The Child Of the Moon: The Titans Curse

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Chapter 18: We argue for our lives

The council of the gods was as usual incredible. Thrones for all the major gods of Olympus. Twelve enormous thrones made in a U shape around a central hearth, just like the cabins at camp were positioned. The ceiling above glittered with constellations, even my favorite constellation Lupus was shone. Next to me the others also looked up in wonder and amazement at seeing the many constellations. However on the right side of the ceiling was a large yellow moon.

Looking back at the council of Gods I noticed all of the seats were filled. Every god and goddesses were fifteen feet tall, all of them radiating power and authority it honestly was a surprise that the roof didn't implode due to so much power in a single room. Then all their attention turned to us. And even with myself being in a wheelchair I didn't let my gaze turn away in fear. I knew they would easily be able to take me and the others out without batting an eye, but I wouldn't allow myself to show fear.

"Welcome, young heroes," my mother Artemis stated from her seat next to my grandmother Athena. Her bow was leaning against her seat and her silver eyes directly on me. Zoe whom was next to me moved over to my mother's seat stood next to it, as if awaiting orders, however Zoe looked at me with soft eyes as if wanting to speak, but held her tongue.

"Hello young master!" I heard the Ophiotaurus shout excitedly.

Immediately my attention turned to Ophiotaurus whom Grover had moved over to in my distraction of looking up at the constellations.

A sphere of water was hovering in the center of the room, next to the hearth fire. The Ophiotaurus was swimming happily, swishing his serpent tail and poking his head out the sides and bottom of the sphere. He seemed to be enjoying the novelty of the swimming in a magic bubble. Grover had moved from the Ophiotaurus to Zeus's throne, finishing up his report of what had happened, most likely not finishing in order to visit me in the infirmary.

Once finished he looked back at us then at Zeus, as if silently asking to move back over to our small group.

Zeus nodded his head and said. "Go on."

But in all honesty Zeus was not paying an ounce of attention to Grover his whole attention was on Thalia. His looking soft as if the Lord of the sky actually had a soft spot for his daughter.

Grover trotted over. None of the gods spoke and in my opinion an awkward silence swooped through Olympus all except for Grover's clopping of his hooves on the marble floor, and the Ophiotaurus's splashing in the orb of water. And the hearth crackling.

I looked back at my mother and noticed her clothing had changed instead of her hunting gear she normally wore she now wore a silver tunic with a golden moon on the end of her tunic. Her hair was long, but at the end was in a small pony tail. Her eyes glowing a silvery yellow looking directly at me. Her seat glowed silver yellow color, however when she looked at the person holding on to my wheelchair her eyes changed to a glare, and a scowl, causing me to give out a long sigh.

"Blake are you alright?" Grover asked after giving Thalia, and Annabeth another hug, even getting one out of Zoe which had him blushing like mad.

"As well as I can be I suppose." I chuckled. "What's with all the looks the gods are giving the Ophiotaurus?" I asked noticing the looks of disgust from some of the gods made at the Ophiotaurus.

"They want to kill him." Grover mumbled quietly. "You guys have to convince them to stop, they can't do it."

"Heroes," My mother called.

She slowly slid from her throne and turned to human size, staying the same age as usual most likely to make me feel more comfortable rather than having to look at my mother at a younger age than what she actually would be. As she walked towards us, her silver tunic shimmered, her face loving as she looked at me. She seemed to walk in a column of moonlight, she gave me a wink, and her face changed to a more serious look.

Zoe whom was following my mother from behind behind walked back to our group standing beside Thalia, her silver circlet that symbolized her position in the hunt gleamed in the moon light.

"The Council has been informed of your deeds," My mother stated. They know that Mount Othrys is rising in the west. They know of Atlas's attempt at freedom, and the gathering armies of Kronos, and Ginarth. We have voted to act. "

There was some mumbling and shuffling among the gods, as if they weren't all too happy to know that the Titans were actually coming back. And I couldn't blame them after having to take care of them over a century ago and then having to deal with them all over again was going to be a hard business.

"And of course at my Lord Zeus's command, " My mother stated, "my brother Apollo and I shall hunt the most powerful monsters and dragons, seeking to strike them down before they can join the Titans' cause. Lady Athena shall personally check on the other Titans to make sure they do not escape their various prisons. Lord Poseidon has been given permission to unleash his full fury on the cruise ship Princess Andromeda and send it to the bottom of the sea, and too seek out any dragons in the sea and kill them. And as for you, my heroes…"

"Wait!" I said, immediately every god and demigod looked at me, but I refused to look away. "You can't punish every dragon and hunt them."

