I do not own any Disney characters named herein, and am only borrowing them to tell a nonprofit tale meant for entertainment purposes only.

Kim Possible: Valkyrie

By LJ58



"Welcome back, father," his unnerving daughter smiled a grim smile down at him as she entered the chamber where Loki had woke to find himself imprisoned somehow. "I hope you enjoy this stay as much as your last. Though, I doubt it."

"What? What happened? The last I recall…."

"Your mortals changed things. I doubt even the Norns could have guessed how much they would change things. Still, they are Norns, so who can say," she murmured with a sly smirk.

"What? What happened," he echoed, and all but jumped off the worn bedding where he had been left.

Hel gave a low, shrill chortle, and glared down at him.

"Careful, father. Or your stay may end tragically."

"What? Remember who I am!"

"Father, Trickster, but god no more," Hel told him. "The greatest change, father, is that the mortals stole most of our divinity. We will still live longer than most mortal creatures. Still, in the end, even we fade. Just as I warned."

"But…. We're immortal!"

"We were. Until the mortal Valkyrie unleashed her will upon the Nine Realms with Odin's own spear that you all but handed her. Even the All-Father cannot undo what he technically performed. For it was his unrestrained power that blew through the realms, and made us all mortal. Still, cheer yourself, for in doing so, Fate itself is rewound, and remade, and even the former gods now face a new, and perhaps brighter destiny."

"What," he sputtered anew.

"The Ragnarok you feared is no more, father," Hel smiled.

It was not a warm, or attractive expression on her horrid visage.

"That's….impossible. I delayed it, but the Fate was sealed. I cannot believe…."

"As I said, the mortal Valkyrie changed everything. She rewrote destiny, and gave even we gods the same free will that mortals enjoy," Hel smirked.

"Than why cannot I just leave…..?"

"Ah, and there is the crux," Hel tittered again.

Loki only glared.

"Speak plainly, daughter, or know my wrath!"

Hel laughed shrilly now.

"Wrath? Your wrath, father? You are now a mortal in death's relam," she hissed. "Odin has declared your new punishment. Until your passing, and as I said, you will pass, you will remain in this chamber as my guest."

"And….after," he asked uneasily, feeling the truth of her words in the very depths of his blighted soul.

"After, you become a creature of the dead, which, as you must know, I command. I think I shall make a new servant of you, father. Yes, that should be amusing. For a few centuries," she tittered, and turned to leave. "I shall leave you to your musings now. I know how you enjoy them."

"No! Come back!"

Loki raced for the door, but found himself repelled in the same instant, and realized the door was just gone. He was locked in a windowless chamber that suddenly had no door.

"No, come back! Odin, damn you! Damn you!" he screamed in vain, the cry echoing around him, and beyond.

Joining the wails of the damned beyond the walls of Eljudnir, and out into eternity.