Friends to… lovers?

By: Natasha

Author's Note: This is my first "Clarissa Explains It All" fic. Hope you enjoy! Anyways, this is Clarissa/Clifford or Clarissa/Sam. You choose. I'll try keeping the balance between the votes.

Disclaimer: I don't own Clarissa, Ferguson, Sam, Clifford, Marshal, Janet, or anybody in the TV show. I'm just borrowing them for entertainment purposes.

Clarissa Darling plopped onto her bed after making her brand new video game in her computer. It was about alien chickens in outer space, and it was up to her to torture them, that kinda thing. She was depressed. She couldn't believe she had said yes to something she didn't want to agree to.


Clarissa heard a ladder balancing itself from outside her window. A young man with light brown hair and round dark brown eyes stepped climbed it and went inside Clarissa's room.

"Hey Sam," Clarissa greeted him.

"Hi Clarissa," Sam started. "Anything new?"

"No," Clarissa said. "Just that, Mom's off to another field trip for the kids and Dad's been driving me crazy by freakin' out with his new electric guitar and stuff."

"Oh, I see." Sam said. "Heard from Clifford lately?"

"No." Clarissa frowned. "Which is really weird because I haven't seen him in the school cafeteria and all the usual places. Not even in the boxing arena. I wonder what he's up to."

"Well, you know who Clifford is…" Sam commented. "He's a very unpredictable person."

"Yeah. Well, what do you have in 'er?" Clarissa pointed out.

Sam blushed. "Nothing." He replied.

"You sure?" Clarissa asked. "Because usually you have something to show me and all that every time you get here."

"Well—" Sam scowled. Clarissa was putting her into this mental test again.

"Yeah?" Clarissa smiled.

"Clarissa, would you mind going out with me this Saturday night?" Sam asked nervously.

"What?!" Clarissa yelled, her jaw dropping. "You mean like, a date?"

"Why not?" Sam shrugged.

End of Flashback

Sam had done this before, and it had turned out real messy. She didn't want it to happen again, but an urge made her say yes, and she was suffering deep torture inside of her.

What would Clifford say?????

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