"What do you mean boy?!" Zeus asked. "Do you believe them to be innocent in the endeavors of the rise of the Titans or Ginarth?"

"No Lord Zeus, however I believe that not all the dragons should be punished, I believe that Ginarth has control over some of the dragons, making them against their will join the Titans." I said.

The gods seemed to mumble among themselves.

"It was because of this exact reason that Ginarth was able to rise to power in the first place." I said.

"What do you mean boy?" Zeus asked with a slight edge to his voice.

"I mean no disrespect, but when the dragon reincarnate attacked the mortals those many years ago, you all put the blame on the dragons, you all hunted them down and attacked their king and Queen with or without your realization helping Ginarth in the process in reining power. And if you hunt them again you will just get more to join his cause, and more to think that they deserve revenge against you all."

"Now listen here brat-"

"Watch your tone Ares." My mother said dangerously. "This boy has done a great service to Olympus, would any of you disagree?" My mother asked. "Would any here deny that?" my mother repeated.

My mother asked looking around at the assembled gods, meeting each of their faces individually. Zeus in his dark pin-striped suit, his black beard neatly trimmed, and his eyes closed as if in thought, his throne as if made of clouds and lightning lighting up every once in a while. Next to him sat a beautiful woman with silver hair braided over one shoulder and a dress that shimmered colors like peacock feathers. It was Lady Hera, sitting in a throne of peacock feathers.

On Zeus's right, Percy's father Poseidon his throne like that of a fisherman's seat. Next to him, a huge lump of a man with a leg in a steel brace, a misshapen head, and a wild brown beard, fire flickering through his whiskers. His throne metallic making clinking noises from gears running. He was lord of the forges, Lord Hephaestus.

Hermes winked at me. He was wearing a business suit today, checking messages on his caduceus mobile phone. Apollo leaned back in his golden throne with his shades on. He had iPod headphones on but only one piece in, his focus on me, as if making checking over his work on my health. Dionysus looked bored, twirling a grape vine between his fingers, his throne made of grape vines. And Ares, well, he sat on his chrome-and-leather throne, glowering at Percy and I while he sharpened a knife.

On the women's side of the throne room, a dark-haired goddess in green robes sat next to Hera on a throne woven of apple-tree branches. Demeter, Goddess of the Harvest. Next to her sat my grandmother in an elegant white dress, her gray eyes looking at me with a thoughtful look. She then turned her attention to Annabeth and her gaze softened. Then there was Aphrodite, who smiled at me, making Ember give out a low rumble, and her tail coming up to grip my wrist, making me chuckle softly.

"I have to say" -Apollo broke the silence-"They did pretty okay." He cleared his throat, as if ready to recite a haiku, but my grandmother stopped him before he could start.

"I must agree they have done well, and Blake's logic is quite sound. Perhaps we may strategize a way to gain the alliances of the dragon's that are not yet on Ginarth's side. The more allies we have the better chance we have at this war." My grandmother said looking at Zeus expectantly.

"I had made a decree many years that all dragons were to be gone and done with. How have survived at all is beyond me." He said angrily looking at the gods expectantly, making all of them shuffle.

He shook his head. "I had put my faith in dragon's a millennium ago, I granted their immortality. Their king and Queen's power could rival that of Olympus and if they were to turn-"

"They wouldn't." I interrupted, immediately gaining the Lord of the Sky's glare. "Ginarth has killed their children, and their loyal to the cause of Olympus they understand the situation and have forgiven you all for the deeds. And no offence my lord but you sound quite paranoid."

Zeus was about to say something, but Poseidon chuckled. "Yes quite my brother does have tendencies."

Zeus's glare went to Poseidon instead, and he just put his hands up, but his smirk never left his face.

"Blake how do you know this information?" My mother asked.

I sighed, I had not wanted to get the information out that I was a reincarnation of the Asura, but I knew I would have to tell them it was the only way to get them to see that they needed the dragon's help in order to win this war. They knew I could change into dragons, but not the reason why.

"There is a reason I can turn into dragons." I said quietly. "I am the reincarnation of Asura the son of King Arion, and Queen Jewel of the dragons. And I have spoken to them and have had dreams of the day they were attacked. And I am telling you we need the support of dragons to win this, if not we may lose."

