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Nagareboshi Kiari- Yuzu

Chapter 1: Family

Amy's eyes glanced to the side. She spotted the hedgehog with his friends a few steps away from her. They were laughing and she smiled watching them. The blue hedgehog was Sonic the Hedgehog. He was considered the prince of the school due to his looks, charms and high grades. Amy had always admired him. He was always surrounded by fellow companions and had this soft vibe that gave her a warm feeling. She'd never talk to him before, but she'd been around him

She closed her locker and took a breath. Today was the day she was to make a new friend at her new high school.

She turned and walked up to them.

"Hi," She said grabbing the boys' attention

"Uh, hey." He said with an awkward chuckle.

"I uh…" She took a moment to think and saw that his shirt was neat and nice. "I like your shirt." She finished lamely. She smiled at him, but he didn't return a smile back.

"Uh, okay."

Disappointed, Amy closed her mouth and stared at him not knowing what else to say. Then one of his friends spoke. "Oh I know you!" The boy shouted, pointing at her.

"Me too! Aren't you the Flunk girl?"

"Oh I've heard of her before! In middle school she failed her classes all year long but then gets 'D's' on her finals." One of the guys teased.

Sonic's eyes widened and he backed away with a weirded out expression laughing. "Really? Such a weird way of living."

"Hey! T-That's not true!" Amy lied out of anger, her cheeks flushing. She searched for Sonic's eyes and when she found them the thing she saw wasn't friendly anymore. It was a sneer smile. He was looking down upon her too, just like everyone else. Shocked, she tried to defend herself, but he spoke before she could. "I"

"Let's go you guys," He turned around and one of them called out, "Right, idiocy is contagious."

The very guy that inspired her broke her. Sonic and his friends left her, not minding her presence, like if she was a piece of garbage on the sidewalk. She clenched her fists with fury. Sonic wasn't as nice and cool as ever girl made it out to be. Behind that prince-like charming smile was a rude insensitive guy.

And she hated it.


Amy slept peacefully on her bed that early weekend. The shouts of her father downstairs didn't wake her up. She continued to snore lightly under her covers. Her father came up to her room and knocked on her bedroom door. "Amy are you up yet?"

No reply.

He groaned and opened the door to her room finding her fast asleep. He held his head ashamed of her. He put his hands on his hips and at the top of his lungs cried out. "Amy Wake Up!"

Amy's eyes slowly opened. Her eyes adjusted to the light of the open windows and saw her dad staring at her with tight lips. She blinked at him. "Good morning,"

"Yes, good morning," He said mimicking "It's almost the afternoon and they're going to be here any minute now." He flipped her covers off her. Amy's body winced not feeling the warmth of her sheets anymore and rose from the bed groggily.

"Okay, Okay, I'm going. I'm going."

He left her room and closed the door behind him. Amy got off her bed and yawned loudly blinking twice feeling sleepy.

Today was the day her father's fiancé and her kid were moving into her house. She'd never met her but she'd heard stories through her dad that she was a beautiful hedgehog. She loved to cook and read books. It was said she was wealthy. Her father thought it was best till today to introduce his family to each other since her father loved surprises. Amy wasn't as excited as her father was and she didn't really care. As long as she could get along with her and her kid she'd be fine.

Amy wore a red dress up to her knees and a red hairband. She combed her quills which reached her shoulders. She sprayed perfume on her neck and smiled at herself in the mirror. She took the hems of her dress and spun around satisfied. Her dad had asked her to look her best so she wasn't trying to impress anyone. That's what she kept telling herself. She was told that her kid was a boy of her age and that was stuck on her head but she had no expectations.

"Amy! They're here!"

She turned around hearing her father downstairs and rushed out of her room but stopped at her doorway running back to make sure that she looked fixed and she did. With that, she rushed out of her room, closing the door behind her and running down the hall and down some stairs.

She suddenly felt a bit nervous to finally meet her father's soon-to-be-wife. When she was told of her she pictured a skinny, beautiful woman with makeup and high heels and a long dress that showed too much skin. She finally came to the two hedgehogs' visons and to her surprised she wasn't as she pictured her.

She was beautiful, indeed, but she looked young and wore no makeup. She was a blue hedgehog with a yellow hair strip in the front of her head. She wore a purple dress, as predicted, but it didn't expose too much skin. She had blue eyes which stared at her beamingly. She smiled at Amy.

"My daughter, Amy." Her father told her.

Amy extended her hand out and the woman grabbed it shaking her hand. Amy said, "Nice to meet you."

"Bernadette. The pleasure's all mine." She said pleasingly. Behind Bernadette, a blue hedgehog walked through the door with a box in his hands. Amy's father saw him and walked over to him. Bernadette turned around seeing Amy's father grabbing the boxes off the blue hedgehog's hands and Amy peeked from behind Bernadette's shoulder.

Her eyes grew when she noticed the all too familiar face in front of her and froze in place. The blue hedgehog turned to his mother after thanking Amy's father.

