The Child Of the Moon: The Titans Curse

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Chapter 1: How to save a life

I couldn't help but let out an exasperated sigh, as I glanced at my bronze watch and watched as the large hand landed on the 8 showing that it was 11:40, it was Friday a day before winter break, or at least it was until the principle announced that he would cut us some slack and he let the whole school have an extra day of Winter break. So I stood in the living room of the apartment that I had come to consider my home as I waited for my demi-dragoness girlfriend, Ember to get out of her room for our lunch date I had set up. Ms. Jackson would be driving us to the lunch here in New York.

About a week ago Ember had started to remember her life before she had met me and apparently today was her birthday so I wanted to make it special. I planned to take her to "Bouley" which was here in New York, and supposedly it was a really fancy French restaurant and while she hated going on fancy dates and would rather going to much less luxurious place. I thought we would do a little something special since today was her birthday and plus Christmas coming soon so this way I would get her to talk about what she would want for Christmas. Now the both of us agreed to not dress super fancy since it was her birthday and I wanted her to feel comfortable, so I was only dressed in a pair of wranglers, I had a white shirt under a black button up shirt, and a pair of combat boots.

For her birthday I had gotten her a pair of headphones. Now these headphones weren't just your normal skull candy (which I don't own) headphones. They were the type of headphones that go over your head and on your ears, and they had a small button on the side barely even noticeable. I had our friend Charles Beckendorf a child of Hephaestus build the headphones. I had him create the headphones to have the ability to change into a helmet and as it changed into a helmet it would still allow the user to listen to music on an ipod or phone. And I had also bought her an Ipod to go with the headphones, with a few of her favorite songs on it.

"Em are you ready!" I shouted out to her.

"Almost!" She shouted back.

Percy then walked out of the kitchen holding a phone in his right hand and patting it with his left and he had a sheepish look on his face. He had a red sweater on and a green jacket over it as if he was going somewhere with really cold weather he also had blue pants and a pair of boots.

"What?" I asked giving Percy a questioning look.

"Blake, it looks like Grover found some demigods and he kinda needs our help." Percy said.

"Oh when?" I asked.

"He needs our help immediately." Percy said giving a guilty look. "Annabeth and Thalia will be over soon, and-"

"Blake I'm ready." Ember announced as she opened the bathroom door and stepped out.

Ember was dressed in a nice black dress that reached down to her knees, she had her black and red cap on with her hair in a pony tail sticking out the back end, she had gray sneakers on and had her black chocker on with her purple crystal.

I felt my jaw drop as I saw her. 'S-she wow.' I thought to myself mesmerized by Ember's beauty.

I then looked to Percy and glared. "You are one messed up man, dude."

Percy gave a sheepish look.

"What?" Ember asked with a small tilt of her head which made her look even more beautiful.

"Grover can wait." I decided and walked to Ember and was about to lead her out ignoring the fact we would still need Ms. Jackson to give us a ride to the restaurant, but Percy stopped us before we could leave the house.

"Oh no you don't. Come on Grover needs our help. You guys can do this afterward." Percy said convincingly.

"But I made reservations. Do you know how long I had to plan this in advance? I literally had to call a month before and schedule this." I whined.

I then felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned and noticed it was Embers.

"What is going on?" Ember asked giving a worried look.

Percy then explained to her what he had told me.

"It's fine Blake. We can do this another night." Ember said. "Plus even if we don't go to some high end place it's fine with me as long I'm with you it will be special."

I sighed. "Fine let me go get dressed, I want to dress differently if this is a mission."

"Blake also pack a jacket, it's in Maine and supposedly there is going to be a blizzard tonight." Percy said.

I nodded and gave Ember a light kiss on the lips.

"Hey thank you for trying to make the night special, but you know friends come first." Ember said gently putting her hand in mine

I laughed lightly. "I know I only acted that way because I wanted this night to be your best one. It's your birthday and I don't want anything to ruin it. And when I saw you out of the bathroom a little while ago my brain just stopped, but I suppose you are right friends come first."

She nodded and smiled and headed to her room to change.

Once I got to my room I took off both of my shirts and put on my black long sleeved Nike shirt which had the Nike symbol on the top left corner. I then grabbed my sea green dragon scaled jacket that I had gotten last summer and slipped that on as well along with my ring that I was going to leave on my bed side table while at lunch and walked to my door and into the living room once again.

About a half-hour later Ember came out of her room as well and entered the living room, instead of her black dress she now wore a long sleeve shirt that was striped with yellow and white strips and had a Pikachu (I don't own Pokemon) on the front. Around her neck she had her choker on with her purple crystal. Over that she had a black jacket which she didn't zip up so it was open. She wore blue jeans and her gray sneakers.

