Summer Menage III



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Dear Diary (Pink)
Mercedes PoV

The time between the MTV Movie awards and the end of the school year flew by in a fit stop kind of hurry up then wait haze. Immediately after we got back to campus, we were in advisement meetings to set our schedule for fall term. I don't know about Sam's or Noah's advisers, but both of mine seemed to be more than a little shocked that I was actually coming back the next year. But I was definitely finishing my degree. Platinum tracks or not…my family would have been so disappointed in me if I didn't get my degree. The day after we had to submit our registration for fall term was Puck's birthday. We did whatever he wanted that day. Thankfully I didn't have to sing a lick for a while…because skipping classes to make love over and over and over again all day was certainly not conducive to hitting sustained high notes.

We had a nice dinner with the entire crew and they gave him some really nice gifts. Santana got him a set of shot glasses with the mug shots of famous gangsters on them. Brittany gave him a great painting that was cool and looked deep, but none of us got it. Artie's gift was cool…but rather unnecessary. He gave Puck a collection of the top ten porn videos of the twenty-thirteen. Blaine went for the safe thing, a gift certificate to Game Stop. The tenants bought the dinner and that was their gift, which just told us that we had the very best tenants any landlord and ever had, ever. Kurt had gone last because his gift heralded mine and Sam's. When Puck opened the 'Pirate Bandit on a Bandit' helmet, he looked confused as hell. "Fairy?"

"You'll understand in a minute," was all Kurt would say.

And he did. Sam and I had gotten him a red and black Harley Davidson Street Seven-fifty. It was brand new and we'd customized it for him with special black and red wheels. It was awesome. We dragged him to his new space in the garage. "Holy, fucking, hell. This is the most boss thing ever." Suffice it to say that he showed his gratitude for his birthday gift with more, extended lovemaking that left both me and Sam almost unable to move the next morning.

The following Monday, we met with Haja, Brantley and Hudson to see what we needed to do to help them be successful at making us successful. That meeting went well into the evening and it was more invigorating than doing that dumbass Polar Bear thing…we decided to buy an office space for all our 'administrative or management type employees, and Uncle Ethan who decided to move to New York and concentrate fully on entertainment and contract law with us as his primary clients. I was happy as hell about that. His kids were adorable. The next day was Sam, Puck and my anniversary. We went back to Amore La Vie for dinner, then we joined our New York friends at Webster Hall.

We said that we weren't going to get each other gifts, but not one of us kept to our agreement. I knew that Puck needed motorcycle leathers. So I had, in the back of my mind, known that I was going to get him those for our anniversary before we ever said we'd be good and not buy each other anything. My mother had convinced me that since we weren't using our real estate purchases to build our credit ratings, I should probably get a personal credit card. The ones we had for our big purchases were actually held jointly, so they helped our personal credit scores but mainly it helped our corporation's. After considering my options, I'd decided to go for a Neiman Marcus card. Since they had given me one with an almost ridiculously high limit, I made it a point to get anything I didn't want the guys to be able to see on the site where we could monitor and pay our main credit card account with my Neiman card. I was able to get Puck a Helmut Lang black leather aviator jacket that looked like it was designed just for him, I added a pair of black leather Ralph Lauren 'defender' moto-cargo jeans. I finished it all off with a pair of Jimmy Choo Stanford calf leather moto boots in black.

As I was checking out, the sales clerk seemed to have a problem with the fact that I was making such a large purchase on a store card. Or should I say he seemed to have a problem with me doing so while not being white. It got so bad, I asked to see a manager. I may also have let Darcy know what was going on. Social media wasn't just a time suck, it could be a great weapon and a defense when necessary. Apparently the manager was not just smarter than the sales associate. He was also a fan. When he came over he was a whole different story. "Ms. Jones. What a pleasure it is to have you in our lovely store this afternoon." He said graciously. "My wife and I saw you and your husbands perform at the Warner Halloween Concert Ball. Your song 'Color Blind' was so beautiful it made her cry."

"Thank you so much." I smiled and signed an autograph for his wife.

"Now, what seems to be the problem today?" he said helpfully.

I smiled warmly. "Your sales associate seems to have a problem with how I choose to pay for the gifts I'm getting Puck for our anniversary." I stated simply.

The associate behind the counter looked defiant. "She is making a purchase of over five thousand dollars on a store card. I simply asked her for verification of her identity."

"You asked for two forms of photo ID." I said reasonably. "Then when I gave you my driver's license and student ID, you were, first, extremely rude then you claimed that you couldn't accept either."

"It is an out of state license." He said smugly.

"I'm an Ohio native living in Harlem, primarily, because I attend school at Columbia." I said reasonably. "That has no bearing on the matter at hand. First of all, this city is known around the world as one of the biggest tourist destinations in the entire country. I'm sure that you wouldn't treat a German or British tourist like this. Second of all, I could have had a New York license with an address in Morningside Heights and it would have been far more transient because it would have been a campus apartment. My reason for demanding that your manager join the conversation was because you very clearly muttered that I couldn't really have a platinum level store card. Which meant that you either thought I was committing credit card fraud with absolutely no justification…unless you had a reason?" My tone of voice left no doubt as to what I was referring,

He damned himself with his next words, "It is store policy that we must make sure that we protect our shoppers from identity theft and our stores from the inventory loss associated there with."

I rolled my eyes. "And you chose to use apply that policy to me because?" I drew out the last word of the question giving him time to answer. When he didn't or couldn't, I continued. "It was because, and I quote…you really should learn to keep your thoughts to yourself, by the way…no way does this jumped up little nigga bitch have this kind of credit."

He was fired and I walked out of that store with a gift card with enough money on it that I would be able to get Uncle Ethan and Amanda a great house warming gift, and a personal apology from the Manager as well as his promise that all his store personnel would be trained better. I was feeling far too pissed off to look for Sam's gift that day, so I headed home to wrap and hide Puck's gift. But that feeling changed the second I saw an advertisement for an art supply store. Gabby had told me that when he was young Sam had wanted to be an artist. He wanted to draw his own comic books. I switched trains and made my way to the East Village location of Jerry's Palette Shop. That store had to be artist Mecca. With the help of a store clerk, I found Sam a beautiful wooden chest that contained forty-six different colors of oil paint, painting knives, brushes, palette cups and everything else an artist might need. I got him a really boss easel and canvases and rolls of canvas and frames because apparently real artists like to wrap, or stretch or something, their own. I stopped myself from over spending…Puck's stuff had come to a shade over five thousand, so I made sure that Sam's stuff was the same. Thankfully Jerry's was more than happy to deliver everything, because there was no way in hell I was going to manage to get all that stuff from the East Village up to Harlem.

