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Chapter 10


White, white, whitewhitewhitewhitewhitewhiteWHITE!

Thin arms curled tighter around shaking knees and whimpers filled the small, empty room. The sound seemed to bounce off the padded walls, mocking Mai and cruelly taunting her about her inability to leave.

It was too white…

Eyes squeezed shut tightly, knowing that if she opened them, horrible things would play out before her. Taunting voices came from non-existent shadows; because in this room, there was nothing to cast shadows.

Yet it seemed to writhe in shadowed presences…

The tears on her cheeks had long since dried up in uncomfortable tracks, staining her face along with the blood from her gnawed lips. Light scratches, like from walking through a bush, covered Mai's arms and permanent shivers wracked through her body.

It was too silent, yet so loud at the same time…

It had been about a day since Daemon was cleansed and Mai could feel the lack of any food or water getting to her. Her weight had rapidly dropped as the hours passed without any sustenance and a person could now easily see Mai's pregnant belly, though it was still not as big as one would think it should be. No extra fat clinged to her hips, arms or legs and she felt lost in her own skin. Her lips were chapped and her eyes dull as she rested her hands on her belly, her wedding ring hanging loosely from her finger.

Mai could feel her body slowly shutting down and she didn't even have the energy to worry about it. Her stomach was fluttering, as if a butterfly was trapped inside and she lightly moved her fingers over it, about the only part of her body she could still move. Her body no longer had anything sustaining it and to protect her baby, it was sending everything she had towards it. She gasped weakly as she felt a pulling sensation from around her stomach, her abdominal muscles clenching and releasing, the cramps rippling through her. The thought of lying there with this unknown pain in this room frightened her beyond belief…

Though as much as this room frightened her, what waited outside frightened her even more. Horrible things waited for those who left the safety of the isolated room…

Wait, no that isn't right… that isn't what Mai thought. She was merely soaking up the negative feelings that had stewed in this room for more than 150 years. Why should she be afraid to go outside it? Naru was outside; he was her reason for living. He and this child they were going to have. She had to keep strong…

For Naru.


Naru, Alisha, Cian and Emily were all crammed into the patient room 8, searching for the hidden door Naru was sure led to Mai. After they had confirmed Daemon was no longer on this plane of existence, they had immediately tried to contact Martin. But either their electronics were permanently damaged from the interference the spirit had caused, or there was some external cause they weren't aware of, as they couldn't call or email Naru's father. Naru had sent Rhys to fetch his father as he and the rest continued their search. It had now been two days since Mai was taken and Naru was frantic. On average, a person only lived 2-3 days without food and water and with her being pregnant as she was, it would be even worse for her.

Naru's analytical and rational mind was listing all the symptoms his wife wold be experiencing, remembering old article's he'd read in medical journals and news headlines about people trapped in the rubble of buildings after some natural disaster. As his fingers searched and pulled and pushed along the seams of the padded walls, his mind conjured worse and worse images; the most terrible thing about them being that they reflected reality accurately. It had only been about ten minutes since Rhys left, but it felt longer than that and Naru felt like cursing, even though he knew it was his own worry that caused time to seem like it was dragging by.

"Naru, I think I found it!" Spinning around, Naru looked across the tattered run-down room towards Alisha, who was rattling a panel of the wall. It was two 60×60cm padded blocks that were just a bit looser than the rest of them, though she couldn't seem to get it open. He was too afraid to blast it in, as he had no idea if Mai would be in danger from that. He had seen that this door would lead to some stairs, which would lead to another door that led to Daemon's room, but he knew this door had a bolt mechanism on the inside sealing it. It probably it had a lever somewhere they could use to open it, but he was certain they didn't have time to search for it.

He cursed his short-sightedness, as he had sent Rhys, the only guy that could safely teleport objects, away; as he knew the dangers of using his powers even for something as small as this, especially as he had had a close call the day before. In his hand, he clutched Mai's shirt, his mind still awash from his latest use of psychometry. His vision had been tinged green around the edges, not enough to indicate Mai's death, but she was certainly busy dying and he was determined to reach her before it.


Mai gasped as her stomach pulled tight again, tears she didn't even know she had left squeezing past her eyes. Her body was clawing for anything to support itself, any form of energy to sustain her a bit longer. It pushed and pulled and teared, desperate to save her even as her baby took all her body's nutrients. Naru had to arrive now, or they were going to lose their first child. The agony that thought caused her had her sobbing, her fingers clenching and unclenching on her stomach.

