Folded Time Chap 5 Introduction

Eric sat stunned. "Godric, you can't be serious!" He held the phone and looked at the clock it was about 2 hours to dawn.

"I am serious Eric. I need you to tell Sophie Ann I called you. Fintan will be in your office in 15 minutes to bring you to Texas. Tell her I need you for two weeks, Maker's call" Godric's voice was firm and Eric realized this was a maker's command. He never imagined his maker would do such a thing, but he must have a good reason.

"Yes Master. I will make the call immediately." Eric hung up and dialed Sophie Ann on her private number. He had served her for over a hundred years and never had to respond to a maker's call while in her service. A maker could call their child to them at any time, but this was a first time for Godric since he had been in America. They hadn't been in much communication the last two hundred years, and in a way Eric was glad for the call. He felt as if there had been a divide between himself and Godric. Maybe this would end the separation.

"Yes Eric?" Sophie Ann answered his ring. "What do you need?" She sounded bored as she usually did.

"Your majesty, I have received a Makers call from my maker, he has called me to him and said I will be needed for two weeks. I will be leaving Pam in charge of Area 5 and if there are any issues she can call me" He hated asking permission of her, but it was protocol.

"I guess you have to answer his call. It is not like he does it all the time" Sophie Ann said slowly. She couldn't remember his Maker ever calling him and was dying of curiosity of what it could be.

"Thank you your Majesty. I will keep in contact with Pam. My area is running well and I just posted the tithes to your account this evening." Eric wanted off the phone. He was slightly anxious as to what the situation was with Godric.

"Well then enjoy your time with your Maker. Good bye" Sophie Ann hung up.

Eric put the phone in his pocket and went into the closet for his emergency suitcase that was always packed. You never knew when, at a moment's notice once would have to travel in his business. He knew whatever he needed that he didn't have he could buy. He triggered the intercom "Pam to the office" he said.

Pam entered in a few minutes to see him with his suitcase at his feet "Going somewhere?"

"Yes I got a Maker's call from Godric. I will be gone for two weeks; you will be in charge of Area 5 and Fangtasia. Believe it or not, a fairy will be coming to collect me to take me to Godric." Eric was a little stunned at that revelation form Godric and Pam looked just as surprised. "I want you to take my car back to my house and lock it in the garage. Keep an eye on Jonathan and his nest mates, they been a little bit of trouble. If you feel necessary, feel free to expel them from the area if they continue to cause problems"

Pam nodded. She could feel the tension in Eric and felt it was not the time to ask a lot of questions. She knew he hadn't had much contact the last couple of hundred years firm Godric and she was pleased they would be spending time together. She couldn't imagine going a couple hundred years without seeing her maker. How did Eric stand it?

Eric stood and nodded to her in dismissal. He didn't want her around when the fairy came. Pam nodded and left. Eric turned off his computer and as he stood there was a pop and Fintan was standing in his office. "Are you ready to go vampire?"

Eric inhaled and was pleased to realize he couldn't smell the fairy. At least he was able to mask is fairy essence which would make this functional. "Yes, I have one suitcase, are you able to bring me and the case?"

Fintan nodded and stepped forward. He took Eric by the hand as Eric picked up the suitcase and they popped out of the office.

Sookie paced in the living room. She was anxious. She was going to meet the vampire she would be bonded to. Godric explained that bondings were very rare, a thousand year old vampire might bond once or twice in their long life. She shivered. It was weird in this day and age to be part of an arraged relationship. She worried that this vampire might be like Bill but Godric has assured her he was a honest and full of integrity, nothing like Compton who Godric called immature trash.

""Sookie, sit down you're going to wear a hole in the carpet" Adele remarked. She understood Sookie's nervousness. In the matter of a few hours her whole life had been turned upside down.

"What if he doesn't like me Gran?" Sookie wrung her hands.

"There is nothing about you not to like Sookie. You're a sweet girl, honest and caring. Godric says he is a reputable person. This is not ideal, but it is a solution that not only gets rid of Compton but will protect you for the rest of your life from other vampires like Compton. You were always worried you would never find a husband. Now you will have one that you can't read, and your telepathy will no longer keep you in solitude." Adel felt for Sookie. These were major changes in such a short amount of time.

There was a popping sound and Sookie turned around and stared into the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen. He was gorgeous! He stood as they said at 6.5 feet, long blonde hair past his shoulders and had to be the most handsome man she had ever laid eyes on. He was fit and trim and she could see his muscles rippling as he put down his suitcase.

"Eric I want you to meet my good friend Fintan's granddaughter Sookie. Sookie this is my child, Eric Norseman. I know you want to get to know one another, but we need to get back to my nest in Dallas. We will have more time since we are racing the dawn here. Fintan if you will take me to my nest, then bring Sookie and Adele and return for Eric we will meet in my living room I will need you to also go pick the witch up." Fintan nodded. He took Godric's hand and they disappeared.

Eric stared at Sookie. She was beautiful in a natural wholesome way, bright as a summer day, her hair shown with gold. She seems sweet and was as far from the dark women he saw at his club. If he had met her on his own he would have been intrigued. This harebrained idea of Godric's was looking up.

Sookie smiled at Eric. "Nice to meet you…" she drifted off embarrassed. Eric was enchanted. "I am kinda unsure of what to say. I have never been in this situation before" She blushed

Eric inhaled, she had a sweet delectable scent to her and he idly wondered if her blood would taste as good as she smelled. "That's ok. I know this is unusual for this day and age. When I was living I remembered how odd it felt to meet my bride on our wedding day. We were married before we even got to speak to one another. The marriage had been arranged between my father and her father to bring the two clans together."

"How did that work out?" Sookie was fascinated. Obviously he wasn't as freaked about this as she was.

"It worked out well for as long as I lived, which unfortunately was only a few years after the marriage." Eric thought back his arranged marriage had worked out well, and he didn't see any reason why this one wouldn't. He had never thought Godric would do such a thing. But he was anticipating it now. She was delightful. He could smell another vampire's blood in her and it pissed him off. To know some vampire had forced a first level bind on this sweet thing against her will infuriated him. Godric had told him it was Bill Compton, and he knew that weasel who was a hanger on at Sophie Ann's court. He never liked him.

Fintan popped back in and nodded to Adele and Sookie. "Pick up you suitcases, and I will take you to Godric." Sookie picked up her suitcase as Adele picked up her suitcase. Fintan took their hands and they popped out. Eric stood bemused. If you ever told him he would be popped around by a fairy he would have laughed. This evening was getting stranger and stranger. He thought back to his conversation with Godric when the elder vampire had told him that he had arranged for him to bond with his old friend's granddaughter to protect her. Initially he had balked until Godric made it a Maker's command. Eric then knew he was serious. He also knew he could not go against his maker's command and resolved to being married to a human for the length of the human's life. He was over a thousand years old; one human life span was nothing to worry about. He had been celibate at times in his life longer than a human lifespan. But now having seen Sookie, this didn't seem like it would be too terrible of a thing.

Fintan popped back. "You ready vampire? They are waiting on you." Eric nodded, picked up his suitcase and took Fintan's hand.