We woke up early the morning of our anniversary and exchanged our gifts after making love. Noah had gotten me and Sam our own helmets for if or when we rode with him, Sam's was made to look like a stormtrooper's helm, only as black as Darth Vader. The one he had gotten me was silver with purple EL wire making a cool design. He also gave me a pair of Paloma Picasso olive leaf hoop earrings from Tiffany's that were really gorgeous. He gave Sam a Diesel Black Gold shearling lined leather biker jacket, a pair of Belstaff quilted leather moto pants and the exact same boots I'd gotten for him. When he realized how similar his gift to Sam was to my gift for him he laughed and merely said, "Great minds really do think alike."

Sam laughed, "Oh you have no idea." He passed me a small wrapped box. When I unwrapped it, it was to find Tiffany blue. Inside was a Paloma Picasso olive leaf vine pendant that went perfectly with the earrings Puck had gotten for me. Then he passed me a box that obviously contained apparel. He had also gotten me an Escada Embroidered Leather Moto Jacket that was feminine enough to wear over a dress, but sturdy enough to wear if I ever got on the back of Puck's bike. "Kurt helped me get something that you would love and with the size a little bit."

"I do love it. I love you." We kissed until breathing became an issue. Then Noah and I kissed until our lungs demanded oxygen too. They loved my gifts to them as much as I'd loved theirs to me and when we went out that night I wore my earrings and my necklace.

We made it through the rest of the semester without too much in class drama though as I understood it Santana couldn't say the same. We fought our way through finals at least one of our teachers decided that they preferred long ass papers or big ass projects to actual final exams so it was a hard fought battle. We were actually fairly confident that we had done well enough to maintain all our merit scholarships and to be invited back for the following year. Before we left campus for the summer, the three of us spent two hours at the financial assistance office setting up a new scholarship for the school that would go to deserving students with economic backgrounds similar to what had happened to the Evans. Before we knew it, it was time to head out for the first part of our festival tour.

I had to state that riding in a caravan of big ass RVs was definitely one way to see the good old US of A. Now first of all let me say I was not complaining and that Gwen Abrams was an amazing business manager. She had arranged the RVs with a company she and Artie's dad knew from way back in the day. The three RVs she rented us for the summer were forty-two footers that slept eight each. They also had the ability to tow things and we bought a six foot by ten foot cargo trailer that hauled all our instruments, amps, performance gear and that kind of stuff so that we'd only need to have people and their day to day luggage in the RVs. Of course, everyone had an acoustic version of their instruments, or a smaller keyboard in my case and in Justin's, which they brought with them in the RVs to practice or work on new songs with. The way we broke things down, Santana, Artie and Brittany were in with Hudson, Sam, Noah and I. Deborah had hired us three CDL drivers, Brock, Van and Jacob. Van had our vehicle. Brock had the one that most often held Damien and Adam, Xena, Rainbow, Bianca and Elena. And Jacob drove the one Erica, Cassidy, Justin, Dave, Jackson, and Simeon rode in. The drivers were all big and brawny men that doubled as security and they were huge teddy bears. Brock and Van were only about eight to ten years older than us while Jacob was about thirty-two. They were great about explaining to us how and why they did things. Like the reason we pulled out from New York at eleven at night. They preferred to drive at night because there was usually less traffic and if they got their sleep during the day, then we could practice while the RVs were stationary.

For our first stop, we were heading to the Riverfest Music festival in Little Rock Arkansas. While we all slept, Brock, Tan and Jacob drove through the night and we woke up at an RV park in Davy Crockett Birthplace State Park. The three of them slept in a rented cabin while we all took advantage of the park's 'stage' area to get in some open air practice…treating the park's visitors to an impromptu concert. After six hours, only two of which was spent practicing, the rest of the time we made use of the entertainment center in the RVs. Rather than splitting back up we all crowded together in one and watched TV. Thankfully Hudson had made sure that there was food in each of the RVs. She hadn't gotten anything to make major meals, though there was certainly enough cookware and stuff to do so, but things to make sandwiches and quick breakfast foods like cereal and pop tarts and plenty of water and drinks. So we were able to have breakfast and then lunch. Brock, Jacob and Van were back in their seats by half past two and we got back underway, after a short stop at a Sprawl-Mart supercenter so Hudson could restock the groceries in the RV we'd cleaned out earlier. I think everyone went in, and we lost an extra hour and a half of travel time, but it was hella fun. Apparently in Tennessee, Puck Sam and I could walk around a Sprawl-Mart separately without getting mobbed, but when we were together, people recognized us. That resulted in the later thirty minutes of the delay. But by the time Jacob and Brock managed to get us out, Hudson, Elena and Cassidy had gotten all the groceries put away.

We pulled into Little Rock around one in the morning. We checked into the Courtyard Marriott near the amphitheater where the festival was held and quickly got settled in our rooms. Since we'd been sleeping in the queen sized bed in the RV when we got to the hotel, we were actually pretty awake by the time we got checked in and got all of our clothing up to the room. Of course, we'd made slow and carefully quiet love in the RV, but in the privacy of the hotel room we could really enjoy ourselves. As soon as we grabbed some ice we locked up for the night and it was like someone had flipped a switched in my men. "Baby." I shivered, it had been too long since I had heard Sam call me that in tone of voice. "I want you to strip naked. Noah, I want you to go turn down the bed." He moved over and unzipped a very familiar bag.

Following his directive with absolute joy, I took off my comfy cute, teal and cream, 'I Need My Booty Sleep' pajama pants, my purple KAMA hoodie, my teal tank top and my sleeping around other people soft bra. Standing in the middle of our large one bedroom suite with its rather nice living room and the pretty king size bed that was calling our names in a very naughty tone of voice, I knew that I was right where I wanted and needed to be. Sam walked forward with my purple and black brocade corset and in a thrice he had me tied into it. He fastened my collar/choker around my neck then and I couldn't hold back the moan of pure want that slid from my throat. My body was yearning for their attention. No…not just their attention, but I needed them to lose all control. I needed them to take me and remind me that my body was theirs at least in those dark hours. Puck came towards me. "We need you, Babygirl. We need you too. If we get too rough, what do I want you to say?"

"Gum." I recited. We very rarely played deep enough to need a safe word. A word that I could say if Puck and Sam managed to find my absolute zero.

Sam looked up, "and yours, Noah?"

Puck looked over at our lover. "Rat." We had decided that one syllable words made the most sense for us. We tended to get monosyllabic in the heat of the moment.

Sam nodded. "Tonight, Baby, Noah's word won't be needed…but yours might." He said calmly. Crossing the distance between us, he removed the shirt he'd tossed on to come into the hotel. Soon both he and Noah were standing on either side of me, crowding into my personal space. "Tonight, we're going to take you hard and fast. We're going to make you want to scream, but you know that you can't. Even with everything Shelby taught us, if you scream as much as we're going to make you want to, you won't be able to perform and a lot of people have paid their hard earned money to come and see you. So you're going to be a good girl aren't you? You're going to be good and not scream too much no matter what we do to that delectable little body of yours, right?"

God, the things that he could do to me with just his voice. They hadn't touched me at all yet and I was already so wet I could feel the dew of me starting to leak out onto my thighs. "Oui Monsieur." I answered quietly.

