Title: Braveheart

Pairing: Thorin/Bella

Summary: There was another to add to the company from in the Shire, one no one expected, Isabella daughter of Elrohir Son of Elrond and Belvola. Will they accept Bella as the warrior they know of or will she hide the fact that she is both Elf and Dwarf.

BTW I should mention Italics are the elves speaking in their native tongue Sindarin. Bold Italics is when they are speaking in Khuzdul. All words translated at the bottom. {{Between these is green speech}} aka hobbit talk. Between and Italic '–' is Iglishmêk

Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the plot! No matter how much I wish it to be so.

Chapter Seventeen

Bella laughed as she and Reyna prepared a larger broth dish while the Company warmed and told stories by the fire. "I am sorry I have not seen you for some time my friend."

"All is well Bella, I'm just glad that you are okay. The last I saw of you… you did not look happy. Oh you tried to be cheerful, tried to joke and laugh but it was forced and no longer did you shine like you used to." Reyna replied, lowering the knife in her hands to face her friend. "But I see now you have found your true calling."

"I have found my One." She whispered, turning her head up to stare at her friend. "He is kind, brave, understanding and everything I had hoped for in a significant other. But he is foolish, brash and can be harsh. He is not perfect but…"

Reyna nodded in understanding. "It makes him real. He is unlike the Man you told me of, the one who broke you… he understands why you cover so?"

In truth Reyna did not know what Bella looked like truly, has never seen her friend smile or eat properly in their presence. She just knew that Bella hated to be unclothed, her face bare. Was it perhaps a custom among the Dwarrow? Did the womenfolk all cover up or did something happen to make Bella hide her face?

"Yes." The reply was soft, fond and everything Reyna hoped for for her friend.

The sound of a mild ruckus and a cracking of wood had both the women hurrying to the hearth to see what the commotion was. Bard stood back with his children watching on with a bewildered stare while Tilda giggled wildly at the scene before her.

"What the…" Bella paused, her eyes flickering to the children before taking a deep breath. "What in the name of Mahal's Balls is meaning of this?"

Reyna and Bard felt their brows raise as the harsh guttural speech left their friends mouth, stilling the wriggling company. Every single pair of eyes snapped to the angry Dam before them, blushes forming on several cheeks. They had not heard her swear at all on this quest, oh they've heard insults and knew how rough her vocabulary was thanks to Nori and Bilbo but they had not heard her utter a curse quite like that.

Or as rough and angry.

"Ag zasasmaki rathkh-hund...(You will taste my knuckle soon)" She hissed, her hand clenching at her side. "…if you do not answer me within the next several moments."

Everyone began to speak at once, giving excuses. He kicked me, he bumped me, pulled my hair too tight while fixing it… gave insult. Each one was worse than the last; each one had Bella staring down at them with a questioning gaze and wondering if this was Mahal's sense of humour.

For surly he had her tied to the only bunch of Dwarrow well past their majority acting like Pebbles and Faunts.

"Shazara! Harkulul! Nê azrali d' aklut nidarinkhadi!"(Silence! Enough! I don't want to hear anymore!) She roared before clenching her eyes shut and taking a deep calming breath. "Have you no shame?"


"No. I do not want to hear any more excuses. You'll apologise to Reyna and Bard, to the children. You will fix what you broke." She snapped before taking a deep calming breath and turning her attentions to Bard and his family. "I apologise Bard, Reyna… I need to go calm down before I say something else. Are Paul and Samuel still working a forge?"

The company stilled from their quiet shame filled clean-up, each pair of eye snapped to the twitching hands of their Dam. It was a familiar tick that all Dwarrow had; it was a familiar twitch of the wrist and tapping of the last three fingers. Several of them have had it on this journey; mainly it was Glóin who had the most trouble as he was a banker while the rest had their skills with them. Though Thorin had to admit he too had struggled, putting all his energy forth into training when he can.

But the twitch came when one went too long without their craft, especially if said Dwarrow was craft-bound and the company knew that Bella was constantly working.

"Ghivashel, why did you not tell us that the urge was getting worse, we could have found you things to work with." Thorin stated softly as he pulled away from the others and made his way to her side.

"Because I had gone long without my craft many times before Thorin." The name rolled off her tongue with such affection that it warmed something within his chest. "But the stress since Beorn's has escalated and I feel the need to craft."

Reyna nodded in understanding, she knew not why the Dwarrow were concerned but she knew the need to settle in her work when she was too anxious. "Paul and Samuel indeed still have a forge, they'll be delighted to see you again and I know Emily will surely be pleased to see you."

"As I will be pleased to see them," Bella replied with a fond tone and turned her attentions to Thorin. "When will we need to leave?"

"There is perhaps a week or two." Thorin replied vaguely but Bella understood.

"We will need to find other accommodation then but not now. The Master of this town is greedy and cruel, blame will be thrust upon Bard and he needs not that attention." She explained softly. "I will probably only take three days at most."

