Chapter 8

JJ woke to an empty bed, she wasn't surprised she had pushed Emily into last night and especially after pushing her away since the accident. A slight sound made her look over towards her window to find the brunette sitting on a chair staring out, dressed in JJ old Redskins jersey. She smiled.

"You stayed."

Instead of answering Emily got up and walked to the bed, sat on the edge and gently brushed a strand of golden hair away from her face.

"Of course I did."

JJ sat up and hugged her. Emily wrapped her arms around the naked blond and held her. For a long while neither moved.

"I have to go to work," whispered Emily softly as her phone pinged.

"Will you come back?" asked JJ pulling back far enough to look into the brunette's dark eyes.

"As soon as my shift is over," promised Emily. "I'll bring pizza." Her lover needed to eat.

"Okay. Pepperoni?" JJ watched Emily dress. "Em?"


"Thank you."

Emily smiled and softly kissed JJ before leaving.


Penelope beat Emily to the BAU, a fact that instantly caused her to worry. Emily Prentiss was always early. She hadn't heard a peep from either of her friends all night. As soon as the brunette pulled into the parking garage Garcia was out of her office and waited by the elevator.


"GEEZ! Pen, give me a heart attack!"

"Sorry." Penelope handed over a cup of hot coffee by way of an apology. "Did you see her?"

Emily nodded, sipping her coffee.

"Is she okay?" Garcia was vibrating impatiently.

"She's better." admitted Emily not sure how much to tell the bubbly blond then decided to let JJ tell her. Penelope seemed satisfied and went to flirt with Morgan.

Emily grinned, feeling better than she had for weeks. No, make that years.

That feeling lasted all through the morning as she caught up with her consults. Whenever she looked towards the blond's vacant office she couldn't help recalling JJ's body moving under her. She shook her head when she noticed Derek studying her.

Every time she saw Hotch she prayed that they didn't have a case. She had a promise to keep.


JJ was clock watching. She had cleaned her apartment. Her mother had gone shopping the day before she left so her cupboards and refrigerator were stocked. She had eaten a couple of slices of toast after Emily had left. Thinking about her baby still hurt but the pain wasn't swamping her like it had been.

She knew how long it took to drive home and how much longer a detour to her favourite Pizza Place would take. She had no doubt that Emily would go there. Now that her brain was functioning more normally again she realised that Emily was still beating herself up for her mistakes. And JJ not talking to her hadn't helped matters.

Ten minutes after JJ's guestimate she began to think the brunette had changed her mind. They had texted during Emily's lunch break.

Just as JJ's mood was starting to spiral down she heard a knock at the door before hearing a key in the lock.

Emily pushed open the door holding a flat pizza box, a bag from a local pet store and a pet carrier.

"I hope you don't mind," said Emily, a little breathlessly, "But I didn't want to leave him again."

JJ watched as the brunette let Sergio out of the carrier and pulled out a brand new pink litter tray. The blond's only thought was that Emily was going to stay over again.


"It's fine," replied JJ moving to help her lover unpack Sergio's new food dishes. To be honest she had almost forgotten about the young feline. The kitten was wandering around smelling everything. "It's a really good idea."

Emily grinned with relief. Technically she could have asked her neighbour to feed him like she did when the team was away on a case, but she needed JJ to know she was serious. She divided the pizza and handed JJ a plate then led the way to the lounge, she noticed immediately that JJ had been tidying. She sank down on the couch and the blond cuddled up to her while they ate.

JJ's appetite had returned and she went for seconds and asked about Emily's day.

The consults had been pretty routine so instead she told her about Spencer making little bottle rockets and how one had nearly hit Hotch.

JJ laughed. A sound that Emily had sorely missed and wanted to hear again. They watched TV for a while after until the blond stretch and said she was going to shower.

Emily picked up the TV remote ready to start channel surfing when JJ paused in the doorway.

"You coming?"

The brunette snapped off the TV and followed. This time was more how Emily had envisioned their first time together. Slow and gentle until hours later they lay in bed, both completely sated.

JJ fell asleep in her lover's arms listening to her heartbeat. Emily had fallen asleep first but JJ knew the brunette had gotten next to no sleep the night before.

Emily's phone alarm woke them the next morning.

"Hi," said JJ, smiling sleepily.

"Hi you," returned Emily with a chuckle before pulling JJ close for a passionate kiss.

"You keep doing that and I'm calling Hotch to say you're sick," said JJ when they came up for air.

"I really wish I could," admitted the brunette, regretfully.

"But the team's already down a man," stated JJ.

"Last time I checked you were ALL WOMAN," teased Emily, grinning when JJ blushed red.

"You know what I mean." JJ swatted her lover on the arm. "And if you don't get up right now, you are going to be late."

Emily groaned knowing she would be if she didn't move. JJ made the decision for her by rolling out of bed and pulling the covers off her. "Up and AT EM Prentiss!"

Emily saluted and speedily got dressed while her lover made coffee and toast. The coffee was thankfully in a travel mug, the toast was popped in her mouth on the way out. As she drove to Quantico

Munching her toast, Emily was aware of how much she wanted this morning to happen again and again.

Penelope was waiting for her, this time she was expecting her, wanting details.

"How do you know….?" asked Emily.

Penelope smirked, "Woman's intuition…and the last time I spoke to JJ she sounded so much better and happy."

"I think she is happy" said Emily quietly.

"There's no THINK about it. She IS happy. You make her happy." Penelope saw the sudden sadness in her friend's dark eyes, "I don't know what happened, but Gumdrop you need to forgive yourself."

"Easier said than done," sighed Emily.

"Does she know?"

"Some of it."

"Then tell her all of it," stated Penelope like it was the most logical thing in the world. "I guarantee JJ is the best listener on this entire planet."

Emily actually laughed at that, "Pen, I've known that since the day I met her."

"So when you finish, go home and talk to her. Really talk to her. What?" asked Garcia when Emily cocked her head to one side as she looked at her.

"You realise you said home?" said Emily softly.

"Well, she is your home."

Emily didn't deny it, she couldn't. Wherever Jennifer Jareau was that was where her heart was. For the second day in a row she prayed for no cases.

Penelope was right. It was time to put all her cards on the table.



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