"Good, Babygirl." Noah whispered. "Now, go over to the bed. Kneel on the bed facing the window." His instructions were always so clear and concise.

I followed them because I knew that I would be rewarded. I loved it when they rewarded me. I was not to be disappointed. Sam came around in front of me while Puck moved around to my wantonly displayed pussy and ass. His calloused hands rub over my ass, hips and thighs inflaming my senses and making me even wetter. Sam's hands were busy too, one grabbed my chin and tilted my head up for his kisses, the other slipped tripped over the taunt ribbons of the corset, teasing the skin bare between them. So drugged by Sam's kiss I almost missed the feel of Puck's hands spreading the cheeks of my ass. There was no missing the intense sensation of him fasting his lips to my puckered ass hole and licking and Frenching it until I was whining in the back of my throat. Sam' smirked against my lips. "You love the feel of Noah sucking and licking at your ass, don't you? You love it because it feels amazing and because you know that when he moves that tongue, he's gonna replace it with that big, thick cock of his…ain't that right Baby."

I could barely get out a small "Oui" in response. I was teetering close to the knife sharp edge of heaven and hell.

The fact that I got it out at all was a miracle. I was concentrating very hard on not falling over the edge until the command left Sam's lips. Puck must have known that too. "That's a perfect Babygirl. So fucking hot." He murmured before he resumed driving me out of my mind.

Sam was not one to be idle. Having teased the ladder of skin exposed by the wealth of ribbons down my back, he decided that each window of visible flesh should bear his mark. So mark me he did. Soon I was a whining, writhing mass between them only then did Sam give Puck the signal. I felt him move back for a hot minute and when he came back, the very next thing I felt was with his condom and lube covered cock replacing his mouth, just as Sam had taunted earlier. "Oh ho oh God." I gasped quietly. My fingers were clawing at the sheets in pleasure and my back was arched at the slight twinge of pain. I needed to cum so badly, but we had been playing the game for long enough that I knew better. I knew that there was no way that I could cum without permission and not face retribution. I wanted the loss of control. I didn't want the ruthless control that came with them having to focus on doling out a punishment.

"Baby, I'm going to fuck your pretty little mouth. I want you to make me cum. When you taste my cum on your tongue. Then, and only then, can you cum." He said imperiously. I felt even more fluid slip out of my pussy. I loved it when they took on these roles. But I didn't say anything. I couldn't do more than relax my lips and take Sam's cock deeply into the hot, wet cavern of my mouth. Had I said a word, I'd have screamed for sure. "That's good Baby. You are doing such a good job taking care of your throat." He praised.

As I pulled my head up his shaft, I kept my tongue stiff against the ridge on the underside of his cock. The moan that came from Sam at my action spurred me on. I licked and sucked as Puck stroked in and out of my ass. "Come on Babygirl. Work for that Sammy-Boy cream." He taunted next to my ear as his fingers gripped my hips tightly. He worked his hips so his balls were slapping my clit on every stroke. It was a delicious feeling that was not helping me to maintain control.

My suction increased as I mentally begged Sam to cum, "Oh God, Baby. I want…fuck yeah…suck me hard. Shit. I wanted to tease you more…but fuck your mouth feels so fucking good." He growled…as he flooded my mouth, I almost choked as my own orgasm took over me. Puck joined us in ecstasy and our cries of pleasure flooded the room. The next few hours were spent between the bathroom and the bed as we made love over and over. Finally, as the sun was coming through the curtains, Sam returned my collar to the 'toy case' and we fell into an exhausted sleep.

We had the whole of Wednesday to ourselves, well, once we woke up. So we elected to get out and see the city. Hudson was awesome. Assuming that we wouldn't want to be trapped in the hotel, she had made arrangements for us to have a large passenger van waiting when we got to the Arkansas capital city. After we'd toured the town, we all agreed that we needed to have food, real food that none of us had touched other than to eat. We were walking distance from a nice steak restaurant, so once everyone was refreshed after our tour of the city, Hudson made some last minute arrangements and the whole crew walked over to have a nice late lunch or early dinner at Sonny Williams Steakhouse. We ran into Josh Todd and Keith Nelson in the lobby and ended up with five more people joining us for dinner, but Hudson did a thing and suddenly it wasn't a problem at all.

The food was amazing. After spending way too much time trying to decide on my appetizer, I finally went with the chilled shrimp cocktail and then I made my own entrée paring the jumbo lump crabcakes with the ten ounce filet and adding steamed broccoli and sautéed spinach. That way I got both of the appetizers I'd wanted and was a full and happy woman after dinner. Over dinner there was so much laughter and joy. Sam paused eating his Cowboy ribeye and made the offer to Josh that we would pull 'Rescue Me' from our set list, but the Buckcherry front man pointed out that the cover was dissimilar enough from the original that we could easily play them back to back on the same stage and there were people who still wouldn't realize that it was the same song. After dinner there was sound check at the stage in the amphitheater. After not sleeping until after day break and still getting out and about fairly early, we made sure to call it an early night.

The next morning, I got up a little early. I felt like treating Sam and Noah a little bit, so I called room service and had them bring us up breakfast. By the time the guys got up breakfast was waiting. I had ordered a morning scramble of eggs, crisp bacon, sausage and bistro potatoes, and a side of cheese grits for Sam, thick cut French toast with fresh strawberries and country syrup and two orders of bacon for Puck, a healthy starter sandwich for me comprised of egg whites, roast turkey, spinach, Havarti cheese all served on an English muffin. The bistro even offered Starbucks, so I ordered myself a white chocolate mocha, for Puck I had them bring up a caramel macchiato with extra espresso and extra caramel, and for Sam, I ordered his guilty pleasure treat of a caramel cafe latte again with extra espresso and extra caramel. We had a nice leisurely breakfast and then we showered and got dressed for our day.

That summer, I quickly decided that the best thing about the music festival performances was that we didn't have to dress up as much…at all really. I had picked outfits that would look good, but wouldn't have me passing out in the late May southern heat. For that first day, I had found a cute little American Rag Printed Asymmetrical-Hem Dress on sale at Macys. It had teal, blue, brown, yellow, cream and pink and I had found a great pair of Native American inspired brown flat suede boots with three layers of fringe. I had lucked out completely because I even found a pair of teal shorts that matched the teal in the dress perfectly. I wore a great, supportive black contour bra from Fredericks and the matching black lace panties. I shimmied on the tight, high waisted, teal shorts that would protect my modesty and keep me from jiggling too much. Then I pulled on a teal and brown sports bra, again to stop me from jiggling too much before I finally pulled on the dress. Socks and the boots completed my look. I knew that the heat was going to be outrageous so I went for a Cheerio ponytail and no makeup other than my deep berry lipstain and lighter berry gloss.

