2. Rome and Vatican

Anne's POV

The following week I ended up in Rome. I thought about my daughter Elizabeth a lot I missed her more than anything.

"Milady we have arrived." I looked at the captain and nodded.

Once I got off the docks I saw the Gonfalonier of the church Juan Borgia standing not far from the docks.

"Lady Anne Boleyn, I've been asked to escort you too the Vatican." Juan Borgia said while taking my arm within his.

He had brown hair and soft brown eyes. There was a hint of mischievous in them when he looked at you.

"Well Lady Anne what do you think of Rome so far?"

"I wouldn't know your grace. I haven't been here long; but from I have seen so far it is a very beautiful city." I said smiling at him as he helped me onto my horse as we rode towards the Vatican.

Juan POV

Being my father's son I had to escort the former queen to the Vatican. When the former queen came off the ship I found myself watching her; she was the beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on. A true site to behold. I could see why the king of England broke away from Rome in order to marry this woman.

When we arrived inside the Vatican her face looked around her surroundings of the building. From a distance I saw my brother Cesare; the priest walking alone red his read robes. He came towards us looking at Lady Anne smiling.

Cesare POV

When I saw her eyes there was sadness in them; when I looked into the eyes of Lady Anne the former queen of England. She was spared her death due my involvement of with the supporters of her who believed that she was innocent of her crimes. She did not speak when she was presented my father; Rodrigo Borgia the pope. She leaned down to kiss his ring as he said his blessing to her.

Anne's POV

After I met the pope I was escorted to my rooms where I would live for the rest my life. Once they left my alone I tried very hard not to cry. My husband had cast me aside. But I missed my daughter the most.

I laid down in my bed closing my eyes not knowing what the future had for my here in this place.