse looked at the clipboard, "But all you're taking is fluids and some muscle relaxers."

"Just lower the doses," ordered Marinette, again burying her face in her flowers.

After the nurse left, Tikki came out again, this time giggling. "Not a word, Tikki!" glared Marinette. The tiny kwami didn't saw a word but just continue to giggle, taking a spot of her shoulder to admire the flowers. They were a bit crushed due to Marinette planting her face on them, but that still didn't away the sheer beauty of the plants.

"Hey look!" Tikki said, pointing to the center flower, "That rose is yellow with red tips!"

"Oh yeah," muttered Marinette, pulling out said yellow and red rose, examining it. That flower was the only one that wasn't crushed by Marinette's face and was fully opened. "Hmm, guess the person doing the bouquet must have run out of fully yellow roses."

Tikki smiled but didn't say anything as Marinette leaned back, placing the bouquet on the nightstand but still keeping the yellow and red rose in her hand. Soon, the girl fell asleep, the flower still clutched in between her fingers. The kwami wondered if it was fate, the red-tipped yellow rose. She wonder if she should tell Marinette the meaning of the plant but decided against it.

"I'll let fate work its magic," whispered Tikki, ducking under the covers and falling asleep next to her charge.

Chat Noir walked down the quiet coma ward towards the exit. Despite all the Sleeping Beauties being cured, the place still gave him the creeps. He absentmindedly rubbed the cheek Marinette kissed and thought back on how soft her lips were, blushing slightly as he thought that. He tried hard to fight off a smile spreading across his face. 'Damn it! I love Ladybug! I mean, Marinette is cute and sweet and really pretty...'

Distracted by his thoughts, he nearly bumped into a night shift nurse coming by with a rolling cart filled with tiny vases of flowers. "Oh! So sorry!" apologize Chat, holding his hand up in surrender.

"No harm done," the nurse waved off, checking over the vases.

"Uh, what are those?" Chat Noir questioned.

"Flowers, someone had a nearby plant nursery send fourteen vases of these flowers to all the Sleeping Beauties victims," she answers, "Though some have already left."

"Who sent them?" Chat Noir asked, worried that Henry might have sent them. While he only briefly talked to the victim before going after Marinette, he could tell that he was a bit distraught and upset by what had happen. Was this his way of saying sorry for what he had done?

"Don't know," replied the nurse, "According the delivery boy, the person paid cash and didn't leave a name, just an order for the flowers and for them to be deliver to the Sleeping Beauties victims. He also ordered cards for the vases too."

Plucking one of the cards, Chat Noir read the following note: I apologize for my actions. I had no control of my mind or body. I do not ask for your forgiveness, I would not blame you if you hate me. I hope we never cross paths again. Please take care of yourselves and I wish you the best of luck in your futures.

'He blames himself,' thought Chat, putting the note back. It wasn't uncommon for victims to blame themselves for actions they had no control of. Hawk Moth took advantage of his emotions and forced him to become something he didn't want to be, do things he didn't want to do. Most akuma-ized villains got over it as their actions didn't cause much disruption or emotional pain, but Henry was different. Henry was an akuma for months and cause both emotional and physical damage. Chat Noir could only hope Henry would get help for what happened.

"Strange flowers to give too," muttered the nurse, snapping Chat out of his thoughts.

"What flowers are these?" Chat asked.

"Oleanders and Belladonnas," answered the nurse, pushing the cart towards the coma ward.

Part of him wanted to go in and apologize, the other part of him says to stay away from the victims, give them room to recuperate. He looked up at the hospital building, the delivery boy long gone after delivering the flowers. Chat Noir only told him a little bit about what happen: he was possessed, he did bad things and hurt a lot of people. He didn't want to believe it. He had never hurt anyone before in his life!

But then that video came out, the one of the Ladybug and Chat Noir battling this 'Hector' and he knew that it was him. It wasn't his face or his actions, everything 'Hector' did was the opposite of his personality but somehow he knew that 'Hector' and Henry were one in the same. Research started, reports of an Incubus attacking women and putting them in comas. The families tears, the police chase, the wanted posters, it was all too much. After a day of research, he nearly went mad with grief for what he did.

The breakup had caused this to happen. He didn't blame Alexandra nor did he blame himself, he was just the unlucky guy that was targeted by this villain to be used as a pawn. Even thought it wasn't his fault, he no longer felt Paris was his home. All the time he missed, the grief he caused to his family, friends and the victims were too much, even if he couldn't remember it. He had enough credits to transfer over to a college in England, he spoke English fluently and his parents and instructors had already agreed to the move.

As he turned to leave, he was confronted by the two people standing behind him. "Hello Alexandra, hello Victoria," he said, his voice void of emotion, "You got out early.

"Hey Henry," waved Victoria, blushing a bit. He know about her crush on him, but he was already dating his sister. Plus she thought she deserved better.

"Yeah, I got out as soon as I woke up," replied Alexandra, "I hate hospital. The nurses and doctors are so fussy."

There was silence between the three before Henry said, "I'm leaving Paris."

"What? For what happen?" Alexandra asked.

"That and I was always planning on leaving France," he answered.

"It's not your fault," stated Alexandra, "You were possessed."

"I hurt you," he said, "I hurt a lot of people."

"Again, you were possessed," replied Alexandra, getting angry, "As in 'you were not in control of your body.'"

"I thought you'd be happy that I was miserable, that I'd be leaving," he replied, shifting his weight to his other leg.

"I'm a bitch, not evil," Alexandra muttered, "Beside, I probably deserved want happen."

"No you didn't," he answered back, "Not one deserved that. No matter how bad they are."

"Heh, thanks," laughed Alexandra, "So this is goodbye."

"Yeah," he nodded, walking away.

"Yo Henry!" Alexandra shouted, "Don't beat yourself up! Get some help!"

"And good luck!" Victoria shouted.

He turned back to see the girls waving back at him, smiling a bit, or what he could consider a smile for Alexandra, before they both walked away. Forgiveness, he never thought he would get that, especially from the girl that hurt him so much and suffered the worse of the attack. For some reason, he felt a bit light-headed, like a small weight was removed from his body. Turning back to the hospital, he whispered 'sorry' before headed back home. Time for a new start.

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