Immediately I was greeted the shocked looks of the council, however the only ones not shocked were my Grandmother Athena, and surprisingly my Uncle Apollo. I guess being the sun god had its perks; then again he also had the power of prophecy.

"See, the boy is dangerous," Ares growled. And then he pointed to Thalia and Percy. "These three are dangerous. I had told you not to help this brat, we should've left him for dead. And it would be much safer, if we-"

"Ares," Poseidon interrupted, "they are worthy heroes. We are not blasting my son and his friends to bits. "

"Nor my daughter," Zeus grumbled. "She has done well."

Thalia blushed. She studied the floor. I knew how she felt. I'd hardly ever talked to my father, much less gotten a compliment.

"And if not for my son we would not be having this discussion, and one of my most important members of the hunt would be gone." My mother said glaring at Ares. "He has proven himself well above the odds."

Then my Grandmother cleared her throat and sat forward. "I am just as proud of my grandson and my daughter. However there are security risks here with the son of Poseidon and daughter of Zeus."

"Mother!" Annabeth said. "How can you even-"

But my Grandmother cut her off with a calm but firm look. "It is unfortunate that my father, Zeus, and my uncle, Poseidon, chose to break their oath not to have more children. Only Hades kept his word, a fact that I find ironic. As we know from the Great Prophecy, children of the three elder gods… such as Thalia and Percy… are dangerous. As thickheaded as he is, Ares has a point about them."

"See!" Ares said. "Hey, wait a minute. Who you callin'-"

He started to get up, but a grape vine grew around his waist like a seat belt and pulled him back down. And my orbs were next to my wheelchair in case the god tried something.

"Oh, please, Ares," Dionysus sighed. "Save the fighting for later."

Ares cursed and ripped away the vine. "You're one to talk, you old drunk. You seriously want to protect these brats?"

"Oi, you're just upset you got your ass kicked by a couple of twelve year olds." I laughed.

Ares glared at me from his seat his eyes glowing, but my mother pulled out her bow and notched an arrow. "You think of harming him, not even father will save you from myself putting you in Tartarus." My mother growled.

Ares relaxed in his seat still glaring at me, stabbing his knife in his throne.

Dionysus gazed down at us wearily. "I have no love for them. Athena, do you truly believe it would be safest to destroy them?"

"I do not pass judgment," my grandmother said. "I only point out the risks. What we do, the Council must decide."

"I will not have them punished," My mother said firmly. "I will have them rewarded. If we destroy heroes who do us a great favor, then we are no better than the Titans. If this is Olympian Justice, I will have none of it."

"Sis, Calm down," My Uncle said. "I know how you feel I want my nephew as safe as you."

"Don't call me sis!" My mother hissed.

"Well," Zeus grumbled still looking slightly upset. "Perhaps, but this monster at least must be destroyed. We have an agreement on that?"

A lot of nodding heads.

"Wait you want to what? You guys can't destroy Bessie!" Percy said.

"Please don't I know how to flip and swim, I'm too young!" the Ophiotaurus protested causing me to give out a slight chuckle at his protest.

Poseidon frowned. "You have named the Ophiotaurus Bessie?"

"Dad," Percy said, "he's just a sea creature. A really nice sea creature. You can't destroy him."

Poseidon shifted uncomfortably. "Percy, the monster's power is considerable. If the Titans were to steal it, or-"

"You can't," Percy insisted. Percy looked at Zeus, right in the eye. "Controlling the prophecies never works. Isn't that true? Besides, Bess—the Ophiotaurus is innocent. Killing something like that is wrong. It's just as wrong as… as Kronos eating his children, just because of something they might do. It's wrong!"

And then I decided to also add my two cents in. "Plus if you destroy him now, won't he just reform later like every other monster, however if you keep him contained; now at least you would be able to keep watch over him."

Zeus seemed to consider this. His eyes drifted to his daughter Thalia. "And what of the risks? Kronos knows full well, if one of you were to sacrifice the beast's entrails, you would have the power to destroy us. Do you think we can let that possibility remain? You, my daughter, will turn sixteen on the morrow, just as the prophecy says."

"You have to trust them," Annabeth spoke up. "Sir, you have to trust them."

Zeus scowled. "Trust a hero?"

"Annabeth is correct," My mother said. "Which is why, I have discovered my first reward and whom it shall go to. I have discussed this with my lieutenant Zoe Nightshade, and she has decided to step down from her position, and I intend to choose new one. But first, Father Zeus, I must speak with you privately."

