Hi, this is my first GWTW story. All characters belong to Margaret Mitchell except for my OC Rosalie O'Hara who is Scarlett's twin in this fiction. So please enjoy! Constructive Criticism is welcome.

The young belle's gay laughter rang across the fields and she kicked her horse to faster gallop, relishing in the cool wind hitting against her face on the hot summers day. Though she was advised by ole Mrs Beatrice Tarleton and her Pa not to ride her pony, Artemis, when she was 13, Rosalie still continued to ride her pony anyway. Artemis was her first pony and ever since her Pa had bought her straight from Ireland when she was six, she and Artemis had been inseparable ever since. That's one of the many few things that she and her Pa had shared. Their love and obsession for horses.

As she galloped faster and faster across the lush green fields of Tara, she imagined herself to be like one of those Greek Goddesses that she would read for bedtime or the beautiful French Queen Marie Antoinette who was also a professional horsewoman herself. But no, Rosalie didn't need to Queen Marie Antoinette or Queen Victoria for that matter! No, she was a queen herself in her own way as long as she had Tara. Like her Pa said, it was land that gave O'Haras their strength and passion for living and Rosalie couldn't agree more.

As she reached the big old oak tree that inconveniently stood in one of the old carrot fields, she halted her pony and waited excitedly for her Pa to catch up, musing to herself that her Pa was indeed becoming an old man.

"Pa! Hurry up, you old man!" Rosalie called teasingly to Gerald, as he cantered towards his second eldest with the most interesting expression only he could manage to pull. It was a look joy and fun but with a frown of disapproval.

"Now Rosalie O'Hara, haven't I told you not to ride your pony no more?"

"Oh Pa," Rosalie laughed gaily, fondly patting Artemis's neck. "You know I won't stop riding Artemis until I die. My, she's the most sweetest, graceful connemara that has ever lived and not to mention she has been my best friend ever since you bought for her me when I was six."

"But what about that fine thoroughbred I bought for you from Miss Tarleton, puss?" Gerald questioned. "I don't see anything wrong with him. He's a young sturdy thing and I'm sure he's much faster than me Dublin himself."

"Oh Pa, you know I love Troilus but I've had Artemis far longer than him and I just want to enjoy riding her until I get too big to ride her."

"Come on, Pa," Rosalie added in quickly, noticing that her Pa would give her another lecture. "Let's go up to the potato hill like we always do!"

Before he could answer, Rosalie kicked Artemis's sides and set off in a brisk walk towards the potato hill that was deemed as her and Pa's special place. Nothing was stronger than her love for her father's glorious land. It was a special kind of love she held in her heart. It was as if Tara was actual mother than Ellen. Tara gave the comfort and love Ellen had failed to give her. The red earth of Tara gave her the ideas and strength that she needed and she always felt safe when she was on her father's land.

"One day Rose Amelie," Gerald said, breaking the peaceful silence between them. "I shall take back to Ireland where we O'Hara's truly belong puss. Won't you like that my pretty Rose? A trip to Ireland just with you, me, and we can take Pork along?"

"Oh yes, Pa," Rosalie agreed, eager to impress her Pa. "Ireland sounds wonderful! Perhaps, next March during the spring time. Then we can see the beautiful flowers over in Ireland and see all those sights you promised to take me to see. But... Pa? What about Tara?"

"Mrs O'Hara will look after Tara for us," Gerald replied, his face lighting up with pride at the mention of Ellen. Rosalie smiled at her father's devotion to her mother, thinking how beautiful it is to be in love. If only her mother loved him back...

"And also," Gerald added, breaking Rosalie's train of thoughts. "It will be good practice for Katie Scarlett. That way she'll know how to run Tara just like Mrs O'Hara."

"Scarlett," Rosalie repeated sardonically, her young gay face turning dark. Though she tried her best not to let any sign of jealousy slip away from her, but Gerald noticed. He always noticed.

"Now puss, I won't have you talking about your own sister like that, God's Nightgown she's your own twin."

Rosalie refrained from rolling her eyes and urged to reply haughtily that she didn't even consider Scarlett as her own twin, but she bit her tongue and swallowed her pride. After all, a lady mustn't ever say anything so nasty.

"By why must Scarlett have Tara, Pa?" Rosalie asked politely, instead. "Why Scarlett? I could handle Tara so much better than her. Scarlett doesn't know or care anything about Tara and she wouldn't know how to run a plantation all by herself with a hundred darkies, horses, cows, turkeys, goats, sheep, and pigs under her command."

"All in good time, my pretty Rose," Gerald smiled at his second eldest fondly. "Your sister will eventually discover her love for land and know that Tara runs in her blood and without it she would die."

"But Pa," she could see that see was grating on her father's nerves by whining like Suellen but she just couldn't help it. "You know how much Tara means to me. You know how much land means to me since I'm half-Irish too. Why if Tara got sold to some meddlesome Yankee I would certainly die of a broken heart!" Rosalie cried dramatically, as she dismounted off of Artemis.

"Now my pretty Rosie," Gerald answered soothingly, as he dismounted his own steed with much less grace than his daughter. "Don't you forget, you're sister is half-Irish too and as God as my witness no Yankee will ever set foot on Tara as long as I live and hopefully Katie-Scarlett will do the same."

"God help any man, Yankee or not, who comes across Scarlett," Rosalie replied haughtily, but Gerald, thank the lord, did not notice her sour tone and only let out a raucous laughter. As they proudly stood on the potato hill, Rosalie couldn't help but admire her Tara's breathtaking scenery. The light cotton plants slowly swayed in the warm summer breeze, gently collected by hundreds of darkies that look liked black spots from where Rosalie stood and the grand white columned home of her father's stood tall and proud but with a peaceful atmosphere surrounding it. She could briefly make out Cade Calvert and the Tarleton Boys sitting with Scarlett on the front porch, while she heard melodies coming from a piano softly float towards her ears, causing Rosalie to grin. Obviously, Suellen was showing off her musical skills to try and capture the boys' attention by playing louder than she normally did (but with no success).

"Oh Pa," Rosalie sighed wistfully, tearing her eyes away from the sight before her with much difficulty. "I know Scarlett's the eldest and all by why Scarlett? It's always Scarlett this and Scarlett that, why can't I have Tara for a change? You know I can run this place better than any of my sisters."

"My dear pretty Rose," Gerald chuckled, drawing her into a warm comforting hug. "You have nothing to worry about my dear. You are the most fairest belle in the whole county, though don't go tell Katie Scarlett that for she'll be mighty jealous."

"I won't Pa," Rosalie giggled, dizzy with the newfound delight that her Pa called her prettier than her snobby twin. "You know I'm no tattle-tale like Suellen."

"But I have my own reason for passing Tara to your twin," Gerald continued in a serious tone, matching his equally serious face. "Your sister is too…"

"Temperamental?" Rosalie offered sarcastically.

"Precisely," Gerald agreed, much to Rosalie's surprise and humor. "Your sister may be the belle of all three counties but how will she catch a suitable husband if she doesn't learn to control that temper of her's? Much less, what happens if she doesn't find a husband herself? No, I need Katie Scarlett to look after Tara once I pass on. You on the other hand are bound to be accepting proposals soon, or so I hear."

God help the man that ever becomes the husband of that witch, Rosalie thought to herself darkly. But for the sake of her Pa, Rosalie smiled and forgot all about Scarlett. She smiled for her Pa, she smiled for Tara, and most of all, she smiled for herself. After all, she had everything she wanted. All was good, and life was perfect.