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'I am... in love?' Yukina thought to herself as she quietly folded the laundry, 'Is this what love truly is?' The Koorime let out a soft sigh and her fingers tightened on shirt she was holding when the tempting scent reached her nose.

She had never really understood it when Kuwabara babbled on and on about the power of 'love' and she had always just smiled politely in response.

But now...

'Kagome-san,' Yukina felt a burst of warmth grow in her chest just at the thought of the Miko who was currently staying at Genkai's shrine, 'I think I might love Kagome-san.'

Of course she had asked for Keiko, Shizuru, and Botan's opinions (without telling them it was specifically about Kagome) when they had last visited and they had all agreed that she was definitely in 'love' while slyly asking if Kuwabara was the lucky man.

'But she isn't likely to return any of my feelings,' Yukina thought sadly, 'Most humans are attracted to the opposite sex.'

The idea itself wasn't too strange for her since the Koorime society was only made of females and she could only assume Kagome was attracted to males due to her past infatuation with that Inuyasha fellow. Plus, the Miko had many male admirers to boot.

She had no chance at all.


The voice startled the Koorime, who jumped when a small figure sat across from her, "A-ah, Kagome-san," Her face felt unusually hot, though she attempted to ignore it, "How did your training go?" She asked, seeing that Kagome seemed to have just come from the shower.

"Training with Yusuke is... different," Kagome smiled, "A lot different than with Sesshoumaru anyway," She glanced down at the folded clothes and pouted, "You don't have to do my laundry, Yukina-chan. I can do that much."

"It's no problem," Yukina smiled back, "I'm sure you must be sore." Her red eyes unconsciously wandered down Kagome's body before she realised what she was doing and immediately looked away in shame.

"A bit," Kagome admitted before shuffling closer, "At least let me help then." She insisted, completely oblivious to Yukina's discomfort as she was tempted by the Miko's close proximity and mouthwatering scent.

'I am fine with watching from afar,' Yukina thought, even as her chest constricted painfully, 'Kagome-san is better suited with Kurama-san or even Hiei-san...' She repeated it to herself over and over again.

It didn't hurt any less though.