The city of Vale was an impressive sight. Constructed on a peninsula out of the sturdiest timbers and hardest stone, it was no wonder it had never been successfully attacked. Regrettably, this has made the high-class of the city arrogant and greedy, thinking themselves invincible to any outside power and like to show off their wealth. Unfortunately for them, this has made it just that much easier to do my job.

Sitting in my hideout, I look over my haul for the night. Five necklaces, ten ring, three coin bags, and a brooch. All of which were kindly "donated" by the rich of the city. Setting aside two bags of coins for myself, I put the rest into a bag for me to pass out later to the less fortunate of the city. I sigh, kicking my feet up onto the table glancing at my odd appearance in the mirror.

Standing six-two at one-hundred and sixty-five pounds, I am unassuming in those aspects. My eye-catching features are my ashen gray hair and sapphire blue eyes that I get a couple of odd stares for. I just shrug, "Probably just never seen gray hair on a nineteen year old before."

I stand up, taking off my black clothing before falling into bed exhausted, trying to get some sleep. If only.


"Wake up fool!" I hear a commanding voice yell. Jolting awake, I find myself face down in freshly fallen snow. Jumping to my feet, I found myself in a woodland clearing with snow falling from the sky. Above me is the moon, though I've never seen it that big or clearly before. As I'm looking around, I whirlwind of snow swoops in to show a women standing in front of me with one angel wing and one demon.

Feeling fear rise up in my chest, I scramble to my feet and bow, "Who are you?"

Sneering, the woman spread her wings to an impressive width of twelve feet, "I am Mesperyian and you've made a great number of mistakes young one."

Jerking my head up I ask, "What have I done milady?"

Waving her hand, she makes my haul from tonight appear, "What do you think mortal?"

I shake my head, "I mean no disrespect but you don't understand o' mighty Mesperyian! I steal from the oppressive rich and sell for coin to give to the poor, keeping only enough to make my tools and put food in my stomach."

She waves her hand again, causing the trinkets to disappear in a puff of mist, "I care not for your reason. You commit a crime against the gods, stealing from our temples and our worshipers."

I pleaded, "Mighty Mesperyian, I only steal from temples that turn away the needy. As for the gods worshipers, I only take from the pompous rich that make it so the poor suffer. I leave the others alone," I fall to my knees, "I mean no disrespect against the gods, but my skills saw to it that this would be my most effective way to help!"

As she was about to counter my statement, a mass of shadows appears behind me then disappears, leaving behind a man in a black cloak behind me. All of this was unknown to be as I had my forehead pressed against the snow in fear. The cloaked man looked down upon me then back up at Mesperyian shrugging with a smirk on his face before disappearing again.

Sighing, Mesperyian finally answered me, "Very well, if you're the noble thief you claim to be, then prove it."

I look up in confusion, "What will you ask of me?"

Practically seeing the gears turning in her head, she replies smirking, "Steal something from Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon and do something...noble with what you steal. They do not know of yours punishment so they will not be pleased if you're found out. Good luck little thief" she closes with, very sarcastically.


I jolt awake, head on a swivel trying to figure out where I was. After several seconds of panicked looking, I realized I was back in my hideout. Relief flooded my body like adrenaline as I lay my head back down on my pillow with a sigh, "Just a dream, just a dream."

As soon as the words leave my mouth, I hear someone laugh, "Hahaha, not even close little thief."

I jump to my feet, "Who's there?"

Hearing a voice all around me, "Come now, you're the thief. You tell me."

Feeling a slight sense of deja-vu, I ignore it as I stop spinning and listen. All light except for the moon has been sucked out of the room, leaving me in perfect darkness. Everything's still, not even the sounds of a carriage or yell of a guard could be heard. Adrenaline spiking, I duck right as a low swoosh is heard, barely dodging an oddly curved blade. Rolling away, I turn to come face-to-face with a man in a black cloak wielding two curved short-swords.

His swords disappear in a puff of black mist as he starts clapping. "Well done, well done indeed. Not many would of been able to dodge that swing."