Hudson text us all with a fifteen minute warning that we needed to head over to the amphitheater. I looked over at Sam and Noah. Each of them were wearing cargo shorts, Puck's were desert camo and Sam's were just plain khaki. Puck hadn't even bothered with a real shirt. He was just wearing a plain white, ribbed tank tee. Sam couldn't resist the grey and black Vader baseball tee. Each of them were wearing low profile sneakers, black Converse All-Stars for Sam and the KAMA Vans for Puck. When we got down to the lobby, we found that all our girls were wearing white tank tops with the KAMA logo across their breasts and short shorts in either purple or gray. Cassidy, Erica, Santana and Xena were rocking sandals while the dancers wore tennis shoes. The guys were wearing masculine versions of the tank top, so rather than white their background color was heather gray. Their shorts were all black cargo shorts and they were all rocking sneakers. We looked damn good. We looked like a band. And for three days we rocked Little Rock like the boss ass band we were.

From Little Rock, we actually flew up to Chicago early on Memorial Day for the last day of the EDC Festival. We stayed in a hotel there too, even though we had the condo, it was still completely empty. We hadn't had any time at all to even buy any furniture or bedding or anything. There was no time those two days we were in Chicago that trip either. We flew back down to Arkansas and drove the nine hours to Kingston Downs, Georgia. That festival was another three-day festival. It was totally awesome and an entirely different feel to the event. It ended on Sunday and we spent Monday and Tuesday in Atlanta because our awesome booking agent had gotten us a last minute, surprise concert at the historic Fox Theatre in downtown Atlanta. Despite the last minute nature of the booking, the house was completely packed. We spent an hour afterwards signing autographs and we sold out of all the swag we had brought with us.

Thankfully we had to fly home to our house in Harlem on Wednesday because that weekend we were at the Governor's Ball Music Festival. We restocked everything, used the three extra days we were in New York to handle some business, do our laundry and refresh our wardrobes, and meet with both our team and our Warner team to pick the songs for our ChristmaKah album that we were scheduled to record over the summer whenever we could make time. That Wednesday, just before we were slated to head to the airport to fly back out to meet Brock, Van and Jacob in Atlanta for the three-hour drive to Manchester, Tennessee where we spent four days performing at the Bonnaroo Music Festival, our grades were released. Sam had finished our first year of college with a three point five seven GPA which was a really high B. Puck's A plus came out to a three point eight five. I was so proud of my three point seven five that if my head had gotten any more swollen, I wouldn't have been able to get out of the RV. We were floating on cloud nine for the entire Bonnaroo festival. It was a great time. We were hot as hell, but we had a blast. We followed that up with a concert at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville. Another Brantley booking and another huge success. Sam showed us a few of his "old stomping grounds". He ran into one of his old teachers and took great pleasure in showing her his grades from both semesters. She looked shocked, but at least she seemed very happy for him and pretty proud. When we left Nashville, we had four days off…sort of. We actually drove the entire caravan to Lima and were immediately enveloped into Kevon and Patrice's wedding plans.

They got married on the third Saturday of June, on the summer solstice. I was one of seven bridesmaids as were both Tessa and Tonya. The other four were Patrice and Tonya's sorors. Kevon had Devon and both of my hubbies in his line of groomsmen. The rest of his lineup was composed of his frat brothers. There were four junior bridesmaids but only two junior groomsmen. Beth was their flower girl and one of Patrice's cousins' kids was the ring bearer. Our dresses were long, strapless, pale pink and floor length satin. As the shortest and curviest of the bridesmaids, I kind of hated that dress. Patrice did try to help by pairing the dresses with five-inch, black platform dress sandals, but nothing could help the corset I had to strap myself into to keep the girls from weighing down the neckline. Sam and Noah, and the guys were in traditional black tuxes with pale pink ties and cummerbunds. The entire wedding was very traditional and perfectly showcased Patrice looking amazingly, perfectly beautiful in her gorgeous Eve of Milady ballerina inspired embellished ballgown with its thin beaded shoulder straps, embroidered and beaded sweetheart cut bodice, and super low cut back. As Tonya as the destination wedding had been the summer before, that was just how Patrice that hometown wedding was on that June evening.

We gave Patrice and Kevon their gift from us the night before. "Alright, so remember us telling you not to do any planning for the honeymoon but to make sure that you didn't have to be anywhere from next Monday until the one after it?" Sam started off.

They both agreed with nods of their heads. So Puck continued. "That's because we've known since December what we were going to give you for your wedding gift was your honeymoon. We just had to find the one that screamed Kev and Tricie."

"It took us quite a bit of research before we found the perfect place for you two to go." Together we handed them the folder containing all their travel information. "Monday morning, you will fly to Barbados and spend a week in one of the love nest suites at Sandals resort. It is all inclusive, but you will probably want to take some money with you just in case you decide to go off the property for something. Oh and we got you a couple's massage at the spa. You'll just need to call and schedule it. You fly home on Sunday the twenty-ninth."

There was a lot of love given. No, seriously, I thought that I was gonna have to club Tricie over the head to get her to stop hugging us. Since the parents all knew what we were giving them, they gave them things that they would need to have on their honeymoon. They received new luggage, summer and beach apparel, a new digital camera and even simpler things like a basket of sunscreen and some spending money just in case. Their other family and friends' gifts were all more about their house and stuff like that. After Tricie and Kev headed back to get rested…they had to separate for twenty-four hours, Tricie was traditional like that…we cornered Devon and Tonya and gave them their packet. We had gotten them a week at a Beaches resort in Turks and Caicos for their anniversary and to thank them for their support and love and acceptance and otherwise just being awesome elder siblings.

While Kevon and Devon took their brides off to celebrate their love and marriages, we met Brock, Van, Jacob and all the RVs down in New Orleans where we met up with the Warped Tour. That was an extremely awesome experience. We traveled with the Warped Tour for six stops, then we had four days off before we hit the Pacific Northwest leg of the Warped Tour and celebrated Independence Day in Portland. I opened the night for the concert by singing the Star-Spangled Banner…it went over very well. Artie taped it and Darcy put the video up on our website as a free download with purchase of any Merch over twenty-five bucks, in two weeks it was downloaded over a hundred thousand times.

Our final stop in that leg of the tour was Sturgis…I was surprised by how many bikers really did like us. They loved Puck, but they really did like the rest of us too. One huge, burly biker guy told me if I ever wanted to get away from it all, the back of his bike was always waiting on me. After Sturgis there was another little break before we had more southern dates, including another stop in Atlanta. We did another surprise concert at the Peace Concert Hall in Greenville, South Carolina…we got to meet Jamie's whole family. They were all very different and yet completely awesome. It was easy to see that she had the support of her whole family. The theatre seated twenty-one hundred people, about twenty of those tickets were comped to Jamie, and another thirty tickets were given away at the local radio stations, but they sold two thousand and fifty tickets in three days through radio advertising, and Darcy's spreading the word online. That was supremely exhilarating. When we found out that the cheap seats had gone for forty-five bucks and the front row had been almost two hundred, Sam literally swooned.