While the three of us were in living room Ms. Jackson was in the kitchen packing some things in a backpack. Then all of a sudden I heard a racket come from the back door that lead to the backyard.

I walked to the back sliding door and let Luna run in.

"What are you and Ember still doing here? I thought you both were going on a date." Luna asked as she shook her snow covered fur.

I smiled sadly. "We had to cancel. There are apparently some half-bloods that need our help."

"I see. Can I join?" Luna barked.

"Ms. Jackson?" I asked.

"Yes dear?" I heard her ask.

"Can I take Luna with us? Will we have room in the car?" I asked.

"Sorry sweetheart, but we won't since Annabeth and Thalia are coming we won't have any room. I can have Chiron come and take her to Camp if you like." Ms. Jackson said poking her head out of the kitchen.

"What do you say girl?" I asked her as I pet her head.

"But I want to go with you. First you leave me at camp when you all went after the lightning bolt and now you won't let me go help you with this." Luna whined.

I sighed and gently scratched her behind her ear. "It's not that I mean to, plus you will see us at camp and if anything happens I will send you an Iris message. Okay?" I told her gently.

She nudged her nose into my arm and then tilted her head up to look at my face and nodded her head and licked my cheek. She then walked over to Ember who was sitting on the couch with her sword in hand and bow lying next to her. Ember looked at Luna and gently scratched her head.

I then heard a knock at the door and since I was the only one still standing I went to the door and answered. At the door stood Annabeth and Thalia. This had to have been the first time I had seen them in months.

Annabeth stood with a gray beanie which tucked her golden hair in nice and snug. She had on a green shirt with a purple jacket, and a pair of blue jean pants. She also had a pair of brown boots.

Thalia wore punk clothes the type she always wore—the ripped-up army jacket, black leather pants and chain jewelry, the black eyeliner, black combat boots, and those intense electric blue eyes.

"Hey Blake." Annabeth greeted and gave a light hug.

"Hey Aunt Annabeth." I teased and hugged back.

"Shut up." Annabeth said.

I laughed as I noticed her face flush red from embarrassment.

"Hey Blake." Thalia said with a small smile. "So are you going to let us in or just make us wait out here." She asked jokingly.

"Oh right." I said embarrassed.

"Ms. Jackson the girls are here!" I shouted.

"Be right out!" She shouted back.

Annabeth greeted Percy with a small hug and Ember with a nod of her head.

Last summer the two weren't the greatest of friends and Annabeth didn't really trust her because of her being a black dragon, but after bringing back the Fleece the two finally came to a mutual agreement, now what that agreement was I have no clue.

Thalia greeted Percy and Ember with a smile.

"So is everyone ready?" Thalia asked.

"Yeah I think so." I said as Sally walked into the room and handed a backpack to Percy.

I then left a bowl of food and water for Luna and left a note for Chiron telling him that I fed her and all he had to do was take her to the Artemis cabin.

When I was finally done attending to Luna, I met Ember at the door since she didn't want to get in the car without me. I closed and locked the door and Ember and I walked to the car hand in hand. Percy was sitting up front and Thalia and Annabeth both sat in the far back. So Ember and I took the two middle seats in the car.

It was an eight-hour drive from New York to Bar Harbor, Maine. Sleet and snow pounded the highway. And the whole way no one spoke a word, as everyone was too busy thinking about what exactly what we were going to do as soon as we got to Westover Hall. However even though the us kids weren't talking it sure as heck didn't stop Ms. Jackson, she had to have told every single embarrassing baby story about Percy that there was, and boy was it amusing. That is until she got to the parts where I spent the night at Percy's house a couple of times, so she started to talk about both of mine and Percy's embarrassing moments at the Jackson residents. Hell one story about Percy and I, and had brought Ember to tears, I wanted to cover my face with the hood of my sea dragon scaled jacket, but before I could Ember kissed me on the cheek and told me that Percy and I were cute.

"I wasn't cute, I was handsome." I grumbled out.

The only response I got from her was a small giggle and another kiss on the cheek.

By the time we finally got to Westover Hall, it was getting dark. And when Ms. Jackson was finally finished with pretty much every story she probably could think of, Thalia wiped the fog off the car window and peered outside. "Oh, yeah. This'll be fun."

Westover Hall looked almost like a creepy typical horror movie Knight's castle, but the thing is I've seen a real evil Knight's castle and this thing didn't even compare I mean Ginarth's castle was about double the size and while it was slightly in ruins it added to the creepiness while this place really paled in comparison. It was all black stone, with towers and had slit windows and a big set of wooden double doors. It stood on a snowy cliff overlooking a big frosty forest on one side and the gray churning of the ocean on the other.

"Are you all sure you don't want me to wait?" Ms. Jackson asked.

"No, thanks, Mom," Percy said in an embarrassed tone. "Don't know how long it will take. We'll be okay."

