Crime Traveller : No Going Back


It was early when she opened her eyes. Glaring at the small clock on her bedside table Holly hit it glad to have silenced the infernal bleeping.

"7 am. I know." She mumbled before burying her face in the pillow. She felt awful. Her stomach lurched as she thought about getting out of bed. It was going to be a long day. She groaned as she heard the shower switch on and some very out of tune singing assaulted her ears.


"Good morning Beautiful." He appeared in the doorway of her bedroom naked apart from a towel wrapped around his waist. Holly smiled at the image slightly. Jeff Slade was fairly easy on the eye, but it didn't stop her feeling awful.

"Please don't sing so loudly."

"Oh." He looked crestfallen. "I thought it might entice you to join me." He waggled his eyebrows. Holly smiled slightly.

"You're intolerable at times."

"I know. That's why you love me." He smiled, holding a hand out to her. Suddenly she threw the duvet away from her and bolted into the bathroom. Jeff raised an eyebrow at her apparent enthusiasm before hearing the sounds of her wrenching and vomiting a few feet away.

"Holly?" He walked into the bathroom to see her crouched over the toilet bowl. He waited, rubbing circles on her back until she had finished. He flushed the loo before handing her a warm flannel.

"You are not going into work. I'll deal with Grisham." He tucked her hair behind her ear. "Bed."


"Nothing to say sorry for. What's wrong? We didn't drink last night. Not that you ever drink much anyway. I've seen you swap glasses or pretend to drink. You're too afraid of letting something slip about the machine."

"I dunno." She closed her eyes.

"Ok, come on." He scooped her up from the floor, carrying her back to the bedroom and laying her back on the bed.

"Jeff, it must have been something I ate last night. Go to work. I'll be ok."


"Yes." Holly smiled slightly as he kissed her forehead before returning with a glass of water and bowl. Placing the glass next to the alarm clock he rested the bucket on the floor.

"Just in case. I've got to get dressed."

Holly rolled onto her back as he located his jeans and other items of clothes. Minutes later she was alive in her room. Another wave of nausea hit her as the radio on her alarm clock sprang into life. The newsreader announced the time and date as she lay staring at the ceiling.

"November? It's November." She bit her lip. "Five weeks since. Oh God." She closed her eyes wondering if she was right.


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