Team Possible and Count Alucard
By Captainkodak1

Kim scowled at Ron as she sat on the couch in the Possible living room.

"NO WAY Ron. I am NOT dressing up like that for Halloween. The word is NO spelled N-O."

Ron did his own version of the puppydog pout.

"Awww come on KP. We will have a lot of fun and get a load of candy."

Kim shook her head and raised her hand and started to count off reasons.

"ONE, we are both too old to go Trick or Treating. TWO, we both have college classes now and you have practice that night and I have cheer practice. Three, YOU don't need the candy anyway. Four, there is no way I am dressing up as a unicorn even if I DO have the head part and FIVE!"

Kim sat up and walked over to where Ron was standing wearing the back half of the unicorn costume he had picked out. She walked over with a pronounced sway to her hips. She walked right up to Ron and slowly drew her finger from his waist up to his chin. As her finger reached his chin she placed her face inches from his. She spoke in a low husky voice.

"and five. I thought we might find something else a little different to do together."

Ron swallowed before he replied.

"I am all about doing something a little different together."

At that moment the Kimmunicator went off and Ron amended his statement.

"or not."

Kim groaned before she answered the device.

"What's the sitch Wade and this better be good."

Wade laughed as he answered.

"Sorry Kim, I was going to warn you about Ron's plans but I figured you could handle it. I also figured that you had something else planned. Hate to mess up your plans but something has come up. The Romanian embassy has asked for your assistance. Well, not assistance but your presence."

Kim and Ron shared a glance. This was something new. Kim turned back to Wade.

"Ooookay? Now what was the request?"

Wade sat back in his seat.

"There is a visitor representing Romania visiting Middleton. He has asked if the two of you would act as escorts while he is in town. He is apparently part of one of the old nobility of the country so he is sort of important. He is here to visit the space center and one of the major manufacturing plants. Afterward he wanted to go skiing up on Mount Middleton. The Romanian Ambassador made the request."

Kim grimaced, shepherding some old man around town was not high on her to-do list. But they were asked nicely by the proper people. She turned to Ron.

"What do you think Ron?"

He shrugged his shoulders.

"It all depends on our schedules. We may have to pass on some events if they conflict with our's. We do have a few days off coming up and Halloween is coming."

Kim turned back to face Wade on the screen.

"Tell them we agree as long as there are no conflicts with our schedules."

Wade nodded.

"I have already checked everything out. So far there are no problems. I'll let them know and then get back to you about the full schedule. I do know that there will be a costume ball on Halloween and he is the guest of honor, sorry Ron no Treat or Treating this year."

The screen went blank as Wade signed off. Kim turned back to Ron. She placed a finger against her cheek as she sauntered back to Ron with a distinct sway to her hips.

"Now where were we?"

Ron started to break into a sweat as she gave him a certain look. He stammered out.

"uhhh doing something together?"

Kim dropped her arms over her shoulders and grinned.

"Good idea."

She pulled him close and started to give him a slow kiss. He tossed the head piece of the unicorn in the air where it landed on Rufus.

It was one evening later when Kim and Ron waited with her father and a number of other dignitaries at the terminal of the Middleton International Airport. As this was a little more formal than other visitors they were dressed a little nicer. The two of them were wearing what they called their business formal attire. Ron had on a black button-down collared shirt with a gray tie that matched his gray slacks. Kim was wearing a purple blouse with a black skirt. As they waited Kim turned and brushed a bit of lint from Ron's shirt. As she turned around a group of people came down the hall from where all of the passengers got off their planes. They could see a group of well dressed people leading the group with an older man out in front. The Mayor of Middleton approached them with Kim and Ron right behind him.

"Welcome to Middleton. We are honored that you are here and hope that you enjoy your stay. May I present Miss Kim Possible and Mr. Ron Stoppable, better known as Team Possible."

He stepped aside as he spoke. The older man in the lead gave a slight bow and spoke with a slight accent.

"We are pleased to be here and look forward to our visit. We are honored that the illustrious Team Possible has consented to be with us during our stay. I am Ludwig Dalca, assistant to his honor."

He stepped aside while speaking.

"May I present his grace Count Gregory von Alucard."