"But how will you all get back? I'm worried, Percy."

Immediately Percy sparked up like a red Christmas tree. He looked like his most embarrassing secrets were just spilled, oh wait they kind of were.

"It's okay, Ms. Jackson." Annabeth smiled reassuringly from the back. Her gray eyes sparkling the same color the the ocean currently was tonight. "Thalia, Ember and I will keep these two out of trouble. No worries." She finished pointing at Percy and I.

"Hey I seem to recall Percy being the only one to get us into dangerous situations." I said indigently closing my eyes and turning my head the opposite direction.

"You call fighting a dragon, killing a hydra, and fighting the War God not dangerous situations?" I heard Ember ask in a deadpanned tone.

My face fell slightly at being proven wrong.

"No I call them necessary obstacles." I said trying to plead my case.

"Rrrright." Ember said.

"Aren't you supposed to be on my side? Being you know my girlfriend." I said.

"And let you deny being a magnet to trouble like Percy is. Yeah, fat chance." Ember said teasingly.

I stuck my tongue out at her. She went to grab it but I tilted my head back just out of her reach.

"Okay you two." Ms. Jackson said giving a light chuckle, and visibly relaxing at the reassurance of Annabeth and the little argument Ember and I had. According to Percy his mom thought that Annabeth was the most levelheaded demigod ever to hit our age. She's sure that Annabeth has kept our small group from getting killed. And in some areas I had to agree her planning and strategizing was almost always on point, and I say almost because her last plan had her dangling upside down by an angry Cyclopes.

"Sorry Ms. Jackson, Mom." Ember and I said at the same time.

Ever since the return from the Fleece mission Ember and Ms. Jackson have been forming a more mother daughter relationship, and Ember just a few weeks ago started to test out the waters with calling Ms. Jackson mom. And Percy and I had to cover our ear drums from the happy squeal Ms. Jackson gave out all the while she had grasped onto Ember happily and would smile brightly. She must've felt happy knowing she now would have a girl she could consider a daughter, since she has been around her son, not to say Percy is horrible, but she must've felt left out not being able to do certain things with Percy that she could've done if she had a daughter. And now that Ember was here she was able to do that. The two of them would go and get their hairs done, and all that other stuff girls do.

"Blake how many times have I told you? Call me Sally. You have been in our family long enough for at least that." Ms. Jackson encouraged.

"Oh sorry Ms-I mean Sally." I fixed nervously.

She gave a large smile and nodded happily, and then her smile turned into a frown as we started to exit the car.

"All right, dears," Sally said. "Do you all have everything you need?"

"Yes, Ms. Jackson," Thalia said. "Thanks for the ride."

"Extra sweaters? You all have my number?"

"Mom-" Percy tried.

"Your ambrosia and nectar, Percy? And a golden drachma in case you need to contact camp?"

"Mom, seriously! We'll be fine. Come on, guys." Percy waved to us.

Sally looked hurt at Percy's words. I noticed the look and sighed.

"It will be alright. I promise." I said as I held a thumb up. "Nothing will happen to our group, at least not on my watch."

Sally smiled and ushered me to follow the other as they went though the small snow storm. The wind blew straight through my coat like spikes frost. Luckily however during my schooling before winter break I had gotten another power of a dragon. A second small square had changed me during class and I had to leave to the bathroom and when Percy saw me withering on the ground he had to stay with me, because we both knew that if I went to the hospital many many questions would've been asked and we didn't need that. The other small square was surprisingly an Ice blue color. And A told me that I had gain the power over the Ice dragon. And ever since I unlocked the ability I had been training non-stop after the discovery and sometimes before school in the morning I would go on runs and would train in my powers. Then at Night of course I would train in the back yard, Ember would join me for a while, and occasionally Percy would to, but sometimes I would push myself to the point of passing out, and to put it short every time I did Ember and Sally would fuss over me and lecture me on going to far, but I would continue to do so ignoring them. My top priority is to protect the ones I loved and if it meant training till I pass out then so be it.

So the current storm didn't really bother me any since I had the power of the Ice Dragon. Hell I could see clearly through the storm it was as clear as day to me. But then again I always did have a sort of night vision, since my mother was the goddess of the moon and the hunt.

I ran to catch up with the others and when I finally did. Sally's car was out of sight as I heard it continue to drive away. I grasped Embers hand and kept her close to keep her warm from the cold icy weather.

"Your guys mom is so cool, Ember, Percy." Thalia said.

"She is pretty okay," Percy admitted. "What about you? You ever get in touch with your mom?"

And as soon as he finished I could tell he regretted it. As Thalia gave a glare that would make even Hades wet himself. Hell if looks could kill Perce would be an electrified corpse. (He he get it cause she is daughter of Zues, and electrified corpse…no only me. Alright back to the story.)