She was praying to every possible deity that Naru would appear next to her, that he would figure out this puzzle. She wanted him there with the entirety of her being, wanted him to turn this impossible situation around. She wished she could do something to aid him, but her strength was so low she even had trouble breathing. Yet her thoughts were filled with Naru's face, his voice, his love that she basked in every day, the tingle of his PK playing over her skin…

She gasped again as something in her pulled tight.


Naru grunted as something slammed into his body, his PK rising up to meet it as it pushed and pulled. He steadied himself with a hand against the wall, sweat breaking out along his back.

This familiar sensation…

The only time he had ever felt this way, was when Gene had still been alive and they had 'thrown', for lack of better words, his PK between them to build it up. It wasn't exactly the same sensation, but it was close. He hadn't felt this in control in a long time. Not sure what was going on, but willing to try anything to reach his wife and child, he threw the power back along the thin connection it had travelled, hoping he was making the right choice.


Mai moaned as power surged through her limp body, increasing the level of pain she felt. Her body couldn't handle this much power, yet it continued to draw it closer. She felt as if her very veins were widening, as if the basic makeup of her body was changing, morphing to accommodate this strange power. A feeling of loss swept through her, causing her breath to catch at the raw agony it inflicted on her, before the roaring, frightening power filled the gap.

Her gut clenched as she was about to lose consciousness and Mai knew that passing out now, with this amount of PK flowing through her unguarded and weak body would be disastrous. At best it would slow her heart and cause a heart failure; at worst it would tear her body apart, until she was merely a smear on this room.

She gritted her teeth as she pushed and pushed and flung the PK back to where she instinctively knew Naru was and hoped it was enough. She sighed in relief; sure Naru would be able to get to her now. A sharp pain rippled through her abdomen and the fluttering in her stomach increased ten-fold. The fluttering turned into a squirming feeling, before it escalated and the cinnamon-haired woman felt her child trashing inside her body. Her hands could feel the skin undulating where the baby kicked and strained against it, she could feel her small child struggling inside of her, as if trying to get out. Her face pulled in anguish as her hips jerked, her body unable to prevent itself from being jerked minutely by the infant's flailing. Tears poured down her cheeks as she could do nothing but lie there as her baby died inside of her.

It was too late…

Her eyes involuntarily closed as a wave of exhaustion and numbness flowed over her and she could practically feel her heart beat slowing and her blood turn to ice in her veins. This was probably what Naru felt when he overused his PK and despite her struggle, she couldn't stay awake.

She slipped away.


Naru was ready this time and as he caught the surging PK, he let it flow through his body, holding it and directing it at the door. Yellow lightning dripped upwards from him as his clothes flapped in a breeze of his own making and, ignoring the astonished expressions of his co-workers, he moulded his PK around the door, like a casing and pulled.

With a screech, the padded block was ripped from the wall to leave a gaping hole behind that showed dingy stone stairs and long empty cobwebs. Making sure with his PK that the internal structure of the building was still sound and not in any danger of collapsing, he started forwards. Striding down without waiting for the rest, the PK surrounding his body providing ample light, he reached the second door. Feeling a sense of urgency fill his movements, Naru brushed his hand over the bolt and lock, clicking it open as he pressed the protesting, rusted door open. The scent of almost stale air met his nose but he paid it no mind as he got down on his knees and crawled through. His gaze immediately zeroed in on the almost skeletal form of his wife, who was lying unnaturally still, except for the small minute jerks her body gave every now and then.

He didn't even notice the small pile of yellowish bones in the corner as he crawled the few feet that separated him from his wife, nor the presence of his team members as they entered the room behind him. Pulling her upright, he clutched her tightly to him and paled when he realised he could not feel her breathing. Pressing his finger to Mai's wrist, he cursed as he felt no pulse, his mind immediately speeding up with adrenalin.

His mind immediately catalogued her appearance, noting the pale, thin skin, the contours of her bones straining against said skin, the unnatural stillness as she laid there, the slightly blue tint to her chapped lips. More than anything else, he noticed the way her skin moved sluggishly around her stomach, the way every now and then she seemed to twitch, before, all of a sudden, even that small movement stopped.