Thorin nodded and placed his hand upon her shoulder. "Then you will have three days, take Nori with you."

"No, you all cannot be spotted today." Bella explained sharply before sighing. "I'll be back when I am done."

She didn't wait for them to reply before pivoting on her feet and making her way out the door in a blink of an eye. The town had changed since she last saw it, more rotted and dark, it was what she noticed most as she weaved in and out of the boardwalks and people in the market square.

Gaunt features and the smell of decay and sickness were prominent the further she went. The master of Esgaroth's greed has grown once again and the people of Lake-town suffer for it.

"Bella!" Emily called in happy surprised as the door to their home opened.

Bella felt her body relax and a smile to tug at her lips as she stared at the woman before her. Emily was a sweet girl she had help escape Harad after her master had tried to beat her to death for working too slow. A slight pang struck her as she took in the long healed scars upon her friend's face that pulled her eternal smile into a slight grimace.

"It was a wolf, it happened just after you left." Emily explained softly while rushing over to hug her friend. "What brings you here Bella? Is it a visit or are you just passing through?"

"My company and I are passing through but we'll be staying for a few days. Is Sam and Paul at the forge already?" The Hybrid asked with raised brows.

"Yes, the Master keeps them busy with nigh impossible tasks." Emily explained with a sigh. "You go and see them, they'll be glad to see you and I'm sure they'll let you use their forge as always. I'll bring by lunch soon."

Bella let out a throaty laugh as she pulled her friend into a hug, practically yanking the woman down to her height before whisking out the door once more and to the forge just a few canals over. It was just on the boarder of the housing and warehouse district, far enough to keep the sounds and smells bothering people but close enough to get water if fire caught.

It was the familiar sight of Samuel beating down and tempering heated metal that greeted her first, his muscles rippling under tanned skin while Paul worked behind him heating the flames and pouring a cast. She leant against the door of the forge and waited for one of them to look up and see her as it was dangerous to startle someone in a forge. She bore scars on her arms and some on her hands from someone startling her while she was working.

One was from Nori which she'll never reveal and the others were from as she was travelling and the Shire.

A loud clack and curse filled the air as Sam looked up to see her standing there, his hit skittering across the blade wrong sending up sparks. Paul jerked his head up with a heavy frown before smiling a wide toothy grin as he too caught sight of her.

"Well ain't it our little Bells!" Paul greeted happily as he carefully placed the cast down and removed his gloves and moved to pull her into a hug. Bella let out a wheezy laugh as Paul hoisted her off of the ground into a bone creaking embrace.

"Let me down you ruffian!" She demanded with a laugh, smacking his arm gently.

"Does Emily know you're here? Bard and the others?" Sam asked as he pulled her from Paul's embrace to his own before settling her down.

Bella nodded. "Aye. It was Bard who smuggled my company into Esgaroth and is hosting them until tomorrow."

"You mentioned a company, who travels with you Bella Braveheart?" Sam asked with raised brows. "You never come with others."

"I travel with my One and his kin… my heart-kin." She replied with a soft smile, even if the boys could not see it. "I have come to ask you of a favour. I need to make a courting gift but I wish to make hidden blades from my brothers and for Sigrid."

Sam and Paul raised their brows in wonder; it had been far too long since they've heard their friend speak so fondly. Paul shot Sam a look, raising his brows before shrugging and Sam replied by rolling his eyes heavenwards before grunting as Bella smacked him in the ribs.

"None of that now, you can meet them when I am done. I have been given three days to curb the pull to my craft and I intend to do so. So may I use your forge?" She asked with raised brows.

Sam nodded and gestured around him. "We have high demand for things from the Master but we will gladly allow you to work with us Bella, we've worked together in cramped spaces before."

And ain't that the truth.

Samuel, Paul and several others… Jacob, Embry, Quil and Jared were from Khand and raised by the Variag. Sam was the eldest by seven years, he remembers his mother fondly but very little else… what he did remember was that he was sold to the Variag just like the others.

Bella had been a part of the company that freed them. Actually that would not be accurate, she had been part of the mercenaries of Gondor to eradicate the Slavers coming up from Harad and they had been rescued. It was she who broke their chains though; that one little action was what earned unwavering loyalty.

She led them to Esgaroth, led them to Bard.

"Come Bells, tell us what has happened since you last saw us while we work." Sam hummed with a fond smile as he turned back to the forge.


Emily ran her body weaving in and out of the people as she and Reyna made their way to the forge with haste.

"Bella!" Emily yelled desperately as she grew near, the name echoing from Reyna's lips.

The clang and clatter paused for a brief moment before Bella stepped out from the forges door with burning iron in her hand. Seeing her friends desperate looks Bella quickly dipped the blade into the water's edge and fastened it to her waist before catching Reyna as she jumped over the small stack of crates.

"You need to come, come quick!" Reyna gasped, doubling over to catch her breath. Emily mimicked her actions while she used her friend for support, her eyes wide and fearful.