"If that was any of your business, Percy-"

"We'd better get inside," Annabeth interrupted Thalia. "Grover will be waiting for us."

Thalia looked at the castle and shivered. "You're right. I wonder what he found here that made him send the distress call."

"Didn't Annabeth tell you?" Percy asked her.

"No." Thaila said looking at Annabeth.

Annabeth looked sheepish.

"We don't have time for this right now." I said. "I am sure Grover will go over it once we get inside. Now let's go." Ember leaned into me as we continued to a large pair of Oak doors.

The oak doors groaned as they opened, and the five of us stepped into the entry hall in a swirl of snow.

"Whoa." Percy said in amazement.

The place was a bit bigger now that we were closer. The walls were lined with battle flags and weapon displays: antique rifles, battle axes, and a bunch of other stuff. I mean, I knew Westover was a military school and all, but the decorations seemed like overkill. Literally.

I looked down to my unoccupied hand and looked at my hidden blade. Over the school year, I had been working on the hidden blades and made a few upgrades. Instead of the all leather I had it now made of all metal the dagger stayed the same bronze since I wanted at least something to stay how it originally was since this was a gift from my adoptive, but on the metal had Greek engravings and at the very bottom on the underside of the gauntlet I had a metal round piece with the symbol of the wolf on one hidden blade and on the other was a dragon. On the inside of the gauntlets I had wool and memory foam in order to make the gauntlets as comfortable as possible. And lastly the string and ring that had connected to my finger in order to have the blade retract out was now a leather strip and bronze ring on my index finger. I was also able to make the blade curve to the side and act as a hand blade when necessary. (Think of Connor Kenway's hidden blades, I don't own Assasin's Creed)

I looked at my blade and lifted my wrist slightly and my blade popped out. I did that a couple of times to make sure the Ice wouldn't freeze up any of the mechanisms in the hidden blade. I looked at the others and noticed Percy reach into his pocket, Thalia rubbed her silver bracelets which had some pretty cool abilities, Annabeth looked down at her hip, and Ember who had strapped her sword to her back moved her arm back and patted the sheath which was hidden underneath her black jacket.

Annabeth then looked up from her boots to us and said, "I wonder where-"

The doors slammed shut behind us, and immediately my sense went haywire. I kept my hand from twitching and I released Ember in case something happened. I could sense a monster and I could tell it was a really bad one at that.

I could hear music echoing from the other end of the hall. It sounded like dance music. I shied with relief.

'I must be getting paranoid. I must've just been the wind.' I thought to myself exasperatedly.

'Just relax kid.' A told me.

I took in a deep breathed and breathed out and I walked over to a pillar everyone else was storing their overnight bags at and stared down the hall. We hadn't gone very far when I started to hear footsteps on the stone floor, and a man and woman marched out of the shadows to intercept us.

They both had short gray hair and black military-style uniforms with red trim. The woman had a wispy mustache, and the guy was clean-shaven, which seemed kind of backward to me. They both walked stiffly, like they had broomsticks taped to their spines.

And I could sense something off coming from the male. The four orbs in my pocket were vibrating slightly from my anxiousness and before I went in to reach the four orbs to calm my nerves Ember grasped my hand and smiled gently at me. I physically relaxed at her touch and smiled back.

I had no clue why, but I was just on edge things about this place was not right especially the man who was in front of me.

"Well?" the woman demanded. 'What are you doing here?"

"Um…" Percy said obviously having no clue what to say."Ma'am, we're just-"

"Ha!" the man snapped, which made Percy jump slightly and I would've probably laughed at Percy if I wasn't so focused on the fact this man could be monster in disguise. "Visitors are not allowed at the dance! You all shall be eeee-jected!"

The man had a French accent, maybe. He pronounced his J like in Jacques. He was tall, with a hawkish face. His nostrils flared when he spoke, which made it really hard not to stare up his nose, and his eyes were two different colors—one brown, one blue—like an alley cat's.

Seeing the look on the man's face I could tell something was off about him and as I was about to unsheathe my hidden blades Thalia decided to step in.

She snapped her fingers. The sound was sharp and loud. Maybe it was just my imagination, but I felt a gust of wind ripple out from her hand, across the room. It washed over all of us, making the rustle on the walls.

'Smart,' I thought to myself as I sensed her use of the mist. 'She must've used the mist in order to get them to think we are students.' I thought as I relaxed my wrist before I released my hidden blade.

"But sir we aren't visitors we are students here," Thalia said. "Don't you remember? I'm Thalia; this is Annabeth, Percy, Ember, and Blake. We're in the eighth grade."

The man narrowed his two-colored eyes at us as if he were trying to see if he had seen right or not. I hoped Thalia's plan worked or else we would have two scenarios. A fight with a monster or we would be escorted out of the building and hopefully wouldn't be taken away in cuffs. But the man seemed to be hesitant as if he couldn't make up his mind.