I stands, poised for attack, "What is it you want?"

He just leans back against the wall, " Is that how you treat people that lend you a hand. It's because of me Mesperyian didn't punish you."

I just slump where I was standing and ask sarcastically, "Is being tasked to steal something for the three most dangerous God's not considered a punishment?"

He grins, "Not at all, to people like you and I, we consider it a challenge."

I raise an eyebrow, "You and I? Are you a thief to?"

He just chuckles darkly, "Something like that. But enough of wasting time. You have a job to do and I expect you to do it well."

I throw my hands in the air yelling, "HOW AM I TO STEAL FROM ALL KNOWING GODS!"

He shakes his head as a father would after a child didn't learn a lesson he'd been taught many times. Once again feeling deja-vu but no being able to place it. "The gods aren't all knowing you fool." He starts pacing around, "They may know much more than mortals ever will, but they make mistakes all the same. To trick them, all it takes is getting the correct help."

I shrug my shoulders, "Like what?"

The man sighs, "Who are the only other beings capable of screwing with gods?"

"The other gods." I murmur to myself in deep thought.

He pats my shoulder, causing me to jump because I didn't hear or see him move behind me, "Now you're getting it, but you need the correct tools for this kind of thing. I assume you already have most everything?"

I nod my head towards my desk, "Yes, lock-picks, razor, wrench, all the oils I'll need, and a wire cutter, along with my armor."

While he looks over my equipment, he asks a question, "Tell me Dusk, do you enjoy what you do?

I nod my head, "Yes I do, and how do you know my name?"

He ignores my question and nods his head, mentally checking my equipment until he sees my armor, "PAH! That's not armor fit for a thief of your caliber, no, I have something that will serve you well."

He jerks his head behind me and I find a mannequin with a set black armor on it. I walk up to it and run my hand over it. The armor would cover the wearer completely except for fingerless gloves and the eyes. It was as black as the void, durable, and very flexible. "What's it made of?"

He stands next to me, "A special kind of leather with a few...enchantments I've added. The cowl will make it so no one but the gods will know who you are while wearing it. Think of it as a second identity. The boots will dampen the noise you make to almost nothing. The gloves will steady your hands for lock-picking. The entire armor will increase your stamina, practically make the shadows engulf you when you move through them, as well as provide decent protection without sacrificing flexibility, among other things." He puts his hand on the shoulder of the armor fondly, "Truly a set of armor for the expert thief. And now, it's yours to use as you see fit."

I look between him and the armor, "I don't understand, this armor is obviously a masterpiece. Why give it to me?"

The smirks, "Let's just say that I'm intrigued to see how this plays out, and if you succeed, then you may keep the armor as a reward, and take this as well. "He holds his hand out in front of him and a two foot-and-a-half long daggers appeared in it. "You will need these as well, and if you don't know how to use them, learn." After I take the blades, he turns around and walks away waving at me, "Have fun little thief, please make it a good show."

He disappears in a swarm of shadows, leaving me to my devises. I look at the armor thinking, "A challenge huh," I look out the window and grin,"now that I can work with."


I pad along a roof in my new armor, and I gotta say, it's a thief's dream come true. Mixing my agility and strength with the enchantments in the armor, I can run for longs distances without becoming winded and I'm able to climb much quicker than usual. So as long as I can come up with the correct help and find way to each god's lockbox, then I'm golden.

Jumping a gap between two buildings I land in a roll, arriving where I needed to be. Having decided to go with my idea of getting outside help, I sneak into the temple of Ares. After poking around a bit, I find the person that handles the ceremonies in the temple.

Standing up behind him, I tap him on the shoulder, "Excuse me my good man, I have a few questions."

Jumping, the man spins around quickly, "WHO ARE YOU?"

I take a few steps back and keep my hands up, "I'm not here to hurt anyone or steal anything. I just have a few question."

He stops shaking, making sure to put a bit more distance between us, "If that is all, then so be it."

I hold my arms wide, "Now see, that's service, I thank you. First, how's the mighty Ares relations with Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades?'

