Authors Note:

So this story has been buzzing in my head since I re watched season 2 of OUAT. Particularly episode 17 I am sure it is, the aftermath of Cora's death and it got me to thinking. So...


Cora has been killed and Regina goes into a deep depression. Henry is worried about his mother and when Regina takes a near fatal action Emma is dragged into the situation to help. Will Henry and Emma be the ones to save Regina?

Chapter 1

It had been three weeks. Three weeks since she had been tricked into killing her mother. Three weeks since she had been left all alone. There was no one around for her anymore. Her father dead, her mother dead and Henry, well Henry had his other family now. His Charming family. He didn't need her anymore. Didn't want her anymore.

She stared into the mirror hating the person she saw before her. All she saw was weakness. Mother would be so disappointed. All her strength had disappeared. It was nowhere to be found. She was losing the will to find it, losing he will to be around, losing the will to live.

No one would notice if she disappeared. In fact even if they did notice she was pretty sure that they would all be quite happy about her disappearing. She glanced down at the pill bottle and her glass of wine. It was a simple task really. All she needed to do was swallow the pills, with help of the wine and then it would all be over. She wouldn't be alone anymore, her nightmare of a life would be done.

She picked up the pill bottle and emptied the contents into her hand. She had talked herself well into this plan. Had told herself it was for the best. She had done all she could with her life. There was nothing left for her now. Henry would be better off without her. All she done was ruin things for him. He couldn't trust her, didn't want her around, didn't need her around. He had Emma now and the whole Charming family to care for him. No he did not need her and she really wondered if he would miss her.

She doubted anyone would really miss her. Like she thought before her disappearance would go unnoticed.

Henry had spent the last three weeks devising a plan. He had spent most days thinking about his mother. Not his blonde mother but his other mother. He, although he never said so, had missed her…a lot! When he experienced nightmares throughout the three weeks Emma had done the best she could to comfort him but it didn't quite feel right. He needed his mother, he wanted his mother.

She knew how to comfort him when he was sick, when he was scared and when he was hurt. She knew the differences and although he didn't hold it against Emma for not knowing he craved the comfort from his other mother. So he devised a plan. His grandmother seemed to be getting back on her feet after the defeat of Cora and he hoped perhaps with his help he could reunite his family together and bring his mother back into his life.

He knew that she wanted to change for him and he knew with a little help she would be able to. He trusted that she would put to rest her evil tendencies for him. He had tried calling her but she hadn't answered which was extremely unlike her. She always answered to his call, no matter what. So he made his way down the familiar path of Mifflin Street and towards house 108 where he had grown up.

He opened the black iron gate and walked up the path with a slight frown on his face. Something didn't feel right. It was too quiet, too…he couldn't think of the word. It just didn't feel right. Something was off. Stepping up onto the porch and over to the big white door he lifted his hand and tried the handle, finding the door locked he sighed and knocked heavily.

Quietness continued so he knocked again. Once again no movement could be heard. His frown grew and he walked over to one of the windows peering into the house. It looked empty but none had seen his mother for weeks. Not since Cora had died. He walked back over to the door and knocked for a third time. "Mom!" Henry shouted. "Mom! Open the door!"

No answer came and Henry started to get worried. Of course what he didn't know was a matter of minutes before he had arrived Regina had taken a fatal step.

He stepped away from the front door and lifted up the doormat picking up the key hidden there. He unlocked the door and pushed it open finding the house eerily quiet. Closing the door behind him and making his way further into the house, looking around him. He saw his mother's hand bag by the small table in the hall and her car keys resting upon it.

"Mom!" He shouted again continuing to walk around the house. He began to climb the stairs not quite sure what to think. Something definitely wasn't right. His mother would have answered him by now, but she didn't appear to be out of the house if her keys and bag were anything to go by. He wandered down the hall and towards her bedroom. "Mom are you in here?" Henry asked a little softer as he pushed the door open.

He walked further into the room and the light from the ensuite bathroom caught his eye. Turning on his heel he wandered over "Mom?" He called as he pushed the door open. He was not prepared for the sight before him. There was Regina, his mother lying on the floor, a glass shattered beside her along with red wine staining the floor like blood.

