Hisagi Shuhei looked down at the two graves in front of him. He had come to say his finale goodbyes. It had been a long hard road full of pain and sadness, but now he was ready to go. All those years ago when they were saved by the Shinigami taichou and his companions, Shuhei and his two friends decided they wanted to become Shinigami themselves. However fate was not so kind and in the end the other two had died. Shuhei now stood alone. After his second friend had died he realized he couldn't spend any more time putting it off to get stronger. If he wanted to do this, he had to try now and get the skills he needed along the way. That in itself turned out to be easier said than done however. He had gone and taken the Shino Academy's entrance exam and failed. That had been a significant hit to him, but he trained even harder and went back the next year. That second failure nearly destroyed him. Rather than falling into despair he worked even harder, and finally the many hours he put into it paid off. Shuhei passed the exam and was invited to join the academy. From here on out it was just going to get harder. If he didn't do well in the coming years he wouldn't graduate, and even if he did graduate it didn't mean he was guaranteed to get into the Gotie Thirteen. On top of that, even if he could join the Gotie thirteen, he may not get to pick the division he would go into. During their sixth year, the students would take a graduation exam. After that they would apply to the divisions of their choice. Each division only accepted a certain number of recruits every year and would only take the top graduates that applied for them. When all the divisions had filled their quota's, the remaining graduates would either be put in divisions that had not filled their quotas, placed on a possible waiting list, or rejected entirely. He couldn't afford to relax now if he was going to achieve his goals.

That's why he decided that no matter what happens from this point onward, he would not come back to this place that he once saw as home. If he failed he could never face the two friends that believed that he would one day succeed, and if he passed then he would have a new home to go to. Either way, when he left this place he was not returning. He gave a deep bow to both of the graves and felt tears lightly fill his eyes. He didn't want to cry, not in front of them. "I'm leaving now. Thank you both, for everything!" he said, then he turned and ran.


Shuhei was out of breath. He had ran for a few miles before he slowed to a walk. He wanted to get to the Seiretei as soon as possible so he could start on his new life. It made a sense of excitement well up inside him. He would finally take that first step in achieving his dream. Finally he arrived. The site of it took his breath away. Having grown up in a higher numbered district, he had never really seen such buildings as the Seiretei had. Sure, he had seen them three times before, when he had traveled there to take the entrance exams, but each time was just as amazing as the first. It didn't take him much longer to arrive at the Shino Academy.

The academy itself was so full of life, it stunned the young man. He had never seen so many people at once. He looked down at himself, not even wearing a uniform yet. He was going to get one at orientation when they showed them to their dorms. Some students that lived nearby were allowed to stay at home, and he new there would be holidays and other days where he could leave if he wished, but for him the dorms would be his home for the next six years. Hopefully the next home would be in a division barracks.

"Hey, you new too?" Shuhei heard a man ask. He turned to see a tall black haired man that towered over him. He didn't wear a uniform either, just a tattered robe like Shuhei had. Shuhei managed a small nod. "I'm Aoga, nice to meet you." he said holding out a hand. Shuhei took it.

"Hisagi." he introduced himself. The man smirked.

"Excuse me, you two are students as well right? Do you know where we're supposed to go?" a pretty young woman asked, coming up to them. She was short with light brown hair in a side ponytail. Shuhei nodded.

"Yeah, we're supposed to go to the classroom where we took the entrance exam." Shuhei explained. The girl smiled.

"Thanks. I'm Kanisawa by the way, it's nice to meet you." she said.

"I'm Aoga, and Romeo here is Hisagi." he said. Shuhei turned red.

"Wha..." he started, horrified. He had no idea what the guy was talking about. The girl smiled uneasily, as if she didn't know how to take the remark.

"Are you two friends or something?" she asked. Both shook their heads.

"Not really, we just met." Shuhei said. The girl nodded.

"I see. Well, why don't we go to the meeting together?" she asked. Shuhei went to speak when Aoga slammed a hand down on his shoulder and put his other hand, much lighter than with Shuhei, on the girls shoulder.

"Sounds great!" he decided. Then the three set off.

I have so much other stuff to be doing right now, including another story on this site that needs to be updated asap. However, this is stuck in my head and I really can't do much else until I get started on it. I was reading the new mini chapter from Bleach 13 Blades, and in it Aoga had survived from the attack when they were sixth years. Looking at Aoga and Shuhei's interaction as well as Aoga's words made me feel like the three of them were a lot closer than initially thought. So I decided to write this. There will be a few chapters, I really don't know how many yet, that will be just a few blurbs on Shuhei, Kanisawa, and Aoga's time in the Academy and the friendship that they formed. That is all, please enjoy.