This is my Pre-take that I wrote for the Fandom 4 Autism, I hope that you enjoy it as much as you do my story of Heaven Sent. This one is from Bella's POV.

I just want to thank both Pienuniek and Chandra for all their help on this. One for encouraging me, helping me and pushing me, the other for her Beta skills. I wouldn't be here without either of them.

Eden Sent

~ A Heaven Sent Pre-take ~

Pen Name: Bubbleybear

Pairing/Characters: Edward/Bella

Fandom: Twilight

Rating: T

Warnings: None

Disclaimer: The author does not own any publicly recognizable entities herein. No copyright infringement is intended.

Beta: Chandrakanta

Pre-readers: Pienuniek

Banner By: Bubbleybear

Summery: I knew about him at sixteen, saw him for the first time at seventeen. I couldn't wait to get to Earth to find him. At last the day has come, will he accept our bond?

~*~Eden Sent~*~

A few years ago, when I had just started the earth equivalent of high school, my great-great-grandmother Mikail had come to the school to advise me that I would be taking a separate class from all of the other students. It would be a class for just me and I would be learning from her.

For those of you who don't know, my name is Isabella Swan—Bella if you please—and I am an angel.

Mikail, better known to my brother and I as Mimi, is Mother Earth. She is the Angel responsible for looking after the earth, making sure it thrives and doesn't die from all the production taking place on it. I think she does a fabulous job.

Anyway, like I was saying, Mimi came to me at school to tell me that I had a special class just for me, where I would learn her craft, although at the time I wasn't sure why.

~*~Eden Sent~*~

Over the next few years I practiced and honed what had become my craft. After I had started, I felt more centered in myself, like something had shifted and settled. My mother Renee loved that I practiced at home because her garden had never looked better. She beamed at me whenever I managed to make her flowers bloom brighter than any others.

Although I did see the looks that she gave me when she thought I wasn't looking: it was sad and kind of resigned. I wasn't sure what that was about either.

I continued on with all my lessons, including flying and taking care of a charge in case you were given a Guardian Angel assignment once you finished school. Although that was a coveted position and one to work towards after doing everything else. The other coveted position that you had to earn a position for was to become an Angel of Death. That one had to be given to people with specific dispositions, ones that could help someone cross over to the other side.

I was lucky that I had several people in my family to look up to. It didn't matter what I wanted to be, there was someone there who could help and guide me.

First there was my great-great-grandfather Samail, better known as Papa, and he is the very first Angel of Death.

Of course there is also my great-great-grandmother Mikail. There is no one better to look up to than Mother Earth.

Also there were my grandparents, Amos and Alison, or Poppa and Gamma. Poppa was both a Justice Angel and a self-made Angel; he had created the way we could communicate over long distances and between realms, in the shape of the Soul Projectors. You twisted the top and it projected an image of the person with the other ball connected to it. It was a fantastic invention and that was one of his purposes in Eden, to make more and keep them running.

Gamma was the first Guardian Angel in our family. I looked up to her too. She decided to never have more than one charge at a time and made sure to make time for her family in between them. She didn't want to get overwhelmed with them; that could lead to mistakes. She was the person whom my own mother strived to be like.

Then there were my parents, Charlie and Renee. My daddy was the first to be able to rise to an Angel of Death status in our family after Samail. It was a big deal to any family in Eden to have one. An honor. Daddy had the perfect disposition to be one. He was kind, caring, and loving. He could chat someone's ear off if he had to, but his quiet demeanor was what helped people the most to come to terms with the fact that they were dying and he was to help them come home.

My mother was, of course, the second Guardian Angel in our family. Like I said before, she strove to be just like Gamma, and that is how she conducted herself too. It was hard, sometimes, having them both with assignments that took them to Earth, but we had a loving family who helped to raise us. Eden's whole motto was 'it takes a village to raise a child' and that's how my family survived.

I should have explained to you about Eden.