Zeus beckoned my mother forward. He leaned down and listened as she spoke in his ear.

I looked over to Percy and noticed his face completely pale, and then I looked to Annabeth, and realized what he feared.

"Annabeth," Percy said under his breath. "Don't."

Annabeth frowned at him. "What?"

"L-look, I need to tell you something," Percy continued. The words stumbling out, he looked sick, as if he were going to throw up any minute. "I couldn't stand it if…I don't want you to-"

"Percy?" She said reaching out and put her hand on the side of his arm. "You look like you're going to be sick."
Percy looked like he was going to say more, but stopped when my mother turned around done with her talking to Zeus.

"I shall have a new lieutenant," she announced. "If of course she will accept it."

"No," I heard Percy mutter. And I was about to step in and argue, but then I noticed my mother's gaze wasn't on Annabeth, but on Thalia and then I realized what was about to happen.

"Thalia, "My mother said. "Daughter of Zeus. Will you join the Hunt and become my new lieutenant in charge?"

Stunned silence filled the room. I looked to Thalia, and I couldn't believe what was happening, but I knew it would be for the best. Thalia had been tempted many times already, and it was dangerous, no matter how much I loved Thalia (on a sisterly level) I knew it was her fatal flaw, and this was the exact thing to turn the tide for her. Annabeth smiled. She squeezed Thalia's hand and let it go, as if she had knew this would happen all along.

Zoe looked to Thalia expectantly.

"I will," Thalia said firmly.

Zoe smiled. "I know we have had our fights, but I am glad to now call you sister."

Thalia smiled and nodded.

Zeus rose, his eyes full of concern. "My daughter, cosider well-"

"Father," She said. "I will not turn sixteen tomorrow. I will never turn sixteen. I won't let this prophecy be mine. I stand with my sisters Artemis, and Zoe. Kronos will never tempt me again."

She knelt before my mother and began the words, the situation kind of reminded me of Bianca's and how she almost took this very oath. "I pledge myself to the Goddess Artemis. I turn my back on the company of men…"

Afterward, Thalia did something that surprised both Percy and I. She came over to the two of us and gave us both a huge smile, and then in front of the whole assembly, she gave myself and Percy a big hug, , causing Ember to hiss slightly and myself to smile and wince in pain.

I chuckled in her ear. "I'll miss ya Thals. You made the right choice. However I'm sorry you have to make this sacrifice."

Thalia gave a sad smile. "It's for the best. Besides, it's not like we all will stop being friends. I will miss you guys."

When she pulled away from us she let the two of us go. Percy smiled nervously, "Um…aren't you suppose to not do that anymore? Hug boys, I mean?"

"I'm honoring a couple friends," She corrected with a smile. "I must join the hunt Percy. I haven't known peace since…well since Half-Blood Hill. I finally feel like I have a home now. But you and Blake, you're both heroes. You have a prophecy to fulfill, and I have a feeling Blake has a long fight ahead of him with Ginarth."
"Eh, as long as I have my friends with me were unbeatable."I said to Thalia, who gave me a large smile.

"I'm proud to call you all my friends." Thalia smiled.

She then hugged Annabeth, who was trying hard not to cry. Then she gave Grover a hug, who looked about ready to pass out, as if an enchilada god had appeared out of no where, Thalia then turned to Ember and gripped her forearm, "take care will ya, and make sure this knuckle head rests up." She said pointing at me.

Ember let out a small laugh and gave Thalia a light hug. "Yea I will, this idiot isn't getting into anymore trouble, I'll make sure of it."

"Pfft, I can still hear you two." I grumbled causing the whole group to laugh.

Then when the laughter died down, Zoe brought up her silver Circlet and placed it on top of Thalia's head. "You now are now Lieutenant of the hunt be wise, strong and let us strike fear in our foes. I am proud to give thee this privilege amongst the hunt ."

"Zoe, we will and along the way, we are going to teach you some modern English." Thalia said as both headed to my mother's side giving out a couple of laughs along the way.

"Now as for the Ophiotaurus," my mother said.

"This boy is still dangerous, and so is Balake here," Dionysus warned.

"Sir, it's Blake." I said.