The Warped Tour went through the Carolinas finishing that part of the tour at Duke University's Wallace Wade Stadium. Once we left Raleigh Durham, we were off for two weeks for Becah and George's wedding. Since so many of their relatives were still in New York, they had elected to have their wedding in the city they had grown up in together. Being in New York for three days before the wedding, we were able to meet with Darcy, congratulate her and Brantley on the awesome work they had done for us by that point in the summer and we stopped in to see the progress being made on the office space. The timing was perfect Hudson's lease was up on August first so the entire band plus Darcy, Haja and Brantley came together and we got Hudson moved into the apartment that Darcy had moved into as soon as it was completed and ready for them. The quad their apartment was part of just four houses up from ours, so it was convenient to both of them and us, plus they were really close to the subway line and a fabulous little Greek restaurant that Darcy had discovered.

The wedding itself was held in the Mayzer family stomping grounds in Flushing Queens on the third Saturday of July. The Forever Together venue was a beautiful ballroom. It was a truly lovely Jewish ceremony. Until that week I don't know if I realized that George had converted, I knew that he and Tessa really only went to Temple any more, but I didn't realize that they had gone Jewish all the way. The running joke among my men was 'boy do I hope George was circumcised as a baby, you know that would hurt like a son of a bitch as a grown up'. But either way, the ceremony was full on Jewish though Bubbie Ruth explained that it was only semi-traditional. They married under a chuppah, but it was an indoor ceremony. They did have a ketubah, but they chose not to share it with everyone. The ceremony was done all in English, and Puck escorted his mother down the aisle in the beautiful, pale gold silk, David Fielden dress he had arranged for her to find. The camera crew from Say Yes to the Dress was there filming for another later episode. She had Sarah and Tessa as her maids of honor and Mom and Gabby were her bridesmaids. She let them wear fancy evening wedges and short blue strapless satin dresses that looked like they were wearing waterfalls. The night before we'd given them a six night honeymoon stay at the Ritz Carlton in Maui, which they kind of tried to object to since Puck had given her the dress, but given an hour of talking straight up out our asses, after thirty minutes of speaking from our hearts, we were able to guilt them out of guilting us for spending money on them.

Their flight didn't leave until after ten, so we were all able to watch MTV VMA nominations all together. The whole big ass cluster of us watched it on the new feed screens in JFK before they headed through security. As we watched the announcements, we must have looked like LOONS…completely crazy. But that was not our fault. We were really just all that happy. We have been nominated for all three of the videos we'd released so far. 'Rescue Me' had gotten nominated in the video with a message category. 'ColorBlind' was up for Best Choreography and Best Direction and 'The Fighter' was up in four categories, Best Cinematography, Best Direction, Artist to Watch and Video of the Year. It was such an amazing end to an awesome weekend. There was quite a bit of press to be done in the five days between the nominations but thankfully we didn't have to rejoin the Warped Tour in Florida until Saturday. Sammy Boy had had a hormonal episode Monday afternoon that lasted well into the evening, but thankfully everything Shelby had taught us more than a year before, and the undeniable grace of God, meant that my voice was its usual strong and melodic self when we were in the studio the rest of the week. I loved it all. It was all really amazing. It was the best summer of my entire life.

Love Never Felt So Good (Michael Jackson)
Puck PoV

By the end of July, we were tired as hell. I mean, we'd been all over the US map and we still had six more weeks and another wedding to go. All that being said it was still the best summer ever, and the most amazing part had nothing to do with living our dream or even being with Cede and Sam as God intended when He created the two of them just for me. The best, absolutely hands down best part of the summer was getting to escort my mother down the aisle and putting her hand in the hand of a man who was truly worthy of her love. Don't get it twisted I loved the fact that we had added like ten more states to our 'Yeah, we've boned there' list. Though Sexy Mama wouldn't let us count any that we got down while passing through. She set down the rule that we had to have stopped there for at least an hour or else that state didn't count. If we could have counted the drive through states, the number would have been a hell of a lot higher. Still we'd even added seven to the 'busted a nut in our woman's amazing ass list'…so all the traveling might have been tiring but it was definitely enjoyed. But there was just nothing that could top seeing my mother happy after everything that my rat bastard of a sperm donor had put her through.

The day after George and my mom headed on their Hawaii honeymoon, and we found out that we were nominated for like all the VMAs, yea we did that shit, we were actually back in the studio. Since the family wasn't rushing immediately back to Ohio, we dragged our siblings with us on both Tuesday and Wednesday. We had picked out nine Christmas songs and ten Chanukah songs and in a moment of inspiration that I took full credit for, I dragged Sarah into the booth with me for 'The Dreidel Song' and 'Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah'. Which then inspired Sam to have Stacey join him on 'Christmas Shoes'…which was pretty risky because in the meetings everyone had either loved or completely hated that song, but Sam loved it…so he fought for it. Stacey's part was heavy though and her little voice was just so fucking pure…made me wanna cry or some shit. Of course, then we had to make arrangements for him to do one with Stevie…wouldn't have been fair otherwise. It took them for freaking ever to agree on 'Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer'. Thankfully that one was public domain, so we could just do it without the drama of getting the permission to cover it like some of the others. It also brought us up to an even number of songs for each denomination.

Having the middle Evans siblings take part meant that there was no way Devon and Kevon were about to be left out and neither was Tessa, so I shared 'Jingle Bell Rock' with her, and Mercedes and her original brothers did 'Mary Did You Know'. Kevon and Devon shocked us with how good their voices were. I don't think me and Sam had ever heard them sing anything at all. We were in the studio for six of the seven days we were home. It was the first time we were recording tracks with our band and it was really awesome. Santana, the Dam Brothers and Xena were able to know just from knowing us so well when we wanted them stronger or quieter without us having to say a word. Justin, Erica and Dave were able to pitch in or stay out when they felt the song needed their instrument and we let them try it that way.

Most of the time it worked great. In fact it worked out really well until Justin tried to 'deconstruct' 'Joy to the World'. I don't know who was less happy with that suggestion, Sexy Mama, Stacey or Brittany, but there was no way in hell that we were going to mess with it after their reactions. By the end of that week, we'd gotten all the tracks laid down except for the one we were doing for charity. That one we didn't get in the can until we were back in Ohio. We had a three day gig at the state fair and we used the day before it started to lay the final track. We'd been doing go-to-meeting online practices with the whole crew, there were too many of us for skype. We got every person who had been a New Direction under either Schue or Shelby, even St. Jackass…except Berry. We took the high road and invited her. It was for charity after all and we had asked everyone, hell we even flew in Rutherford…but she refused when she realized that it was going to fully choral and fully acapella. We also got all Blaine's buddies from Dalton…there were thirty of them, seventeen old school NDs, and twenty four in the most recent NHSSCA national championship New Directions, and plus Aidan, the Dam bros and Xena

We had this big ass gospel choir recording studio we rented in Columbus and we practiced it in person a few dozen times before we recorded it. We did three takes, before everyone was perfectly on beat and no one, not even St. James or Sebastian was trying to over sing anyone else. We'd amassed at the studio around eight that Monday morning and practiced until noon. We laid the first attempt at the tracks before twelve thirty. 'Carol of the Bells', with all the Warblers vocal music was a four and a half minute track. By the time we decided that it was perfect, and Xavi agreed, it was one thirty. We were all hungry as a mug, so we decided to take everyone to lunch.