"Sonic, I want for you to meet your new step-sister, Amy Rose." Bernadette told him. Sonic's eyes met with a shock Amy. Sonic felt his muscles tense in seeing her. Amy's mind was scrambled with questions and complains. To think, that the popular Sonic the Hedgehog was in her house and about to live with her. She felt like an idiot for not finding out sooner but Sonic showed the same expression she did for that slight moment. He didn't know either.

Sonic cleared his throat and like a stranger to another he extended his hand out and said, "Nice to meet you,"

'Oh, so you don't know me,' she thought agitated.

She didn't understand why he said what he did but he looked calm about it. She didn't know if he had forgotten about her or if he really didn't want to let his parents know that they've already met before. She didn't know if she could play along as well since she wanted to curse at him and kick him out of her house. She reached out her shaking hand and when it touched his, it tightened around his hand. Amy faked a polite smile since she was facing both parents. His eyes narrowed.

Oh, so he really didn't forget.

She took her hand back and hid it behind her back wiping it against her dress. Sonic saw and closed his eyes clearly insulted.

"Sonic goes to the same school you do Amy." Eliot said passing them and going up stairs. Bernadette smiled at them and went out the door. "Oh this is so exciting! But first, Sonic could you help bring in our stuff. Let's start setting up your room." She told him.

They were left alone in between the exit and the stairs. Awkwardly, Amy averted her eyes. Sonic's eyes opened and he turned around to walk out the exit following his mother's orders. She was surprised he had nothing to say to her and followed his mom's orders. She was told before that she'd had to help too, but she didn't want to with him around.

Eliot came downstairs and found his daughter standing in the same place he last saw her in. He called her name and she turned around startled. "What's wrong?" He asked seeing her so pale.

"No, nothing, "She nervously chuckled.

"Alright go help, you." He said his hands shooing her. Amy nodded and ran out the door. She saw a truck parked on the drive way, its back door rolled up and boxes inside. She saw Bernadette handing Sonic a box and she took a moment to breathe. When she felt herself calm she approached them.

"I can help carry a box or two," She offered and Bernadette grinned happily.

"Great! Oh, will you show Sonic his new room?" She asked.

'Great,' Amy didn't dare make contact with Sonic. She was forced to nod and was handed two boxes. She turned around and walked ahead with Sonic following behind. Her father passed them, leaving the house as they entered it. They walked in an awkward silence upstairs. They didn't talk or look at each other in the eye.

Sonic's room was next to hers. There were three rooms upstairs. Her room, what was now Sonic's room, across from her and her father's room which was at the end of the hall. She'd assume Bernadette and him were sharing that now. She pushed the door open with her foot and entered the room. It wasn't empty. There was already a bed and the basic furniture. Still, it felt empty.

She placed the boxes near the entrance and sighed knowing that she had to turn around. When faced him without a thought on what to say. The first thing she saw was glaring eyes made just for her. Amy flinched back her hands in front of her face and stuttered, "H-Hey."

He let go of the boxes and they went bang on the floor. The loud sound frightened Amy even though it was right in front of her and it was no real threat to her. Sonic approached her with narrowed eyes.

"Listen here," He began his voice low. She backed away from him stuttering for him to calm down. "I will never consider you a step-sibling. Okay! Drill that into head right now. Also, from here on out everything that happens in this house stays in this house! Nobody at school is to know of this…"

Sonic cornered her and she nervously stared at him. He stopped right in front of her with dangerous eyes. She clenched her teeth and found her courage to push him away but he caught her arms. She tried pulling it back, but his grip was strong. "W-wait,"

"Just so we're clear, we aren't friends either. Around our parents we're all act so follow along, but other than that there aren't any other exceptions. Stay away from my personal space and don't get all cocky just cause we live in the same house. You got that?"

Amy's head was spinning with all his ideal expectations. She couldn't follow. He was so close to her she could practically smell him. She knew the boy scent was addicting, but he smelled different than most boys. While others smell of sweat or cologne, he smelled of fresh scented soap. What she would have once thought a wonderful prince charming was now a dangerous fiend, but this was a whole different side of Sonic she wasn't aware of.

Idea! She grinned and pushed at him with her arm that he held. "And what if I say no,"

She was taunting him. His glare loosened and he offered the same devious grin leaning forward. "I'll make your senior year a living hell for you. I promise you that."

His eyes didn't lie. He really meant what he said. 'Well, it was worth the shot,'

"I'm sorry, I get it already. I follow. Now let go!" She yanked her hand twice before he allowed it to be released. She rubbed the spot where he held her and death glared him. He crossed is arms with a firm look. His ears twitched hearing footsteps. His grin came back and he backed away from her.

"Alright then, I'll be in your care, sis." He said genially. From behind him her father appeared poking his head in the room. She fixed her shocked expression and smiled nervously at her dad.

"Is everything alright?"

"Y-yes." She said and turned to Sonic giving him a smile, but they both knew that was a lie. "Peachy,"

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