He looked at his colleague. "Ms. Gottschalk, do you know these five students?"

Despite the danger, I myself used some of the mist as well to pursuade the teachers even further. And since we were in so much trouble I had not time to even think of the woman's funny name.

The woman blinked and her eyes glazed slightly, like she was being in a daze. "I…oh yes. I do believe so, sir." She frowned at us. "Annabeth, Thalia, Ember, Percy, Blake. What are you all doing away from the gymnasium?"

And before I could even plead our cases and come up with some false story, I heard footsteps, and Grover ran up breathless. "You all made it! You-"

He stopped short when he saw the teachers. "Oh, Mrs. Gottschalk. Dr. Thorn! I, uh-"

"What is it, Mr. Underwood?" Dr. Thorn asked. His tone held an obvious taste of distane as if Grover had comitted some sort of crime. "What do you mean, they made it? These students live here."

Grover swallowed.

"He means the food and drink sir." I said with a forced smirk. "You see we had made the food and drink we are currently coming back from our dorms after cleaning ourselves up from prepping the food and drink. I mean Mrs. Gottschalk was the one who sent us after all to get cleaned up." I said adding the mist in order to make it more believable.

Dr. Thorn glared at us. And looked at me angrily. I knew this man was a monster I was now sure of it, but I knew he couldn't make a scene and neither could I we were both at a standstill. If he made a scene he would get turned to dust before he blinked, and if I attacked well mass panic was best case scenario.

"Oh that is right, now I remember. You five all are ready yes?" Mrs. Gottschalk asked.

"Yes Ma'am." We all coursed together.

"Well then run along, all of you. You are not to leave the gymnasium again!" Mrs. Gottschalk said.

We didn't even need to be told twice. We left with everyone saying "Yes, ma'am" and "Yes, sir," and a couple of salutes, just because it seemed like the thing to do since we were in a military school.

Grover hustled us down the hall in the direction of the music.

I grasped Ember's hand gently as I felt the eyes of the teacher's on my back, but I walked closly to the others and I heard Percy ask Thalia in a low voice, "How did you do that finger-snap thing?"

"You mean the mist? Hasn't Chiron shown you how to do that yet?" Thalia asked back.

I sighed looking at Percy. Chiron still had yet to show Percy after he had promised Percy at our last visit at camp that he would show him when he was ready, but Chiron's term of "ready" could be at anytime, and it was kind of unfair that Percy had no clue how to use it yet. But I saw some jealousy form in his eyes looking at Thalia.

'Jealousy is never good.' I thought to myself.

'You can say that again kid.' A told me.

'Jealousy is never good.' I repeated.

'I didn't mean it literally.' A told me angrily.

I just laughed lightly. Which in tern I gained a weird look from Ember.

"It's A." I told her.

Her mouth formed and O and she nodded her head. Grover hurried us to a door that had GYM written on the. And even with my dyslexia I could at least read that, but then again when I read things I always work to overcome the dyslexia by reading big words and while it's challenging I usually overcome it.

"That was close!" Grover said. "Thank the gods you all got here!"

Annabeth, Thalia, and Ember all hugged him. While Percy and I just gave him a high five.

This was the fist time we had properly seen him in quite a while and it was good to know the he was doing well. He'd gotten a little taller and had sprouted a few more whiskers, but otherwise he looked like he always did when he passed for human—a red cap on his curly brown hair to hide his goat horns, baggy jeans and sneakers with fake feet to hide his furry legs and hooves. He was wearing a black T-shirt that took me a few seconds to read. It said WESTOVER HALL: GRUNT. It most likely was his rank, but I felt bad knowing that had to be the lowest rank a person could get.

"So what is the emergency?" Thalia asked wanting to be included in the loop.

Grover took a deep breath. "I found two didn't Annabeth tell you?"

"No she didn't, two half-bloods?" Thalia asked, amazed. "Here?"

Grover just nodded his horned head.

Finding one half-blood was rare enough. This year, Chiron had put the satyrs on emergency overtime and sent them all over the country, scouring schools from fourth grade through high school for possible. These were desperate times. We were losing campers. We needed all the new fighters we could find, especially since we would be having to face monsters, titans, dragons, hell even some of our own demi-gods that Luke had corralled. The problem was, there just weren't that many demigods out there.

"Yes they are brother and sister," he said. "They're ten and twelve. I don't know their parentage, but they're strong. We're running out of time, thought I need help.'

"Monsters?" Percy asked.

"There is one." Grover looked nervous. "He suspects. I don't think he's positive yet, but this is the last day of term. I'm sure he won't let them leave campus without finding out. It may be our last chance! Every time I try to get close to them, he's always there, blocking me. I don't know what to do!"