"Mom!" Henry shouted as he ran towards her. He fell to his knees and rolled her round, shaking her shoulders in the vain hope that she would wake up. "Mom wake up! Wake up!"

She didn't wake up, she just continued to look lifeless while Henry tried his hardest to shake her awake.

Emma picked up her take away coffee bidding Granny and Ruby a goodbye as she walked out of Grannies diner. It had been a quiet three weeks and she had been glad for it. A bit of peace after the whole Cora business. She walked down the street, sipping her coffee, nodding politely at people who walked past her.

Her phone started buzzing in her pocket and she stuffed her hand in to grab it and pull it out. Looking down the at the screen she saw Henry's name appear on the caller ID. Pressing the green button she pressed it to her ear wondering what the boy could want. "Hey kid, why are you phoning me when you are meant to be at school?" Emma asked with a slight smirk on her face.

She had learnt early on that Henry had a thing for trouble and perhaps not always strictly following the rule, taking after her quite clearly and she had to admit that she liked that he did take after her in some ways.

"I need your help Emma. Something bad has happened and I don't know what to do." Came Henry's worried voice down the phone.

Emma's smirk disappeared and was replaced with a frown when she heard the worry in Henry's voice. "Henry what's wrong? What's happened?" Emma questioned stopping in her tracks for a moment. Had she jinxed things this morning by thinking things were nice and peaceful?

"It's my mom Emma. I don't know what's wrong with her…she won't wake up…" Henry said down the phone and Emma could tell he was crying now. "I can't wake her up Emma, I don't know what to do."

"Erm…Alright kid just stay where you are. I'll be right there okay…" Emma said. She hung up the phone, chucking her coffee in the bin she ran over to her bug and jumped in. Turning on the ignition she was quick to drive away and make her way towards Mifflin street. There were many scenarios running around in her mind but none of them prepared her for what she was about to see.

It took her no time at all to park outside of Regina's house. She had all but jumped out of the car and raced down the pathway of Regina's house, bursting in and calling out for Henry. She heard Henry calling back to her and she raced up the stairs and towards Regina's bedroom. As she entered the bedroom a feeling of dread took over her. She walked over to the ensuite and peered in to see Henry knelt beside a lifeless looking Regina. "Henry what's happened?" Emma asked as she walked over to mother and son and knelt down.

"I…I don't know…I just found her like this…" Henry sobbed as he held onto his brunette mother. He held up an orange pill bottle and handed it to Emma. "I found this beside her…"

Emma took it from Henry and gasped when she looked at it. she then looked down at Regina and then the shattered glass and spilled red wine on the floor and her mind was working on overdrive piecing it all together. She then darted to her feet. "Henry move." Emma said gently pushing Henry away from Regina. "We need to get her to hospital." Emma said as she lifted Regina up, her body light and weightless in her arms which made Emma's worry for the woman increase more and more as each second passed.

She was quick to walk out of the room with Henry following her and they walked out of the house and over to Emma's bug. She placed Regina in and motioned for Henry to get in quickly before she sped off towards the hospital. "Is she going to be okay?" Henry asked.

Emma glanced over at Henry and noticed that he looked every bit the innocent little boy that he should do. She glanced back at Regina through the rear view mirror and sighed. "I hope so kid. I hope so."

She parked up outside of the hospital and was quick to get out of the car and lift Regina out. She and Henry raced into the hospital. "Help. We need help over here!" Emma shouted.

"What's going on?" Doctor Whale asked as he approached them, glancing down at Regina.

"I think…" Emma started but stopped for a minute glancing over to Henry. She wasn't sure what Henry thought was going on, whether he knew exactly what Regina had done or not. "She has taken some pills…You need to help her."

"I don't need to help her." Whale replied.

"No you do need to help her. I don't care what you feel she has done to you in the past this is not your time to take your revenge on her! There is a boy here who loves and needs this woman around so you will help her or so help me god I will make you regret not doing so!" Emma said firmly.

Whale stared at Emma for a moment before nodding his head and gathering a team and a gurney to place Regina on. Regina was wheeled off with Emma and Henry staring after her both hoping that she would survive whatever had happened to her.

Authors Note:

So what do we think? Continue?