Dionysus just waved it off. "The beast is a temptation of power. And if Balake here sacrificed the creature, who knows, and his abilities as they are, are no laughing matter. And even if we spare the two-"

"No." Percy said looking at all the gods. "Please. Keep the Ophiotaurus safe. My dad can hide him under the sea somewhere, or keep him in an aquarium here on Olympus. But you have to protect him."

"And why should we trust the two of you?" rumbled Hephaestus.

"Because, where have we proven to be the enemy, we have fought and bled for you all. To preserve life. Kronos is the threat and I stand by my friends to fight. We are all not like past heroes using other, that era of heroes is gone, were they incredible, yes. But I believe the bonds we make, make us stronger than any other way of obtaining power. Perhaps I am clueless or am naive in my way of thinking, but the Ophiotaurus is a living creature. You are all gods with power I could hardly ever imagine," I said gaining a few gods to smirk, "however with this power can make one blind to those below them, even their kids." I said pointedly.

Percy nodded in agreement. "I am only fourteen, if this prophecy is about me, its two more years."

"Two years for Kronos to deceive you," my grandmother said. "Much can change in two years, my young hero."

"Mother!" Annabeth said, exasperated.

"It is only truth, child. It is bad strategy to keep the animal alive. Or the boy. But my grandson speaks truth they have proven themselves twice now that they fight for Olympus and have defended it. And has made it known that we do tend to give a blind eye to our young heroes. Which we should all take into great consideration."

Then Poseidon stood up. "I will not have a sea creature destroyed, if I can help it. And I can help it."

He held out his hand, and his symbol of power and weapon appeared in his hand, his trident: a twenty foot long bronze shaft with three spear tips that shimmered with blue, watery light. "And I will vouch for the boy and the safety of Ophiotaurus."

"And I shall vouch for my own as well." My mother said. "I have made mistakes to my child and I don't plan to further them anymore. His birth was of none of his own accord, as it was my own. He will not betray Olympus that much I know for a fact."

"Very well," Zeus said as he stood. "However you will not take the creature under the sea. I won't have that kind of bargaining chip in your possession."

"Brother, please," Posiedon sighed.

Zeus's lighting bold appeared in his hand, a shaft of electricity that filled the whole room with the smell of ozone.

"Very well," Poseidon said. "I will build an aquarium for the creature here. Hephaestus can help me. The creature will be safe. We shall protect it with all our powers. The boys will not betray us. I vouch for this on my honor, as I am sure Artemis does as well."

Immediately my mother nodded in agreement, her eyes glowing the color of the moon.

Zeus looked thoughtful. "All in favor to keep the Ophiotaurus on Olympus, and to spare these two heroes?"

And immediately a lot of hands went up. Dionysus's hand stayed down, as did Ares. However every other Olympian raised their hand, even Zeus.

'Perhaps my grandfather is not so bad as I thought.' I thought to myself.

'We'll see kid.' A said in my mind. 'But you know what to do after all of this.'

'I do. Ember won't like it and neither will my mother, but it needs to be done.' I thought back.

"Very it seems, we have a majority," Zeus decreed. "And so, since we will not be destroying these heroes…I imagine we should honor them. Let the triumph celebration begin!"

Honestly I am not really one for parties, maybe small get together with family, but honestly I would prefer to be either out in the forest hunting or being with my girlfriend, and being around so many people or gods in this case really didn't sit well with me. So imagine not being comfortable with parties, and then put yourself in my position in an Olympian party and believe me that party was far, far bigger than anything I had ever seen, it was a full blow out.

The music by the Nine Muses was cranked up, but according to personal preference it would change to what you wanted to hear. There were no arguments, or fights over changing the tunes, or radio station. Just a request to either up the anti on the music or crank it down.

Dionysus went around growing refreshment stands out of the ground, and a beautiful woman walked with him arm in arm—his wife, Ariadne. Dionysus looked happy for the first time in what seemed forever. Nectar and ambrosia overflowed from golden fountains, and platters of mortal snack food crowded the banquet tables. Golden goblets filled with whatever drink you wanted. Grover trotted around with a full plate of tin cans and enchiladas, and his goblet was full of double-espresso latte, which he kept muttering over like an incantation: "Pan! Pan!"

I had to stay in my wheelchair as per doctor's orders or really my Uncle's orders, but Ember didn't mind pushing the chair around even when I had told her I could do it myself, but she was really adamant about staying near. And honestly I was glad she stayed When my Uncle was done telling me what to and what I couldn't do, he then wandered off to get some drinks and started talking to some nymphs.

