Title:: The Little Things
Author:: By Lokaia
Disclaimer:: I own them not. I merely rent them for the low, low price of $9.95 a month
Summary:: Slash, more Radu/Harlan. Cutesy thing, so still an invariable form of proof that Radu is the Christa slut. *sigh* poor dear.

Radu paced the team room nervously. iWhat if he doesn't like it?/I he worried. iWhat if he thinks it's stupid.... Maybe it IS stupid.... I should have checked with Ms. Davenport the commander or Suzee, or someone else who's had an anniversary before./i

The Andromedan's thoughts were interrupted when the doors slid open, revealing the object of his worry.

Harlan had a large grin on his face, oblivious to Radu's discomfort, and he carried a small, wrapped box. "Hey!" he said happily, moving to kiss the Andromedan softly. "Happy anniversary!" Radu couldn't help but smile at the other man's excitement. "H-happy anniversary," he repeated quietly.

"So!" Harlan piped, scanning the room for his own present. "Who goes first? Me or you?"

iIt's now or never,/i Radu thought. He cleared his throat and mumbled, "Me," almost hoping Harlan wouldn't hear. Which of course, he didn't. But he had seen the Andromedan's lips move and took that as confirmation.

"Great!" Harlan grinned wildly, looking as excited as a child who had just been told that ieveryday/i was now Christmas. He looked around the room again. "So..." the human hesitated, meeting Radu's eyes with confusion. "where is it?"

Radu took a deep breath. "Here." Before he could think about it too much, he slipped off the glove of his right hand and, as gently as he was physically able, took Harlan's darker hand in his own.

Harlan glanced between the hand-hold and the Andromedan's quickly reddening face, confused. iThis is it?/i he wondered. Maybe it was a joke. It had to be a joke. They had done far more before than simply hold-hands. Maybe now, Radu would laugh and go and pick up Harlan's iactual/i gift. But the look on the Andromedan's face said that he was serious. Harlan struggled to understand, opening his mouth to ask. "Wha--" He stopped, jaw dropping to the floor. iTouching was taboo in Andromedan culture!/i Radu was going against his peoples' laws to give Harlan a gift!

Understanding now, Harlan grinned, and squeezed the gentle hand in his. Radu grinned brightly, ecstatically, and squeezed back and Harlan tried not to wince as he knew the Andromedan was trying not to hurt him.

After a moment of being content simply gazing into each other's eyes, Radu flushed again. "Um..." he began embarrassed.

"What?" Harlan asked, worried.

"W-well...." He looked pointedly at the small box still in Harlan's hand.

Harlan laughed at Radu's modesty and was about to hand him the present when a thought occurred to him. He pulled his hand from Radu's, only to smack himself in the forehead and cry, "Oh, man!"

Radu watched him worriedly. "What's wrong?"

Silently cursing himself, Harlan sighed and handed Radu the box, not looking at him.

Radu, still worried about the human, watched him as he shook his head, muttering curses. Looking down at the box he had just opened, Radu began to laugh. He threw his arms around Harlan, still laughing and tried not to crack his spine.

"New dress gloves! Just what I needed!"