"No no no nonono, come on Mai, don't give up on me now! Come on!" He laid her onto her back and blanched at the way her belly stuck out from her body, her one hand still protectively cradling it. Not sure if he would damage her fragile body more by performing CPR with her in this condition, he hesitated for a second, only to be pushed away.

"Move!" Emily was crouched over Mai, her face serious and her hands pressed against Mai's skin. He could see the way her gaze seemed to glaze over, as if she was staring into Mai's body, which was probably close to what she was actually doing. Droplets of sweat dripped from her brow and ran into her eyes but she didn't even pause to wipe them away. Her arms were trembling and her breath shallow, but still she struggled to heal Mai. Cian was talking urgently in the background and one part of Naru's mind realised he was calling Mr Collins probably, to indicate that they had to come now, not argue with Rhys about trivial matters. Naru would be happier if Mai was taken to the hospital their family had visited for years, not one that mainly focused on mental health, but they had no other option at this point in time.

"Damn it, I'm losing her again! Mr Davis, tremendous strain has been placed on her body, I can't get it to heal. The fetus is also in trouble, I am literally keeping it alive right now. She needs professional help, at the moment the fetus is in danger because she is, so as soon as she stabilises, the fetus should as well. Come on Mai!" Naru felt nausea push up into his throat, but he couldn't allow it to make it to the surface. He had to stay calm. He had to stay focused, as the life of his wife and unborn child depended on him.

"Can you continue what you're doing as I move her?" Emily nodded, the strain of using her ability taking its toll on her as her low stamina hindered her efforts. Naru slid his arms around Mai, sliding her onto a sitting position, he couldn't pick her up entirely, as they still had to crawl through the small square door, so instead he slid her along the floor gently, grateful for the dirty, but padded floor. Ducking his head, he moved through the door and with Alisha's help, he got Mai through and into his arms, climbing the stone stairs and ducking through the next door. Emily was with him every step of the way, her hand still clutching Mai's as she strained to keep both Mai and the baby alive. Alisha had run out before them, opening the doors and leading the medical personnel who came rushing in with a gurney towards Naru.

Naru gently placed her on the gurney, brushing a few strands of hair from her face as her head lolled to the side. Emily was on the other side of the gurney, still holding Mai's hand and doctors were setting up drips and machines as they ran towards the main building. The sooner they got her into the hospital where the right equipment was, the better. Naru saw the building which was part of the hospital get closer and the doctors moved faster, shouting back and forth between themselves. Finally, Naru couldn't hold on any longer as they neared the surgery room, despite how much he wished he could.

He had never been as afraid as he was that moment that Mai's hand slipped from his and she was rushed away amidst shouts and flurried movement.



Mai's fingers twitched as she slowly came to, her mind still fuzzy and chaotic. Her body felt heavy, her eyes gritty and her breathing sounded laboured.


She frowned slightly at the muted sounds around her, the beeping of machines and dripping water confusing her. Where was she? What had happened?

Beep…beep, beep, beepbeepbeep…

Was she alone? Where was Naru?

Her mind started to fill with panic, but the slow, steady breathing beside her had he calming down a bit, listening to the sound she had missed before. Her heartbeat slowed again as she realised she wasn't alone and she felt a sudden urgency to see Naru's face, who she assumed was the one sitting beside her. Cracking her eyes open, she moaned softly as the light almost blinded her and she resolved to take it slower. Peeking through her lashes, she waited till her sight adjusted and so slowly opened her eyes, blinking away the sun dots. Looking to her left, she saw it was indeed Naru sitting beside her bed, his eyes closed as he slept.

Glancing out the window behind him, she assumed it was just before eight in the morning, as the sun was just rising in the cold January air and reflecting off the small piles of snow that was on the windowsill. Naru must have been exhausted to actually fall asleep and she turned back to scrutinize her husband closer. Now that she was closely examining him, she could see the lines of worry and exhaustion on his face and her heart gave a pang, as she knew she was the one who had put them there. Reaching out a hand, she gently slid it along his cheek, the touch making him open his eyes as he was roused from his sleep.

Seeing her awake, she saw his eyes widen slightly, before his face seemed to relax in what she determined was relief. His hand lifted to settle over hers and in a rare show of love, he leaned into it, before turning his head and kissing her palm.