That meant deciding where to go and seeing if there was any way that the place we wanted to go would take like eighty people with no notice. Suddenly Finn shouted out. "Dude. I know exactly where we need to go."

He, Vince, who couldn't sing…he may have been worse that Hudson, but he had come for moral support…and to hang out and Lauren all exchanged a look and in unison started telling us about a hole in the wall barbeque joint called Ray-Ray's Hog Pit that was awesome and really quiet during the summer and probably empty or close to it. Hudson Friedman never left anything to chance. She had the guy on the phone in a heartbeat and a half. "Yes. I am calling to hope that you can help me. My bosses, the music group KAMA, yes sir that is the one with the curvy little black girl and the two white boys, well they just finished recording with their friends and some of them go to OSU…yes sir Finn and Lauren and Vince. Yes sir, we are all very happy that they are doing better and that man got what he deserved. Oh well thank you, but I would feel horrible if I didn't tell you that there are a total of seventy-six of us. Really, sure it is no problem…we will eat whatever you bring us. No sir, we don't all eat like Finn…there are a lot of guys his age though. Thank you so much. We'll be there…is two thirty okay? Great, my name is Hudson and we will see you at two thirty."

"I don't think I have heard you sound that shy and quiet since your interview." I teased her with a grin. Hudson was really only shy until she got comfortable with people. Crowds gave her the heebie-jeebies and she really hated meeting new people face to face first, but she wasn't as retiring as we'd originally feared.

Her smile was sweet but after spending so much time with us on the road, she finally felt comfortable enough to flip me off even as her smile got sweeter. "He was a very nice older gentleman. Of course, I was nice and respectful. Besides, 'you get more flies with honey' isn't a cliché because it is false. You'd know that if you ever tried to be sweet."

That parking lot was alive with laughter. Guess they all thought it was a true statement. Maybe it was. I was only sweet to my fam…the rest of the world could kiss my ass…after they bought our albums. I chuckled to myself at the thought. There was a quick run through to make sure that everyone knew where we were heading and that if they didn't have a clue how to get there, they could plug it into their GPS to find it. We got there a couple of minutes before we were supposed to, because Hudson is freaky evil about punctuality. The guy who let us in was as old as Ruby Dee pretended to be in The Stand. But he was completely unbowed. I would have bet money on him having been a drill sergeant or something. We signed autographs and we took a picture for his wall. Then we all took our seats, filling the restaurant completely. I looked up there and there were some pretty famous people. "Hey James, look, there is your Cousin Tommy." I pointed out.

We killed the time until our food was ready. I didn't care that I hadn't seen a menu. I didn't care that the interior of the restaurant looked like it hadn't been remodeled since that crotchety, with everyone not named Hudson, old man had retired from the military before our parents were even born. All I cared about was the fact that that food smelled AMAZING. Then when old dude brought it out, it looked even better than it smelled. They turned the front counter into a big ass buffet, but rather than bothering with chafing pans and such, it was all hot and fresh out the kitchen. There was brisket that looked like it had been smoked for days rather than just hours. Next to that there was a big ass mound of what looked like fresh made yeast rolls. Then there was pulled pork…but it looked like they had cooked that shit in a crockpot then smoked it. The last meat option was a big ass thing of chicken thighs, I think, but they were boneless, skinless and smoked so it was a little hard to tell. Then there were the sides; green beans with chunks of ham, baked beans, cheesy potatoes and homemade, baked in an oven, macaroni and cheese…oh and potato salad, but not like Angel Mom makes, this one was hot.

Most of us tried a little bit of everything. Every one of us loved everything. "Oh my God." I heard Santana breathe out at one point. "Artie I love you, but you're going to have to marry Brits and just be my man on the side because I need to marry this pulled pork and have its little bacon babies."

Brittany smiled serenely and added some more sweet house and roasted habanero sauces to her brisket sandwich. "We can have a six way marriage, just like we have a three way relationship. Artie can marry the chicken, you the pork and I'll marry the brisket and we'll all get fat and happy eating each other's spouses all the time."

That seemed reasonable to everyone present. Adams took it a step further. "Forget marriage, I just need enough of these beans to bathe in e'eryday."

"You ain't said nothing but a thing." One of the Warblers agreed. "Dude, never tell anyone I said this, but this hot German potato salad is better than my grandmother's, toats for real."

Suddenly the old guy stuck his head out of the kitchen. "None of y'all are allergic to blackberries are ya?"

"No sir," chorused through the restaurant, almost as in unison as we'd been laying the track earlier that day.

"Good…then save some room for dessert." He barked and disappeared back into the kitchen.

We listened…probably because we sure as hell wanted some of whatever amazing thing was coming out of that kitchen next. Even with leaving room for dessert, we still left not a single crumb of food behind. No, seriously, that buffet set up looked like it had been attacked by locusts. There was nothing left. Santana, Finn and Lauren had taken the few left over yeast rolls and sopped up and then wiped clean the pulled pork chaffer. Vince, Sebastian and a couple of the Warbler guys had handled the brisket one. I would have helped them…but Sexy Mama said I was just being greedy. St. James, the Dam-Bros, Xena and Mike made quick work of the chicken chaffer too.

The next time the kitchen door swings open there are more chaffers. The old man looked and the damn near licked clean ones that had held the meets and laughs his head off. "I don't think I have ever seen a bunch of rich white folk…"

"Hey." The grand total of fifteen people of various other ethnic orientations in the room objected.

That old man just rolled his eyes and continued, "Lick the chaffing dishes before. Either y'all really do all eat like Finn over there, or y'all were really hungry…'cause we prepped enough for a hundred." He smiled. As he had been talking, the other men had taken away the actual food pans and brought out four big ass pans of blackberry cobbler with thick golden brown strips of crust making a lattice work of the top. Then damn if they didn't bring out tubs of vanilla ice cream. I looked over at Hudson, "Whatever they charge us, double it. They have earned the best tip in the history of tips."

When Sam tasted the cobbler, he looked at her and agreed by simply saying, "Double time and a half."

There was very little in the way of conversation until the cobbler pans were empty…all you could see was stainless steel with hints that there had been something in them at some point since the last time they were washed…empty. We were all wondering if we could even manage to roll out of the restaurant when Hudson, returning from having handled the check and the tip, whistled to get out attention. "Can all of you meet in Chicago or Cleveland sometime during the third week of August?"

We were all confused but it was David that voiced the question in all our minds. "Why?"