A young man stepped from the group and approached them. Kim caught her breath for a moment. He was tall, a head taller than she with dark hair almost black combed back from the front. He was darkly handsome with a aura that seemed to draw her to him. His eyes were sharp and clear and it seemed that he could see right through her. He glanced at the mayor and Ron then settled his eyes on her. He stepped forward and reached to take her hand. Raising it to his lips he gave it a slight kiss as he gazed at her.

"It is an honor to meet the legend and learn that the rumors of her beauty are true."

He let go of her hand and turned to Ron. He snapped to attention and bowed to Ron.

"It is also a great honor to meet the legend behind the legend. Your bravery is known in many circles. You have many talents yet keep them hidden only until they are needed. Such wisdom is a great as bravery."

Ron returned the bow as Kim spoke.

"Count Alucard. It is our honor to greet you and act as your escorts during your visit."

The Count turned to face Kim.

"Please Miss Possible, call me Gregory. The title can be such a bore at times."

Kim smiled.

"Only if you call us Kim and Ron."

The Count hesitated for a moment and then he smiled.

"Ah but of course. But the members of Team Possible are more that just partners are they not."

Kim stepped over to Ron and took him by the arm.

"I am sure about that Gregory. Let me introduce the rest of the welcoming party."

When all introductions were made she gestured toward the doors.

"I am sure all of you are tired after such a long flight. Your rooms are ready at the Middleton Grand Hotel. I hope you will be comfortable there."

The Count bowed slightly.

"I am sure that we will be most comfortable. Has our luggage been picked up?"

The Mayor stepped forward.

"Yes your grace. One of the members of your group met with some of my staff and are collecting your luggage as we speak. All of it should be in your rooms by the time we arrive."

The Count nodded and gestured for Kim and Ron to join him. They walked together out of the airport building and into a limo that was waiting. The ride lasted only a few minutes until they reached the resort where they would be staying. Ron helped Kim out of the car and they stood beside the door as the Count stepped out. He turned to them.

"Will you not come in? I am sure that we can arrange for some refreshments."

Kim shook her head as she took Ron's hand.

"We must decline Gregory. Both of us have class first thing in the morning and we need to get back and do a little studying. If we don't see you before we will see you at dinner tomorrow night."

Gregory bowed.

"That is well, until tomorrow night. Enchante'.

He bowed again at Kim and turned to enter the resort building with his entourage and the rest of the welcoming committee. Mr. Dr. P stepped over to the two of them.

"So you and Ron are heading home Kimmie?"

Kim nodded.

"Yes dad, our house that is. We will drop by home tomorrow morning after class."

Mr. Dr. Possible smiled slightly. It was not his favorite thing that Kim and Ron had gotten an house together outside of Middleton. It was a nice two story home on about 4 acres. It allowed them to go back and forth to school with ease. It also allowed them to go on missions without bothering a lot of other people. While there was no engagement yet it was certain to be in the future it still got to him a little bit that his only daughter was sharing an apartment with a man. There were two bedrooms and the deal was that they were used separately and used all night separately. With that understanding he could live with Kim living with Ron.

"Okay Kimmie. We will see you two in the morning. Have a good night."

He bent down and gave her a kiss on the cheek and shook Ron's hand. They turned and headed for the Sloth parked at the resort. Kim gave a little giggle as they walked back. Ron looked at her.

"Enjoying the handsome Count?"

Kim blushed to the roots of her hair and then looked back at him with a smile.


Ron shook his head.

"Should I be?"

Kim came to an abrupt stop and pulled him around to face her.

"Now get one thing straight Ron Stoppable. I might look a little bit but I don't think I have ever given you reason to doubt me."

Ron held up his hands.

"Chill Kim. I know that. It's okay. Let's just get back, you have a test in the morning and I have a lab report to write."

Kim gave him a peck on the lips pushed him back a little.

"Race ya!"

With that she turned and ran for the Sloth. Ron grinned and ran after her.

Later that night Ludwig entered the darkened room of Gregory's suite as the Count stood looking out of the window at Middleton. Ludwig waited for a moment until the Count acknowledged him.

"All is ready for your rest your Grace."

Gregory turned to face him.

"You have done well my servant. I have waiting a long time for such a moment as this. We will still have work to do on the morrow. Let us move forward. But first we all need our rest. It has been a long day and evening."