"I assume that the monster is Dr. Thorn. Because I kept smelling a monstrous smell coming off of him." I said.

Grover nodded his head. "Yes its Dr. Thorn."

Grover then looked at Thalia desperately. I felt a slight pain when he did. I was surprised he didn't even look at me for answers since I was just as experienced as Thalia. And to boot I was a child of Artemis and the adopted grandchild of Athena. But I guess she was the eldest half-blood out of all of us so it did make a little bit of sense. Plus she had it a lot more rough than I did growing up since she had to constantly be on the move to escape monsters and such.

"Right," Thalia said. "These half-bloods are at the dance?"

Grover nodded.

"Then let's dance," Thalia said. "And you said the Monset was doctor Thorn, right?"

"Yes," Grover said, and looked around nervously. "He is the vice Principle here at the school."

From what Percy had told me the weird thing about military schools was that kids would go nuts when there was a special event and they would get out of uniform and just go ham. But this part, no this party was just relaxed and peaceful. I was actually expecting people to be loud and crazy, but I guess I was wrong.

There were black and red balloons all over the gym floor, and guys were kicking them in each other's faces, or trying to strangle each other with the crepe-paper streamers taped to the walls. Girls moved around in football huddles, the way they always do, wearing lots of makeup and spaghetti-strap tops and brightly colored pants and shoes that looked like torture devices. Every once in a while they'd surround some poor guy like a pack of piranhas, shrieking and giggling, and when they finally moved on, the guy would have ribbons in his hair and a bunch of lipstick graffiti all over his face. Some of the older guys looked more like Percy and I-uncomfortable, hanging out at the edges of the gym and trying to hide, like any minute they might have to fight for their lives. Of course, in our case, it was true…

"There they are." Grover nodded toward a couple of younger kids arguing in the bleachers. "Bianca and Nico di Angelo."

The girl wore a floppy green cap, like she was trying to hide her face. The boy was obviously her little brother. They both had dark silky hair and olive skin, and they used their hands a lot as they talked. The boy was shuffling some kind of trading cards. His sister seemed to be scolding him about something. She kept looking around like she sensed something was wrong.

The boy I recognized slightly, and then I remembered the name Grover gave.

'Wait is this the kid from the Casino in LA? I wonder what he and his sister are doing here.' I thought to myself. 'But I guess that doesn't really matter, they are in trouble and need help.'

Annabeth said. "Do they…I mean, have you told them?"

Grover shook his head. "You know how it is. That could put them in more danger. Once they realize who they are, their scent becomes stronger."

He looked at Percy, and he just nodded half-heartedly. Even after two years of knowing he was a demi-god Percy was still having a rough time wrapping his head around being a demi-god and every time I saw the confused look on his face I always felt bad that I never got around to helping him with some of that stuff. My adoptive father was a demi-god and I had a lot of knowledge on it, but with so many things on my mind I guess helping Percy with mythology just slipped my mind. And I felt terrible for it.

"Well then let's grab them and get out of here," Percy said.

Percy started forward, but was stopped by Thalia who put her hand on his shoulder. The vice principal, Dr. Thorn, had slipped out of a doorway near the bleachers and was standing near the di Angelo siblings. He nodded coldly in our direction. His blue eye seemed to glow.

And from what I could tell from his expression, he was pissed from Thalia and I's earlier trick with the mist. He now was suspecting us as being demi-gods. And he was just waiting for us to slip up and show why we truly were here.

"Don't look at the kids," Thalia ordered. "We have to wait for a chance to get them. We need to pretend we're not interested in them. Throw him off the scent."

"How?" Percy asked.

"We're four powerful half-bloods. Our presence should confuse him. Mingle. Act natural. Do some dancing. But keep an eye on those kids."

"Dancing?" Annabeth asked.

Thalia nodded. She cocked her ear to the music and made a face. "Ugh. Who chose the Jesse McCartney?"

Grover looked hurt. "I did."

"Well I think-" Ember started.

"Oh my gods, Grover. That is so lame. Can't you play, like, Green Day or something?" Thalia said.

"Oi you just interrupted Ember." I said speaking up for my girlfriend.

Thalia blinked and looked sheepishly. "Sorry Ember I didn't mean to."

Ember waved it off. "It's fine, but I don't think Grover knows exactly who Green Day is."

Thalia looked at Grover and gave a sigh. "Let's dance!"

"But I can't dance!" Grover said nervous.

"You can if I'm leading," Thalia said. "Come on, goat boy."

Grover yelped as Thalia grabbed his hand and led him onto the dance floor.

Annabeth smiled.

"What?" Percy asked.

"Nothing. It's just cool to have Thalia back." Annabeth said.

