No chapter today, I'm always getting bogged down with irl stuff, family obligations, and the inter-Celtic festival.

Also, I keep getting reviews about my early chapters saying my grammar is horrible, and they could not read further because of it.

Although I didn't want to go through all the early chapters again (I'd say until chapter 32), now that I have installed Grammarly it wouldn't take that long. We just would have to skip another chapter. So I'm planning to correct them all after I finish the 'Tsunade arc', because it really bugs me.

So yeah, I'm very sorry about that. Thanks for your patience and support!

Edit (13/08/2017): Next chapter delayed again.

Edit (20/08/2017): Sorry guys. I actually started a summer job two weeks ago, so I have a lot less free time to write. I also prioritize seeing my friends over writing, and other personal stuff too. So I never had any moment when I could write, I guess. I don't know when I'll have time to write, but at the very worst I go back to studying the 10th of September, which means no summer work, so I'll have time to write by then.