He turned and entered his darkened bedroom.

The sun shone bright in the morning sky as Kim and Ron made their way to class the next morning. Several of the other students, mainly the girls, had stopped them on their way to class talking about how handsome the Count was and lucky Kim was to be escorting him. All of them wanted to know what the Count was like and what they were going to do.

Kim and Ron gave out as little information as possible. One that was a request from the Romanian government was that the Count's schedule be kept as secret as possible. Also, they had enough to do themselves before attending the few events that they had agreed to. One of the first events was the dinner that night. It was be a formal event to welcome the Count to the area. There would be a number of dignitaries as well as the Romanian Ambassador. Both of them had gotten permission to skip their respective practices so they could attend. However, they had explained that they would not skip their participation in the coming game for that Saturday. When the Count had been told of their plans he requested that his itinerary be changed so that he could attend the game.

Yawning Kim stumbled as she held on to Ron's arm. Ron tightened his grip on her arm.

"You okay KP?"

Kim shook her head.

"Not really. I didn't get a lot of sleep last night. I had the weirdest dream last night. It was like I was being watched. I mean it was like I was dreaming I was asleep but someone was at my window looking at me. I would wake up and see red eyes looking at me from the window. Then I would wake up for real and look around. Nothing was ever there. Really weird."

Ron squeezed her hand.

"Why didn't you come and get me? I would have been able to at least do something."

Kim smiled as she laid her head on his shoulder.

"Nah, no big. I guess I was stressing out over the test today and all that we will be doing with the Count. Besides I was looking forward to the dinner tonight. I have a new gown to show you."

Ron looked down at the smile on Kim's face. There was a slight leer to it. He knew at that moment that he would really enjoy dinner tonight and he might not eat a bite and still enjoy it. Kim lifted her head from his shoulder as they arrived at a classroom building.

"Well, here is where I am supposed to be. I'll see you after your class. We have history together at 11:00 then we will head for lunch."

Ron raised his arm to let Kim step away from his side. She turned and raised on the tips of her toes and gave him a quick kiss.

"See you in history."

He wrapped his arms around her and gave her a kiss on her forehead.

"Okay KP, good luck on the test."

She turned and headed into the building. He watched as she gave little extra sway to her hips. With a slight smile he turned and headed for his classroom. As he turned he didn't seem to notice the dog standing under a tree watching them. The dog's eyes shone as it watched Kim walk up the steps and into the building. It turned its head and glanced at Ron as a low rumbling growl came from its throat. Then turning and disappeared in the brush around the building.

Ron pulled the car to the curb in front of the Middleton Grand Resort, getting he handed the keys to the valet and walked around to the other side and opened the door for Kim. He extended his hand and helped her from the car. While this event was not in line of the red carpet at the Emmys or the Oscars, there were a number of media outlets in attendance. There were a number of ohhs and ahhhs as Kim exited the car. Her gown was pure black with white accents. The gown was strapless and was well fitted. Kim had her hair up and in waves and flowed over her shoulders. She took his arm and they made their way into the Resort Center.

They entered the room and were ushered to their seats at the headtable with the Count. They skipped the receiving line as they were just a few minutes late. As people filed into the room they mixed the all other diners while they waited for time for dinner.

The Count entered the room with his entourage and headed for their seats. Kim stood behind her seat at the Count's left with Ron on her right. As the Count took his seat Ron held Kim's chair for her and took his seat. Count Alucard nodded to Kim as the dinner started. For some reason, Kim didn't like the smile he gave her. She shook her head as if to clear it and started her dinner.

Trotting along the sideline, Kim took her spot with the cheerleading team on the home team side and got ready for the day. It was a crisp clear day with just a slight breeze. The stands were full of students and visitors including the Count and several of his group. Holding the sign for the team to run through Kim waited for the signal that the team was on its way. Smoke curled from the smoke machines as the crowd began to cheer. The team with Ron in the middle of the pack smashed through the sign and ran onto the field. After the team was on the field, Kim and the other cheerleaders put the sign away and took their places

Ron ran to his spot on the field and started the warmups with the rest of the team. He glanced over at the sidelines at Kim. He was a little worried about her. She had not been herself at the dinner the night before and hadn't felt the same sense. She felt alright and mostly was her bright ever positive self. But something seemed to be nagging at her.


