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Goldenleaf opened her eyes, opening her mouth wide in a yawn before getting to her paws and arching her back. The medicine cat had just had a strange dream, involving Starclan and the clans. Padding to the opening of her den, she had the time to think to herself, "At least everyone is still perfectly sane."

As soon as she came out from behind the small waterfall her den was hidden behind, that thought flew out of her head like a fleeing thrush. Her golden colored eyes widened as she took in the scene, her black tail hitting the ground.

The reason? Somehow, the clan clearing had turned into a disco dance floor. Dangling from an overhanging branch was a disco ball, flashing in the sunlight. Large speakers looked like they had sprouted out of the ground, and were blasting music loud enough for Riverclan to hear. On the dance floor were her clanmates, dancing to the music. In the jumbled mass of cats she could spot Sunheart leaping around like a mad badger, which made Palepelt start racing around yowling that cats riding badgers were attacking. Toadpaw, a brown apprentice with a white front paw was jumping around the floor and generally looking like the thing he was named after. Bluetail and Leafpelt were at the edge of the dance floor, balancing on their hind legs and waving their paws in the air before loosing their balance and crashing in a tangled heap of fur.

"For Starclan's sake!" Goldenleaf exclaimed, flattening her ears against her head. Edging back towards the safety of her den, she stumbled backwards in surprise as Junglestar, the leader of Moonclan and her friend, raced up to her.

"What's up my medicine cat seƱorita? Want to dance the macarena?" Junglestar yowled.

And with that, Goldenleaf screamed and ran into her den.

Junglestar shrugged. "Hey everyone! Let's dance the macarana!" she yowled, grinning. A chourse of "Ayes!" and "Yes!" could be heard from the dance floor. And with that, the macarena started.

To top it off, Morningdew descended from Starclan. "THERE IS NO PARTY WITHOUT ME!" she yowled, joining in. In a moment, the dance party had gotten even more insane than before with the former deputie's arrival.

Sunheart came over, tail lashing. "YOU SHALL NOT TAKE MY POSITION!" she shrieked. Instantly the music came to a halt, and all the cats froze.

"Relax, I just came down to party. RESUME!" Morningdew said, flicking a paw. In a few seconds, the dance was back to the high level of craziness it was at before.

"Okay," Sunheart replied, grinning. Bouncing back off into the crowd of cats she rejoined the dance.

Suddenly, a random cat yowled out, "LET THERE BE TACOS!"

"NO, HAPPY MEALS ARE BETTER! LET IT RAIN HAPPY MEALS!" another shot back in response. Apparently Starclan agreed that Happy Meals are better. Suddenly, they started raining from the sky. Hawksong, a light brown she cat, leaped into the air, knocking a Happy Meal to earth with a black forepaw. Digging her teeth into the cardboard, she dragged it away from the others, snarling at anyone who tried to snatch it. Pandonium ensued on the dance floor as the cats ate Happy Meals to their heart's content. As soon as they were done, the Happy Meals rained some more on the edges of camp and in the trees before finally quiting. Through the whole ordeal, the kits were screaming with joy.

"And next up is...EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!" the DJ yowled into a microphone. All the cats voiced their approval before the music began to play. Through the rest of the day and night, the cats of Moonclan partied. A lot. They partied even more once Windclan came on over to party with them!

All in all, most cats a pretty good time. Goldenleaf had holed herself up in the medicine den, while Nettlepaw had barricaded the apprentice's den before it filled up with Happy Meals and she had to evacuate.

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