Chapter 66: Bonus Epilogue (the last chapter)

Come July, Lucy is home alone with Happy while Natsu is at work. The duo is in the bathroom. Since she is a week late on her period, she decided to take a particular test. Now she is staring at a positive pregnancy test.

Lucy looks over at Happy who is sitting on the closed lid of the toilet. "I'm pregnant…"

He meows in response.

"Happy, I'm pregnant," she stresses.

Like before, he meows.

She looks back at the test. It is resting on folded up toilet paper on the counter. Then she looks at Happy. "Do you think I should take the other test? You know, just to make sure?"

This time, he lets out a long meow.

"Is that a yes or a no?"

He lets out a short meow this time.

"Let's go with you said yes at first, but then changed your mind." Focusing back on the test, she caps it and wraps it in fresh toilet paper. She can show it to Natsu later as proof if he doesn't believe her. Well, not that he won't. He has no reason not to trust her. Especially with the topic of pregnancy.

Honeymoon baby. Lucy has no doubt that their baby is a honeymoon baby. The timing makes since. A visit to the doctor will probably confirm what she is thinking. Of course, Natsu will accompany her to that appointment. And all future appointments. He'll be the one insisting on it. There is no doubt about that.

So until Natsu gets home, Lucy has time to figure out how to tell him that she is pregnant. She can just outright tell him and get straight the point. Perhaps she can make a game out of it? Or prepare a sweet surprise. Something will come to her in due time.

Lucy opts out on baby stuff. The apartment is already supplied with some because of the Redfox twins. Natsu will probably assume that a baby gift is for one of them. She can get something for him though. Like a tee-shirt saying something about being a dad. But that means getting home with it before he arrives after work.

Setting the wrapped up test on the counter, Lucy leaves the bathroom. Happy hops off of the toilet and trails after her. They go into the family room and both sit down on the couch. With her laptop on her lap, he is snuggled up besides her.

"Let's see what the Internet says…" Lucy says as if Happy knows what she is up to. She is going to look up ways pregnancies have been revealed to the father.

Some are cuter than others in her opinion. The classic bun in the oven is listed. Secretly recording the announcement, much like Natsu did with proposing, shows up.

Lucy doesn't even realize when she dozes off.


Natsu shouting her name from the bathroom wakes Lucy up.

She is entirely discombobulated. Rather than being on the couch in the family room, she is tucked into bed. She sits up just as Natsu rushes into the bedroom.

He holds up the positive pregnancy test. "Is this for real?!" He is holding his breath since he's afraid that his excitement will pop like a balloon and die out.

As if Lucy can deny anything. And so much for surprising him on her own time. "Surprise… ?"

His excitement explodes tenfold. "I'm gonna be a dad!" Then he practically launches himself onto the bed, snuggling up to his wife. He kisses her all over her face until he pulls back to look at her. "I'm gonna be a dad because of you."

"I'm pretty sure that you play a part in me being pregnant," she points out.

"I'm not gonna be the pregnant one. I won't have cravings or mood swings." Then he makes a face. "Ugh, or morning sickness."

"Well, when you put it that way…"

"You're amazing. And you're going to be amazinger."

"That isn't a word," she chuckles.

"More amazing," he corrects. Then Natsu sets the pregnancy test on the nearby nightstand. He looks at it for a moment. "Wow…"

"We're going to be parents," she states.

"Amazing parents," he corrects, and looks at her. "How long have you known?"

"I took the test around noon," Lucy replies. "I told Happy and–"

"Happy knew before me?" he interrupts, not meaning to be rude.

She playfully rolls her eyes. "I highly doubt that he knows what the word "pregnant" means."

"Hey, we told him when Levy and Lug Nuts were pregnant. The twins have been over here."

"He's just a cat."

"You still don't like it when Happy's in the same room when we're busy having se–"

"Because it's weird," she interrupts, feeling embarrassed.

He just shrugs. "Nothing to be weirded out about."

"Says you."