Ron jumped when someone yelled in his ear. Jason Kerr, the quarterback batted him on his helmet to get his attention.

"Let's go"

Pointing to the sideline, Kerr lead the team off the field and onto the sidelines. Coach McNamara gathered the team around him.

"Alright, we got a game on our hands. Not only are the Cougar's first in the conference but we've got a lot of news coverage and this time it's not about one of the players and one of the cheerleaders.

Most of the team glared at Ron. While the team enjoyed some coverage, Ron seemed to garner the most of the attention leaving the rest of the team out. Ron had gone out of his way whenever he was interviewed to promote the whole team and other players. When the newscrews found out that Ron was going to talk about others and not himself, they quit the interviews. Kim had faced the same problem. McNamara took control of the situation quick.

"Alright, now let's get down to business. The Cougars lost one of their best defensive backs last week. He was the only one that would have been able to run down Stoppable, so we are going to be doing a lot of running plays."

McNamara glanced at Ron for a moment.

"Okay, captains, out on the field. The rest of you, get ready to the toss. If we get the ball we are going to come out with everything we have. Good luck."

The team broke up and while the captains headed out on the field the other players either took to the bench or stood around for the toss.

The Count sat with his entourage in the booth set up for all of them. He raised his binoculars and focused them on a certain red-haired cheerleader on the sidelines. He held his breath as she went through the moves of the cheer they were working on. Kim moved with an incredible grace. He had seen many women over his lifetime but she was the epitome of what he considered to be the best. He then turned with a scowl and focused on a player wearing the number 7. This would be one of the things in his way of what he desired.

Ron put his helmet on and glanced over to see Kim in the middle of a cheer. He still marveled at how lucky he was to have such a beautiful girl in his life. He was even luckier that the beauty of what drove her spirit was a beautiful as she was on the outside. He turned back to the field to see that they had won the toss and would be receiving. With nod from the coach he ran onto the field and took his position in the backfield to wait for the kickoff.

Kim turned away from the crowd to watch the kickoff. Her heart raced as she saw Ron run onto the field and took his place. Her heart raced for a moment as she watched him. He had filled out in the months since graduation and while he wasn't ripped he was very fit. There were still those that discounted him and thought she was selling herself short for staying with him. She had quit counting the times when some tv, screen or sport's hottie had mentioned that they were available at any moment if she was interested. A few had even visited the campus. But she made it clear that there was only one man she was interested in and he wore the number 7. As she watched the kickoff came and the ball sailed straight at Ron. He moved back and forth just a bit until the ball fell into his hands. He settled the ball under one arm and started to run.

Ron watched as the kicker kicked the ball right at him. The coach had warned him before the game that the Cougar's kicker would probably do that. They wanted to put him on the spot and start gunning for him from the start of the game. He settled under the ball and let it fall into his arms. Cradling the ball close to his side he started up the field behind his blockers. Shifting to the left side of the field he saw the Cougar players coming toward him. He kept going toward the left until he had drawn most of the Cougar players to the left side of the field. Then with a shout and made a hard cut to the right and increased his speed. Most of the Cougar players were caught off guard, but a few others were not. Ron was able to make to the 45 before he was pulled down by one of the safeties.

Ron tossed the ball to the referee and headed for the huddle. When Ron got there, Danny the quarterback nodded to him.

"Good job Ron. You got us great starting position. Now let's see what we can do.

Kim held her hands over her face again. Another hard hit on the love of her life had caused her heart to ache. Ron had really taken a beating over game. He had started out great at the first of the game but the Cougars had been really beating on him the whole game. Not that they had stopped him. He had scored two times putting the team ahead by at least three points. With only two minutes left the game was theirs to lose. He had to score on the next couple of plays to put the game out of reach of the Cougars. She knew he would need a lot of special care and some extra pain relievers when they got home tonight. Ron was settling in behind the line of scrimmage. The ball was on the seven and it was second down.

Ron felt more pain than he ever had. More than the night the Shego had clotheslined him and Eric had thrown him all over the roof of that building. He waiting for the snap. The center snapped the ball and the QB stuffed the ball into his stomach and he passed behind him.