"Mr. Cohen just emailed Haja. Xavi sent him a copy of the rough cut…he and the team at Warner absolutely LOVED the song. He wants you all to come together and make a music video for the song. It will still be on the CD…but it will also be sold in stores as a single rather than just being available online. All the proceeds will still go to charity, but the pre-Christmas in store sales will go to Toys-for-Tots with the online sales through New Year's Eve still going to the Trevor Project. So…are you guys comfortable getting together to make a video?"

"Hell yeah." Echoed off the walls everyone was so loud.

"Good. As soon as the Warner team gets back to me with who they are going to get to direct…we will make the arrangements and get back with you all as to which city and what dates. Try to keep three days that week clear."

From there the rest of the afternoon was passed in a blaze of fun and laughter. After we left Ray-Ray's, having left him a two hundred percent tip on top of the bill, we all headed to the fair and clowned and had a blast. We separated near midnight and the next day when we preformed there were a hell of a lot of familiar faces in the crowd. We left Columbus on Friday morning and on Saturday evening we were on stage at Lollapalooza in Chicago. The summer was really cool, but I couldn't wait to get back to school. I needed a break from the road in the worst way. I never thought that I would rather go to a class than…well anything…but man I was looking forward to classes being back in so I could sleep in my own damn bed. Still, I wouldn't trade our life for anything in the world. But I knew one thing. next summer, we were buying and tricking out our own 'tour buses' because whoever had picked the bed for the ones we rented really needed to go back and look up 'comfort' in the dictionary.

We didn't head back to New York until Monday night since we had some shit to take care of in Chicago that day. But thankfully it was a straight twelve hour drive and we were able to get there before lunch Tuesday. However, Mills was a whole different type of bride than Tricie, Tonya or even Mom. She was so Laid Back…it wasn't even funny. Nothing bothered her. The florist flubbed the bouquets she had originally picked for the bridesmaids…she was unfazed. "I didn't really need the roses anyway. Why don't they just carry one Japanese Camellia? Have the florist wrap the stem with the gray ribbon and we'll go with that." The caterer wasn't able to get the kale she wanted for the warm salads, "It's not a big deal, just substitute collards and bok choy." There was nothing that got her upset.

Uncle Saul, however, was an entirely different story. Everything that went wrong almost made his head explode. It was hilarious. Finally, Thursday afternoon…when Saul was even managing to get on Mills last nerve, Sander came up with a way to calm his. "Saul, since we're all here, why don't we all sit down with the kids and see if we can't get Sam a little more comfortable with, well, everything."

So we went into Saul's home office, got Gwen Abrams on the 'phone' and we talked about money issues and what we were making, what our investment portfolio looked like, what our tax burden was, how Gwen handled it quarterly, paying it within days of our royalties coming in. We learned about things like how the updates we'd made to the duplex that Tina and Mike were renting half of with their roommates had raised the value of the house from what we'd paid the owner…and we'd gotten a mint of a deal because it was in a state of preliminary foreclosure, the previous owner had been able to give the bank what he owed, and keep a bit or a profit but most importantly he hadn't taken the credit hit that a foreclosure would have caused…anyway, when it was appraised after the renovations were fully completed to both sides they determined that it was worth over a million. Sam's smirk was hot as hell. I had to give him credit, he might not be sure about the music business money, but he was on point when it came to real estate. It wasn't just that one property either. The condo in Chicago, George had gone over it with a fine tooth comb and we'd done the things he recommended as far as ripping out the bathrooms and the kitchen area and replacing the floors and walls with better materials we'd done that not long after the purchase was complete. We'd put in twenty-seven thousand and had increased the value by over a hundred large. And that was without any fixtures or cabinets or anything at all in place.

"Basically the increase in equity in your rental properties has paid for every single property you've purchased…including the house you are building in Lima." Gwen explained with a smile. "I'd like to speak with you about a property in the metro Atlanta area…it would be a significant investment…but the return could be outstanding. It is a two hundred-thirty unit apartment complex in one of the northern suburbs. The layouts currently offer one, two and three bedroom apartments. It's being sold for under four million but according to the papers it hasn't been updated since the early nineties. It currently has only about fifteen percent occupancy, so according to Saul we could probably talk them down to under three. If we renovate the buildings, update the grounds, turn the place into a luxury family complex… you could rent the larger units for up to sixteen hundred a month and the one bedrooms for just under a thousand. That would bring you almost two million in the first year, just for the hundred three bedroom units. Another eight hundred thousand on the one bedrooms and about seven hundred and fifty thousand a year on the two bedrooms."

"That would mean that we'd earn back the purchase price in the first year. The renovation costs within the second and the rest after that would be gravy." I said thoughtfully.

"Yeah but three million plus a couple of million extra for the renovations…that would have to be broken down…at least twelve payments…fifteen would be better." Sam reasoned.

Saul looked thoughtful. "There would be no problem finding financing for something like that. I know that my bank has a commercial financing branch here in town. You have already established your corporation, it is already making money on two smaller properties and that is on top of your, for lack of a better term, day jobs…you are a good risk as far as any bank would be concerned."

Sexy Mama, Sammy Boy and I talked it through, got some input from the 'rents and decided to move forward. "Try a low offer, maybe two point five, to give us negotiation room…but we're absolutely not willing to go above three five." We told Gwen after we had everything figured out. The rest of the meeting we talked about things like staffing and the fact that there was room to build another building worth of units and offer that as an incentive for staff so that we, hopefully, wouldn't have much turnaround. By the time we left that room. Sam was cool on the whole money thing and Saul didn't have another 'groomzilla' moment that entire week.

Ultimately the wedding went off without a hitch. Mills had not converted to Judaism and Uncle Saul did not convert to African Methodist Episcopal so they were not having the wedding in either of their houses of worship. Instead they were getting married on an evening cruise kind of deal. Friday flew by and before we could blink, we were all getting ready for the wedding. Mills colors were steel and hot pink, but mostly steel. They had gone all out. While Mom and George had kept things pretty simple and low key…Saul and Mills planned one hell of an event. Mills had Francesca as her maid of honor, then she had Sexy Mama, Tessa and Shelby plus her other best friends as her bridesmaids with Sarah and Stacey as junior bridesmaids. Since she didn't have any little boys and she wasn't huge on flowers, Mills had decided that Beth would be a ring bearer instead of a flower girl that time. I was Uncle Saul's best man, Sam, Neil, Kev, Dev and Saul's poker buddy and friend Rick Castle…I'm still shocked that he knew a world famous author that threw me for a loop…and Stevie were his groomsmen. Stevie refused to be called a junior groomsman after the last wedding. The ladies were in steel gray, floor length, satin sheath dresses with one shoulders and diagonal seams that made the simple dresses look incredible…at least on Sexy Mama's gorgeous lush curves. Okay, I guess I can admit that they were all smoking hot…except Tessa, but she really did look nice. Sarah and Stacey were in cute little party dresses that had one shoulder, but it was the opposite one from the grown women. Rather than being a curve hugging dress, theirs were A-Line dresses that made them look age appropriately pretty. Beth's dress was really adorable. It was the same gray as the ladies on the outside, but the inside lining was the hot pink as was the ribbon flower at her waist and the regular ribbons that came down from the flower.

