Title: Braveheart
Pairing: Thorin/Bella
Summary: There was another to add to the company that night in the Shire, one no one expected. Isabella daughter of Elrohir Son of Elrond and Belvola. Will they accept Bella or will she hide the fact that she is both Elf and Dwarf.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the plot! No matter how much I wish it to be so.

Chapter One

Third POV

Isabella, daughter of Elrohir of Rivendell and Belvola Swanstrike sat staring at the note in her hands, the fire from her forge and hearth casting a golden glow, confusion sweeping through her.

Lady Bella,

I thank you for the offer to deliver the weapons for my son's Kíli and Fíli, but by the time you receive this letter they and the rest of my brothers company will be closer to your home.

If you could give them the weapons before they leave The Shire, then I shall be forever in your debt and can be at peace with the thought they will have reliable and steady weapons to protect them.

Lady Dis, daughter of Thráin, son of Thrór.

She re-read the letter over and over again with a frown, why on Arda were they coming here for? Surely it would not be to procure weapons from her so suddenly, even if she was the fastest blacksmith in the region besides Thorin Oakenshield.

With a sigh Isabella stood and moved towards the table on t the corner, her hands trailing the twin blades and dagger set Lady Dis had asked for. She was surprised to be summoned by Lady Dis months before, a request really.

Isabella was known far and wide as the finest blacksmith around; many came for one of her blades or leather work. She was skilled in both styles of her kin and combined them, making them strong and light. Though she no longer made weapons of war unless specifically asked and many respected her decision. She had settled away from her elven kin when her father sailed to the undying lands in grief when her mother passed in the Battle of Azanulbizar.

She could not settle with her elven kin, no matter how much her grandfather and uncle pleaded. The pains too great and she could no longer stand the looks she got from the others of her kin, many inclining their heads in slight insult at her. She did not belong in the elven world nor that of her dwarven mothers after the insult King Thranduil did.

So with a heavy heart she travelled and made friends, a reputation for herself among Dwarrow's and found herself in The Shire. Bella found herself being accepted almost immediately when she had asked if they needed a blacksmith. She traded her skills for food and a place to live peacefully, thus how she found a home in the Shire on the far edges in a Smial made of stone. She was at peace being surrounded by rock and forest.

With another sigh she sheathed the swords and daggers in their leather holds and bundled them up. Bella grasped her scarf and cloak, making sure her hair braids covered the tips of her pointed ears and her scarf covered her face, hood up before stepping outside. Sometimes she cursed being a hybrid, being one of the only ones left of her hybrid kind. She had the looks of her mother, the hair and dwarven build but features of her father. Pointed ears, pale complexion and beardless, she had learnt to cover up her hybrid status long ago and let everyone assume what they did.

Double checking she was covered and her own weapons concealed away on her person – though The Shire a peaceful valley there were still wolves – Bella made her way towards the main part of the Shire – Hobbiton – to look for any sign of Dwarrow's. But she did not have to look; she could faintly hear their voices being carried on the wind from Bag End.

"Curse you Gandalf." She muttered as she put two and two together, she had seen Gandalf earlier in the day walk past from a distance, towards Bag End. She quickly made her way up to Bilbo's home muttering curses and insults in Khuzdul and Sindarin before knocking twice on the door.

Everyone hushed quickly as the knocks echoed loudly over their merriment and chatter. Bilbo frowned as well as Thorin, the king casting a glance up at Gandalf.

"Who else are we expecting?" He demanded the wizard.

"No one, you are the last to arrive." Gandalf explained, watching as all the Dwarrow's stood and drew their weapons.

"Now there is no need for that! It could be a hobbit, it could be an emergency." Bilbo shouted panicked as he rushed to the door. Surprise filled him as he took in the familiar figure of Bella before him, slight agitation in her dark eyes.

"I am sorry to impose on you Ma... Bilbo." She corrected as she saw his frown. "But I was wondering if there were two Dwarrow's here by the name of Fíli and Kíli." She finished, a smile gracing her lips behind her scarf at his surprise.

Bilbo frowned but opened the door and allowed her in, forcing back the manners that were a habit to ask for her coat and scarf. All in the Shire knew not to ask to take them when they learnt she did not like to be uncovered. He spun quickly and stormed into the room, eyeing the two brothers wearily.

"What did you do? Why is Bella here looking for you both? Did you do something to upset her?" He demanded to the shocked dwarves in his sitting room.

"Bilbo, they did nothing, please settle. I am merely here to give them their mothers order." Bella explained as she stepped into the room. Her eyes swept over the company, pausing as she saw Dwalin among them and had to force her eyes away as her eyes landed on the King. She knew instantly, recognising the familiar Durin trait they all seemed to carry.

He was stunning, hair as black as the night sky and dusted with silver. His eyes though hard sparkled like sapphires in the light, he was handsome.

Kíli and Fíli stepped forward with confusion as they stared at the dwarf before them. What could she have of their mothers? Did she expect them to take it to their mother? "We are Fíli and Kíli."

Bella moved instantly, pulling the wrapped blades and leather from her side before kneeling, holding them up. "I am Isabella, daughter of Belvola. Lady Dis asked me to make you these and to deliver them to you for your journey."

Kíli and Fíli shared a surprised look as the dwarrowdam bowed her head and held up the bundles. They quickly glanced at their uncle and waited for him to allow them to take the bundles, excitement bubbling within them.

