Help Me Gibbs, I need you.

Chapter 1

AN: I realize that I have many stories started and have little time to write but this story will not let go. This story is a realistic fiction. It is based on a few things that are going on in my life. As things unfold I am sure you will figure it out. In this story you have to suspend some of the current show story lines. I usually try to stay close to what the writers are giving us. In this story Abby is still adopted but she had known about it her whole life and her mother is still alive. Luca is not the supportive brother we hear about on the show. He's a jerk.

This is my first Gabby story. I have always loved reading them. Now I want to take a chance. Let me know what you think.

Disclaimer: I do not own the wonderful characters of NCIS. I don't have any connection to the show or CBS television. I also have just enough medical knowledge to be dangerous. I will not be looking these facts up on the internet. All medical information will be based on my experience as a daughter on the outside looking in.


Leroy Jethro Gibbs was working in his basement on a special present for his favorite forensic scientist Abby Sciuto. It was a very detailed chest of drawers that matched the coffin that she used in her apartment as her bed.

With every piece of wood he shaved off he thought of his beautiful Abby. To the world outside of his heart their relationship seems that of a father and a daughter but inside his slowly repairing heart he wanted more. He looked at the pictures of his team that now adorned the bulletin board he had installed on his basement wall. His eyes locked on her. She was so beautiful. He loved her black silky hair and her skin was as white a snow. Her lips were full and the black lipstick she wore only proved to him that he really wanted to kiss them

Shaking his head he tried to remove the fantasies about her that always seemed to plague him when he was alone working in his basement. As he did he noticed that his stomach was growling. He tried to remember the last time he ate. Must had been late the day before he thought. It had been a long week at work. The team had worked a solid 48 hours until the case was solved. He and Director Vance had decided to allow the team a much needed early weekend. The team had left the bullpen at 1700 Thursday and was not to return until Monday. Tony, Tim and Ziva had headed to a local restaurant for dinner and a few drinks. He had been asked to join them but that was not what he wanted. He wanted Abby. She seemed preoccupied with outside forces.

Abby had slipped away from the group silently. Usually she would have joined them but she was quiet, to quiet and mumbled something about bowling practice. Gibbs had known she was lying but he knew that she would come to him when she was ready.

It was now Friday afternoon and he had still not heard from her. He was starting to get worried. He wanted to rush over to her apartment and find out just what was wrong. He wanted to take her in his arms and kiss away whatever was bothering her. He deep down knew that she did not want him that way. He was broken. First Shannon and Kelly and then three disastrous marriages, he has not good enough for her. She deserved better. Abby deserved the best.

He shook his head again. "Got to move on. At least I can protect her as her friend. She would let me do that. Abby will come to me when she needs me," he mumbled to himself. He stomach was now getting angry. All he had in his house was some cold cereal and sour milk. He put down his chisel. He grabbed his keys off the bench and took the stairs up from the basement two at a time. He was headed to the diner for a hamburger and fries. Maybe getting out of the basement he could clear his mind of her. But he doubted it.


Abby Sciuto was sitting on her black leather sofa. She was wrapped in a black afghan that her mother had made for her not long after she moved from New Orleans to Washington D.C. Tears were streaming down her face. She was scared. She was worried. But most of all she was alone, alone and scared. How could she face things without someone? How she wished that Gibbs would be there to take this pain away but again she knew that he never thought of her as a lover. It was more like a daughter. "I don't need a father," she thought "I need someone who wants me."

She had managed to keep her emotions in check until she hung up the phone with her mother. Thank goodness she was talking to Gloria on a TTY phone instead of Skype which they usually did. She would not have been able to hide the tears.

Abby got up and walked into the kitchen. She poured herself a glass of red wine. Normally she would not drink this early but today was different. She then walked into the living room and stared at the picture she had on the mantel. It was a picture of herself, Gibbs and her mother during her last visit. She remembered when it was taken. Gloria had finally agreed to visit. It had been almost a year after her father had died of a heart attack. That did it. Remembering the death of her father turned her sadness into anger, violent anger. She grabbed the nearest object to her. She tossed the vase at the wall shattering it into pieces.

"Damn" she screamed. She then grabbed magazines, books and another flower vase and began just throwing them. She just kept screaming as tears of anger continued to fall. She grabbed the nearest pillow and began beating it senseless.

She continued to vent her anger until she sat down exhausted on the floor. She was still angry and scared but she had to gain control. She stood up, grabbed a handkerchief from her desk drawer and then her keys. She had to talk to him. She needed his arms around her even if it was just the usually friendly, fatherly hug she always got. At least she would have the comfort of him. He would always make things better.