Eden is the place the Gods made for the original angels to spend time at when they needed a break or had a break between assignments. They expanded it when they created their mates and expanded it again when the children came along. Now it expands as needed, without the Gods' help. Eden is infinite.

It happens to be the most beautiful place in all the universes, in my humble opinion. It looked like the largest rainforest, mixed in with the prettiest gardens, all meeting up with the most gorgeous coastlines. It had animals of all kinds, including some that were extinct. I believe that it has some that have never been seen before. All the buildings were made out of natural products but were designed into the most intricate patterns. There was never-ending room to run, play, and spend time with your family. I couldn't wait to have my own family to share that beautiful place.

The other adult family member in Eden was Aunt Alida; she's Daddy's sister, Gods help her. The poor thing just wasn't all there with us anymore.

The two people in our family I haven't mentioned are my great-grandmother Didyme—known as Granma, she had disappeared and that's all I knew—and my little brother Seth.

I wanted do my best, to become someone he could look up to like I did to all of my known ancestors.

~*~Eden Sent~*~

I had turned sixteen a few months earlier and the time had come for the teachers to hand out the assignments that the Gods had decided would be our start position when we graduated. Most of my fellow pupils were handed things like Cupid, Justice, and Healing Angel; the angels who spread love, acted as lawyers in Eden, and those who would become our doctors. Those functions had a specific time frame and weren't a lifelong commitment like the Guardian Angels; they would be their back-up force until they would be chosen to become one themselves.

I became upset when it became clear that I wouldn't be given an assignment. I walked home almost in tears because I didn't know what I was to become, what I was supposed to work towards. Was I destined to do nothing?

When I got home I noticed that nobody was there but Poppa.

"Hey, my girl, what's with the tears?" he asked.

With that the flood gates opened. "Oh, Poppa," I blubbered while throwing myself into his arms.

"Oh, sweetie, what's the matter? Nothing could be worth all these tears," he cooed, calming me down. "Here, we don't have to talk about it. But look, I've got something to show you."

He handed me a photo album, after opening it up to a picture I had never seen before.

"She looks like me. Who is it, Poppa?"

"That, my girl, is your great-grandmother. A beauty just like you. She had many of the same powers that you do. Linked to nature, the earth, and the sea. You are a special young angel, Bella. Do you know what kind of angel you are?" Poppa replied.

"No, Poppa. I haven't been given an assignment yet. My teacher tells me that I will be told soon because I turned sixteen not long ago." I sniffled.

"You will be told today, my sweet girl. It's my duty as your grandfather to give you your assignment as your father couldn't be here today. Know he wanted to, but a very important figure was passing on today and he was given that assignment as a show of good faith." He paused, seeming to know this was going to be hard for both of us.

"Bella, you are one of only two angels that hold this position. You were born specifically for this position. To advise you of your duty, I first need to go back and tell you the past. Listen carefully, because it will explain your future, okay?" he implored.

I nodded; I was excited to learn about my assignment and curious as to why there weren't more of my kind out there.

"Please remember that we don't have all of the information of what happened to your great-grandmother, so I'll tell you what I know. But let's start at the beginning…"

And that is what he did.

He told me all about how the Gods began as a group of beings who looked after all the inhabitants on all the planets. When the Gods could no longer keep up with the demands of the growing populations, they created the Original Angels to help them. When it became too much for just the Originals, they created mates for them to be able to marry and have angel children who would grow up to become helpers or workers for the Originals.

Poppa told me how there was no mate for my great-great-grandfather Samail, the Angel of Death, to start with, but when the Gods realized the earth needed help, they created a specific angel called Mikail and made her Mother Earth. She was to be Samail's mate. They advised them that their line would create Earth Angels, those that are destined to live on Earth after their training had been complete and they were mated to a being on Earth. The catch would be that the Earth Angels would be girls, and just the first born to a descendant of their line. When Mikail became pregnant they knew that she was to have a girl as she needed the help; she was promoted to a place on the Governing Council. And not long after gave birth to my great-grandmother Didyme.

