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When Law woke up he was very confused, he felt a lot better than he had in a long time and he was holding two warm hands, one slim and feminine with rough calluses in certain parts like whoever it was used a weapon or something; the other was unmistakably Corazon's which is where most of his confusion came from, after all he was dead right? Slowly opening his eyes he inhaled the cold air into his lungs, trembling slightly he looked to the side and saw them; Corazon and some woman side by side holding his hands along with each others, both of them sleeping soundly. Letting out a weak cry he felt his eyes flood with hot tears, "Cora-san… you're alive!" He forced himself into a sitting position before roughly throwing himself at the tall mans prone form, shaking hands gripped into the blood stained shirt even as he buried his face closer into the hard chest. He only cried harder when Cora-san wrapped his long arms around him, pulling him into a tight embrace; "Law… Law… you're safe Law." Corazon was crying too, his voice weak and choppy clogged with emotion.

For a time they both just held each other in relieved silence, their muffled sobs the only sound in the rickety shack; when they had finally gotten themselves under control Law looked at the other occupant in the room, she looked so hauntingly familiar to Law's father that it hurt his heart to look at her worried face. "Cora-san… Who is that?" Even though he asked about the woman he didn't get off Corazon's lap or release his shirt from his tightly balled fists.

"Law this is Kagome… she's your father's sister, your aunt. She saved our lives." To say he wanted to dispute that claim was an understatement, however there was no denying the uncanny resemblance to his late father, "If that's true then tell me what his name was. How can I believe you?" If I wanted her to get upset at the questioning I was going to be disappointed because she just opened her bag and pulled out a picture, drawing attention to the little bear that was sitting next to her. "His name was Souta, this is him right?" Her voice while pleasing to hear was tinged in such sadness it made me feel a little bad to have doubted her intentions. Looking to the photo in my hands I saw what appeared to be my father when he was in his teenage years, even if I hadn't seen him in a few years I wouldn't ever forget his kind face; I didn't realize I was crying again until her warm hand was wiping my tears away.

"Yes… t-this is him." Clearing his throat was hard, but he did it and with a shaking hand he gave her the picture back. "So… will you tell me… about him? Was he happy?" She sounded uncertain and cautious so I blinked back my tears. "Yes… he was always happy, he was a doctor for our town and he had me, my mom, and my sister Lamie; but the marines… they killed them all along with everyone in our town because of the disease I had. They said it was contagious but it wasn't and they killed everyone anyways." By the end of his sentence he was crying again but they were tears of anger and frustration.

"I tried to help Lamie but they set the building on fire and I couldn't get to her, they killed mom and dad in cold blood! I hate them, I hate the marines!" He punched Corazon repeatedly but the tall man just held him in his lap refusing to make him stop. "Law… It'll be okay; I won't let anyone get away with hurting my family." For the first time Law noticed the pressure in the room, when he looked up he saw Kagome's eyes bleeding red as she bared her fangs in a snarl, her hands looking more like claws dripping with blue/green poison.

"W-what are you?" He asked her in wonder. "I am a dragon demon, immortal and powerful; the marines will not get away with this. You both belong to me now, as a part of my pack and I will not let anything hurt you again." We questioned her the whole day and well into the night, things we never even dreamed possible were happening and at the same time we were planning. It would take time and effort but we would overthrow the world government at all costs.

She told us about being from a different dimension and about my father as she knew him, when we left the snow covered island it was on her eerie green cloud, flying through the air in reckless abandon. This was the first day of his new life and as he fell asleep in his aunt's arms he wondered what the world was going to be like when they got their revenge.


So there's going to be a time-skip to Sabody because even though kid law is cute I don't know anything else about his childhood.