"Hey…" She whispered softly, her gaze riveted to his.

"Hey…" He returned and they sat in a comfortable silence, not breaking their much needed eye-contact. A flutter in her abdomen had her finally glancing away, her gaze pulled towards her belly, which was still slightly raised, but not by much.

"Is…?" Too afraid to finish her question, Mai squeezed her eyes shut, remembering the painful cramps and the wash of power through her body. She had been so sure she was losing their child, but then again, she had been certain that she would die before Naru reached her in her last moments.

"It was touch and go for a moment. There were a few hours where the doctors were certain neither of you would make it. But, our son is fine, as are you. You did well, Mai." Mai lifted her startled eyes towards her husband, who was gracing her with one his rare true smiles. Her eyes filled with tears as her lower lip trembled.

"…Son? We're having a son?" Naru nodded, his eyes bright and Mai laughed through her tears. Naru was stroking her hair, his eyes soft and Mai smiled a teary, but happy smile at him. She was so grateful their child was alright. So grateful…

"But Mai, it's not going to be easy. We were this close to losing him and the doctors don't want to risk this pregnancy any more than it already was. It seemed as if our son had suddenly lost a lot of energy, making his body go into shock. I'm still not completely certain what happened, but I have a few theories we can test out. However, that will only happen after you give birth. The doctors have assigned you to mandatory bed rest and to ensure you and our son stay safe, they're sending a nurse with us to our home.

"I'm sorry to say, but we'll have to stay in England for the next five months. It's too dangerous to fly back to Japan, especially as we're already transferring you to Addenbrooke's Hospital within a few days. As it is, they think that it's highly likely our son will be born premature, so you're going home till you're about in the middle of your seventh month and then you will be transferred to Addenbrooke's Hospital again for the last two months of your pregnancy."

Mai felt her smile slip, knowing how close they had been to losing their son if the doctors were doing all this. She swallowed and inhaled deeply, before her face became determined. "Of course, I'll do anything to ensure we don't lose out first child. Even if that means staying in bed for almost five months." Mai blanched at the words she said aloud, it now really sinking in how long she would be bed-ridden, but it didn't diminish her determinacy to pull through.

"Good girl. On the other hand, the case was solved perfectly. I assume it was you who convinced Daemon to pass on, as we didn't do anything in that direction?" Mai nodded, happy that the sweet boy had found peace. "Well, we found some old documents in his room. It seemed that when Edward Wakefield went to inspect the asylum, Bryan Crowther and John Haslam had thrown all documents regarding Daemon into the room with him, to ensure no one ever found out about his existence. Raising a child in the asylum would even have made the people of those times raise up a fuss. However, after Wakefield's visit, Haslam and Crowther were 'let go' from the institute, along with a lot of the personnel, and so no one knew about Daemon. The one nurse who might have rescued him, according to your dreams, one Mary Dale, we have confirmed had died as a patient in the main building shortly after Wakefield's first visit."

Mai nodded, already having suspected something like that being the cause and sighed. It didn't help if she tore herself up about it, it had already happened and she could do nothing about it. She had already done all she could and ensured Daemon got proper rest. Speaking of proper rest…

"What about Daemon's body?"

"We found it in the corner of the room. It's been reduced to bones and teeth because of the bacteria in the air, but we had someone go fetch it and gave him a proper burial between the trees of the grounds. A small headstone has been placed there for him and any possible patients like him." Mai nodded satisfied and she relaxed back into her pillows, which Naru had raised for her so that she could slightly sit up. She looked up as Naru spoke again.

"My mother and father are outside, as well as Miss Malakar, Miss Taylor, Miss Reid, Mr Foster and Mr O'Brian. They want to see you if you're up to it. Lin and Madoka are returning tomorrow and Matsuzaki-san, Takigawa-san, Brown-san and Hara-san are arriving the day after tomorrow. Yasuhara is coming in a week, as he had university tests to finish." Mai nodded and smiled in excitement as Naru smirked and left the room to tell her visitors she's awake.

Watching his strong back as he walked from the room, Mai smiled softly to herself, knowing that the incoming months will be hard but not caring, as she will have the support of Naru and their family.

After all, she could do anything with Naru by her side…


Nine years later-

"So how's it going with Koizumi? Has she finally accepted what happened to her?" The red-haired priestess asked the cinnamon haired woman. The two women were standing in a spacious garden, holding some tea as they conversed about the brunette's latest therapy patient.