While Didyme grew up, she learned all of the things I had been learning, and when she turned sixteen she was told of her destiny, much like I was told at that moment. Somehow things went awry and Didyme ended up married to an Eden man, not her mate. Not long after the ceremony, she'd given birth to Poppa, and she disappeared after that.

After her disappearance, her husband was ejected from Eden after being made into a Fallen, destined to live life as a human again and again until Samail's name was cleared. And we knew that because even Gods and angels are susceptible to gossip.

I had been so engrossed in the story, but here I interrupted. "What do you mean, Poppa?"

"I don't know, my sweet girl. He won't talk about it, and rightly so. It's up to him when and why he tells us. Until then we leave it alone," he answered.

"What happened next, Poppa?" I inquired uncertain, as I could see he was upset.

"I grew up and became a Justice Angel, met your Grandmother Alison, and had our beautiful babies, your father and your aunt Alida, Gods help her. Charlie climbed the ranks and made me proud the day he became an Angel of Death. He married your mother Renee, who makes a beautiful Guardian Angel, and had you and your brother Seth. We knew that you would have a very special destiny. Can you guess what that is?" he asked of me.

"Am I to be an Earth Angel, Poppa? I'm going to have to leave you all?" He could see I was becoming upset at leaving everyone I knew and loved.

"Not just yet, my beautiful girl. You still have some learning to do, and you won't leave us until you see your mate in the Looking Pool. Every day from the day you turn seventeen, you will go and look in the pool, looking for your mate. Yes, you will have to leave us to live a life on Earth, but there are perks. You'll be mated to a supernatural creature so you will live on eternally. Unless he passes on, because you know that we cannot outlive our mate for long. The biggest perks of all are that you will be able to visit home and bring him with you. We can keep in touch and see each other. We can visit you too, as long as we know where you are, never forget that," Poppa reassured me, happy to see that I was more relaxed, and even happier at the thought that I wasn't just different. I was special.

~*~Eden Sent~*~

So after that day I continued on with my studies and practiced everything more than ever.

I felt awed that I was destined to become something that has happened just once before. I was hoping that, maybe, I could find my Granma one day on Earth.

When the day came that I turned seventeen, I couldn't wait until I looked into the Looking Pool. I had hope that it wouldn't take too long to see who my mate was.

It took almost six months for me to see him, but when I did I fell head over heels in an instant. He was the most handsome man I had ever seen. I couldn't wait to get my fingers on that jaw or in that hair; it looked amazing.

After swooning for a little bit longer, I ran out of the Looking Pool building and started running all through Eden, trying to find my family to tell them of my good news. I knew they'd be happy for me.

I was running through the streets, looking for a place to take off so I could fly, but there were just too many angels crowding them today. It felt like they were holding me up on purpose and trying to keep me from my mate, so I just had to make do with running as fast as I could.

At last I made it home, rushing through the front door, glad that all of my family was here. Well, except for Aunt Alida, but she's off in her own world most of the time anyway.

"Momma, Daddy, guess what?" I squealed out in excitement.

Although that tone of voice had everyone looking at me in anticipation with their eyebrows raised, without a doubt asking me 'What?' without saying a word.

"I saw him, I saw him today! I saw my Edward! He's so handsome and I have to get ready to go; it won't be long until I'm being sent down to find him," I rushed out, while trying to leave the room.

I was in a hurry to get to him, after all. I mean, who wouldn't be?

"Now wait a minute, baby girl. Are you going to describe him and tell us what he is, or are you going to make us guess?" Daddy was slowing me up. I had to pack!

"Daddy!" I whined. I wanted to be ready!

He waved his hand around, expecting me to tell them everything.

I sighed in happiness. I was smitten, I knew that, and I hadn't even met him yet. "He's simply handsome, Daddy. He has bronze hair that sticks up all over the place as if it has a mind of its own, and golden eyes, a sharp jaw, and he's just the right height, about a foot taller than me. He's a vampire, Daddy, and you know how hard they are to kill, so I'm going to have a very long life with him. Isn't that wonderful?

