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Two years later...

Regina darted about the house, slight panic showing on her face. It was bath time and she had been trying to convince Aria to get into the bath for at least fifteen minutes. After chasing her around for five of those minutes Aria had managed to disappear, hiding somewhere in the house (at least Regina hoped she was still in the house.) and Regina had no clue where the little toddler had gone to.

Aria was now a michevious two year old. Full of the terrible twos, cheeky, sassy, everything like Regina but had taken after Emma for her more 'tomboy' like ways it had seemed and as weird as it seemed she had deep green eyes that reminded Regina so much of Emma. Apart from that she was just a mini Regina.

"Aria?" Regina called as she walked into the livingroom. Her eyes landed on Henry who was lounging on the sofa. "Henry have you seen your sister?" Regina asked as she looked around the livingroom, checking under the coffee table as well as the piano.

Henry shook his head. He looked over to see Regina crouched on the floor looking under the piano. "Still haven't caught her for her bath then?" He smirked a little. Aria ran rings around his mother. He had expected Regina to be the stricter one out of herself and Emma but it turned out to be the other way around. Emma the strict one and Regina the soft one. That always made him smile.

"Nope." Regina sighed as she pushed herself up. "I had been chasing her through the house but then she knocked a vase over, which I only just managed to catch in time, and when i turned back to get her she was gone." Regina explained. "You don;t happen to know what her favourite hiding place is at the moment?"

"I do...but it will cost you..." Henry said with a smile. Regina crossed her arms over her chest, raising an eyebrow at her son. "Okay...I'll give you this one for free..."

"You sound like Gold." Regina smirked.

"Ha Ha! She likes to hide in your wardrobe. It's massive and plenty small places to hide." Henry revealed.

"That little minx." Regina muttered as she turned on her heel and began to walk out of the living room. "Thank you Henry." She called back. She walked up the stairs and down towards her and Emma's room. Pushing the door open she walked in and looked over to the walk in wardrobe to see indeed the door was slightly ajar. She quietly walked over to the wardrobe. "I'm sure I saw a little girl by the name of Aria come in here..." Regina started. She could hear giggling from inside the wardrobe and she couldn't help but smile. She opened the door and walked, turning on the light. "Where could she be hiding?" More giggling brought her attention over to her side of the wardrobe and to her dresses. She walked over, moving the dresses to the side to see Aria behind them covering her eyes. "Got you my little monkey!" Regina said reaching forward and lifting Aria up quickly before she could even think about running away from her.

"I no monkey mommy." Aria said as she moved her hands away from her eyes and looked at Regina. "I girl like you and mama."

Regina laughed a little. She leaned over and kissed Aria's cheek. "That's right my darling. Now come on it's time for your bath."

"No mommy." Aria said as she squirmed in Regina's arms. "I no wanna go in bath."

"Aria sweetheart you need to go in the bath. We have had a very busy day today." Regina said as she held onto Aria tightly and walked out of the bedroom.

"I no like bath time." Aria mumbled, a frown appearing on her face.

"Why don't you like bathtime?" Regina asked as they entered the bathroom.

"It mean bedtime soon. No wanna go to bed." Aria said. "Bedtime boring."

Regina smiled a little and she placed Aria down on the floor, making sure to keep a hold of her to stop her from running off. "Well it's a good thing we aren't going to bed straight after bathtime then isn't it?"

"We not?" Aria asked.

Regina shool her head as she crouched down and started to help Aria undress. "No. Remember I said since it is Friday you could stay up a little later and wait on mama coming home and then we could both tuck you into bed."

"Oh...I member..." Aria said nodding her head a little. "I have choc'late milk?" She asked hopefully.

"No. You can have normal milk." Regina replied as she lifted Aria up and placed her into the bath.

"Toast?" Aria questioned, big wide eyes looking up at Regina. "Supper time after bathtime mommy. Member?"

Regina breathed out a laugh. "Yes I remember. You can have some toast after bathtime."

"Cheese on top?" Aria asked.

"I'll think about it." Regina smirked. She knew she would give Aria exactly what she wanted, she was terrible for it. Too soft with her but she couldn't help it.

"Mommy I want a Lion." Aria said as Regina started to wash her hair.

"A lion? I'm not so sure about that one Aria." Regina replied.

"Why mommy? Lion be good pet." Aria said.

"Well it might be a little dangerous to have a lion as a pet sweetheart." Regina said.

"Oh..." Aria sighed. "What about...a duck?"

"I;m not sure about that either sweetheart. Ducks live in the park." Regina answered.

"What about a spider?" Aria asked. Aria was scared of nothing. Spiders didn't bother her quite like they had and still do bother Henry.

"I don't think Henry would like that." Regina laughed a little.

"Henry silly. Spider no scary. Incy wincy spider a good spider." Aria said. "incy wincy spider climb up spout. Down came ran and wash incy out. Out came sun and dried up all rain. Incy wincy spider climb up spout again." Aria sang as she done the actions with her hands.

"That was very good Aria." Regina smiled. "Your good at that song."

"So i get spider?" Aria asked hopefully.

"I'm still going to say no to that Aria." Regina said.

"Aww." Aria sighed. "What about...bunny?"

"A bunny? Thats more like a pet yes." Regina said.

"Can I get one?" Aria asked. "I want a bunny."

"I'm not sure sweetheart. We will have to ask mama." Regina said. "If we got a bunny you would have to be a big girl and help to look after the bunny."

"I will mommy. I a big girl now." Aria said looking up at Regina. "I two..." Aria said holding up her fingers. She looked at them and then up at Regina as if to ask for confirmation that she was holding up the right number of fingers.

