Help me Gibbs I need you

Chapter 8

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Previously on NCIS

"Hello Jethro," was the answer on the other end of the phone. "How can I help you? You never call unless you have something important."

"You are right as always Bob. Abby's mother Gloria has a problem I need your help with." Gibbs explained.

"Well let me know the problem and let's see what we can do." Bob Anderson replied on the other end of the phone. "I assume since you called me it involves money."

"You guessed it." Gibbs told him.

"Ok let's see what we can do. Give me a minute to pull up your accounts."

"Thanks man. I knew you would try to make this happen." Gibbs found a private place. He so hoped he could fix this for Abby as he smiled to himself.


Upstairs Gloria Scuito had finally succumb to the exhaustion that all this stress had caused in her already failing body. Abby stood looking out the window. "I really hope we can fix this. I know Gibbs promised but how. He is the best but how is he going to manage it?" She thought to herself as she stared out of the window at the blue sky. At least her mother had agreed to go back to Washington so maybe this new doctor will be able to prolong her life. Abby wiped the tears from her eyes and she sat down in the chair next to her mother's bed. She dosed off listening to her breathing slowly in and out.


Abby was awakened by her phone signaling a text message. She jumped and grabbed it hoping it would not wake her mother. She could not help but chuckle when she realized what she was thinking. Gloria Scuito was deaf. She did not even notice vibrations from music or any kind of sounds. "It must be Gibbs" she thought as she grabbed her phone. "Damn it," she replied audibly when she saw who it was. The text was from her brother Luca checking in on their mother. "Hey Abbs. How's mom?"

"She wants to see you" Abby texted back.


"You are her son and she's dying. It does not take a genius to figure it out." Abby answered angrily."


"ASAP idiot." Abby was fuming at this point. He steals her money, endangers her house and he wants to know why she wants to see him.

"Sorry Abbs. Will be right over." He answered. Luca Scuito replaced his phone back into his pocked. "Man, what's up? She sounded angry even in a text." He mumbled.

Luca walked out of the coffee shop and turned toward the hospital which was just a couple of blocks away. He started walking toward the hospital his head held low as he walked along. "What would his mother insist on seeing him about?" he thought.

Abby almost tossed her phone across the room. "What happened to him?" he whispered tears filling her eyes. Just then her phone rang. She could not help but smile when she saw the caller ID. "Hey Gibbs."

"You doing ok." He muttered.

"Yes. I'm fine," She lied. "I just heard from Luca. Gloria really wants to talk with him."

"I'm sure she does. And don't lie to me Abbs I can tell you have been crying." Gibbs chuckled. I've come some business to take care of but I will be there in about an hour."

Abby was shocked. "What business?"

"Working on something for you and Gloria. Hopefully if things go the way I hope you will have some of the pressure lifted." Gibbs told her.

"Gibbs all I need you," Abby told him wiping away her tears. "Don't be too long."

"I know and as soon as I finish what I am doing I will be there." He told her. "Hang in there Abby. I love you."

"I love you too, Gibbs." Abby hung up the phone and walked back toward the window. She knew Gibbs loved her and could face anything but this was a lot to face. Her brother stealing her family home, her mother dying of cancer and the thought of losing that home and her mother was just more that she could handle alone. Thank goodness Gibbs was there for her.


Gibbs had spent almost an hour on the phone with Bob negotiating his surprise for Abby and Gloria. "Well Jethro looks like we have everything in order."

"So we were able to do this. Gloria's house is safe." Gibbs asked hopefully.

"Yes. All you have to do is head over to the bank and sign the papers my assistant is faxing over. The money will be wire transferred immediately after you get the documents faxed back to us. Now Gloria does not own it. You will but she will not have to move out in 48 hours. Then what you do about the house will be your decision. "

"That's all that matters. Truthfully Bob I'm not sure if Gloria cares about the house as much as the betrayal of her son. She knows that even my friend in Washington is not going to prolong her life indefinitely."

"That concerns me as will Jethro. I want to know how he was able to get access to be able to get that 50000-dollar loan without her knowing it." Bob cleared his throat. "It was most likely illegal."

"I'm really concerned about that myself. I have my team working on that in DC. Could you ask around at the bank?"

"I was planning on it. You know I may have to report what I find out. Will Abby be ok with that?

"She is pretty pissed at him right now." Gibbs told him. "But he is her baby brother and was her best friend growing up. So with Abby you will never know."

"I can understand that. I will try to be discrete. But this could be something illegal."

"Hope not but let me know."

"On it Jethro." Bob hung up the phone. Gibbs put his phone in his pocket and left the hospital. He got into the rental car and headed for the bank. He was very glad he was able to help Abby and her mother at least a little happiness.


Gloria Scuito was just waking up when her son Luca entered her hospital room. She kept silent as she watched the interaction between her two children. She could feel the tension coming from her daughter. Gloria of course could not hear their words because they were not looking at her but she knew Abbie was angry. "Luca, how did you steal Gloria's house?"

"I did not steal it Abby. I just borrowed against it."

"Sure you did. You borrowed 50,000 dollars and then did not pay it back. A process server came in here and gave her 48 hours to be out of OUR house. The house we grew up in. The house Gloria and Dad worked for years to pay for." Abby was obviously yelling at her brother. Gloria could sense that.

Luca looked back at his sister horrified. "Does she know?" He nodded toward Gloria.

"Of course she does. The process server served her with foreclosure papers. I told you that you defaulted on your loan. THEY ARE TAKING THE HOUSE." Abby screamed. "HE GAVE HER 48 HOURS."

Luca just stood there and stared at his sister. He did not know what to say. He knew that foreclosure was a possibility. He had hoped he had charmed that lady loan officer enough to keep it from happening for a couple of months. "I had it handled Abby. Sidney at the bank assured me I had a couple of months to pay the back payments."