Annabeth had grown taller than Percy and just a little shorter than what I was, since last summer. She used to wear no jewelry except for her Camp Half-Blood bead necklace, but now she wore little silver earrings shaped like owls—the symbol of her mother, Athena. She pulled off her ski cap, and her long blond hair tumbled down her shoulders.

I looked to Ember and lifted her hand to my lips and kissed it.

"Will you have this dance with me my lady?" I asked laughing slightly into Ember's hand as I kissed it once again.

"Hmm, I don't know." Ember said. "There are so many options."

"Alright if you say so." I said turning to Annabeth making sure Ember didn't see my smirk as I turned around. "Hey Annabeth you want to-"

But before I could even finish Ember grasped me by the arm and dragged me to the dance floor all the while I kept laughing at her reddened face.

I pulled her close to me and wrapped my right and left arm around her waist while she wrapped hers around my neck and we both danced slowly to the rhythm. I kept looking down into her violet eyes and smiled as we continued to dance on the dance floor.

"You know this isn't such a bad birthday." Ember said.

"Really you would rather be here than at a dinner, with just the two of us?" I asked.

"Well I think I fancy this a lot better." Ember said and I raised an eyebrow at her. "Well let's see we get to be with all of our friends, we get to have a wonderful dance, and we get to help a couple of demi-gods in the process. I think it's a lovely birthday."

I smiled gently and kissed her forehead. "I'm glad you are enjoying it. As long as you are having fun so am I. Today is your day." I said as I retracted one of my arms and reached into my back pocket.

"What are you doing?" Ember asked.

I pulled away from her and presented the gift I had gotten her. It was a small set of over the head headphones.

"They look amazing Blake, but don't you think those are a little small?" Ember asked looking at the headphones skeptically.

I laughed lightly and gently tapped the top of the headphones and they expanded becoming fully sized.

"Happy Birthday Ember." I said.

"Wow." Ember said as she took the headphones from my hand.

"There is a button on the side which turns it into a bronze helmet for when we go into a fight. And the helmet uses Bluetooth so when you fight you can still listen to music." I said as I also reached into my front pocket and pulled out an iPod and gave it to her. "The iPod has a few songs on it that I know are your favorite."

"Blake this is amazing, thank you so much." Ember said as she pulled me into a tight hug and gave me a light chaste kiss on the cheek.

"Of course anything for my girl." I said with a smirk.

From behind us I could hear Annabeth talking to Percy about how her new school had got 3-D design as an elective and computer programming. She went on to explain how she'd designed this huge monument that she wanted to build at Ground Zero in Manhattan. She talked about structural supports and facades and stuff, and I tried to listen. I knew she wanted to be a super architect when she grew up—she loves math and historical buildings and all that hell she talked just like my adoptive father would and I wouldn't doubt Percy was zoning out on her.

'Why aren't they dancing? Hmm they need a push in the right direction.' I thought to myself with a smirk.

"Ember follow my lead." I told her quietly as I nodded toward Percy and Annabeth.

Ember giggled and nodded her head. She tapped the top of her headphones and put the iPod and headphones in her pocket. She re-wrapped her arms around my neck and I did the same to her waist.

I then led the two of us to the side in order to get to Percy and Annabeth when we finally were behind Percy, I started to walk backwards.

"Yeah, uh, cool," Percy said. "So you're staying there the rest of the year, huh?"

Annabeth's tone darkened slightly. "Well, maybe if I don't-

But she was interrupted as I pushed into Percy and pushed him into Annabeth making them both cling together so they wouldn't fall. Both of them were blushing madly.

"Oh sorry you guys didn't notice you both were still here, not dancing." I said to the two and gave Percy a small wink. "Now get to it you two. You guys look awkward just standing here talking."

I mean look at Thalia and Grover they totally are blending in. I said sarcastically. We then all looked in their direction and noticed she was slow dancing with Grover, who was tripping all over himself, kicking Thalia in the shins, and looking like he wanted to die.

'Poor poor Grover.' I thought to myself as I noticed Thalia trying to teach Grover to dance properly.

I looked back to Percy and Annabeth and I noticed Percy give Annabeth a nervous expression.

"Well?" Annabeth said.

"Um, who should I ask?" Percy asked.

I sighed. 'Percy you are so hopeless.' I thought to myself as I led Ember away once again after noticing Annabeth punching Percy in the gut.

I laughed at the two and Ember and I shuffled onto the dance floor. We shuffled from side to side for a little while and I noticed Percy clasping Annabeth's hand and one hand on her hip.

'Nice job buddy.' I thought to myself as I looked at Ember and touched my forehead to hers. We continued and as all of my thoughts lied on the girl I was dancing with. I unhooked my right arm from around her waist and clasped her left hand and we danced a little differently.

I then looked up and at the bleachers and noticed the kids were gone.