"Go ahead; they are gifts from your mother." Thorin stated, his eyes shifting back to the dam before them. He couldn't help but to admit he was shocked when he heard her request for his sisters-sons by name, had addressed the Halfling by name, and had said Halfling come in scolding his sisters-sons for upsetting her. Who was this dwarf?

Kíli and Fíli didn't hesitate, their hands grasping the bundles excitedly before untying them and inhaling sharply as they saw the weapons glinting in the firelight. Kíli cast a shocked look at his brother before looking back at the weapons before him.

The blades Kíli had were light in weight and the handles of the blades a light gold with black strands running around it in an intricate design he's never seen before, sharp edges and soft swirls.

Fíli had the opposite of his brother, the handle of his sword a deep black with the same gold running around it in the same swirled design. "I think these are yours Kíli, they match you."

"No, the darker of blades are yours Master Fíli, when your mother requested matching blades and daggers I suggested the opposite colours." Bella explained, still kneeling and head bowed. "The blades represent you, this way no matter where you both are you have your brother by your side protecting you."

Suddenly she found herself squished between two brothers, them crushing her in a hug as they thanked her before letting go. It took everything within her power not to strike out; friendly or well-meant she did not like to be suddenly touched. She had seen too much battle and hate on her wanderings that it was habit now.

"You are lucky boys; Lady Bella does not make weapons like these anymore." Dwalin explained roughly before shocking everyone in the room and made his way over to Bella, bumping his head with hers.

"It has been too long Dwalin, I see you still wear the knuckle dusters I made you old friend." Bella greeted with a smile, though he would only see the crinkle in her eye that indicated it.

Dwalin laughed and nodded, "Yes and they still have yet to perish. What brings you here all the way to the Shire, I hope it wasn't a long journey." He asked concerned. He knew that this area was safe to a degree due to the rangers but he didn't know where or how far away she travelled to deliver the swords for the brothers. He also knew that she was an excellent warrior in all forms of weapons, she even rivalled him in hand to hand and battle axe but he still couldn't help but worry.

The laugh that came from Bella caused Bilbo to smile and even the Dwarrow's to smile a little, even Thorin and that stunned them all. The dwarven women did not laugh often and when they did it was deep and yet still feminine, this one's laugh sounded like bells, rustling leaves and of home.

"Master Dwalin, I am the blacksmith here in the Shire. You must have walked past my home on the way in; it is the rock Smial near the water." Bella explained amused, Dwalin raised his brows in surprise. He indeed had seen it but thought nothing of it or the differences to the rest of the homes.

The others stared on in shock while Gandalf frowned, confused at the confession. He knew the truth behind Isabella's upbringings and heritage but he had thought she had a place among her kin. "What about your Kin Lady Isabella, do…" He trailed off abruptly as the dark oak eyes turned upon him with a fierce glare that reminded him of her mother.

"No, I could not take the whispers and stares anymore. Even with the others." She finished harsh, voice rough and familiar to the Dwarrow's, something that all Durin Folk knew about their women. Her voice that sounded like that of water running over smooth stone now cracked and clanged like worked iron.

"They cast you out?" Thorin asked surprised causing the dark eyes to land on him.

"No, I left freely though my grandfather and uncle wished me to stay, Thorin Oakenshield." She stated, the words sounding like a crack of a whip in the air. "I am not normal; I prefer to be on my own as I have no proper home." She finished much more softly.

She knew of Thorin Oakenshield, her mother dying for King Thrór and Thráin. She had lost nearly everyone she loved because of the king's greed and that battle. Her mother died and went to Mahal's halls early where her father could not follow. She had watched her father give himself to grief, no matter how much he tried to live for her. She knew she was not enough, she knew that being a Chosen was a great deal to the elves and even being the One of another… but to feel that loss, the ripping of the bond destroyed her father.

"Thorin, I'd be wise not to…" Dwalin tried to warn the king as he saw a flash of something cross his King's face at Bella's words.

"What of your mother and father, surely they wil…"

"MY MOTHER IS DEAD BECAUSE OF YOUR KIN! SHE DIED IN THE BATTLE OF AZANULBIZAR. AND IT DESTROYED MY FAMILY!" She roared, her voice booming around the room causing many to flinch and cower back even Dwalin.

"My mother was born and raised in Erebor, she was a blacksmith for Thrór and she was a shield maiden. When King Thrór called for aid she left, she left me, ordered me to stay with my father who could not go and she perished in that battle. My father suffered from Grief…" It was a whisper that only Dwalin heard, one that caused him to frown.

When Dwarrow's lost their One they faded, their bodies returning to stone in which they were made from and yet Bella had not used that term, she used the term Grief. He shot Thorin a look over his shoulder, a warning not to upset her any further. There were only two people in the world that he would willingly face the wrath of his king and that was Balin and Bella.

"I'm sorry; I did not mean to offend." Thorin apologised, frowning when he got looks of shock from the others.

"Forgiven, now that I have delivered the blades, I shall take my leave. It is good to see you again Dwalin, be safe on your travels. I thank you for your hospitality Master Bilbo." Bella stated, dipping her head in respect before making her way back outside, not once glancing back at the King.

She had her forge to get back to and sleep before facing Renegolds wrath in the morning for missing dinner.

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