Authors Note

Willownix - Hello everyone! Originally my first story was going to be HTTYD, but we can't exactly control which we do more, eh? Anyways, I got the inspiration from the original When Starclan Gets Bored by Chucklez-Lives-On. I'm also working on this story with Darkshadow, who came up with quite a few of the idea in this story! Hope you enjoy! Also, it might seem a bit slow starting out, but I didn't want the same intro as the original, hence the shortness. Giving credit where it's due, Darkshadow actually came up with the idea, I typed it out.

Darkshadow - No author note currently.

Disclaimer - I don't own Warriors, neither does Darkshadow.

Up in Starclan, Bluestar and Yellowfang were watching the clans. All that could be heard were birds chirping…until…

"Nothing exciting ever happens around here!" Bluestar complained, stamping a forepaw on the ground.

"You think I haven't noticed? The Clans have been doing nothing very exciting lately," Yellowfang replied, twitching an ear in annoyance. "Although…" she muttered, tilting her head slightly to the side. Lifting a paw, she moved a claw and a surprised kit got blown over by a sudden breeze. "That was kind of fun," she remarked, snorting as the kit stumbled to it's paws and leaped at the nearest moving thing.

A flash of orange fur and a rustle of bushes was all that forewarned of Thunderstar's appearance. Whiskers twitching in excitement, the first leader of ThunderClan grinned.

"I have an idea. The Clans need a little bit of something to shake up their routine after all!" he said.

"Which would be?" Yellowfang snapped, drawing a paw over an ear.

"It's a suprise," Thunderstar explained before clapping his two white front paws together. With a nod, he bounded away before the two she-cats could figure out what he'd done.

Bluestar stared down, eyes wide. "He made them insane and crazy," she declared, slapping her tail on the ground. She could already see that the effects were starting to take place.

Yellowfang got to her paws before following Thunderstar.

Bluestar cast a last look down and shook her head before leaping to her paws and bounding after Yellowfang. This hadn't been quite what she'd meant…

Meanwhile, down in the Clans…

Tune in next time to see exactly what Thunderstar has done!

Au revoir, mes amis!