He looks at me oddly, "What do you mean, he doesn't care for his uncle's Poseidon or Hades, but Zeus is his father."

I shake my head, "Not what I meant. Are they on friendly terms or are they not talking?"

Nodding his head, finally understanding my question, "Normally he doesn't care for his uncle's and he still doesn't, but lately the relationship with his father is more strained than it usually is, and that's saying something."

I nod my head, "Thank you, and if I wanted to talk to Ares, how would I do it?"

He looks at me like I'm insane, "ARE YOU CRAZY! Now, I may worship his lordship, but even I would fear to be near him. He is the god of war and bloodshed, what is your business with him?" I just stand there, not intent on answering. He just sighs, "Very well, to do so, you must simply grab his attention good enough that he'll take time to talk to you."

I take one of the coin bags out of my pouch and toss it to the priest, "You have my thanks. Here, a little donation."

By the time the priest looked up, I was gone.


Sitting down at the river near the edge of town, I ponder how I was to catch Ares attention. I was a good fighter in my own way, but I was nothing like Heracles, but that's really the only way to catch the attention of the God of war.

Standing up and rolling my neck, I sigh, "Guess I need to go fight some "great" battle, great." Walking back into town, I look for any arena matches or competitions and eventually arrive at the town square. Looking around, I see three rings with people fighting to submission. I slump in place, "This is going to hurt."

I steel myself and walk up to the check-in booth, "I'd like to sign up for a fight."

Some bored looking guy is sitting behind the booth looking down at a ledger and I recognize him as the innkeeper who served me food and drinks for helping him out with finding stolen items and such. He looks up, not recognizing me, "Well at least you look like you can handle yourself. You should see some of the kids that sign up for this thing, it's ridiculous!" He shakes his head in pity, "Well, it's fifteen gold coins to enter and two hundred if you win. Just so you know, you're joining very late. If you go in now, you'll face the champion for the day. So if you're still inclined to join, you'll need a stage name."

I cock my head to the side, "What for?"

He shrugged, "I don't know, it's just the rules. Maybe to make it more entertaining for the crowd" he offers. He looks me over again, "The Mysterious Stranger will work. Haven't seen you around before and that armor is ominous enough, it fits."

It's now that I realize that the enchantment on the cowl makes it impossible for him to recognize me unless I flip the hood down. Slightly bowing my head in thanks, I sign my stage name in the ledger and wait for my turn.

Not waiting long, I'm called within five minutes of signing and I make my way down to the arena. As I get near, the announcer starts hyping the crowd, "In this corner we have a man who has fought from one end of this world to the other and beyond. Everyone put your hands together for BENDAK!" The crowd goes wild with cheering, apparently most betting on him winning. "And in the other corner, the newcomer to our festivities, a man with an unknown past, everyone I give you...THE MYSTERIOUS STRANGER!" I step into the arena, to few people cheering, but many more are booing.

I ignore them and focus on my opponent. Standing at a crazy height of seven three, Bendak cuts an impressive figure. Encased in bronze armor, he's armed with a bow n' arrow and a short sword. As the announcer tells us he rules, I slow my breathing and close my eyes to force myself into a calm state.

Hearing the count reach four, I open my eyes and ready myself. "THREE...TWO...ONE...FIGHT!"

I leap to the side and sprint forward, hoping to close the distance quickly but Bendak had other ideas. Quickly releasing arrow after arrow, he keeps me at a distance. I grunt as an arrow bounces off my chest, "He's a good shot, but at least the armor does it jo-agh!" While I was distracted, he fires two quick arrows at my hands, forcing me to drop my daggers. I start to go for them, but am forced to roll the opposite way as he swings with his sword. Before I could turn around, I was kicked in the back which knocked me to the ground.