"Shit the kids are gone." I told Ember.

Ember turned her head and looked at the bleachers. "What should we do then?" Ember asked.

I let go of Ember and we both made our way to Percy and Annabeth.

"Annabeth, Percy the kids are missing." I told them.

The two stopped dancing and looked into the stands.

"We have to get Thalia and Grover!" Annabeth looked around frantically. "Oh, where'd they dance off to? Come on!"

Annabeth was about to take off into a run into the crowd but I stopped.

"Wait Annabeth calm down. You and Ember go find those two and Percy and I will look for the kids. That way neither Percy and I are alone and you guys can warn the others. If Percy and I don't go then those kids might get killed." I said and Annabeth took a deep breath calming herself.

"Alright Ember let's go find Thalia and Grover." Annabeth said. "Blake, Percy please be careful."

I nodded and Ember and Annabeth disappeared into the crowd. Percy and I veered off to the side to avoid all the other kids and to get a better view of where they were at. I used my senses to guide us. The monster was still in the gym so the demi-gods had to have still been in as well. We ended up turning full circle as I had sense the monsters sent becoming stronger as we went back. And instead of seeing Annabeth or the others. Instead we saw something far worse.

About fifty feet away, lying on the gym floor, was a floppy green cap just like the one Bianca di Angelo had been wearing. Near it were a few scattered trading cards. Then I caught a glimpse of Dr. Thorn. He was hurrying out a door at the opposite end of the gym, steering the di Angelo kids by the scruffs of their necks, like kittens.

"Alright Perce let's go." I said as we stealthily made our way towards the monster Percy pulled out his magical pen Riptide and I had my hidden blades ready.

The door led into a dark hallway. I heard sounds of scuffling up ahead, then a painful grunt. Percy uncapped Riptide. Percy's pen then grew in his hands until he held a bronze Greek sword about three feet long with a leather bound grip. The blade glowed faintly, casting a golden light on the rows of the lockers.

I clicked my bronze watch and released my golden bow. A quiver and more than a dozen arrows appeared strapped on my back. I notched an arrow getting ready for anything. I also had my four orbs circling behind my back in case I needed them.

Percy and jogged down the corridor, trying to stay silent at the same time, but when we got to the other end, no one was there. Percy opened a door and we both found ourselves back in the main entry hall. We were completely turned around. And Dr. Thorn was no where to be seen anywhere, but there on the opposite side of the room were the Di Angelo kids. They stood frozen in horror, staring at Percy and I.

We advanced slowly. I clicked my bow returning it to normal, but I unsheathed my hidden blades. My bow would've been slightly useless since the room was kind of cramped.

"It's okay, were not going to hurt you." Percy told the kids.

They didn't answer. Their eyes were full of fear. And that's when it hit me I could sense the mosnter all over the room.

"My name's Percy, and this is Blake" Percy said, obviously trying to keep his voice calm and quiet. "We're going to take you both out of here and get you two to safety."

And then I sensed it behind us. I had my four orbs turn into a giant shield. And four spikes pierced through the black shield, luckily however none of them got past. Percy however who had whirled around when I did. Got stabbed in his shoulder and was slammed into the wall. I roared at the monster and was about to strike it, but it's tail swatted me like a fly sending me to the other side of the room.

I had my shield form back into orbs and made them come back towards me and as I was about to strike once again. I heard the monsters voice.

"I wouldn't do that boy." The monster said as I finally got a clear view of the creature. The creature looked to be a golden manned lion, but it had small wings on its back and a large tail with spikes on the end.

'Manticore, shit. And he got Percy right in the shoulder, damn.' I thought to myself as I noticed Percy's coat was pinned to the wall by a black dagger-like projectile about a foot long. And it ha grazed his shoulder blade. And I knew the poison already was in his system.

I wanted to attack, but I also noticed his lion clawed paw on Percy's throat. "Move and he dies, boy." The manticore said menacingly.

I glared and sheathed my hidden blades. And all of a sudden WIISH! A projectile impaled my right leg. I growled slightly and grabbed the spike and with a roar of pain I pulled it out of my leg. I then focused on my hand and with the powers of the ice dragon I made Ice form around the wound to make sure that I wouldn't bleed out. I then tried to heal the wound using my nature abilities, but with the poison coursing through me I just couldn't. I was barely able to get the ice to form around my leg, but with healing you had to concentrate a lot harder.

The manticore then through another projectile and this time I used my orbs cover my head as I thought that was where he was aiming, but instead the projectile logged itself right next to my head and into the wall.

"Now all three of you will come with me," Dr. Thorn said with a crackle. "Quietly, obediently. And if you make a single noise, if you so much as squeal like a pig and cry for help, I will show you just how accurately I can throw."

And all I could think was "Shit, Ember's going to kill me."

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