"What's happened?" Bella barked, concern and fear bubbling up in her chest.

"The Master has caught Bard, your company and the boys!" Emily explained. "We've been moving them to and fro our houses until you were done at night, the Master's Right Hand ordered them to be arrested and they've been dragged to the town square before the Master for illegal entry, thievery, aiding and abetting."

A deep growl escaped Bella's lips as she turned around and gathered her things, pulling down the protector for the fire as she slipped her weapons and coat back on once more. Her boots clacked loudly as she sprinted past her friends and towards the square with haste, jumping over and under all that stood in her way until the crowd came into view.

Using the skills Nori taught her and the grace of her father's people she moved in and out of the crowd that gathered, listening to the whispers as she passed. Many people were furious at the treatment of the Pack Boys, Bard and others were curious about the Dwarrow.

"What right do you have to arrest us, to harm them? We were harming no one!" Bilbo's voice rang out and Bella came to a stop, her eyes slipping closed. He was a brave hobbit, more than he had ever shown but he was going to send her grey with how much trouble he gets in.

"I have every right as Master of this town! I can say and do what I please and if I deem you all treasonous thieves then I will. As for them they have no place among us, nothing but a pack of mangy mutts who have been aiding Bard in trying to usurp me!" The Masters wheezily high pitch laboured voice rung out causing a growl to form in her throat.

Thorin glowered as he stepped forward, his hand stilling Dwalin. "At least he has the health of his people in mind. He toils and works much like the others to feed themselves and others while you sit in your grand home dressed in finery while the people you are to care for rot away into nothing!"

Bella shot forward, her hand going out to grasp Braga's wrist as he went to hit Thorin and squeezed tightly. Braga dropped to his knees with a cry, drawing all eyes and the Master's especially to her, she took great satisfaction from seeing him pale a shade or two when he saw her.

"B-Bella Braveheart, I thought we'd not see you for some time yet." He stammered out, his hand going up to loosen his collar. "You look wilder than we last saw you."

"And you look fatter and the people thinner than the last I saw of you." She gritted out while letting Braga go and shoving him towards the other guards. "I warned you that if you were to continue your hate against my friends and tax the people to starvation I would send word to Lord Dain and Prince Legolas to quit their trade."

The Master swallowed hard before straightening his shoulders in defiance. "Then the town will suffer more because of you, without trade how will we live?"

Bella raised her brows as she saw the smug glint in his eyes. "Oh no, I will tell them to stop trading with you. Lord Dain is a friend of mine, his daughter bears my name all I have to do is mention that you've let your people… children starve and he will trade with whomever I deem fit to trade with. Prince Legolas dislikes you enough as is."

The Company and the people of Esgaroth held their breath in waiting for what was to come, many knew Bella Braveheart and knew she was honest and true. She worked with them, worked in the forge alongside Samuel and Paul and repaired or replaced things they desperately needed and all she asked for was a place to sleep or food. Never did she ask for gold, much like the boys she brought with her, they asked for a place to sleep and food, perhaps a few clothes mended or replaced. They needed not be new just in better repair than the last.

"Last warning, release them and compensate them for this grievous insult or I will follow through with my threat and if you do not believe me why don't you ask your pet." Bella spat viciously as she continued to stand before the Master, keeping their attention while the Pack gathered themselves and Bard closer to the Company.

Alfred quaked as the Master turned his beady eyes on him with anger, he couldn't deny the fact that she followed through with her threats as the Master saw the outcome on himself as she sliced through his side and hand when he went to grab her while stabbing his other leg. He was debilitated for weeks, unable to work and the Master was not pleased.

"Release them then." The Master got out through gritted teeth before grinning wickedly. "But the dwarves are still under arrest, sneaking through my town as they do, they could be thrives yet."

Thorin jerked his One back when he saw her hand fly to the hilt of her sword as Dwalin burst forth.

"Hold your tongue. You do not know to whom you speak. This is no common criminal; this is Thorin, son of Thrain, son of Thrór!" Dwalin snarled as he gestured to his King.

People began to whisper in excitement while some began to whisper in awe as they watched the tender embrace their friend and the so called king shared.

"Has the pull gone away Amrâlimê?" He asked softly, his thumb brushing the smooth skin above her scarf and just under her eye.

"Yes but you better speak before the Master does." She replied fondly while jerking her head in that direction. "I must go with the others, tell Nori to come find me when you have a place to stay… we must speak."

Thorin waited for a second, something fluttering deep within at the warmth that shone in his One's dark eyes. It was the sign he needed to ease the panic and fear that rocketed to the top at the words 'we must speak'. With a nod he bid his One a goodbye before letting all the warmth go as he turned his attentions to the Master of the town noting the way several of the men cringe at his icy gaze.

"We are the dwarves of Erebor!"

Author Note: I had to add in the Pack, Sam and Paul especially. Edward and the Cullen's are dead since they were Men and even though the Pack are Men too they're after the Cullen's pretty much. *scratches chin* make sense?

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