Turning to look at my opponent, I quickly find a sword pointed at my heart. Looking up at his face, I could practically see the smirk behind the helmet, "Submit, or I'll be forced to finish it." Knowing I couldn't forfeit or Ares will never contact me, I go from on my back to using him as a springboard towards my daggers. He grunts, apparently thinking I was going to give up. As I turn towards him, daggers at the ready, he laughs. "Hahaha...Now this is what I've been waiting for! An actual fighter!"

I prepare myself as he runs towards me firing arrows, his sword ready to be drawn at a moment's notice. I just stand there, making slight adjustments to keep from getting hit, waiting for him to close in. As he fired off his last arrow, I jump over him, grabbing the arrow out of the the air, and landed behind him holding the arrow and a dagger up to his throat and heart.

Bendak, along with everyone else was dead silent in awe. I myself was wondering where my sudden increase of agility came from. Bendak stands there surprised as he lowers his blade, accepting defeat. As the crowd begins to cheers wildly, Bendak and I continue to stare at each-other. He eventually turns around a walks away without a word.

After collecting my reward and sneaking around the crowd, I make my way back to my hideout. Arriving, I scale the building and climb through the window to find a surprise. "It was a good fight, very surprising coming from thief."

I dropped into the room coming face to face with my opponent. "Bendak, what are you doing-no forget that, how did you find this place?"

He sets down an ornate ball mask I kept as a memento from an exceptionally hard heist, "I know more than you think little thief." As he turns around, he transforms into an eight foot man in heavy roman armor, "A lot more than you think. Now, why are you trying to get my attention to readily?"

Realizing who I was talking to, I get on a knee and bow my head in respect, "I just have a proposition for you my lord."

He leans forward heavily on his spear, "And what would that be?"

Keeping my head down I respond, "Want to give your father and uncles something to think about?"

Hearing him laugh I look up, "You've got to be either really stupid or really brave to just ask a god a question like that!"

Looking back down I shrug, "I prefer the term business oriented."

He just stood there, giving me a good look, then just nods his head, "You really are his son. Very well, what did you have in mind?"

I jerk my head up quickly upon hearing his statement, "Wait wait wait wait! How do you know who my father is? I don't know who he is!" He just stands there amused, intent on not answering my question. "Fine, I've been tasked to steal something from Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades and do something noble with them. And from what I've heard, you're not very happy with them right now. So, want to lend a hand? You don't have to do any of the heavy lifting, only have to get me ways in."

He leans forward on his spear, tossing the proposition back and forth in his head. Eventually he stands to his full height and walks towards the window, "Very well, I'll send you what you need as long as it doesn't get traced back to me."

I bowed my head in respect as he disappeared in the clashing sound of steel. Looking up, I find myself alone in the clocktower. Before I could turn around, I hear another clash of steel. Spinning towards my desk, I find two books detailing how to get to Hades and Mount Olympian. I open up the one on how to enter Hades and skim through it, "'s that easy? I can get to Hades through Taenarum." I shrug then open the other one and skim, "Ooooooookay...that one's going to be tougher. Ares is going to send someone to get me in if I can pull off Hades first." I shake my head as I set out my gear and repair my armor from the fight then go to bed, ready to set out in the morning.


"Get up you fool, you have work to do!" I fall out of my bed screaming (Not my best moment but I had other worries at the time) as I'm rudely awoken from my sleep. Jumping to my feat, I spin around looking in every direction, quickly realizing I was not in my tower and instead found myself in a dimly lit world. Not that there was no light, it just was as if the world was in a constant dusk. "What the hell are you doing? You have a job to do and you're sleeping when you should be on the road!"

I spin around finding cloak guy standing there, arms crossed, scowling. I slouch, "Okay, by now I've figured out that you're some sort of god I haven't heard of. I'm only mortal, meaning I need to eat and sleep. Especially if I'm going to be pulling off something like this."

All he does is point behind me. I turn around finding all my gear along with a pack full of rations and the two books I'd need. "I gave you all you'd need, that armor will increase your physical limits. Get your ass on the road," he waves his hand and I reappear in my clocktower. Sighing, I strap on my gear and set out for Taenarum.