"Yes, she's doing much better. I mean, it was awful, having your father try to kill you while possessed by your twin sister, but she's finally moving on after a year of therapy. It's times like these that I'm grateful I completed my psychology course, so that these people can actually talk to someone that won't send them away in a straight-jacket."

"I always knew you'd be good at working with people. Much better than your husband at any rate. Ah, wait, speaking of husbands, I see mine doing something stupid, so please excuse me for a minute." The chocolate eyed woman laughed as her old friend marched off towards the monk who, after all these years, still had his ponytail and childish demeanour.

"Mum! Kaachan, look, look!" Thirty-two year old Mai crouched down, smiling at the two adorable four year olds that bounced in front of her. Their dark hair and eyes were sparkling in happiness as their tiny hands were held out, each showing off the teddy they had gotten from Luella for Christmas.

"Wow, look how beautiful they are! Megumi, Taiki, did you say thank you to grandma?" Two pairs of eyes widened in horror as the small children realised they hadn't, in fact, thanked their grandmother and they zoomed off, crying out 'Obaachan, Obaachan, Grammy!' as they ran into Luella's arms. Mai chuckled as she watched her twins sped off, the small boy and girl full of energy as usual.

Megumi Luella Davis, or Shibuya Megumi as Japan knew her, and Taiki Martin Davis, otherwise known as Shibuya Taiki, were born five years after Mai had given birth to their oldest son. Though they weren't technically identical, they acted much the same, though Mai was sure that would change as they grew up. Megumi, meaning blessing and loosely named after Mai's mother, had received her father's hair and eyes and, all in all, about the only thing she had received from Mai was her body structure; though Mai was certain her only daughter would grow taller than her. Taiki, meaning great radiance and named for Mai's father Taikyu, had also received Naru's hair; though his eyes were a deep brown like Mai's, even as the form was Naru's. Mai was grateful that Taiki, at least, had taken Naru's body structure, as she already felt guilty enough giving her small stature to their first son.

"Kazuki-nii-chan!" Mai giggled softly as her two four year old tackled her miracle child, who was turning 9 in a few weeks in February, and clambered all over him as he scowled jokingly at them. As much as the twins had inherited Mai's personality, Kazuki Gene Davis had inherited his father's personality, tempered a bit with Mai's temperament. He was short but lean, his face angular like Naru's, but with Mai's chocolate eyes and nose. His hair was a deep brown, almost black, but not with the same blueish tint her other children had inherited from their father. If one looked closely at Kazuki's eyes, you feel see deep blue specks in his brown irises, as well as a thin ring of midnight blue around his pupil.

Mai's smiled in remembrance as she thought about her difficult first pregnancy and her tiny baby that had been born at 28 weeks. She had gone into an early labour and after several heart-stopping moments, her son had been born, though he had to stay in the hospital for a further two months and a bit. It had been a difficult birth, placing a lot of strain on her body, which was why she and Naru had waited five years till they had the twins. As it was, the strain of two babies on her body had pushed her to her limit and after giving birth safely to them, she had been told she would never again be able to bear a child. Mai had been a bit depressed for a while after that, but luckily she had three amazing children, along with a secretly loving husband to help her out of her slump. Along with the accomplishment she felt when helping the people who were traumatised by supernatural events with her PhD in psychology, Mai had realised that not being able to have children, when she already had three, was something she could live with and she had moved on with her life.

"Mum? Are you alright?" Mai looked up to see her eldest, with his younger siblings hanging onto his hands, watching her worriedly, his eyebrows scrunched together. She reached out and ruffled his hair, still marvelling at the British accent Naru had manged to instil in all their children. She honestly sometimes felt quite jealous as she watched her eldest, and to a lesser degree her younger ones, switch flawlessly from Japanese to English, without any left-over accent; because while she no longer had trouble with the language, she still had a slight Japanese accent when speaking it.

"Yes love, I'm fine. Just thinking a bit too hard."

"Be careful Mai, we don't want you to lose more brain cells by straining them." Mai whirled around, her flashing eyes meeting her husband's silently laughing ones and she pouted crossing her arms.