The Count stared at Ron as he took the ball and started to make his way around the end of the line. He started to mumble an arcane spell. A small smile started to form on his face.

Ron made his turn around the end of the offensive line following his blockers. He could already tell the play was busted. The Cougar players had seemed to have read his mind. Then the vision of Kim came to his mind and he came to a complete stop and reversed his direction. Two of the Cougar players were so surprised that they ran into each other trying to follow him. One of the Cougar players had his feet slide out from under him. Ron sped in the other direction while his teammates, who were just as surprised as their opponents tried to support their teammate. Ron made his turn up the field when all of a sudden it felt like his feet had gained several pounds.

Ron felt the MMP coming forward and that puzzled him. He remembered a dream conversation with Sensei.

"Sensei, now that I can summon the MMP, will there be times that if will come without me calling it?"

Sensei nodded.

"Yes Ron Stoppable. While your senses can be fooled the MMP cannot. When it senses danger around you it will come forth with the force needed to help protect you at the moment. It will then recede and allow you to judge if you still need it. Allow it to protect you, but do not use it to further personal gain."

Ron's thoughts came back to him as two Cougar players seemed to have rocketed ahead of the other players and were intercepting him. With a final heave of all his strength, a dose of the mystical monkey power and thought of the kiss Kim would give him if he scored, he leapt into the air and shot over the two Cougar players. They grabbed him as he passed over them but his momentum was too much for them. He flopped over the goal line and landed hard on the ground under the two Cougar players. Another Cougar player running up to the play seemed to trip and ending up ramming his helmet into Ron's side. Ron felt a couple of his ribs give way and something inside of him didn't feel right. He felt like it was hard to breathe. Rolling over on his back he slipped his helmet off. Feeling something wet around his face and under his nose he wiped the moisture away and was surprised to see his hand covered with blood, then the pain in his chest grew and darkness claimed him.

Count Alucard smiled as Ron remained motionless on the ground. Two EMTs as well as the team trainers and doctors ran to where he lay and other team members stood around. Within a few moments two more EMTs ran onto the field rolling a stretcher. The medical teams picked up Ron and placed him on it. An ambulance rolled up to the end zone and Ron was placed inside. The Count watched as Kim ran to the front of the ambulance and got in. Within seconds the ambulance rolled off with the lights and siren on. The Count stood with the rest of the stadium in a moment of prayer for Ron. The stadium announcer came on with the announcement that the remainder of the game had been called off by mutual agreement of both teams. The stadium was silent as everyone made their way out of the stadium.

Kim rubbed her arm absentmindedly as she walked across her room at the house she shared with Ron. He had a couple of broken ribs and one of the broken ribs had poked a small hole in one of his lungs. He had been rushed into surgery the moment they arrived at the hospital. While the injury was dangerous, it was a fairly simple operation to fix. He was resting now after getting a promise from her that she would go home and get a good night sleep.

She made her way to her dresser and pulled a tank top and a pair of sweat pants out of her drawer. Changing quickly, she walked over to her bed and pulled back the cover and the sheets. Although she got a kiss from Ron before she left the hospital it was not like the normal good night kiss she normally got. It was quiet in the house without him there. Count Alucard had sent a message of his dismay at Ron's injury and hope of a full and complete recovery. He also asked if she would be available to go skiing the next day. She sent a message saying that she would not be available until Ron was well. She was sorry but that was her decision.

Climbing into bed she settled down to get some sleep. She had not laid there long when she thought she heard something outside. It was not loud but after years of freak fighting her senses were a little sharper than a normal person. She got up silently and listened intently. A scrape came from the roof. She turned to reach for the Kimmunicator when there was a tap on the window. Snapping into a defensive posture she stared at the window. What she saw caused her heart to go to her throat. The Count was outside her window. This would not normally be a problem except for the fact that the bedrooms were on the second floor and that the fact that the Count's eyes were glowing red. The red eyes captured hers and all thoughts left her mind.

Greeting everyone. Thought I would throw up a little Halloween story here. I know that I have some unfinished stories but I have some massive writer blocks on them right now. I had intended to finish this before Halloween, but life interfered when my dad had a heart attack. He is okay now and in rehab. I hope you like the story.