"Yeah, says me."

"So how did I end up in here?" Lucy inquires.

"I got home and found you sleeping on the couch. I figured the bed would be better. So I closed your laptop and brought you into here."

"Wait, did you see what I was doing on my laptop?" She knows that she didn't close out any of her browsers.

"Nope. It was asleep so I didn't bother looking."


"Oh?" He decides to tease her. "Should I be worried?"

"I was looking up ways to surprise you that I'm pregnant."

"Leaving the test on the counter was one way to surprise me."

"I had it wrapped up."

"Toilet paper isn't an effective means of wrapping anything," Natsu laughs.

"I learned my lesson, all right?"

"For next time," he hints.

"Let's see how the rest of this pregnancy goes, shall we?"


There is no way of denying what is showing on the ultrasound screen. Lucy has noticed that her belly seems bigger than expected for her given stage in the pregnancy. But she never expected triplets!

"From the look of things, there are two girls and one boy," the female technician says, pointing at the screen.

"How's that possible?" Natsu asks in awe.

"A likely cause is two eggs from the start, but one of them split. So two identical girls and one fraternal boy."

Lucy is letting reality sink in. Triplets. Her first time being pregnant and she is having triplets. Two girls and one boy.

Natsu gives her hand that he is holding a squeeze. He is grinning from ear to ear. "What do you think, Luce?"

"We're going to be first time parents and we're having triplets," she stresses.

"There's nothing we can't handle, you know that. When life gives you triplets, you have triplets."

"I don't think that's how the lemons saying goes," she teases.

"If there's a twist and you have lemons, I'll be surprised."

"You and me both."


The remainder of Lucy's pregnancy seems to flash by. The triplets are only a week old. Miraculously, all three are fast asleep in their separate cribs. Lenore is the oldest of the trio. Younger than her identical sister by a minute is Lynette. Leon is two minutes younger than the middle Dragneel sibling.

They all have French first names because of their "French origin" as their father likes saying.

Lucy and Natsu are standing nearby, just watching their sleeping children now that they all are settled in.

"Wow…" he says in a quiet voice.

She smiles. "I know."

"We make good lookin' kids."

She muffles a laugh as to not disturb any of the sleeping babies. Then she tugs on his shirt and jerks her head towards the door.

Natsu leads the way out of the nursery and closes the door when Lucy leaves the room. "Now that we have time to ourselves…" His voice is highly suggestive.

She finishes his sentence with three simple words. "We can nap."

"I love hearing those three words from you. Music to my ears."

"And I thought nothing could ever top you hearing me say "I love you" to you," she teases, already heading towards their bedroom.

Given the location of the master bedroom and spare bedroom in the apartment, Lucy and Natsu will have no trouble hearing a baby cry. For now, the family of five and a cat are still at the apartment. However, a house is in their near future.

Natsu promptly faceplants onto his half of the bed. His voice is muffled when he speaks.

"What?" Lucy asks, joining him in bed. She lies down on her back.

His right cheek is against the mattress so he can speak clearly. "I love my life right now."

She smiles. "Is that so?"

The two pay no attention when Happy hops up onto the bed and nestles down towards the end of it. He stays away from limbs for now.

"I'm married to my best friend," Natsu goes on. "My cat is my other best friend, my furry best friend. I've got three amazing kids. We'll be getting a house soon. Both our jobs are keeping us busy."

"Life can work in some pretty wonderful ways," Lucy muses.

"Like who woulda thought a little review would led to where we are now?"

"Hey, you played a role, too," she points out. "I thought that review wasn't going to be much. You were the one who texted me."

"What can I say? It made my night." He smiles at her. "And you've made my life." Then Natsu pushes himself up onto his elbows and scoots closer to Lucy's face. His head is above hers. "Je t'aime. Je t'aime avec le pouvoir d'un millions de soleils qui explosent dans un supernova de chatons et d'arc-en-ciels."

"Je t'adore," she says, and lifts her head to kiss his lips.

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