"His name is Edward Anthony Masen and he is part of the animal drinker coven, the Cullens, which currently live on the Olympic Peninsula in the USA. I can't wait to find him when I get to Earth. I promise to bring him home as soon as I can." With that I rushed out of the room to pack my bags before anyone else could ask me anything else.

It took a few months before everything was ready for me to head to Earth to find him. I stood in the Rainbow Room with my father and Seth; I'd already said goodbye to all of my grandparents and my mother. She was too weepy to see me off, she said; I knew she was going to miss me as I was going to miss her.

I gave Seth a huge hug, promising that I would see him as soon as I found Edward, and that Edward was going to love him just as he was.

Daddy had been given the day off to see me off to Earth. He walked up to me and wrapped me up in one of his signature hugs; I loved these.

He released me a little. "Now you promise to be careful, Bella. You bring him home to meet us as soon as you can, okay?"

"Yes, Daddy, I promise. I'll bring him soon. I love you so much, Daddy. I'll see you soon."

Daddy pulled me back into a hug, before he pushed me away again. This time he had wet eyes. "Go on then, baby girl. Live and be happy. I love you."

I gave one more wave to them before turning and stepping onto the Rainbow to take me to Earth.

~*~Eden Sent~*~

Just a couple more days and I would be in the same city as my mate. I couldn't believe it had taken this long to find him.

When I'd landed on Earth, I thought that I would be able to find him straight away. I knew about the mating bond and how it would pull us together so that we would be able to find each other. What I hadn't counted on was the fact that, because I had just arrived on Earth, it wasn't strong enough yet.

I had managed to get a weak enough connection to lead me in the right direction, but I was held up for a few months after coming across a little town south of Seattle that needed some help. Not just in the department of flora and fauna, but the townspeople needed help too. I stayed long enough that the pull led me to Seattle, once there I realized that I had missed him by a few weeks.

He'd graduated from UDub and moved on before I could get there.

I walked around Seattle for a couple of weeks, looking at things that he may have done, and checked out the UDub campus. I even sat in on a few classes just to see what it was like when he was here.

In time the pull got strong enough again that it started leading me across the country, getting stronger and stronger by the day. I met and helped many wonderful people while on my travels. I helped the earth where it seemed to be struggling a little and even saw the changes in the seasons. That was a beautiful thing to behold.

And all that led me to camping a couple of days outside of Colorado Springs; close to Edward at last.

~*~Eden Sent~*~

At last the day had come that I was going to see Edward; I was so excited it hurt.

I'd stashed my bag at the bus depot, after having a shower and changing into the prettiest blue sundress and sandals I found earlier. It was, after all, a beautiful day.

The pull was leading me to a high school in town, which I'd overheard the kids call The Claremont. He was in there; I could feel it.

All of a sudden, I felt a lurch to the bond. Knowing that someone was threatening it made me move a little faster.

I walked into the front office, hoping to charm the secretary into telling me which classroom was Edward's. I didn't like to use my Angel Charm on people, but desperate times called for desperate measures.

Opening the door, I saw a wonderful little old lady sitting at the reception desk. She looked like many of the grandmotherly types I'd seen on my travels. I would have to reward her with a wish granted when my powers worked, because I hated manipulating people to do what I wanted.

I walked with confidence up to the desk, I thought I'd been too quiet but noticed that she was reading some racy romance novel and it had kept her engrossed. "Um, excuse me?"

The poor lady jumped out of her skin. "Oh, uh… sorry, dear, I didn't hear you come in. My name is Mrs. Cope. How may I help you?"

I began to act a little flustered, looking through my pockets. "Oh, um, I supposed to be sitting in on a class, um…" I continued on looking, "as a student teacher, but I seem to have misplaced the name…" I looked for a little longer. "I'm so sorry for this. My name is Bella Swan."

"No, no, dear, it's all right, take your time."

"Aha!" I exclaimed, pulling out the paper that was hidden in my hand. "Here it is. Um… it's a history class with the teacher being a Mr. Masen?"