Percy had wondered off with Annabeth to grab some food, and honestly I was glad to give them some alone time. And both Zoe and Thalia had disappeared into the crowd of gods and goddesses.

Gods kept coming over to congratulate me and the others. Thankfully, they had reduced themselves to human size, so they didn't accidentally trample partygoers under their feet.

I looked to Ember, and she gave a small smile, and then turned to a small frown when I pointed my chin to the door of Olympus.

She looked at me incredulously, and then she nodded as if she understood. I just had to be outside looking up at the stars and moon inside of Olympus was different than actually seeing them for real. And plus I wanted some fresh air; the cramped space just wasn't sitting well with me.

When we finally made it outside the cool air swept through and Ember wheeled me over to a bench in the middle of Olympus. The stars were out as amazing as ever and seemed to be twinkling even brighter than inside of the Temple.

"I was wondering when you would get too annoyed with the party." I heard my mother say from the top of the ramp leading off of the temple of Olympus.

Her tunic changed to her normal hunting gear. Her hoodie down and her bow strapped to her back, as it glowed in the moon light. Both Zoe and Thalia were not with her most likely inside enjoying the party.

"I knew my child wouldn't be too keen on being around just a congested space. You and I both don't like the feeling of being contained. We enjoy the forest and having the feeling of being free." My mother smiled as she took a seat next to Ember.

"Hello mom." I said with a smile.

"You had us worried you know." My mother said softly. "I thought I would lose you."

"I'm sorry I put you, put you all in that position, but honestly if I had to I would do it again. I don't like the thought of my loved one's possibly dyeing, or getting hurt. I prefer myself over them anytime." I said.

"You do realize you're telling your mother this correct, and you're telling me that you would do something like this again. And it's not very comforting." My mother said in a dead tone.

Ember who had been silent looked at me seriously. "Blake know that I love you, more than anything in the world. The mark that resides on both of us proves that we were both meant to be, by some sort of miracle we found each other. And I don't plan on losing you. And you risking your life is not something I love to see, but I suppose in some way its why I love you, besides the fact that were soul mates. Your passion to help others and protecting those you love amazes me. I just ask you take as many precautions as you can to prevent getting so hurt." She said as she put her hand to my cheek with tears in her eyes. "I just hate seeing you like this, and I want to do something, but I know there really isn't anything I can do."

"But there is something." I said quietly.

"What?" Ember asked as I wiped her tears.

"Stay the way you are, by my side, giving me your support. I love you Em, for many, many reasons and if I could name them all we most likely would be here all night, but I can tell you your amazing. And I'm pretty sure if I continue my mom wouldn't be too thrilled seeing as she's looks like she wants to puke." I chuckled.

"Yes quite. So long as you don't hurt him, we will do just fine dragon." My mother said. "But step out of line, just once." She threatened.

"You will hunt me down. Yes I know." Ember said.

I shook my head. "What is it with you two I swear."

"I do not trust her." My mother said.

"Mom! Out of everyone I would trust her most." I said. "I mean seriously how can you say that you barely know her."

"I know who her father is. I know she is a black dragon." My mother said and Ember's face went pale. "My worrying is legitimate, and I don't want to see you hurt like I have seen on so many others."

"Mom you can't pass judgment passed off of parentage. That's like saying I'm a sleezeball like my biological father." I said.

My mother gave out an exasperated sigh. "P-perhaps a chance, I shall give you a chance. And while it still makes myself a bit bitter I suppose I can try."

I smiled. "That's all I ask for." I said.

My mother then looked up at the stars it truly is a beautiful night. I shall leave the two of you alone for now. When the party is over I shall take you and your friends to see your adoptive mother, I am sure she is worried.

Immediately I was flooded by guilt. I had left her in such a state, and she had no clue I was even alive. I felt like the worst son ever.

My mother gave me a gentle smile. "May is a strong woman, she will understand."

I nodded, and my mother wandered back into the party.

"So you were saying you love me because-" Ember asked looking expectantly.

I chuckled nervously. "I suppose the only real way to put it is everything. From the way you bite your lip when you're nervous, to the cute way your face scrunches up when your upset at me. You are really amazing Em." I said.

She smiled with a red blush on her face making her look incredible, she put the breaks down on the wheels, so we wouldn't fall back and she got comfortable up on my lap in the wheelchair, and the two of us went in for the most amazing kiss ever under the magnificent stars and moon which seemed to just grow a slight bit brighter.

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