Suggested to me by a friend. It's been too long since I've dabbled in the slash stuff. So here's another ship slash fic. Enterprise E/Galaxy this time. hehe.


"You find this hilarious." Galaxy grumbled.

"I never said that." Enterprise huffed.

"Well you were thinking it." The older starship growled. Enterprise huffed but remained silent.

It'd been a while since Galaxy had left Sol Sector so the younger Sovereign took pity on her former sister and invited her on a short patrol along the neutral zone. Unfortunately, neither starship accounted for the Tholian web trap that currently encompassed them both. Fortunately, Enterprise had found a way to call for help and a group of starships were on their way. However it would be several hours before they arrived.

In the meantime the two starships would have to deal with the rather, cramped, quarters of their makeshift cage.

"Ouch, Galaxy your port nacelle is in my face!" Enterprise hissed.

"Your lateral deflector is crushing my nose!" Galaxy growled in a nasal sounding voice that made Enterprise laugh. "Stop laughing, it's not funny!"

Of course, Enterprise only laughed harder. Galaxy growled and bit her fellow starship right on her mammary gland. Enterprise yelped, backing off as much as she could before her expression became curiously sly.

"So you want to play that game, hmm?" She purred.

"I don't know what you mean." Galaxy replied, trying to act brave.

Enterprise laughed, a musical sound and somewhat arousing to Galaxy.

"Oh, I'm sure you do. You and I have played it many times. But never with ourselves." The Sovereign rubbed her saucer to Galaxy's back as she rested atop her. Galaxy whimpered in need as the strong scent of her flagship's arousal hit her. She wanted this. She needed it. It'd been too long...

Giving a lustful growl she rolled Enterprise on her back. Enterprise submitted to her. It didn't matter who was on top. She just wanted a good fuck! She arched against Galaxy, grinding her slit to the other starship's as she moaned.

"Eager aren't we?" Galaxy purred, nibbling her saucer rim.

Enterprise's implanted eyes slipped closed and her whole body shook with her purrs. Galaxy's tongue made short work of the other starship's slit, expertly sliding in and out. Enterprise nudged her nose up against Galaxy's slit, nibbling on the outer rims before slithering in. She rocked back and forth, timing it with Galaxy's.

Enterprise screeched as she came, her open jaws getting a mouthful of Galaxy's fluids. "That was," she breathed.

"Amazing." Galaxy whispered. "Enterprise?" She asked when she saw her leader's eyes go wide with horror, looking at something behind her.

Galaxy twisted her head around and her hull plating turned bright red when she saw Hood, Ambassador, Excelsior, and Sovereign standing there. They were shielding a much younger Defiant who was squealing consistantly "I wanna see! I wanna see!" The looks on their faces suggested they'd seen everything.

"Um, should we come back later?" Hood asked and Galaxy pinned her a glare.

Enterprise stuck her head out from between Galaxy's nacelles. "Just get us out of here, Hood." She sighed. "And not one word of this!" She added, her harsh glare sweeping over all starships present.

They all decided as one that what happens in deep space, stays in deep space!