"Yes, yes, I remember processing that paperwork," she replied, even though I knew that there wasn't any. At the end of the day, the end justifies the means, although I felt guilty for it. "Yes, his room is on the top floor. If you go up the stairs and turn to the right, follow it all the way down to the end; that's his room."

"Thank you so much, Mrs. Cope. I really appreciate it."

"Not a problem, deary, now off you go. Class has already begun." She shooed me off with a wave of her hand.

I waved to her as I walked out the door and she got back to her book.

I walked to the left of the office where the stairs were. Climbing them fast enough that I was moving fast but not too fast if anyone saw me, I was at the top in no time.

I turned to the right and ran down the hall, feeling the pull give an almost lurching tug because I was close to him.

Although Mrs. Cope had told me this was his room, I couldn't help wondering a little in my thoughts.

Please let him be here, I thought. I've been looking everywhere since landing. The pull; it's so strong. I can feel it coming from here… Although I felt that threat to the pull before… I wonder who tried to threaten it?

I heard a child ask him a question, using his name. Thank goodness I'd found him. I looked at the floor while taking a few deep breaths to center myself as I opened the door. The class had gone quiet and I felt his eyes on me.

Once I looked up, though, I was gone. I felt the bond pull tighter, and I just fell that much harder. He was even more gorgeous than I remembered. That bronze hair, his jaw line, and those eyes that I could look into forever.

He was watching me and didn't seem to be breathing. I'd forgotten where we were, but even though I knew it was him I had to confirm it.

I knew from watching him in the Looking Pool that he seemed to read minds, so I lifted my shield to ask, 'Edward…Edward Masen? Vampire history teacher? Member of the Cullen Coven?'

He looked a little confused at first but gave a subtle nod to me when my eyes turned pleading.

I sighed mentally. 'Thank goodness. I've finally found you. I've been trying to find you, Edward, for years now.'

I had started walking towards him, wanting to complete the bond before it drove me mad, but he gave a subtle shake of his head. For a tiny split second I was hurt that he didn't want me, until he looked around the room, reminding me of where we were. Oops. I could feel myself blush.

"Oh, uh… excuse me, sir. I'm sorry for running late, but I'm the student teacher that has been approved to sit in your class," I improvised, using the tale that I'd told poor Mrs. Cope.

"Of course you can, Miss…" Oh, that voice.

Oh, uh, the question… "Swan. Bella Swan, sir."

"Right, Miss Swan. Please take a seat and I'll continue on with my lesson."

I gave him a slight nod this time, before turning and taking a seat in the front row. It's about as far as the bond would let me be away from him.

I could feel his eyes on me even as I sat and looked up at him. It didn't seem that he was going to start again, so I figured I had to give him a little push.

'Edward, are you okay? Do I need to leave until you are done? I know this is distracting and I promise I can tell you everything, but please just get them all started. Okay?'

He turned from me then, nodding to the class and then instructing them on what they were doing that day. He took a seat at his desk, picking up some papers and trying to figure out how to communicate.

'If you speak at vampire pitch I can hear you, Edward. Just make it look like you're reading the questions to yourself, okay?'

He nodded again, looking frazzled and a little bit nervous.

His first question, however, was not a surprise. "How do you know who and what I am?"

To me honesty was the way to go. That was how I was going to answer all of his questions.

'I'm your mate, Edward. I've known about you for years now,' I thought to him. 'I've been trying to find you and I almost found you at the University of Washington. Unfortunately, I was held up and got there a few weeks after your graduation. By then you'd already moved on. It's taken this long to get the mating pull to narrow down where you had gone to.'

I watched as a confused look crossed his face before he lifted his hand to rub at his chest. I knew that feeling, because I could feel it pull so hard in his direction.

'You feel it too, don't you?' He nodded but I think it was involuntary. 'The pull; it's so strong right now because it wants us to connect in some way. Something small to start: holding hands or a hug, even a small kiss. Now that we're so close it needs that small physical connection to settle down and initiate the bonding. It won't be quite so bad after that.'