The warm sun shone on her face as she walked out of the door of her apartment building but she did not notice that she forgot her parasol. She was autopilot. She had to get to him. The car almost drove itself across town toward his house.

She turned on his street and she began to breathe heavily. She had to talk to him. She needed him desperately. Her face fell when she noticed that his white truck was not parked in front of his house. She pulled into the driveway anyway. She knew his door was unlocked. She knew she was welcome.

She got out and made her way into the house opening the unlocked door. She stopped to wonder where he was but she felt some comfort just being in his house.

She noticed his red hooded sweat shirt lying on the couch. It was almost like he had left it for her. She quickly put it on. It was so large that it drowned her but she loved it. She could smell his scent. It smelled of Old Spice and sawdust. The warmth of the sweatshirt and his scent began to relax her. She found his pillow behind the couch. The one she slept on each night. She lay down on his pillow and the comfort of him wrapped her in a protective cocoon. She quickly fell asleep. Despite the scary situation with her mother she knew she was not alone.


Driving back to his house Gibbs was still not free from his thoughts of her. His stomach was full and was not as mad as it was before. He hardly remembered what he food tasted like. He barely even noticed what he ate. He could not get her out of his mind.

His gut was churning. Something was wrong. He could sense she was upset. He mindlessly drove back to his house. He was surprised when he turned the corner on his street. He saw Abby's red hearse parked in his driveway. "I was right." He thought. "I knew she would show up sooner or later."

He parked his truck next to hers. He felt the hood of the car when walked by. It was still warm so she had not been there long. He stepped into the house and sat his keys down on the table by the door. "Abbs, where are you?"Gibbs asked. He listened for her answer. He could not find her. He walked back toward the basement door missing her on his couch. He looked into the kitchen but she was not there. He turned back around staring at the large picture window. He scratched his head. "Where can she be?" Then he noticed her asleep on his couch.

He approached her quietly sitting down on his coffee table. Instead of waking her, he just sat and stared at her. He noticed that her make-up was smudged with only what he could assume was tears. He reached out for her. He wanted to pick her up and hold her in his arms. He wanted to wipe away those tears.

He just sat there watching her sleep for some time. She seemed so at peace wearing his hoodie. She was so beautiful. He gently held her hand as she slept.

Finally he noticed her breathing change. She was waking up. Her tear filled green eye looked up at him. "What's up Abbs?" he whispered.

Abby slowly sat up. All she wanted to do was jump into his arms. She needed him desperately. "Oh Gibbs it is horrible."

He took her hands in his. "I'm here, Abby. What is it?"

Abby swallowed and took a deep breath. "It's my mother, Gibbs. She called yesterday at work. She's in the hospital.

Gibbs moved to the couch and sat next to her. He put his arm around her shoulders. "Is she going to be ok? What is it?"

"No Gibbs I am so scared she won't. She was admitted with what they thought was a gall bladder attack. She's had them before we thought. They ran some more tests. It's not gall bladder. "Abby fell into his arms burying her head into his chest. "Gibbs," she stuttered. "They found tumors on her liver. They did a biopsy. It's cancer. She has liver cancer Gibbs." Abby began crying again. "I'm going to be alone. She is going to die."

Gibbs began to stroke her hair. Tears filled his eyes as he tried to search his brain on how to help her. Then nature and their emotions took over. He lifted her chin so that her once again tear stained eyes we looking up at him. Before he knew it his lips were on hers. He tried to kiss away her pain. Abby was surprised at the depth of the kiss and she returned it mindlessly. She was warmed by the comfort it provided. When they broke apart Gibbs began to wipe her tears with his thumbs. "I'm here Abbs. You are not alone and we will fix this. She is healthy and strong. We are not going to lose her." Again their eyes locked. Abby saw the tears in his eyes. Great strides have been made in cancer research since my mom had it. There are lots of new things out there. "

Abby nodded. She knew that but she was glad he had said it. She looked again into his sparkling blue eyes. Then the kiss registered on her lips. "Gibbs, you kissed me. A real kiss" she whispered.

"You are not alone Abbs." He pulled her into a hug. "Since you kissed me back does that mean?"

"Let's find out what the oncologist says on Monday and then we really have to talk." Abby whispered as she snuggled into his embrace. She paused causing Gibbs' heart to skip a beat. Abby felt his tension. "Then we really have to talk."

"Absolutely." Gibbs sat back and they two enjoyed being together despite concern and worry for Abby's mother. They both knew that whatever Gloria was facing they would face it together.

AN: There it is my first chapter. This just seemed to flow out of my hands. It took very little thought. In case you have not figured it out my mother is suffering from cancer, liver cancer. I am using this experience to bring my favorite NCIS couple together. Should I continue?