"Well I guess she was overruled. Again I asked you how did you managed to get a loan using Gloria's house a collateral. I have her power of attorney if she becomes unable to handle her affairs. Not you. "

"Why would she do that? I am her son."

"Well you have proven that you can't be trusted."

Luca turned to leave. "Guess I will come back. She may be asleep for hours."

Gloria had noticed her son turning toward the door. She rolled over and struggled to sit up. Her face obviously showing she was in pain. Abby rushed to her side to help her sit up. Then she adjusted the bed and put pillows behind her mother's back to make her comfortable. "Luca Scuito stop right there." She signed. "You and I need to have a talk. "

"Hey Mom. How are you feeling?"

"Don't try to convince me you care. I want an answer to the question I am sure my daughter has asked you. How did you manage to get a loan on MY HOUSE?"

Just then Gibbs walked in accompanied by Tobias Fornell and Tony DiNozzo. "I think I can explain that Gloria." Gibbs signed and replied. "Looks like he was able to acquire a judgement of competency against you. He has been trying to handle your affairs behind your back."

"What?" Abby asked.

"That's right Abby. Your brother here has been a very busy boy" Tony chimed in with Gibbs interpreting. "Seems the FBI has been checking into your brother for some time."

Abby's face fell and tears began to fill her eyes. "Luca" she stammered. Gibbs moved immediately and put his arm around her shoulders. She looked up as Gibbs standing next to her. "What happened to you?"

"Well what is about to happen is he is being arrested." Fornell replied pulling out his handcuffs. Gloria looked at him puzzled. She was not sure what was happening.

"Luca is being arrested Gloria. Seems he has been stealing money from all your accounts." Abby signed.

"Not just Mrs. Scuito's accounts but others." Fornell said. "The FBI has had a warrant out for his arrest for some time."

"Yes and our looking into your housing trouble sent up a red flag to Toby here. "Tony told Abby.

"I haven't done anything like that."

"I beg to differ there Luca old boy." Tony stopped him. "If I were you I would shut up or you are going to make things worse."

Luca's face fell and he stared at the ground. Abby walked over to him and lifted his chin forcing him to look into her eyes. "Ok Luca, explain yourself."

"I can't Abby." Luca moaned. "I was desperate. I am just so so sorry. "

"Time to go Scuito" Fornell replied leading him out the door. "Sorry Abby, Mrs. Scuito."

Gloria signed. "I understand. If my son has done wrong it is time he paid for his crimes."

Fornell and Tony walked out of the room with Luca in tow. Abby turned and ran into Gibbs' arms. She then burst into tears. "Did you know about this? Was this the business you left me for?" Abby replied angrily pushing him away.

"No Abby honest. I met DiNozzo and Tobias in the hall. They were waiting for me when I got back from the bank."

"Bank? What bank?" Abby blurted out.

"Well it was going to be a surprise. I arranged to stop the foreclosure. Your house is safe Abby."

"What ? How did you do that?"

"I paid the loan Abby." Gibbs told her.

"That's 50 thousand Gibbs. Where did you get that kind of money?" Abby gasped.

Gloria tossed a pillow at the couple to get their attention. "What's going on? You both \seem upset."

Abby turned to her mother and signed. "Gibbs paid off the loan. Now answer my question. Where did you get that kind of money?"

"Relax Abby. I did not rob a bank or take out a loan. I live very simply and I have my marine retirement. I also have a nest egg from Dad's estate. It was not a problem." Gibbs told Abby and signed for Gloria.

"But you did not have to do that." Gloria signed. "I'm dying Jethro. I am not going to need a house any longer."

"Don't say that Gloria." Abby blurted. "You will be around for a long time yet." Gibbs pulled Abby back into his arms.

"Be realistic Abby." Gloria replied "I have a melanoma on my liver. Whatever the doctor's do will only put off the inevitable."

"I know that but I just can't face it." Gloria held out her arms and Abby ran into her arms.

Gibbs walked up and rubbed Abby's back and mouth to Gloria. "I'll leave you two to talk. I will be outside." Gloria nodded and Gibbs quietly left the room.


It seemed like an eternity for Gibbs. He was sitting in the waiting room reading a day old newspaper and drinking lousy waiting room coffee. Finally, Abby emerged from the hospital room with her eyes red a puffy. Gibbs jumped up and rushed to her. She managed a smile as she noticed his worried face. "I'm ok Gibbs. Just needed an emotional release." Gibbs held his arms open for her. She immediately walked toward him falling into his arms. "Sorry if I seemed ungrateful in there. Thank you for what you did." She kissed him. "You did not have to do it. We would have managed somehow."

"Did it to make you happy?" He pulled her closer to him. "Could not let your brother win." Gibbs whispered. "I did not know about the arrest until I got back to the hospital."

"I know. He brought this on himself. I won't bail him out. The Luca I know would not jump bail and risk my money but this Luca I …"

"Can't trust him. I understand that Abby." He leaned in and kissed her gently. "How's your mother handling things?"

"She has her head on right. She knows that she's dying." She snuggled deeper into Gibbs embrace. "I just don't want to face it Gibbs."

"I know sweetheart but we will get through this together." He looked her in eyes. "I'm here for you." Abby could not help but smile at him.

"So glad you're beside me Jethro. Facing this alone would be horrible."

"Love it when you call me by me given name Abbs." He whispered. "You think your mother will be ok for us to go out for a while. I think you need a break."

"I think so. Let me tell her and the nurses. What do you have in mind?"

Gibbs smiled and winked at her. "That's for me to know and you to find out."

"Why Agent Gibbs I can't imagine what you have up your sleeve but I am game for whatever it is." Abby smiled.