I'm so glad that I had read up on the mating bond of angels. Even if it didn't describe what was happening now, it was similar to that of an Angel Bond.

"I've not felt anything like this before," he whispered. "Not even before I graduated from UDub. Why is it so bad now? Don't think I didn't notice you not answering about how you know about me. Are you sure you're my mate? You're human."

I expected this line of thinking. Vampires are stubborn creatures by nature, according to the schooling we had. I knew he wouldn't accept it right off the bat.

He was looking at me, but I wasn't sure he was seeing the differences between me and the children.

'Are you sure I'm human, Edward? I mean really take a good look at me, see anything different?'

He then started to look at me with intent. I froze the students around me, knowing that my eyes would flash a brilliant violet. He started to look around at the students, like he couldn't quite believe what was happening.

I brought his thoughts back to my direction by standing up and changing my hair to several different colors, including a brilliant green that I loved. Afterwards I sat back down and let the children out of their frozen state.

He watched me, wide eyed, for a minute, before he asked the question I was waiting on. "What are you?"

'Me?' I questioned. 'I'm your mate, Edward, you know that, you can feel it. I'm something you've actually come across. Not that you would have noticed, we're very good at hiding what we are. We have to be. There are plenty of us around; you'll probably notice us more now that you'll be interacting with me. Because what I am is completely yours, and that includes all our little nuances.'

"You like talking in riddles, don't you?" he asked, getting a little frustrated. I hadn't meant to. "I feel this pull between us, I know that mates feel it. Why I didn't recognize it before, I don't know. Why didn't I feel it at Udub? Please, Bella, what are you?"

'I don't mean to talk in riddles, my love,'I apologised in my thoughts. 'The reason you didn't recognize the pull is because it's different between us because of what I am. You didn't feel it at UDub because it obviously wasn't the right time for us. It's why I was held up and missed your graduation. What vampires feel for their mates is strong, yes, and they know where their mates are. Us, though, ours will tell us when there is a threat to our bond. Something happened to you earlier and it gave a huge tug, didn't it?'

He nodded but didn't say anything. He knew I had more to say.

'My love, what I am… is something that you may not understand at first. I promise to tell you everything later, so please don't push in here. You don't want to alert your students to something being wrong.'

I stood up after freezing the students again, stood in the middle of the classroom, and spread my arms wide. I let out the blinding white light, watching as he had to cover his eyes. When he was able to look back at me, I was standing there with my six foot wide wings, all glowing white. I looked at him with trepidation on my face, but told him with a little hesitation, "My dear Edward, I am an angel."

He thumped back into his chair. "Wow."

"Mmhmm," I agreed, folding up my wings and taking my seat.

I watched him, unsure if I did the right thing, and to see if he was ready for the students to come around again.

He nodded at me after he picked up some of the paperwork on his desk to look over. I gave him time to take in everything that I had told him.

We stayed quiet until the end of the day.

It was hard to stay in my seat and not try to touch him; the pull was getting stronger the more we were around each other. I had to touch him, and I hoped he was going to get these kids out of class soon.

"That's it for today, class. Don't forget to study for the possible pop quiz on Friday. Prepare and study. There are signup sheets for tutors outside the door and for study groups in the library. I don't offer tutoring personally, so don't ask."

I watched the children as he made his last statement for the day. The girls caused me to roll my eyes at all the disappointed faces. Did they think a teacher would go after a student? I mean, wasn't that illegal?

Besides, I would defend our bond against all odds.

"Go… shoo. We're done for the day."

As soon as the last person was out the door, I was up and out of my seat, wrapping my arms around him because I couldn't wait another minute. His arms wrapped around me and held me as tight as he dared.

I'd have to tell him later that he could use all his strength; he couldn't hurt me.

There was no greater feeling in all the universes than this one right here.

At least not one that I'd experienced yet…

~*~Eden Sent~*~