The ladies all wore pink shoes. Beth and Stacey were in hot pink Mary Janes, Stacey's had a small heel and Beth's were flat but they were both patent leather and the same shade. Sarah's shoes were two and a half inch hot pink satin peep toes that looked like they bridged the gap between the little girl shoes and the four and half inch peep to suede pumps that adult women were wearing. Every one of Mills girls were wearing their hair in curls and flowing down their back. Their makeup was nice and light even though the wedding and reception was evening and formal. The jewelry was simple, engagement rings, for Cede and Francesca and silver earrings.

We headed to the harbor to board the Hornblower Infinity, the yacht where the wedding and reception were taking place. The wedding itself took place in the boat's 'Infinity Lounge'. There was just enough seating for all the family and friends that had been invited. Mills looked beautiful walking down the aisle in a bright white satin gown with a strapless neckline and corset back that simultaneously showcased her petite hourglass figure and highlighted the stunning bodice, which flowed into an asymetrically draped side godet accented with beaded embroidery and Swarovski crystals, then finished with a dramatic bubble hem…I had no clue what half of those things were, but Cede and her Fairy had described it over and over and over again so at least I knew what to say. Mills wasn't the veil type, instead she wore a little feathery, barely big enough to brush her cheek, white net thingy, which drew the eye to her beautiful face rather than obscuring it. Uncle Saul looked at her, not like she was the only woman in the world, but like she was the woman who made every other woman in the world superfluous and unnecessary. Which, for him, she was.

The ceremony was not performed by a clergy member since they were already married and everything it wasn't a big deal. Just one of the few friends of the deceased Millses who actually cared enough to keep track of the daughter they had left behind, who had gotten 'ordained' in an online thing several years before. It was quick and dirty, but deep and meaningful at the same time. The only readings were what they read to each other. Mills read 'Loves Philosophy' by Percy Shelley, which sounded pretty, but I didn't really get why he was talking about mountains kissing heaven. The one Saul read, I understood better. 'The Married Lover' by Coventry Patmore was about not a man taking his bride for granted just because she was now his wife. I liked it a lot. Mercedes did an amazing version of 'At Last' after Mills poem. After Saul's poem, Sam and I did Michael Buble's 'Everything' from my uncle to my favorite aunt. Once the officiant said that they could kiss, Saul dipped Mills low and laid one on her.

Then we moved into the reception hall, which was the ship's Grand Ballroom. The space was fucking awesome. There were huge windows out one side there was a beautiful view of the lights of Manhattan and out the other was an ocean view that was just as spectacular. We'd spent about thirty minutes of the five hour wedding package on the vow renewal…so the rest of the time was spent partying. They had a short, cocktail reception that gave the wedding party a chance to freshen up and the guests to move from one part of the yacht to another. The food the whole night was completely awesome. The passed hor d'oeurves were so good that I remembered all five of them. They had mushrooms stuffed with spinach and asiago cheese, tomato basil bruschetta, spanakopita with tzatzki, fresh vegetable crudités and marinated steak skewers. Then when we got to our tables there were smoked salmon canapés on little beds of pumpernickel and drizzled with spicy mustard.

The salad course was a mozzarella and tomato Napoleon with basil salt, basil oil and a balsamic glaze. It was cool, really light. With the invites, Mills had given every one a choice between the filet mignon served with a port wine demi-glaze and which came with truffle mashed potatoes and the warm greens mix that had made Saul freak out while Mills had handled that shit. The other choice was a pan seared Atlantic salmon with an almost weird-but good- curried chutney sauce with basmati rice and sautéed bok choy. Sexy Mama and Sam had gotten the salmon while I got the filet…but of course we each had some of both. After the entrée, there was a fruit and cheese course, after which there was dancing.

And oh was there dancing. Cassidy was on point. The music was fucking epic. I think we danced the entire time she was spinning. Most people did. Because once she got you on the floor, she had you trapped. You'd dance for a while and then think, okay, let me catch my breath…then she would play something that was so goddamn boss, you just had to stay on the floor. Finally, after a couple of hours, Cassidy laughed into the mike and said "alright, ladies and gentlemen, it's time to cut the cake…before a few of you couples and triads decide to get down right there on the dance floor."

Admittedly we were probably the closest to forgetting ourselves. Sammy hadn't had a hormonal event since the night after the VMA nominations. Something told me that we were due for another one soon…and all that dancing up on each other had only increased the likely hood. The cake was great too, but it was cake…Cede loved it though. We got back to dry land and gave Saul and Millsy their wedding gift from us, not that it was a shock by that point. We got them a week at the Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo in France along with their flight and a spa day. Bubbie Ruth gave them a bunch of Monte Carlo appropriate clothing, and everyone else gave them money so they could gamble. It was the perfect honeymoon for the couple who got married on a bet. I cannot believe that they thought the rest of us hadn't figured it out.

The day after the wedding, we were back on the road. The drive from Harlem to Des Moines was seventeen hours so we stopped over in Toledo to give Jacob, Brock and Van a six hour break. While we were a city I only knew of as being the town the cross dresser on MASH came from, even if it was in the same state I grew up in, we decided to catch a movie and figure out what else we wanted to do afterwards. That was the plan until we realized that the theater closest to the hotel our drivers were sleeping in was home to an enterprising individual who had the brilliant idea to have a double feature of Captain America: The Winter Solider and Guardians of the Galaxy with a short intermission between the two. The second the helpful desk clerk mentioned that, Cede and I knew what we were doing that afternoon. When we found out that the theater was a multiplex with sixteen screens, everyone else decided to spend the hot afternoon in the cool movie theater too. We spent a boatload on snacks, but I had to admit those were the best movie theater nachos I'd ever had. We ended up signing some autographs, but it was cool. We made it back to the hotel five and a half hours after we left and Sam was so hype from the two, admittedly awesome, comic movies that while everyone else decided to go and have dinner before we got on the road, Sam, Cede and I just returned to our RV and fucked so long and so good, we didn't come up for air until we were out of Ohio all together.

The clowning that we took for our two hour marathon boning was so totally worth it. Sam had totally invented his own 'thing he does with his tongue, and I was one fucking happy and satisfied muthafucker. I was so happy and satisfied when we were on stage that Cede banned me from performing 'Pillow Talk' within a twenty-four hour period of Sam using his new trick ever again…at least in the heartland or the bible belt. Oh yeah, I may have been fucking exhausted three days out of every five, but that was still the best fucking summer ever.

Summer begins. Our intrepid trio is in for a whole new world.

Let me know what you think.

Right now I believe that this part of the saga will end up about 15 chapters long and looking at the summer from a myriad of Point of Views.

Let me know what you want to see happen over the summer.

As always your reviews are priceless to me. I look forward to reading them.