I just sit down in a dark corner inside of the Hades palace thinking about my luck. Whatever backdoor Ares got me in not only let me bypass the five rivers and Cerberus, but I literally popped up inside a garden in Hades' palace. After making my way to some shadows, I mutter to myself with a smirk, "I'm seriously considering upping my chances in this heist. If all of the gods are this blind to a thief in their own house then no wonder they keep us out, we'd screw with them so much if we could come and go."

Taking a deep breath, I start silently stalking my way through hallways of the palace. Making my way deeper and deeper into the palace, I can't help but notice that the place doesn't seem as gloomy as I thought. The fire isn't a blue or purple, the place is constructed out of smooth stone instead of brimstone, and their isn't one wailing spirit within sight. In fact, the few servants I do see aren't void husk and look completely healthy, if a little emotionless.

Rapidly getting more and more confused at the mortal depiction of Hades, I pass a window that fixes the whole problem, "Oh, there's all the fire and wailing souls." With a not so pleasant view, I have the perfect position to see Hades in all its burning, screaming, and bloodcurdling glory. Swiftly moving on to get away from the window, I crept down a enormous hallway towards the personal quarters of Hades pondering my sanity. Of the three gods I was stealing from, Hades freaked me out the most. Zeus and Poseidon can, at worst, kill me or turn me into something freaky, on the other hand, Hades can make my afterlife hell, literally, for the rest of eternity. So, unneeded to be stated, I made sure to make myself unknown as I slipped into Hades bedchambers.

Stepping into a shadow, I surveyed the room looking for something that I could do some good with. Before anything could be found, I hear some woman yell angrily, "I NEVER WANTED TO BE HERE!"

Grabbing the door, I swung up and wedged myself between two pillars as a beautiful woman rushes into the room and locks the door right as I hear something bang into it. "Persephone please, just talk to me!"

She yelled back with her face in a pillow, "IT WASN'T MY CHOICE TO BE HERE HADES!"

Hearing one more bang, "Persephone please, I love you! I know I messed up with my want for you, but please just talk to me!"

Persephone spins towards the door tear faced, "GO AWAY!" She puts her face back into the pillow and wept as I hear Hades sigh sadly as he walked away. I sadly turned my head back towards the woman as she whispered to herself crying "I never wanted to be here." Making up my mind, I dropped down making myself known to the room occupant. She quickly spun around and stared at me in shock, "Who are you?"

I raise my hands, showing her that I meant no harm, "Let's just say I'm here to mess with Hades a bit before moving on to Zeus and Poseidon. Not the way I'd like to spend my free-time, but didn't have much choice in the matter."

She sits up on her bed, sniffing, "What do you mean 'mess' with Hades?"

Keeping my hands raised, I replied "I've been tasked to steal something from Hades and to something quote-unquote, noble with it."

She looks at me with an expression of someone who hadn't seen any good in a long time, "You're a thief, why would you do something noble. My husband has all kinds of people down here and I've yet to see a noble thief."

I shrug, "I may be a thief, but you don't know my reasons for stealing. I assure you it's not for self-gain."

She wipes her eyes, "I'm sorry...something noble like what?"

I continue, "In all honesty, when I came down here I didn't know." By now feeling like she trusted me not to shank her so I put my hands down and motioned towards her, "But now I think I have an idea now."

Looking worried, she backs against the headboard of the bed, "What do you mean by that?"

I take a step back, holding my hands back up, "I didn't mean anything sexual or derogatory milady. I meant that I can maybe help you make an early spring happen."

Eyes widening, she asked hurriedly, "Can you really help me do that!"

I thought for a second, "Where does Hades keep his helm of Invisibility?"

She quickly points towards a chest in the corner of the room, "He keeps it here, there's not much need for it in his own realm."

I shrug, "How long do you need to pack your things?"

Hope shining in her eyes, she climbs off the bed, rushes forward and hugs me. "Thank-you thank-you thank-you! You have no idea how much this means to me! Don't get me wrong, Hades is actually a gentleman to me and changed his palace to make me more comfortable but...he's not the man I love."

