Hello and welcome to my new story! It's been a long time, but I'm happy to say that I've been writing again and am excited to be posting something new. Reading Life and Death kick-started my desire to finish this vamp fic, so here we are.

I've been writing this story since 2012 (and rewriting and changing and rewriting some more). It all started when I asked myself, what would happen if vampires in the Twilight universe decided to make themselves known? (à la True Blood but not really, kwim?)

Chapters will post frequently, as they're relatively short. As usual, keep an open mind when it comes to the vampires because I like to stray from the parameters smeyer created.

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Edward stormed from his house, phone to ear. He seethed with each ring that went unanswered. When the call dropped to voicemail, he hung up and dialed again.

"Officer Swan," the familiar voice finally answered.

"How could you?" Edward spat.

"Excuse me?"

The defensiveness in Charlie's voice set Edward even more on edge. He tightened the grip on his phone, causing the case to crack.

"Is a future with me so terrible that you'd rather eradicate my family?"


"She's your daughter for Christ's sake!"

There was a long pause, followed by Charlie's anxious voice. "What about my daughter? Edward—"

"You got what you wanted, Charlie. I hope you're happy."