Regina nodded and stood to grab a towel. "You are a big girl sweetheart, Now come on uo you get so we can get you dried off."

Aria stood up and Regina wrapped the towel around her and lifted her out of the bath. She helped to dry her off and then helped her into her pyjamas. "I watch cartoons mommy?" Aria asked.

"Go ask Henry if he is finished watching the tv and I will sort out your supper." Regina said.

"Okay mommy." Aria called as she ran off. She was like a whirlwind, never slow, always on the go. Regina smiled as she watched her run off and she cleaned up the bathroom before heading downstairs and into the kitchen to prepare a small supper for Aria. As she was doing so she heard the front door open and shut as well as Aria shoutiung 'Mama' at the top of her voice.

Emma soon appeared with Aria in her arms giving Regina a smile. "So this rascal said you said she could have a bunny?" Emma said raising an eyebrow at Regina and smirking a little.

"No...I said we would ask you before we made a decsion.." Regina said buttering the toast for Aria. "Your toast is ready sweetheart."

"Where cheese?" Aria asked as she looked down at the toast.

"We are out of cheese I'm afraid." Regina said with an apologetic look on her face.

"Oh...okay...maybe next time." Aria said making both Regina and Emma laugh a little. "I eat and watch cartoons?"

"Go on then." Regina said. Emma placed Aria down on the floor. "Can you take the plate through yourself?" Regina asked.

Aria nodded taking the plate from her mother. "I big girl mommy." She said as she turned on her heel and walked out of the room.

Emma walked over to Regina and wrapped her arms around her waist, pulling her close to her and place a soft kiss to her lips. "Hi." She said softly.

"Hi." Regina smiled. "How was your day?"

"Busy, long and boring without you guys there." Emma huffed.

"Aw dear...well it's over now." Regina laughed a little.

"Thank god." Emma laughed. "So are you really thinking of getting her a rabbit?"

Regina shrugged her shoulders a little. "I don't know. She really wants a pet and it might be good for her. Show her some responsability early on."

"Or it will be all shiny and new for a couple of weeks and then she will get bored and we will end up cleaning up after it?" Emma said.

"Possibly but she might surprise you." Regina said.

"I'm not so sure." Emma said. "But if you want to get her one then I will go for it."

"Really?" Regina smiled.

"Yea." Emma smiled back leaning in and kissing her again.

At the weekends Regina and Emma liked to do things with Aria. She was a child that needed to be kept busy and sitting in the house was never really an option for them. So they headed out to the park to let Aria run around and to hopefully let off some of that energy that she seemed to constantly have.

"Mommy you push me on swing." Aria squealed jumping up and down as she tugged on Regina's hand.

"Don't you want mama to do it sweetheart? She is much stronger than me." Regina said

The little girl shook her head, frown firmly placed on her face, looking so much like her brunette mother that Emma couldn't help but smirk as she watched them. "No. You." Aria said firmly pointing at Regina. "Mama help me on there after." She said pointing to the rather large climbing frame. She then reached forward and grabbed Regina's hand in hers and dragged her over to the swings.

"Oh...I'm not sure about that climbing frame Aria..." Regina started. She was fiercely protective of her young daughter, almost to the point that Emma was sure one of these days Aria would be strolling out of the house literally wrapped up in cotton wool. It made Emma wonder if Regina was exactly that same with Henry.

"Why mommy?" Aria asked as she tried to climb up onto the swing but struggling slightly with her smaller size.

Regina stepped forward and helped Aria up onto the swing, telling her to hold on tight to the chains as she walked around behind her and started to gently push. "Well it is awfully high Aria."

"Yea! I wanna climb up to the sky. Like Jack!" She squealed as she swung her legs a little.

"Jack?" Emma frowned and looked to Regina for more information.

"Jack and the beanstalk." Regina said. "We read it last night before bed."

"Ah yea." Emma nodded wondering to herself how she didn't figure that out before.

"Faster mommy! Higher!" Aria squealed.

Regina smiled and she done as Aria said, although making sure not to push her too high that she might fall. It only took five minutes before the young toddler was scrambling to try get off the still moving swing, wanting to move onto the next thing. "Hold on Aria. You need to wait until mommy stops the swing." Emma said. She helped Regina stop the swing and then Aria jumped off and ran over to the climbing frame, her mothers following behind her.

"I'm really not sure about her climbing that. Why cant she just try the smaller one?" Regina sighed.

"Because she is too adventerous for her own good." Emma laughed. "Don't worry she will be fine. I will go help her."

"Just please don't let her get to high." Regina said a worried look on her face as she watched Aria trying to climb already.

"Don't worry." Emma repeated and she quickly jogged over to the climbing frame.

Regina stood back and watched as Emma carefully helped Aria climb on the large climbing frame. She winced a couple of times when Aria slipped but her heart settled as Emma was right behind her, catching her before she fell to the ground. She tried to take a step back and not coddle Aria too much but she found such a thing hard. She jsut didn't want to see her beautiful little girl hurt. Regina was brought out of her thoughts when she heard Aria calling to her.

"Mommy! Mommy look at me! I up high!" She squealed waving down at her, holding on tightly with one hand seemingly scared of nothing. Regina envied that about her daughter.

"I see you sweetheart." Regina smiled.

"Mama up high too!" Aria called as Emma stopped beside her.

"So I see." Regina replied. She watched Emma and Aria, looking out over the park and talking. She smiled as she watched the pair and she felt a warmth run through her, right to her heart. This was the family she had wanted for so long. It was the family that she had craved. Unconditional love. She had found it and she never wanted to let it go. Someone had saved her. Or rather not just someone, but her family.