I bow, "It would be an honor to escort the beautiful Persephone out of Hades." As I turn to check the door, I say over my shoulder, " Just um...don't tell Hades about me okay. He won't know you used the helmet, I'll return it before he even knows it's gone."

She nods her head as she grabs the helmet and slips in on disappearing from view. I crack open the door and look both ways down the hallway before looking back into the room, "Tap my shoulder if you can hear me." I Feel her tap my shoulder, "Good, keep your hand on my shoulder to stay with me, this armor will allow me to be near invisible in shadows." Feeling her grab on, we set out towards the cave I used to get into Hades. We move our way through the palace, staying as far away from the areas Hades frequented as possible.

Making it to the cave in an hour, Persephone slips the helmet off and turns to me, "I apologize little thief, but I never asked your name."

I bow again, "My name is Dusk."

She hugs me before pulling away and giving me a thankful look, "I never thought I'd see the day when a noble thief came to the underworld and went out of his way to help me, even when it would of been easier to simply complete your objective and leave. So I thank you, and when your time comes, let it be known that I will stand by your side when you are being judged for Elysium Fields." I bow, and as I look up she kissed my forehead before giving me the helmet and leaving to see her love. I just stand there stunned for a few minutes before turning around to return the helmet before Hades found it missing. As I slipped back into the tunnel I chucked, realizing that I actually enjoyed my visit to hell.


Walking out of Taenarum, I roll my neck "Not the hardest heist I've pulled, though now I can say I literally stole from the devil with a straight face."

Hearing the clash of steel behind me, "Indeed you can little thief."

I sigh, "Why is it that all god's call me that?"

Ares just laughs a booming laugh, "We are god's mortal! That should be answer enough."

I sigh, "I pulled off my end of the deal. Hades is going to be pissed for the next half a year, and all it took was three hours."

Ares just nods his head, "That you did, well done I say. Well, if you're ready I have your way into Olympus."

I point at him with one hand, "Yaaaaaa how are you doing that exactly, and how am I getting out?" He looks behind me nodding at something. I turn and just slouch, "You've got to be kidding it that easy to get into these places." Behind me stood a giant warbird, ready to take off as soon as I climbed on.

Ares steps up to the bird, talking me as he petted the bird's beak, "The only reason you're able to enter Olympus is because of me. Hades, you can come and go as you please as long as you don't get caught or you won't leave."

I check my bag, counting my remaining supplies, "Right right, well I might as well get this done as soon as possible." I walk up to the bird and pet its head to show that I'm not a threat.

As I climb on, Ares gives me one final piece of woooonnnderful advice, "Don't get caught or you'll suffer for eternity."

I look back at him as bird starts to take off, "Thanks...really comforting."


Running for my life through one of the most beautiful gardens I've ever seen, I try to figure out how I got myself into this situation. I got into Poseidon's chambers no problem and stole some expensive looking pearl that I was sure I'd be able to do some good with the money I'd make with it.

On the other hand...Zeus' chambers. Getting in had been no problem, but right as I reached the middle of the room, the door slammed open making me realize that I was in trouble. Spinning around, I came face to face with one of the most powerful gods who looked none to happy to see me. Behind him was who I guessed was Hera, trying to hold her husband back. As he raised his hand, I dived out of a window right as a lighting bolt struck where I had been standing. Landing in a bush, I leaped out and rushed towards the my exit, hoping beyond hope that I could reach the bird before Zeus struck it with a bolt.

As the war-bird came into view, all my hopes were destroyed as I saw it take off and dive into the clouds, leaving me to my fate. Skidding to a halt at the edge of the cliff, I stood up straight and turned to face my fate. There stood Zeus and the Horae's twenty feet away, ready to strike me me off the cliff.

Zeus stepped forward and yelled out in the most authoritative voice you'll ever hear, "You have stolen from the gods and are currently standing upon Mount Olympus uninvited, prepare to meet your punishment mortal!"