"Tousan is being mean! Mean meanie!" Mai laughed loudly as two dark blurs attached themselves to Naru, beating their tiny fists on his legs as they scowled adorably up at him. Naru scowled right back, picking them up and carrying them like sacks of potatoes under his arms. "I think you two had too much of Grandmother's Christmas cake. I'm just going to go dump them with Takigawa-san. Perhaps her daughter can keep the two gaki busy."

Mai watched as, despite his seemingly uncaring words, he tickled the two giggling monsters as he walked away, a small, barely there smile on his face. Feeling a surge of PK rush through her body, Mai giggled and sent it back at Naru, who immediately threw their two children in the air and floating them down safely. It was a small trick of his that all the children loved and never failed to make them laugh. Mai's thoughts turned to the incident when she had gained the ability to slightly boost Naru's powers and make it safe for use, as long as he didn't overdo it.

Turns out, it had actually been Kazuki who had inherited Gene's receptive abilities. He had the blood and psychic connection that was required, being Naru's son, which Mai could never get. However, the seeming impossible had happened when Mai had almost died, as her body had been grasping for anything that could save her life. To Mai's great guilt, her powers had basically siphoned this receptive ability and psychic connection from her unborn child, connecting it to her own abilities and internalising it. In return, it seemed that Mai's developing empath ability, that had always been latent, had filled the void she had left in her son and he had become a phenomenal empath and medium. It was one of the reasons why he had gone into shock that time, as he had lost the majority of his energy and was suddenly bombarded with emotions from those around Mai. If it hadn't been for Emily, who had been an intern at that time, both Mai and Kazuki would have died from the sudden transition.

Now, after years of testing, it had been determined that Mai's abilities was still largely the same, with the added ability of being able to 'catch' and 'throw' Naru's PK, though her body couldn't handle the really large amounts like Gene's could. Her empath ability would never develop beyond her latent empathy she had shown before, in fact, it had become a bit more passive than it had been. Kazuki, on the other hand, would never be able to receive his father's PK, though they had found, to their surprise, that if Naru overdid it with his PK and his body went into bradycardia, Kazuki acted much like a pacemaker, stabilising Naru's heart and bringing him back from the brink of death. Along with that, his empathy was first class and it enabled him to usually successfully complete jourei, as he could feel what the ghosts felt and understand them completely.

They weren't sure yet if the twins were psychic, though they suspected it due to various instances of teddies appearing somewhere else than they were before around Megumi; or Taiki telling them about a dream and a few days later they would read something similar in the news. Mai had, however, forbidden Naru to start research until they were at least six.

A tiny arm slipping around her waist had Mai glancing down to see her son leaning against her as he also watched them. Like his father, his face looked aloof, but his eyes were sparkling and his mouth slightly tilted. She wound her arm around his shoulders, holding him to her as she watched the chaos of the Christmas garden party she and Naru had held at their house. Cian, with husband Nathaniel and their adopted three year old daughter, Alisha and Emily had flown down with Martin, Luella, Lin and Madoka to visit them for a few days during Christmas. They were all standing around, laughing and talking with Ayako, John, Masako and her husband and Yasuhara with his girlfriend of four years. Bou-san was sitting and laughing with his and Ayako's seven and three year old daughters, as Mai's own twins clambered over him and Masako's two year old son toddled around his legs. Rhys and Alexis had also been present a few days previously, but had left to spend actual Christmas with their family.

"Mum, are you really alright? You looked sad." Mai looked down at her concerned son, so much like his father and smiled gently as she brushed his hair out of his eyes. "Yes I really am. I'm just thinking of how much I love all of you and how precious you are to me." Though Kazuki rolled his eyes, she could feel his shoulders relaxing and with a last squeeze, he ambled over to Bou-san, catching Masako's son in his arms as he tickled him.

Naru's arms wounding around her waist had her chuckling and she leaned back against his chest, sighing contently. His chin rested on her head as they looked out over their large garden and she couldn't be happier. His lips on her cheek had her turning her head, their lips meeting in a deep but gentle kiss. Mai could still feel her heart speeding up and her lips tingling after 14 years of being with Naru and she moaned slightly as his tongue teased hers. Breaking away after another moment, she smiled lovingly at him, delighting in the returning smile.

Someone calling her name had her grinning at Naru's disgruntled look and she giggled as she walked forward, with her husband at her side.

Forever and Always…


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