Lightening Strike?

Holly stared at the doctor, convinced that she was about to be told some life altering news. He looked away from her for a moment as Jeff took her hand. The sterile office of the neurologist did nothing to appease her nerves. Grisham took a deep breath.

"Maybe I should wait outside?"

"No." Holly paused. "Its ok. You'll find out soon enough, anyway."

Jeff squeezed her hand once more. They knew the baby was ok, it was just the verdict on Holly's scan that they needed to know. It felt like an age before he looked up at them again.

"Miss Turner."



"She's not Miss." Grisham spoke firmly. "She is Professor Turner. An eniment scientist so you needn't add any flannel to whatever it is you are about to tell us."


"Grisham. Mrs."

"Holly has had a very indepth brain scan. We looked at the brain and the cervical spine." He looked at Holly. "You are aware of this?"

"Yes." Holly hated how nervous her voice sounded. She wasn't used to being unwell. Hated hospitals with a passion and was more used to worrying about Jeff than she was having him worry about her. Curling her fingers around Jeff's she nodded. "I know. The nurse explained everything."


"So? Jeff asked. What's the verdict?"

"You have a small fracture over the paretal bone on the left side. I can't see any bleed in the brain but you definately have a nasty concussion."

"No bleed?" Jeff smiled.

"No, nothing structural. Only the slight fracture. Professor Turner, you need to rest."

"Oh she will." Jeff smiled.

"I'd like you to be admitted for the next twenty four hours for neurological observations." The doctor watched as Holly looked horrified. There was no way she would agree to it. Biting her lip she looked at Jeff for a moment. She wanted to go home. To lay on her own bed, in her own pjamas as Jeff lay next to her. The last thing she wanted was to spend the night in a trauma ward.

"Is that strictly necessary?"

"I'm told you live alone. If you have anyone you could stay with? Who could be with you for the next twenty four hours or so then I would be happier sending you home. We aren't concerned about the health of the fetus, but it is your health we are concerned with." The doctor watched as Jeff nodded. Holly bit her lip.

"I'll be with her. I wont leave her side."

"But what about work?" Holly asked. Grisham smiled. It was clear who the sensible one was in the couple in front of her.

"Don't you worry about his boss." Grisham nodded as Jeff smiled. "I'll deal with the Old Trout. You both need to go home, get some rest. I'll keep my eye on them. Thank you doctor." She ushered the young couple out of the room as Holly blinked back tears. Once they were out of the way of the doctors and nurses Kate Grisham smiled.

"It's ok. Jeff, you are going to need the next couple of days off. You have enough annual leave left. Holly, stay home. Let him do everything. I want you back at work on top form." Grisham stated as they headed back towards the car. "A new baby on the way. Everything changes now. Get all the rest you can."

"I thought exhaustion comes once the baby is born." Holly yawned.

"It does. Concussion. It's going to take it out on you. I'll drop you home. Then, Jeff Slade I want you back to work Monday morning." She answered as he nodded. "You look after her. Do you hear me?"

"Loud and clear, Boss. Loud and clear." He wrapped an arm around Holly's shoulders. "There's no going back now."


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