Fully knowing I wouldn't be able to talk my way out of this situation, I closed my eyes and steeled myself, hoping that Posephone got back to Hades soon enough for my trial. I hear Zeus ready a bolt, throw it, and...nothing? After a couple seconds of nothing happening, I opened my eyes. The sight that met my eyes will astound me to the day of my death and beyond. There stood cloak guy in between the bolt and me, stopping it with his hand. Zeus and the Horae's stood there wide-eyed, confusing the hell of me. Who could surprise Zeus and his homes guardians enough to have him stop in his tracks.

By now Hera had caught up and stood just as surprised as Zeus. Finally finding her voice, she bows slightly to cloak guy, "Lord, I apologize for any inconvenience my husband has caused you."

He lowers his hand, absorbing the bolt "I feel like I should be the one apologizing Hera, I am the one that sent this mortal here as a test. I already returned the pearl to Poseidon's chambers, so if you'll allow us to leave we'll be on our way."

Hera just nodded her head, pushing Zeus away with the Horae's. Turning back at me she says, "Thank you for helping Persephone, she and I are both in marriages that we didn't plan on. So I thank you, and goodbye mortal." As she turns away and leaves, cloak guy pushes me into a portal that appeared out of nowhere and we disappear from Mount Olympus.


Reappearing in the snow covered forest, I found myself on my knees in front of Mesperyian again. "You've had quite the few days haven't you little thief?"

I keep my head bowed, "Indeed I did milady." She takes a step back, causing me to look up to find her walking away. I look at her confused, "Am I not to be punished milady, I didn't complete my task?"

Without turning around, she calls back, "I was going, but she changed my mind." With that, she crouched as she spreads her wings and takes off into the cloudy sky. Confused with the "her" I turn around to find Persephone standing next to a tree on the edge of the clearing. She smiles at me then disappears into the forest to go enjoy her spring. I got to my feet right as shadows swirled around me and pulled me into another portal. I arrive in the dusk realm again to find cloak guy standing there looking...proud?

He claps me on the shoulder exclaiming, "That's my boy."

I just stand there flabbergasted, "Wha-wh-what?"

He points at the depiction of the Nightingale on my armor than to the symbol on the back of his cloak, "My armor, my symbol, my realm…my son." He waves his hand at his realm, making me realize how beautiful it was. Constant dusk, deep shadows, beautiful gardens, people, stores, a completely different realm. "This is my home, and anyone who serves me come here to live as they please. We have laws of course, but no permanent punishments. Though the threat of being sent to Hades' torture rooms for a time is a good incentive to not do any of the worst crimes."

I'm standing over here still processing the fact that my father was a god, and his name suddenly dawns on me. It explained why even Zeus and Hera were in-awed by him. He was Erebus, son of Chaos, and one of the original lords of your universe. I quickly got to my knees and bowed my head to the ground, "Milord."

He just stands there, "Get up fool. I may be a son of Chaos but I'm still a thief at heart and I'm your father. Show me respect but don't be like my priests."

Standing up, I kept my head slightly bowed, "What do I call you then?"

Patting my shoulder, he replies "Take your pick, I'll respond to any."

After a few seconds I look up and smirk a bit, "I'll switch between father and milord depending on the situation."

He laughs, "Hahaaha, you definitely are my son, always running your mouth as fast as your feet." He looks around sighing, "Well, you better get back to the mortal realm. You're only nineteen and have a full life ahead of you and a girl to find. Enjoy the rest of your life and live it as you do now." With that, shadows pulled me into a portal causing me to reappear in my clocktower. Standing up, I look out my window to find three things that made me smile.

The first is the city, shedding its blanket of snow reminding me how happy Persephone must be. This lead to the second thing which took the appearance of a field of black roses forming the Nightingale symbol in perfect view of my window. The third being the setting sun on the horizon. Smirking, I grabbed the new tools that had appeared on my desk and jumped out of my window. I may of just pulled off one of the most impressive heists in history, but come on, there's a city-full rich people out there that are just begging to have their pockets lightened, and I was just the man to help them with that problem. After all, I love a challenge.

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