A Miko's Heart

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Life had become unbearably boring for Kagome Higurashi. After spending four years traveling around feudal Japan fighting demons and hunting a half-breed spider yokai, she had basically learned all she could about her Miko abilities. She mastered her healing powers, her barriers were 20 times stronger, she had perfect aim with her bow, and even her hand to hand combat had excelled exponentially.

She had taken to wearing Chinese style battle dresses and black silk pants underneath for easier movement. When the final battle ended only Jaken had died by a stray swing of Sesshomaru's Bakusaiga, when I merged the two halves of the Shikon Jewel together a bright flash whitened out the entire battlefield concealing myself and the jewel from sight as it attached itself to my soul. With Midoriko's spirit free from the jewel the demons that were left merged with my body, turning me into a Jade Dragon yokai. I gained sea foam green eyes, with turquoise blue tear tracks going from the bottom of my eyes to the edge of my jaw line, along with the black four pointed star on my forehead representing my Miko powers and my new fangs and claws, I looked like a whole new person.

When all the commotion of my new form died down we found out I couldn't travel back through the well trapping me in the past; which was fine by me since I could be with Inuyasha finally and I would live long enough to see my family again it was really a win/win situation. Marrying Inuyasha and raising three kids plus Shippo, basically by myself after they turned seven years old when Inuyasha decided he wasn't in love with me anymore; was fine really because in the long run it was more of an infatuation. When Inuyasha left I took the kids to the west where Sesshomaru ruled, raising them in their royal lineage; serving as Sesshomaru's retainer and learning more martial arts and weaponry from him, from then until the present where I waited until the day I could reunite with my mother, brother, and grandfather. Unfortunately I missed my chance to see my brother because by the time I was sure my past self wouldn't be coming back to the present, he had begun his own adventure, into another dimension.